Episode 320

November 09, 2023


Baylor, Barbie’s, Bodies, and Opinions

Baylor, Barbie’s, Bodies, and Opinions
BTG For President
Baylor, Barbie’s, Bodies, and Opinions

Nov 09 2023 | 00:28:32


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BTG For President Episode #320

I received a listener’s topic request about my thoughts and opinion on plastic surgery. Am I for it or against it? Well, let’s see.

Baylor, Barbie’s, Bodies, and Opinions #B4P320

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[00:00:25] Speaker A: California. California. [00:00:28] Speaker B: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker A: Where are we going? [00:00:31] Speaker B: Westward. [00:00:50] Speaker A: Satel. If I still see you the same way. Because through these trying years we gonna both physically change. Now, don't you know you'll always be the most beautiful woman I know? So let me reassure you, darling that my feelings are truly unconditional I love you when your hair turns great I still want you if you gain a little weight yet the way I feel for you will always be the same just as long as your love don't change. [00:01:55] Speaker B: I got a topic, and it's about surgery. Plastic surgery, about bodies changing, shit like that, right? Am I for plastic surgery? Am I against plastic surgery? What is my opinion about plastic surgery? A topic that was presented to me and no, I cannot share the name until I get consent from that person. So I will not share the name of the person who sent this topic in. But it is a topic that I have talked about before. Just never recorded it. Me and my wife have talked about it several times. And at one point, she thought about getting some procedures done for a chest. She wanted to look like a chest lift or something like that. And I like, look, my wife, it's not a secret. We both 40 now. We up there now. She's a milk, don't get me wrong. Oh, she got it. She got it. Look, I got the dad bar, she got the mom bar. And I love every bit of it because we're going to get into that. We're going to get into, like, natural bodies versus cosmetic bodies and filtered bodies and shit like that. Whatever a woman wants to do with her body, it literally has nothing to do with me. Except when we're married, right? Not to say that I would be against it, or I would tell you something I wouldn't try to tell you to do or tell you not to do something. It's always a discussion to have. We can just sit and chill and go over the reasons why you will want something done, depending on what it is. And then we could talk about the pros and the cons. And we already know what the cons are. You got to have some money for that. That's one thing that I do know. We'll never go the cheap route. I don't care how cheap. I don't care how presentable it is. You know what I'm saying? How easy the access is. Solid. Nah, man. Because we've heard and seen a lot of these go the wrong way. That would be my number one fear is that damaged body or even worse, death, right? Because it always goes to that one question, why the purpose? What's the purpose of it? And I'm all for it because we all have some type of self update that we want. You know what I'm saying? We want to upgrade in some type of way. With me, I got my teeth upgraded for the longest. Outside of my younger years, my teeth wasn't the best. You know what I'm saying? I said, enough is enough. I can't stand no more. I deserve a beautiful smile. That's what I'm working on now. I'm still missing two on the side right here because I couldn't save them. And now I got to get a bone graph, and I don't even want to do that. I'm scared to do that, but I got to do that in order to get my implants. And then I'm going to have this charming, ebony of the motherfucking month type of smile. So people want to. And haircuts with guys. This is about the ladies for the ladies. But I can't do an episode without having some type of comparisons with the fellas you are in, man. If I could have a permanent lineup, if I could have a permanent one and a half taper to side, if I could have a permanent taper and lineup, you wouldn't be able to tell me nothing, would I get it? I will consider it. I would. The fact that women can change so many things about them without surgery and have a different look or enhance their look is phenomenal. Guys should have the same thing. I'm just not sure how that will go. But you can't tell us nothing. I mean, the running joke is we started doing errands. Errands. Shit that we didn't even want to do during the week, we want to do on a Saturday because our haircut is what. And like the late, great doctor, Professor Dion Sanders said, you look good. Shit, you play good. And that's the truth. It says a lot. WhEn you look good, you feel better. That's a fact. That's a fact on both sides. Women, y'all go get your hair done. Y'all get your nails done. Yeah. Some of y'all really be on y'all fitness. Y'all being