Episode 326

December 21, 2023


Chapter 41

Chapter 41
BTG For President
Chapter 41

Dec 21 2023 | 00:41:34


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BTG For President Episode #326

Another trip around the sun. I’m officially inside of my 40s. More joints and muscle aches, but what’s my goals now? More traveling? More celebrations? More stress? Chapter 41 is here.

Chapter 41 #B4P326

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[00:00:00] County coming from the city where no pity shell. Shell might need to do a song for LA. [00:00:14] My name is Elaine and I'll be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles count my dough and smoke up I'm from California. Where you from? So what? California. California. California. [00:00:28] This is Los Angeles. Where are we going? Westward House saut? [00:01:46] Happy goddamn birthday to me. Saturday. That would be, I think. Yeah, my birthday is Saturday. Christmas is on Monday. [00:01:56] December 23, 1982. What a phenomenal year. Phenomenal. Phenomenal year. [00:02:04] That is. Chapter 41. I'm officially 41 years old. What the hell is that? [00:02:12] Fuck is 41? [00:02:16] This year alone, 40 was good though. I mean bringing in, bringing in the 40s was, man, I hope I could top this. [00:02:28] As far as the good days, this probably was the roughest, probably the most challenging winter fall that I've had to go through. And I'll admit it, especially when it came between November and December. I took a knee. I took a knee. And my seasonal depression starts in like October. And I know a lot of people bring up, they going to bring up mental illness, they're going to bring up stress, they're going to bring up depression, seasonal depression, you name it, they're going to say it, it's going to be publicized, it's going to be all over the Internet. But it's real to some people. Some people want to use it as cloud and fame clicks baits attention and shit like that. But for the most part, I think even the people that do bring it up for cloud, I think they really are going through it. They just want some type of attention. Some people seek out different ways to deal with it, to cope with it. And that is attention. Some people follow up quiet, mostly men. I think there was a study. [00:03:37] What was it? I've seen it on IG where they said I forgot the percentage of men that sit in the bathroom just to pass time. Right. [00:03:52] Let me see if I can get that number. Let me see if I can get that number. It says men spend 7 hours a year hiding in the bathrooms looking for peace and a quiet refuge. [00:04:05] Refugee camp in the Bathroom? [00:04:09] Yeah. I don't know if it's over several hours, but I would deny it myself. Yeah, I run off to the bathroom. I mean there's other places to go to the car once or maybe twice. No, once this year. Once this year. I mean I've cried in a car multiple times, but want to say it was somewhere in November where I had to call my wife on FaceTime and I was just like, man, today it's just not it. Today is just not it. It was just one of those days. It was just, wasn't it? Now, look, for some of us, man, this is not to victim shame or anything like that. But we do have to break down what is really depressing us versus what we just not getting done. Because I can understand about myself there could be things that's not going on or going the way I want them to go in my life. And a portion of it as me not exercising or not literally, but doing what I'm supposed to do. Prolonging shit, putting shit to the side, being lazy towards it, ignoring it, not really reading, going through with it. You know what I'm saying? So a part of that is I'm adding on to it, you know what I'm saying? Because when shit hits the fan, which shit has already hit the fan, now I got to deal with shit that I have to catch up on, on top of just my mood swings in general. Mom's birthday. October 26. [00:05:43] Pop's birthday. Well, surprised I was born on his birthday. We shared the same birthday. I could no longer call him. I could no longer call mom. Y'all know the story. I know the backstory. I know the orange story. You know what I'm saying? I ain't got to repeat it like they keep doing with Spider man and his goddamn grandfather who got robbed. You know what I'm saying? So, no, I mean, y'all know what it is. But it's a real thing, though, for people out there that has recently lost a parent or a grandparent or whoever they was close to. The truth of the matter is, you'll never get over it. [00:06:18] The longer you're here, the more you could deal with it. [00:06:22] That's just the facts. There's no getting around that. [00:06:26] One of my pet peeves is if I do go to a funeral and a loved one pass away, don't ask me how I'm doing. That's probably one of the dumbest questions, but I get it, because you don't know what else to say. Sometimes you're saying nothing. Give me a hug. You know what I'm saying? But don't ask me how you know how I'm doing. [00:06:43] I often think we had a situation that happened this and again. I don't want to start off on a bad note, because, man, I went to Napa this year with the wife. Shout out to the Crosleys. We drunk a lot of wine. We walked, you know what I'm saying? Around Napa a little bit. I mean, just in our little area. Went to a black owned wine. [00:07:06] I can't even think of it right now, but I can't think of the name, I should say. [00:07:13] But, yeah, I went to Napa, man, that was dope. And it was low key, fun, chill. Nothing too crazy, you know what I'm saying? Ate on top of the roof, had some good food. Like I said, the wine was just. [00:07:27] Wine was just phenomenal. [00:07:30] We was out there, lit, walking up and down the street. Went to a Starbucks. [00:07:34] I don't really mess