Episode 327

December 28, 2023



BTG For President

Dec 28 2023 | 01:10:14


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BTG For President Episode #327

The BEEF continues as we end this year on a RnB note. Shoutout to JBoog, 12Kyle, Britt Britt and definitely our Cousin Doug. I’m ending this year continuing the RnBaylor beef. I also want to share some RnBright lights with 2 artist that the world should pay close attention too. See yall in 2024. Turn my playlist up.

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[00:00:25] Speaker A: California. California. [00:00:28] Speaker B: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker A: Where are we going? [00:00:31] Speaker B: Westward ho. Oh, I'm out the gate with it. I'm out the gate with it. J bug, a j bizzle. It's all up from here. And I'm talking. Wait. And I'm talking about your friends. No, you involved your cousin, okay? And everybody know cousins are like your first friends, too. They just a part of your. She's involved. You got Bret all involved. Y'all got. Y'all little tag team thing is cute. I think it's cute. You all break down TLC. And then Britt goes off and she starts her podcast because some shit that she could talk about all day is Prince. It's Prince. Yeah, twelve cow. They talking about Prince. You know twelve cow going to like that content. Hey, Doug, stop playing with me, boy. Okay. I know what y'all asking. What does John from the John Effect podcast got to do with nothing. I just felt like involving other people for no reason. John ain't do nothing. He over there making his content, being consistent. You know what I'm saying? Dropping these series and stuff like that. Very. Is. Y'all ain't checked out John. Y'all are really slipping. Y'all not checking on John. That's crazy how y'all get down in these streets. I couldn't do it. It couldn't be me. It couldn't be me. Autumn. Autumn had a. She had an episode about ninety s, r and B. I thought it was beautiful. It's okay. No, good for her. Good for her. But I'm out the gate with it. And if y'all. Wait, if y'all ask who did this, it was J book's fault. It was Doug's fault. Because they always. You gotta respect the content that they built, okay? You gotta respect what Jay book be doing over there. And especially with Doug went over there with that struggle plate. No, when I tell you, these two cats, they know they R and B. They do. And that's the crazy thing about it, is they know what they talking about. You know what I mean? And it's just unfortunate. It's very unfortunate that we can't all see eye to eye on great music. But I'm out the gate with, it's twelve cow. And I told twelve cow the other day, I was like, man, I want to dance this beef, man. Us, we supposed to be better than that. And he was like, no, keep it going. This is what happens. This is what the industry has done to us. We can't never be cool. So I'm out the gate with it. [00:03:34] Speaker A: Round and round and round and round again like I found some ways away. [00:03:40] Speaker B: I wish I could catch one of y'all across the street. I would introduce myself a yorm Baylor. Straight out the gate with it. This sounds good, though. I like this. I really like how you sound, though. It's not even like it's personal, right? And it's been a while since I responded. Jbug seeing me on twitter, you know what I'm saying? I don't know where Doug be at. He'll be in my algorithms like that. I stay tapped into twelve cow. I don't know if King journal listen to RMB like that. I can't trust him because he feel like Florida man is not a thing. And that's not cool. I like his koolaid mix. You all go check that episode out. But King Germ got a cold. When I tell you a cold Kool Aid mix, I think it's still second behind mine. But that's not the point. The point is, J book, you said something on your episode. She said you said something that was a little disrespectful, and I didn't like it. Not one bit. You said that you shouldn't have to take any edibles or you shouldn't have to smoke anything to go on that r and b journey that ride that high. You are correct. I never said that. You was wrong. I was just mad. I was just mad that you had to bring that up because it's like. Don't act like I don't know what I'm talking about and what I'm doing. That's not right. Jbug. That's not right. Because when I think of Jbug, first of all, let me get back to you, sir. Hey, Doug. Hey, Doug. Let me tell you. You want to know what your best friend said? I'm telling you what your best friend said. One day, Jay Boog decided to respond. Right. His music is good. I'm not going to lie about that. The music is good. No, and I believe you, though, Jay. It's just that. Do you really feel that way, though? Is that true to what it is? I really like his vibe. Oh, so it's the vibe part. And that's what I was trying to get to. It is a vibe thing when it comes to my music. You are right. It's a vibe thing. It's a message. You know what I'm saying? I got love letters. You know what I'm saying? I got tracks that will set my partner on a pedestal so high. [00:06:45] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:06:49] Speaker B: I got to say this before I get to. I just want to say. No, I don't want to say that. Go. Let's. But you be saying some crazy stuff that I don't be understanding. I don't understand how we can get to a point where we don't know what's going on, man. But one thing that I noticed that you didn't do, Bailey. What you noticed, Doug? You ain't give me no classics yet to give me a classic. I have, like, where your classics at? You see what I'm saying? During all these great and grand examples that you've been giving your fellow podcasters, your peers, your one fatal flaw is you have no classics in your bag. I'm saying it. And you know what? He said it. He said it. And I heard you. I got a question, man. Where do you think she went, bro? Doug, no. Listen to. No. No jbug earphones, okay? It's not the time. I need to talk to Doug. I'm asking you right now, do you know where she's at? I know where she