there with them Amazon types, going to work, setting up the camera. Some of y'all be serious and don't have a camera. You know what I'm saying? Y'all be doing your little yoga, hot yoga shit, or Pilates. Y'all be getting it, right. I know. I see the TikTok videos. It's a lot of y'all niggas working out. Some of y'all got natural bodies. Let me tell you something firsthand right now, if you've had kids, that's cool. I don't want to compare y'all to something that might sound bad, but we can also be compared to it as well. But you want something driven off the line, something broken in, something that has driven back and forth to Vegas a couple of times that knows how to get around the block. Yes. Stretch marks is. Oh, my God. Hey, I'm for that. Because if you can't get stretch marks and Stretch marks is just a thing. Stretch marks is what it is. But if you don't have them and you want to get them in the right place, if they could do artificial stretch marks, they got me. They got me. I'm not going to lie to you. Stretch marks. Oh, my God. That is. Wow. Them tiger stripes. You all don't understand. Just wouldn't understand. But at the end of the day, let's get back to it. It's a lot of stuff that we do to ourselves. Sometimes it could be for us and sometimes, most of the time, it could be for other people. I will say that I am totally against it if it's done for somebody else. That's why I say I will never force my wife to get any type of surgery done to her, risking her life, just because I want her looking a certain way. Now I can help her get into a certain type of figure another way. It's going to be a much harder, more difficult task. But it's not that hard, not personally, because she's a former athlete. My wife is a former athlete, so she knows her way around the gym. But for a girl that doesn't, don't have really no athleticism history or anything like that. No athletic traits, I think. I don't think. I don't think true love requires, I wouldn't necessarily say a body type because you can have your preference, but I don't think they seek that type of stature. You know what I mean? I don't think they seek perfection, at least from a real partner, a real guy. I don't think we're looking for. It was much more deeper than that. We are visual creeps. We are visual creatures. And so we will indulge and look to feed our entertainment, you know, looking online and stuff like that. That's normal. We. We're visual creatures, you know what I'm saying? We look, we observe, we see the object. Not calling women an object, but, you know, what I'm talking about. So we like shapes, sizes, and stuff like that. We've been on the BBWs long time ago. It wasn't promoted. It wasn't promoted, but that's a whole nother story. Anyhow, I can't speak for all men. Obviously, there's a portion of guys that like that. You know, they like it. Look, there's a thin line between fetishes and your personal preference. You can have both. You can have a preference, and you can have a fetish for something but perfection. Some guys do. Some guys want that. Some guys like an athletic muscle tone. Not crazy like that. But some guys like petite bodies, thin, tall, short. But I would say never do it for a guy or never do it for a spouse. Never do it for a partner. Do it for yourself. I'm not against it. Does it scare me? Absolutely, it does. Again, the news is always going to report the bad stuff, but in some cases, with some women, I don't see what was the purpose. Women can make money off their bodies without even touching another body. That's a fact. And there's a lot more women liking other women because of the looks. And I get it. It helps you get in the spotlight, especially if you like a bartender, stripper escort, or maybe just a content creator online. And they can monetize off the thirst. That's a fact. And that's a certain section of women. That's cool. But some women, maybe some women don't have the time to work out as much as they want to, and they got the bread. So let's just fast forward. Go freeze the fat or put the fat somewhere else or whatever the case may be. If you got the bread to do it, go ahead, make sure. I mean, get it done right. The last thing that you want to do is spend a lot of bread that you scraped up, saved. Whether or not you got it like that, it still would be a waste of money if you spent it and it didn't come out the way you wanted it to. We've seen the Nicki Minaj's, we've seen the little Kim's, Cardi B's of the world. It's like know Ant type of know the Kim Kardashians, and it's like social media, Hollywood, the online era, just seen how popular it was to be thick and how much attention that it was getting. And they said times 50, they just went crazy with it to where it's not portioned out the right way. A portion, right body, no matter whether it's in shape or not is attractive. Dimples, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, it's all art. At