at. I know where she been. I know where she went to. I could definitely find her, but I need to know if you know that this nigga better stop. I'm sick. He gonna have to go. If he don't start respecting me, he's gonna have to go. Hey, you don't know where Donna is at. I promise you, you don't know where. The last person she spoke to was me. The last person Donna spoke to was me. [00:09:11] Speaker A: Sometimes a love won't let go. [00:09:15] Speaker B: You got to talk to these niggas down the bargie. [00:09:22] Speaker A: Hard as I try, I know. [00:09:26] Speaker B: You ever heard a nigga so sad? I mean, I'm talking about he was stumping the pavement, looking for that woman, trying to find out who is clapping them cheeks. Now, the song says holding Donna, but if you hold Donna like how I will hold Donna? And that's the problem. You started listening to everybody. Everybody all up in your business. Nobody knew where Donna was at. Doug don't know where Donna is at. Twelve cow don't know where Donna is at. King Germ don't know where Donna is at. We don't know where Donna is at. [00:10:09] Speaker A: You'll be over her. [00:10:13] Speaker B: They did not believe in your relationship in the first damn place, bro. Yeah. No, they didn't like you at all. They was telling you to get away because they knew who she was. You still don't know where Don is at. [00:10:28] Speaker A: How am I supposed to feel so stuck when I keep wondering who's holding down. [00:10:41] Speaker B: I'm holding down it now, nigga. See that? [00:10:43] Speaker A: And that's. [00:10:44] Speaker B: And that'd be the problem. That's the problem with you. That's the problem with you, Doug. You don't want to celebrate. You don't want to celebrate with your teammates. You want to be a part. You want to do your own thing, because you do have a solo podcast. You do a phenomenal job, but you don't want to share. You don't want to share. And that's bad. That's bad. Because when I'm winning, I bring everybody with me, even with my enemies. Ask Jay Boogie if she got a filthy merch shirt. Ask Brittany if she got a shirt. Holla at twelve cow, man. Twelve cows apart a. I'm signing. Cats. I'm signing. Then we drinking champagne. [00:11:27] Speaker A: Yeah, I know we took some losses. [00:11:37] Speaker B: And we have, but not today. [00:11:39] Speaker A: I know. Nobody's really flawless. Nobody. Look at all these bands, right? We took the elsa win right now. Right now. Back when they never saw yay. [00:11:55] Speaker B: Now, look, Doug, I know you said old school classic. I'm going to get right back to you, but I need to talk to somebody. Twelve cow. And let me explain something, brother. If you want to get into this beef, and that's cool, I got a lot of respect for you. The way you can break down an album fee. Nah. Men. No. Okay. The way twelve Cal can break down a hip hop album, him and his boys, what's his name? Eclectic. I'm pretty sure King Jerm can hop up in there, too, and pause if needed. But I'm pretty sure they could all break down some classic albums and stuff like that. And that's the thing, though, when you call yourself a historian or something, I think you need to go towards the future a little bit, too, because these future r and B artists is just. [00:12:51] Speaker A: We heard all of the gossip. Yeah. Amazing. On my glass. [00:12:57] Speaker B: My glasses up, bro. My glasses. [00:12:59] Speaker A: That's just how I feel right now. [00:13:04] Speaker B: I want you to listen to the next words that she's saying. This r and B song, I want you to be listening to this close, because this is how we need to celebrate. Otr Mike. No, listen to what I'm saying. Okay? Autumn, are you there? You still there? No, I'm not. Your time is coming. Okay. You heavy on the 90s. That champagne be on champagne. [00:13:33] Speaker A: It's gonna spill. [00:13:34] Speaker B: I'm sloppy with it. A lot of this stuff is easy. [00:13:46] Speaker A: When the ice is hard to make. [00:13:49] Speaker B: Y'all see the ice? Okay. No, I'm not even talking about jury. I'm talking about real ice because I'm pouring my champagne over it when they. [00:14:00] Speaker A: Hate call you best friend. [00:14:02] Speaker B: And I know j bug, and I know Doug. I know twelve cow. You know what I mean? I know these are, you know what young Al Beezy, young Al Bundy is. Let me tell you something about that guy, man, because I don't know where his r and b continues. You know what I'm saying? Like, I know where it starts. He heavy in his bag when it comes to the. But I feel like he might get stuck there. Ivan is a solid catman. I know his r and b a little bit, but does it go anywhere past 98 or 99? [00:14:41] Speaker A: Heavy weight around my wrist. My wrist. Couple bands will take no time spent when they want to see you quit. When you shoot, they pray you may. [00:14:56] Speaker B: You know what? Now that I think about it, he is a tank fan. So I know tank is. He's definitely early 2000s, right? He's a real tank fan. So he probably know exactly the start of his career, his rookie career. I couldn't tell you. I couldn't tell you. Here's the thing, though. These people that I'm mentioning, they are phenomenal podcasters, just in general, okay. The content alone we should be paying for, right? Especially jbug. It's just that jbug is so hard headed, you know what I mean? And then she'll throw stuff out there, here and there. She does a lot of stuff on purpose now. She's no saint. She's no saint. And you heard Doug. Doug, he's a looting that I got guns and stuff that I'm shooting and stuff like that. That's not how I get down. That's not how I get down at all. We got to change our way. I want to be like Voltron. I want to come together and just really dominate. But I don't know, man, because I feel like you all wouldn't appreciate me being a lead. Like the lead r and b catalyst, whatever the case may be. [00:16:14] Speaker A: We're the same. You're always on my brain yeah, we're the day this time I'm feeling like it hate my way I don't care. [00:16:47] Speaker B: Did Marcy ever tell you about the time we first said, hey, this is about to happen, about to go down, man? It was a special night. It was a lot of chemistry. Sparks flying everywhere. We almost set that house on fire. Fuego. No, it was going down in their boss. And we've been rocking ever since. We've been rocking ever since. Man. And that's true love. That's an r and B. It's the r and B origin story where this shit just naturally just clicks. We got to give honor. We got to give grace. Oh, man. I think we should pray for these niggas. [00:17:41] Speaker A: You are chosen for beautiful things. Even broken, I hear the stars singing your praise, calling you out, saying your name no, it's no doubt God made no mistake. [00:18:03] Speaker B: And I don't think it was a mistake that we going through this. You know what I mean? I think naturally, what you would want to do is go through your little turbulence part of life, right? Start unnecessary beefs and wars with people that you probably can't win. You know what I'm saying? You probably can't win. Not that one. At least not that round. I might give y'all around just to make it interesting. I mean, look, even philly beat my lakers one year in the finals. Alan Iverson took a game from us, spoiled our whole undefeated run through the postseason. Just one game. I felt that, man. It kind of bothered me in a way. It did, but I got over it. Ultimately, you just go through stuff like that. You win the championship eventually. But I want to get back to when Jay Bugg said, no, you don't need to take no edible, you don't need to smoke nothing to be on that r b high. And I agree with her, but sometimes you want to enhance that journey. You know what it's like? It's like, j boog is going to make you the Mac and cheese, and I'm going to make you the Mac and cheese, too. And then Jay Booger's gonna make you some yams, and I'm gonna make some yams, too. Right? But the difference is, no, it's not the ingredients. It's not the portion. It's the fact that her Mac and cheese and her yams are separated. My Mac and cheese and yams? Yeah, you're right. It touch. They touch. Because eventually you got to connect to that power. When you go through so much like r and B, is a lot of pain, and it's also a lot of love. Now, whether we don't know what part of the story that starts in, right, we know when we all going through it, right? We do. Because we've all been there beforehand. [00:20:23] Speaker A: Keep me down, leave me out I'm holding on crossroads heavy loads, cold nights baby loan keeping up show me love I was lost, now I found you lift asleep awaken from the light but I couldn't see forgiving those who just pass against me believing what they said got the best of me open your eyes. [00:21:04] Speaker B: Open your eyes. You was only now for it. Tell the truth. Tell the truth now. Look, come on, now. Accountability is very, very important in this situation. Let me know if you would zone out. Do you think you could zone out to some music like this? Whether or not you take edibles, whether or not you smoke. Hey, you might smoke cigarettes. I'm talking about the funny one. Okay, but whatever. You can go get you some lemonade. But you turn those lights off, you turn that r and b up, right? You lay back, make sure that pillow is cold enough, make sure that blanket is warm enough, crack that window enough, and then you zone out. [00:21:45] Speaker A: Street lights and dynamite lead the way to the impossible couldn't stay like where I started from safe to say I want to break night and day I watched the tears fall down last year. [00:22:12] Speaker B: And you know what I posted about a week ago? Not Spotify, but my iTunes. ITunes came out with the end of the year stats of the music that I've been listening to. Number one artist, Haley Smalls. Y'all heard a few Haley Smalls on this episode thus far, it's probably my new favorite artist. Well, not new, but as far as the newer generation, she holds the crown. And I feel like between her, Victoria, Monet, Yuna, there's other ones that's involved in that criteria. But I think when it comes to Haley, first of all, duck, stop playing with me. When it comes to these classics, dog, I don't. He said he didn't hear. No. You still can't find Donna you still can't find. I know where Donna's at. Go check her aim away message. [00:23:18] Speaker A: Thinking of you that's all I seem to do when you're not here I long to hold you near baby, this time together we must bear holding you close taking time to let you know. [00:23:48] Speaker B: Tonight the night we wish y'all better start. Yay. [00:23:52] Speaker A: Look. [00:23:56] Speaker B: I really listen to R B, man. It's soothing. And I'm a Capricorn. If I ever tell you that I'm a Capricorn, I don't know what y'all be thinking, but if y'all ask me, what does that mean? You gotta look it up for yourself. I just go off of what they tell me what a Capricorn is. Some shit I believe. Some shit I'm. Wait a minute, that's not. No, no. Absolutely not. Absolutely not. But, Jay book, I heard your comments about not having to take edibles and smoking so you could understand and feel the music and I get you, man, but sometimes times above, you got to be there things first. [00:24:50] Speaker A: I hope you roll enough, let me get faded, I can open up? I've been down and in my dreams again? Fool me once, can't pull me twice, but it'd be nice? I can't decide. [00:25:11] Speaker B: Tell the truth, though tell the truth. Tell the truth. Jbug, this is it right here, Bret. See, this is what I don't like about Britt. If I call Britt right now on FaceTime, we're going to be super cool. But as soon as I go to the Internet, to the Internet, she going to be on jbug side. I don't like that. You gotta start telling the truth, man. [00:25:32] Speaker A: My word. But I satisfied with who you are. [00:25:46] Speaker B: Have you reported to somebody? No. Look, ask yourself. No. All bullshit aside, have you ever poured into somebody and then somebody else pours into you, that same person pours into you and