the end of the day, it is. Maybe a lot of men don't speak on it as much, but it's the truth, and it's more so the truth behind closed doors. So you would assume that a lot of women would think that online influence is heavy. But if this is a personal want or need shit, I ain't got a problem with it. I just have my pros and cons to it. Yes, your body is going to be, what, ten, maybe 15 years younger? I just don't want you to go through any type of pain, have you sitting crazy ways in a plane for a certain amount of hours, because you can't sit down on it. And I definitely don't want you to risk your life. But if it's something that you truly need, then for yourself, then go ahead and do it if it's going to make you feel better. Like I said, Dion said it best. You look good, you play good. And for some people, for a lot of people, that helps out with their confidence. Or it might be one of those a. It's a YOLO. I only have one of these things, which we believe. So if I only got one of these things, I might as well max it out. Let me do this. Nobody should be criticizing you, but I will hope that you have some people around you to make sure they have a conversation with you, to make sure it's the right decision. But it scares me, though. Chest, bottom half, they can rejuvenate the vagina. Lips and regular lips. They've been getting these Botox shots and shit. Like, stop that. Like y'all gonna end up turning into something different. Little Kim was probably one of the most attractive humans in history. Like, first quarter, first and second quarter. Lil Kim, undefeated. And the pressure of, I guess, the times or self doubt insecurity stuff that we don't be knowing about. And a lot of easy on the eyes. Obviously, attractive people go through that, and it's a sad thing, but it's the truth. But I don't think enough people are telling them like, no, you got it already. There's a reason why the genre is called milk. There's like, hot moms, and most of these moms, they got more than one kid. Some of these got. They got more than one kid, or they have a kid to be called a milk, but they still look good, especially these women. I was born in the late seventy s and in the 80s, mine was born in 83. You know what I mean? So I don't think true love is looking for that. We could have our preference. We can have sexual desires, we can have fantasies. We can have kinks. We can have fetishes. We can have all that. But at the end of the day, you are attracted to what you are attracted to, and nobody's going to turn down something that's authentic. They probably won't turn down the artificial either, but they not. Hang on. Yeah, some cats is just shallow, and some cats is assholes, and they don't know how to deal with a real woman's body or understand it. And they ass might be out of shape twice as worse as she is. And it's starting to come around that a lot of women like dad bods. Yes, it's awkward to us because we're not used to getting compliments in general, but it's easier to give a shapely woman that's not as aThletic, but she's still shape. She's attractive to somebody. You know what I mean? And that's just how it is, man. That's truly how it is. So I can't say that I'm for Nora. Am I against it? But I have my concerns. But at the same time, I can also turn around and be like, look, if you want to do this, I hope everything goes right, because I want you to enjoy what you got done. Some people grow up with a certain look that they couldn't get away from. Some people grow into their looks. Some people enhance their looks because they got teased when they were younger, so now they might have the money or the resources to get it upgraded or changed. That's what it is. If it's not attention, then it's just self doubt a little bit or, I don't know. It's hard for me to see someone call it a goal unless it has something to do with some type of attention to it. You know what I mean? I can see people working out a lot and saying, I've always wanted a bodybuilder type of body, okay? And then you get that from seeing people, seeing other bodybuilders before you. And I get that the motivation of seeing an artificial body, she went from a side, a cup a to a cup D, you know what I'm saying? And she got thicker down there, and it's like, okay, because I have a hard time believing that. It's not to say, hey, I want to start getting these type of looks, and I want to see if I can talk to these type of guy. Not all women you know what I mean? But a lot of these girls that's coming back from the islands or know they get a lot of attention on IG now and TikTok. But hey, man, I would say this, start looking out for your kids. If you have this type of knowledge already, if you are aware of this already. The reason why I say that is because my wife is an athlete. And the women and the men who played sports, whether they played football, basketball, baseball, the girls was playing football. I mean, not