you all just keep pouring into each other. That's probably one of the best feelings in the world. Ain't going to lie to you. I'm not going to hold you on that one. I love that type of feeling. You know what I'm saying? I like this episode so far. I don't know how many of y'all like, dislike that. John, I haven't forgot about you. Look, remember what I said, john. This has nothing to do with you. But you seem like, you know, music a little bit. And sometimes I pick on people from time to time. Don't take it personal. Everything is cool. I listen to the show. No, look, bro, if you get a download from Southern California, nine times out of ten, it just might be me. I'm letting you know, okay? It's all about how everything is started to me. I'm big on how things start. First quarter, come out the gates, we pressing. What does that mean? That means soon as the jump ball happens, if they get the ball, as soon as they cross half court, I'm sending two bodies away, making sure that point guard gives up the rock. Maybe he panics and throws it. My wing guy has to be there, still lay up. We'll be on defense more than we'll be on offense. Why? Because of turnovers. That's all I'm saying. Now, John, what does that have to do with you? Nothing. But just in case you did do something, it's out the gate with have. When I listen to a song, sometimes it's the beginning of the song that just makes me be like, this is it. That's hot. And then it go and then it repeats itself. [00:27:54] Speaker A: You. [00:28:09] Speaker B: If there's one person you don't deserve besides Haley, I'm just bringing in Haley small because that's haymakers. I'm not jabbing y'all niggas up. This episode, nothing. It's really a problem between us. It's really one of those things where. And I can't wait till we get to the end of the episode. I can't wait till we get to the end of the episode. J book. Because you can't have a record company or a record label and not have artists. That's a part of it. It doesn't make any sense. You gotta have options. I got a few of them. [00:29:06] Speaker A: You ain't got no more time to make me feel anything less and special. You ain't got no more time to make me feel like you can go do better. [00:29:21] Speaker B: See, and I'm not saying that Doug is better or not better. I'm not saying J bug is not better or better. I just know twelve cow has yet to put. He has yet to hop in the ring and squabble, so he shouldn't have much to say. And then. Britt, I know you, big dog. Okay? We didn't been through this before. All right, stop it. No, I need for you to chill out just a little bit. And that story you told at satellites, a little bit of lies. I'm just saying I don't go for. [00:29:55] Speaker A: You, slip you water shit I did for you and the things that I didn't do just out of respect for you, I gave you time I can never get back. So if this ain't what you want, no more than say that I don't want you unhappy with me. If there's somewhere that you rather be, don't let me keep you here in misery. Just know when it's said and done. You ain't the only one who got out. [00:30:29] Speaker B: I think I know what it is, table. I think here's the problem. I think there's a lot of pride, and I got some. I ain't going to lie to you. I keep my story in the back next to the butters, because when you keep the pride out too long, it could get a little soft. You know what I'm saying? And I don't need that. I don't need that. I need to be prideful as much as I can. Okay? I need to understand. It's a level of confidence that stays with that. You know what I mean? Yeah. Twelve cow, it'd be like that. Here's the thing, though, I know when I go to battle with twelve cow, he got a lot of ancient, ancient, vintage, classic r and B songs. I know what he going to do. And then if you go to the b side, he think he got me. Because when the r and B maybe peak r and b for him is when I was probably in middle school or something like that, he might have a slight advantage. But here's the thing. I listened to r and B well past the 90s, well past the early two thousand s to the mid two thousand s. You got to get comfortable with some of these new artists because they can make some great music. And remember, this might be the your kids, this might be the 80s right now and they might come across something like you. I can see Doug don't know what's going on right now. When we going back to the point scale? If we go back to the point scale right now, I might be up by 30 because I'm off 30 right now. I'm tired of Doug playing around with me because here's the thing. You didn't give me enough time to respond. Yes, you did. I had to play enough time. It was months ago when he spoke up. And I get it, man. I had to take some time. It was life, seasonal depression. We all been through that. Now. The holidays is rolling around. Got to do a lot of family shit, picked up a lot of work, you know what I'm saying? So you got to forgive me for prolonging this episode. But we going into the new year 2024, the year of Kobe. Okay? We doing that. 24. That's the year of Kobe. If you all still do resolutions, that's on you all. I got you. But I think we need to roll into 24, understanding that in order for us to win individually, we got to unite and win together. You know what I mean? I think so. But before that, Doug gotta respect my old school game. He do. I caught him way off guard with that one. [00:34:08] Speaker A: I know. Your eyes in the morning sun I feel you touch me Doug. [00:34:14] Speaker B: You better stop playing with me, little boy. All right. Hey, man, a struggle plate, man. Hey, we all going to eat, though. That is a fact. I'm going to leave people alone. But, John, I just wanted you to know. I'm listening, big dog. I'm listening to the episodes. I hear you. Great messages, great insight. Some stuff I agree with. Some stuff I disagree with. Some shit. It is what it is, but I'm listening. You got no, John. You got it, man. You make this stuff look easy. You do. You make this stuff look easy. Autumn, too. She makes this shit look easy as well. Ivan, we still don't know if you know any r and b artists past the year 2000 and probably let's just say seven. Let's give them seven. It's okay, man. Turn my shit on. Yeah, it kind of feels good. Out the gate. That's out the gate with it. [00:35:33] Speaker A: Jbo, the more things change, the more Ivan. [00:35:38] Speaker B: Watch when the beat you come in. Ivan, what you do with that? Is that too smooth? That might be too smooth for him. That might be too smooth for Ivan. I do know what Ivan, he might know this song. Doug, don't play with me when it comes to that old school. Stop playing. You better don't, boys. Hey, don't do that now. That's cool. Don't do him like that. Don't do him like. Oh, he mentioned something about upbeat track. You know what? I already played my upbeat track on his show. He was wowed by it. You know how it is, man. At the end of the day, they try to act like it wasn't dope. I think I deserve, it's not even the flowers that I want, big dog. I don't want the flowers. Send me a playlist or something. If you really appreciate me, send me like a seven piece. Seven to nine. That's a cool little album right there. That's a cool little ep. I don't need nothing past nine tracks, but they need to be like nine bangers. Something. I need something that's going to make you like. I got to speak up for myself when I say I deserve a lot I think I deserve the moon and. [00:36:55] Speaker A: A star yeah, oh yeah I need to remember that your love is a real love I used to surrender to you and all your life and if I can notice that you notice the tears in my eyes keep growing but you're still a showing God for you know what I've been through but I got so used to all the things you do that's all I ever knew. [00:37:47] Speaker B: Maybe I might be asking for too much but here's an artist out of Jersey by the name of Karma and I may have introduced, as a matter of fact I did. Why am I even playing around? Like, has her song has been on my show before? It has. It's somewhere in the archives. But I got to play the song again because I love the song and it feels like to me, I will say this, this is the right artist in the wrong era. She belongs, I want to say, until like the mid to late 90s, play my shit though. I need to know if you all understand what's going on when I tell you. Do she know she signed the filthy merge records? She don't know yet, but this is going to be one of my first artists on Filthy merge records. And what do you get? Wait, hold. [00:38:36] Speaker A: Hold on. [00:38:36] Speaker B: On, hold on. What do you get when you sign with Filthy merch Records? Do you get studio time from me? No, I don't have it. Would I be able to help you collab with other artists not in the industry? You know what I'm saying? Would I be able to help you to get, like I said, studio time? You know what I'm saying? Would I be able to book shows for you? Nah, that's not my job. As the owner and the manager of Filthy Merch records, I can't do none of that for you now. Can I send you some free merch from time to time? Absolutely. I can. I could do that. Can I promote your music? I could do that, too. You know what I'm saying? Can I listen to your music? Can I drive your streams up yearly? Absolutely. You want to know why? Because I'm a fan. Out the gate. Out the gate. But after I'm a fan, I'm a manager. I'm an owner. Filthy merch records. I got to have that. [00:39:30] Speaker A: I know you want to come over to me. You were fucking me since I walked in with my hip swinging right cup. [00:39:39] Speaker B: In my left hand when I got this song. Because. Shout out to for Distress podcast. They had this young lady on their episode, and she spoke about her music and her love of it, how she became an r and B artist herself growing up and listening to various artists, such as the same ones we listen to. And she had a passion for music. And I heard it and I synced it, and I synced it, and I heard that track and I said, I need that. I hit him up. I called him personally and I said, tell her that. I said that she is who she is, okay? She is who she is, and she ain't never. And she looked like r and B. No, I understand what I'm saying. She looks like r and B sitting. [00:40:35] Speaker A: Nice like an Hourglass. Sick of hearing before I let go. And you thought of all of these weak bitches with the same ass hair extensions and the same clothes and the same story about how they own that hot girl shit. Anyway, you see, I'm that bitch. And I know you know that. I know that I ain't taking it. So I see. Looking the mother to me ready to go. Let's get into something nice. Ain't nothing we can't do. Night. I think about what I'm looking for. My personality, like I ought to fight. I like it. [00:41:24] Speaker B: That is hot right there, though. You got to go listen to the rest of the song because you got to go do your due diligence. But hey, filthy merge records. J bug, you thought I was just going to come with some random tracks and things going to stop, right? No, I got artists now. No, I got artists. And you know what, jbug, if it's not too much, I would like to sign. You see how you brought your cousin up in this? You see how you brought your cousin up into some business? And I don't even know if she know, but if she know, if she listening. Hi, cousin. Because I don't think she mentioned your name. It's smart. But look, I'm not here to attack you, cousin. No, it's not your fault. And I heard the song. You could sing. No, you could sing, and you know you could sing, and that's cool. And you know what? I will even say this. I got room over here from filthy merch records, cousin, if you want to come over here. And I got artists that sing just as well as you. No, let me tell you about this artist that's coming up. This is the first artist that I signed. Does she know she signed? No, her daddy knows she signed, though, because I'm signed to her daddy. How'd that work? Some birdman shit going. Sinus. I'm signed to Rare sinus Records. You know what I'm saying? Well, I'm signed to