football, basketball, softball, but the ones that shaped them early on and kept them, even if the athletic part of their life was gone, probably after high school or shortly after college. Those track bodies and those volleyball players, boy, let me tell you, my wife, former track star, three time ball American, by the way, have you seen her track body was crazy. Her track body was crazy and she still got that shape. It's just now after two kids and just being in love for. We've been together for like damn near almost 20 years, you're going to have some of that love weight, you're going to have some of that baby weight, you're going to have some of that low metabolism weight. And I still love every bit of it. Knowing that she could snap back if she put her mind to it and start working out like how she wants to, and she going to be dangerous. She can be a super milk. I married a super milk. But that's what it is. Again. I'm not for it, and I'm not against it. It's just I have my concerns. I have my pros and cons. I know you're going to get the attention. I know you're going to get the confidence to wear just about, or wear certain things that you couldn't wear before, or certain things that you try to stay away from because you didn't have a shape for it. Are you going to be outside? You're going to be outside, and I can't be mad at you. M thing is going to be sitting right downstairs and upstairs sitting right. I just don't want anything to happen to that body, you know what I'm saying? Like any foreign thing that causes any type of disease or just some type of malfunction with the goddamn body. You've seen some of these horror stories before, these girls getting these implants and injections in a eyes, and it was the total opposite. And then in some cases, death. And I don't want that at all for nobody, anybody, any race, none of that. No. Some girls are just built different. I think you have to scope your body out a certain way. There's a game plan for it. You just got to figure it out. Some of these girls was just gifted with a curvy body. They didn't have to work out for it, run track, nor volleyball, nor swim for it. They just had it naturallY. They eat what they want to eat. That shit stays the same. They get a little bit bigger, probably stretches the shape out, but it's still there. That's just what it is. You just got to go work on yours, work on your type of look. Go look how you want to look. Especially if you know you look good. If you know you look good and you getting bored with that particular look, go try something different. Might be clothes, might not be the body at all. Might be a lifestyle, you know what I mean? Because this is the partner for me. This is the winner. This is the girl that everybody likes and loves. She could be cute, she could be fine. She's attractive. She knows it. But she doesn't let, that's not her identity. Her identity is down to earth. Her identity is humor, a sense of humor. Her identity is respect. Her identity is some like the Tomboys. She might be girly girly, you know what I'm saying? But it's all about just being down to earth. The down to earth girl, whatever other personality traits you want to throw on her, but the basis of it is just be down to earth and confident. I mean, everybody is not 100% confident, but you get what I mean. When you walk into a room, there's women who may have insecure things going on, but when they walk in a room, they still command attention. That's what it is. It's not the body. The body is just extra. But if you down to earth, smart, respectful, humble, sweet, loving, you are an assassin. Yeah. And then you just happen to have a body on top of that. Have a body, stretch marks, cellulite, curvy, innocence of humor. That's a cheat code that the Lord gave us. It's a cheat code. And then again, you can't control how your body come out. You can control how you form it after an adult. But your personality being down to earth, you got to work on that one buckle. That's all on you. That is all on you. So personality over the plastic, that's a fact. But again, if it's for you and you know that's going to help you and how you feel, everything, go ahead and do it. I'm right there with Yahoo. Jan. I sit in the waiting room. I'm going to be worried, nervous. I don't smoke cigarettes, but nicotine that shit up. Or give me some of that candy so I can float away for a couple of hours. But outside of that, man, I'd never judge. Never judge. Because I'm there. I got braces at 40. You know what I mean? So do your thing, but don't let nobody else do it for you. Or you got to do it because of them. No, it's got to be something. You got to mean something. You know what I'm saying? Because at the end of the day, I'm going to always love that body. [00:28:16] Speaker A: Come on. Come. Come on. Keep fucking me till the morning. Come on. Come on. Close.

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