Rare sinus Network, right? That's where the podcast, that's where it's at. But I got filthy merch records and I signed his daughter. Okay? Now, does she have management somewhere else? She probably do, and that's cool. That's cool. I'm not knocking that, but look, I get 5% of. We haven't even discussed that yet. But when I tell you, when r and b, you know, like when somebody walks in, when the police walk in the door, everybody kind of straighten up. Even if you don't have a problem, if you ain't did nothing wrong, everything is good. Your tags is good. You don't have no warrants or no shit like that. You still straighten up because it's authority. You know what I'm saying? When you see somebody walk in a room, they just light that bitch up. You'd be like, damn, that person can really go in a room and light that bitch up. And then it comes with a scent. It comes with a glare. You know what I'm saying? It just comes with a feel good situation. This is a trait of RMB that's been missing from the game. Again, the right artist, I want to say the wrong era. But when I tell you my weakness for R B is when you can put a track together that sounds extremely smooth. Right? Doug don't know nothing about this. He did know nothing about this. [00:44:42] Speaker A: All I want to do is get close to you hold you in my arms baby fill your water pull me in some what you waiting for? Tell me would you mind maybe being mine? Cause you turn me feeling on my body yeah, this feels just right tell me what you like I know I'm your type just give me some time let's not waste no time see what I'm saying? [00:45:22] Speaker B: See what I'm saying? Like, I think I need to try to explain something to y'all. Look, this young lady, name is Ziamara, right? And I've seen a video, right? I've seen a video. And she got, like, this retro type feel to it. Like very earthy, in a way. To me, it's like very earthy, vintage, you know what I'm saying? Type of feel to it. Phenomenal voice. Then that's one of my favorite songs. It's called weakness, right? And it's on her album called the emotional Tomboy. And I remember, be honest, he played it on a show. I can't remember what episode, so don't ask. But I was. No, no, I take that not. I don't think he played it on his show. He might have mentioned it in the slack room or something like that. And I listened to the album immediately, because that's what I do, Doug. Whenever I see some new r b out artists I never heard of and ever seen before, I'm about to check it out. I like this album out the gate. No lies. I was telling them I was supposed to send her merch long time ago. A lot of people, right? But she deserves it, you know what I'm saying? Especially with her being one of the captains of filthy merch record. CJ Bug, you could be there, too. I'm signing podcasters, too. I told twelve cow I'm signing podcasters. Britt is next. But, you know, that's how Britt be acting. See, she got another song. Check this one out. This gives me late ninety s. I. [00:47:34] Speaker A: Don'T know what it is when I'm with you. [00:47:38] Speaker B: Like, you could play this shit over some Dawson Creek. You could put this in some Dawson. [00:47:44] Speaker A: Creek just hits me and I'm aligned with you. [00:47:49] Speaker B: Don't act like y'all didn't watch Dawson Creek. Y'all watch that shit. I seen it. You've seen it, too. [00:47:55] Speaker A: Like I've been here with a lightning you smile. Just. [00:48:01] Speaker B: Stressed about what? What am I stressed about? Listen to me, Doug. What should I be stressed about when I'm listening to r and b like this? When I can hear a voice like this? What are we stressing about? And that's the problem, Doug. You so worried about the past that you're not paying attention to future. Okay, future queens, these are the women that's going to go through their ups and downs and provide you with some of the best audio content known to man. But you want to be sit up here worried about my classic old school bag boy. I'm free of drama. I've been free for a long time, brother. The wisdom that I have accumulated over the past 1015 years, it has helped. But you all hard headed over there because you want to know what's in my bag? I got a few bags. A few bags? So which one you talking about, man, don't. Look, if you reading some of those tabloid stories. That's not real, bro. [00:49:46] Speaker A: Whispering. [00:49:51] Speaker B: This got to be one of the best r and B buildup songs, though. Do you agree? The build up in this song, you could play this before a sports event and it'll get hyped. This is like the R and B rough Riders anthem. It's got to be. [00:50:18] Speaker A: And that's it. Nothing too good for us. [00:50:38] Speaker B: Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it, Doug. They don't want to know how free we is. They don't want to know. Here's the thing, though. I'm not back. This particular artist right here, young lady, I don't know much about her. I know her sister. I know her sister. Do you see that? You see what's going on here? You went to go get your cousin. I went to go get a gang of. Look, you thought I'm going to come back with a fair fade. No, never. You come with one, I come with three. Look, you go get six. What you think? Nine or twelve? I might have to double it. But there's no fair fights out here. I once said, and I don't care. No, I'm not even going to bring that back up. But ain't no fair fights. No fair fades. We're not doing that. We are not doing that. But I want to say this. This young lady, don't know much about her. I didn't know she could sing as good as her sister was promoting. But I will say that once I heard a track or two, and I heard three tracks, but there was one track that stood out. And she said. She told me that it wasn't mixed, it wasn't finished, and stuff like that. And that was one of the reasons why I prolonged the episode as well, because I wanted the finished product. But just like black people on black people time, it's not done yet. It's still not done yet. And it's the end of the year, and we're going into the Kobe year. I want everybody to be safe. I want you to look at your loved ones, appreciate what they've done to you and for you in your life. Okay? I want you to rinse and repeat, and I want you to double up. All right? But at the same time, I want you to appreciate some of the finest, some of the finest r b that you could find. Whether it's vintage classic like Doug wants, or it's like me trying to put on a newer artist and they deserve. And this is another Jersey artist. Yo, Jersey's getting a lot of love this episode. Okay. From karma to now, I gotta say. I gotta say this is a little. This is a little too future. This is future. Future RMB. Okay? I'm not saying that this is going to be the cream of the crop or it's not going to be the demanding r and B that we need, but this has a space in r and B where we can all relate. We understand what's going on. I love the sound. It has a speck of energy involved in it, especially when you get to the second part. But we might even get there, because I just want you to understand the message that's got. That we got going on. [00:53:33] Speaker A: Here's I love you one day, man, I should put a smile on my face. So ask him where I came from. He thinks that I know what boy you gonna learn today. Reassurance, consistency. I got some insecurities, but this nigga so not. Shall I fucking with him? Another shit is confusing me. Can't maintain a vibe. You introduce, you chase me now. I ain't chasing you. Kept it to you from the jump. Told the truth. What's going on with me? To come to post a link for a while now. And you in my city now. Straight to the nitty gritty well, and we don't roll. Now. See, I get it. You ain't got it. Focus on you. I'm always spending my money. Waterfall. [00:54:28] Speaker B: See, look, I'm not going to just sign anybody, okay? And even though I don't know a lot of these artists personally, we haven't sat down and finished out the deal, the ink. We haven't. I promise you, we haven't. You know what I'm saying? It's like a verbal commitment from a five star player. You know what I'm saying? I know they're going to agree to come over to filthy records, so that's why I already signed them. You know what I'm saying? Some of them, I probably even forged a name. But that's not. We don't have to talk about that, okay? Because do I want the publishing? No, I don't want the publishing. They can keep. That's the thing. There's no puff daddy ish type of. It was really not him. Maybe that was the wrong name to bring up in this day and time, but you're going to get your publishing because you're going to keep it. I don't need that. I'm not tripping over that. [00:55:17] Speaker A: Talking about a family, marriage. Now I'm getting. I don't want you no more. Now you trip. Double text. I'll call your phone. Now you trip. [00:55:36] Speaker B: We all had that one or two person that has tripped through a life, you know what I mean? And before I get away from this home completely, I just want to let y'all know that this is a young artist out of Jersey, okay? And I met her. Well, I haven't met her in person, but definitely she is related to one of the dopest podcasters out here. You know what I'm saying? G jizzle, that's her sister right there. Here's the thing. I want to work on a new name because I want to rebrand her. And she might not be up to that, but as the manager of filthy merch records, I know what. I've been there. I've won a lot. And I'm a Capricorn, but I've won a lot, you know what I'm saying? So you all can go look her up. Right now is jinx two trail, okay? And that's jinx with two x's. Jinx two, the number two, T-R-I-L-L okay? And look, she posts 79,000 times a day, okay? And I love that because her marketing. Her marketing is there. She's outside. No, literally, like, at least 90% of her videos, she might be outside. You know what I'm saying? So I want you all to go tap into that. I think you all going to enjoy that. I'm going to enjoy that, but I do want to get back to it. J bug, it has been a phenomenal episode. It has. I appreciate you. I appreciate Doug. Twelve cow again. There's so much love there. Do you want these type of problems? Maybe not. Okay. OTR. Mike, I'm not sure where your r and b game is at, but if it's anywhere like your domino game, you might want to slow it down a little bit. King germ, I know you know a lot about football, especially when it comes to high school and college. Okay? And that's cool. We can go back and forth. We could debate on that all day, you know what I mean? And that's cool. But as far as this r and b, nah, man. You might want to chill off of that. You might want to chill off of that, and that's cool. I respect everybody that I'm bringing up, but I'm just letting you all know that, man, look, just listen to this. Why? Why wouldn't you want to get high to this? No, just tell me. Jake Wood, I know some people have different type, know reactions when it comes to the edibles, because once you take that edible, you're going for that ride. At least if you smoke, you can control. You can control the high in so many ways. But once you get on that ride with that edible. And I catered to the women heavy on this. I did. I catered to the women heavy on this. But I do got a couple of dudes that can talk. That talk, you know what I'm saying? And I feel like I won. Did I mention that I turned 41 not too long ago? On the 23rd? [00:59:41] Speaker A: If you wait, if you wait, tonight is yours. I won't let this go to waste. So, baby, let me know. [00:59:51] Speaker B: You got to drink wine of this. You just don't. Don't bring no beer over, okay? Champagne. Maybe we drink champagne with Haley Smalls. Okay. To the music like this. It's got to be wine. It's got to be. [01:00:08] Speaker A: If you stay, my heart is your. See, you got me feeling things that I'm not letting go. [01:00:16] Speaker B: And then you got to get a charcucci board. A charcucci board. You got to get a charcuterie board, man. A lot of fruit, cheese. Not the crackers. I don't want to be crunching on nothing, right. Cheese, you know, like gouda sharp, you know, white cheddar. [01:00:39] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:00:41] Speaker B: And get you some. Cut you some, but cut you some fruit up. Pineapple. Got to be there. Pineapple. When we're alone, I'm thinking blackberries. Blackberries. Pineapples. Cut up some mangoes. What else we got? Grapes, of course. You got to have grapes with the wine. [01:01:07] Speaker A: Can't forget you, girl. You're right where you belong. Eyes close when we move it go slow. Eyes close. [01:01:27] Speaker B: I don't think I even listen to r and b music like that. It's sad. It's sad. It's kind of like when your brother get out of prison and he come home for the first, like he passed a whole text era. You know what he was? He went to jail. He went to jail right after church phones. Right after church phones. And that's where I feel like Ivan is at with his r B. It's a sad thing to actually know. Sad thing to kind of like, you got to stick with. I mean, you know what it is? You kind of got to stick with your people, and that's cool. I got a lot of respect for Ivan and his r B selections. It just don't be working out all the time. J bug, I hope in the future we know somehow just sit at a table and just talk about our differences when it comes to this shit called yo, duck, stop playing. When it comes to those classic shit. I don't like when people play around. Was he even outside? Did he go? Did he run to the ice cream truck? What? Did you get the wrestling one, Ted, DBic. Did you get that one? Since you want to play around, since you play and want to play around this, what? Twelve cow was moonwalking, too? [01:03:22] Speaker A: There's a spell on my mind. [01:03:27] Speaker B: And you're to blame and I listen to. I listen to toxic r and wrong with that. All right, I'm lean. I'm about to get up out of here. Like I said, y'all go check out all those folks. And a podcast. I pray to God. I hope I've mentioned their podcast besides their name during this episode. Will I remember? No, but I'll listen back. If you really want to get in touch with those people, just get in touch with me. Duh. Stupid. But shout out to all of them. Britt, John, you know what I'm saying? Autumn twelve. Cal, J bug, Doug, you know what I'm saying? Ivan, Otr Mike. Who else won't listen? It's all respect. Okay? At the end of the day, I'm getting too old, right? I feel like on your birthday, alone, wherever you go, whichever door you open, theme music should come out. Yeah. And I think you should be able to pick it. I think you should be able to pick a song every year that you feel like is the proper identity. You know what I mean? For me, I might have to go with. [01:06:02] Speaker A: Your strength. Make time for you. They don't care if it's my love. This is true. Push through, push past. [01:06:25] Speaker B: I know that's tough right there. That is tough right there. I'm going to leave you all alone, man. I'm up by at least 35. The Lakers won the end season. This is not sports. I understand, but it was another championship and that's how I feel. I celebrated. I did. I like winning. I'm a Capricorn. What does that mean? You got to go look it up. You have to go look it up. But to all my artists on filthy merch records, understand this. I got you all. I will continue to play your music. I will continue to download y'all music. I will continue to stream y'all music. As a matter of fact, I'm about to go buy y'all tracks just in case some shit happened and my streaming goes down. I'm still going to have quality music. Whether I'm listening to Kamara Z Jinx, cousin, stop playing with me. All right? I'm going to listen to you all. I'm going to support you all. I respect you all. Here's the thing. I love you all, too. No, there's a portion of. Wait, let's finish this. [01:07:37] Speaker A: Though. Your heart free your soul. [01:07:49] Speaker B: I recorded an episode before this one. Yeah, like a month ago. I didn't like it because I told you some of this stuff. I was just waiting on the song to come. I just wasn't ready. Life happened and shit like that. But at the end of the day, hey, I'm going to tell you. I'm going to tell you like this. At the end of the day, life was life. And I had to learn how to adjust to that shit. When everybody go into the new year being very optimistic, I do. I think we're at a point in our lives where let's just make the right decisions, okay? Let's keep moving forward. If we need to ask for help, ask for help. If we need to lose that hour of sleep to work on some shit, so be it. All right? We need to advance. We need to excel, go to the next level, keep creating these goals, staying out the way. That's the main thing. Go fall in love. And look, you don't have to be with another person. It can go be with a hobby, with yourself. And while you on that journey, that trip, you know what I'm saying? Don't forget this motherfucking playlist, this shit. Bang. I know it does. I know it does. Stop playing with me. Here's the thing. Britt got to stop. She got to stop this. She got to stop this. Ever since she didn't got her podcast, she's just been acting different towards me. And I don't like it. I don't like it at all. But listen to some r and B. Listen to my r and b first. I don't see how y'all can possibly go to the students before y'all come to the master. And you know what? It's quite okay. But I'm going to tell you all like this. Be good, be grateful, be blessed. Let's get in 24. Let's fuck some shit up, all right? That's between me, you, and a lord. J bug. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. All right? Hey, Doug, stop lying to the public. We're not doing that anymore. Okay? That's north. [01:09:58] Speaker A: Part three a cast nigga jr. Four. [01:10:03] Speaker B: Or five gunners run a Mac for the summer they call me Rouge dog and I'm the number one stunner it's the wolves, you know they salute I'll be with them troops we don't know the truth I wrote soap soap.

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