with Starbucks that much, but, you know, took pictures with the wife. [00:07:41] It was like an extended date. You know what? Gotta. You gotta continue to date your wife. Shout out to the Mary fellas in the group chat. We already know what it is. We date our wives. [00:07:51] But, yeah, went to Napa this year. [00:07:54] Went to Hawai for the second time in a row this year with the family. That was dope. Drove across the big island. I'll never forget that. The flight on the way back was horrible, you know what I'm saying? I sat next to a nigga that the alcohol was just pouring out of his pores to the point where I had a five hour headache. [00:08:13] Oh, my headache was bad. It was terrible. But yet again, yo, was in Hawaii. And I always feel good about going on trips with the family, even though I tell my wife that I would love to just travel with me and her because I'm so scared. [00:08:29] My daughter has been to more places that I've been to at that age. She's been to a lot of places. I mean, shit, she's been to Hawaii twice, and she's turning. Well, she turned 8 December 5, you know what I'm saying? And the places that she's been to already is crazy. But I'm glad they're getting that experience. I'm glad they're getting out and seeing the world, because once they get older, they're going to have some personal goals when it comes to going and flying to other places. [00:09:05] My next goal is to get my black ass to Tokyo. [00:09:10] I had a dream. [00:09:12] I had a dream a couple of weeks ago. [00:09:15] It's a random dream. Listeners listen to me when I say this shit was the most random ass dream that I had. But me and the fellas in a group chat, the homies, we were in Germany, right? And I can just remember my homeboy bays ordering some food. We were standing outside ordering some food. We got a lot of attention from the natives out there, right? Because we are american. That's just how the dream went. I don't control my dream, I'd be living in it, right? [00:09:46] And I remember in that dream, I was crying because I was like, yeah, we finally did it. Because we always talk about in our group chat how the wives just. They put shit together, they get it done. They'd be having these wives givings, wives events and shit like that. [00:10:07] One or two of them was hosted at my house, or the wife drive down to LA and go to. They get shit done. That's one thing that women do. Women get shit done. That's why I like kicking with them. So if they ever tell you that, oh, it's weird for niggas to kick it with a girl and they girlfriends with their wife, and they wife nigga, that's me. I'm the weird nigga. I like kicking it around them. That shit is fun, okay? Them niggas know how to drink, and I'm not even a drinker, but them niggas know how to party, okay? [00:10:41] But, yeah, it was just a weird ass dream, man, that I cried. I was like, damn, we finally did it. You know what I'm saying? We finally put a guy's trip together. [00:10:50] And out of all places, we went to Germany. And again, I do not know why it was in Germany. Not to say that I wouldn't go, because it's definitely on the list. It's just not as high as other places. [00:11:03] But I told the group chat, though, you know what I'm saying? My boy school was like, Germany 2026, and I'm with it, you know what I'm saying? [00:11:13] We also went to Jamaica this year. [00:11:17] That was life changing. That was like when Leon went to Africa, you know what I'm saying? Like, you went to go see some shit that you don't normally see. He was a part of a different culture, you know what I mean? Had a blast. Another extended dating date night with the wife in Jamaica for about four or five days. Even though it ended up in some drama, which I never dropped that episode, I did record an episode a couple of weeks after I got back from Jamaica because it involved some personal business, you know what I'm saying? And I'm not shy. I mean, if you've been a listener for some years, I'm not shy of sharing personal information about my life, because this is what it is. It's my audio statue, but I share what I share. I wouldn't say it's strategic on what I do, but I know what to say and what not to say. [00:12:08] Never trying to grab attention, but I would like to it comes down to sharing your testimony from time to time with people. And we had a situation where I kind of feel bad because my wife been through a lot, too. My wife this year alone, has been doing great with going to therapy over the phone, you know what I'm saying? She has a therapist and meets up, at least as far as I know, at least once a week. [00:12:44] And I think it's dope. [00:12:46] And I think that was a part of my stress is that knowing that she was going through some things that I'm not saying that I can't help her with, but it is something that she would have to get through. [00:12:59] Me being there would probably mean more than just being an assistant at that point. [00:13:08] And she's been working and I've seen her change throughout the drama that she's going through, currently going through, you know what I mean? And I feel bad. This is one of the times where I actually feel bad for my wife because like I stated earlier in the episode, is that my parents aren't here, so my kids won't be able to build a relationship. [00:13:40] Especially my daughter wasn't born yet. You know what I'm saying? My daughter was born after my mom passed away, almost several years after she passed away. So my mom never got to meet Bailey. [00:13:55] I think about that often. That crushes me knowing the relationship that they would have had. And the reason why I bring up Bailey in general is because she has 80 baby vibes and she is one of those. [00:14:15] She needs her grandparents. [00:14:18] And the sad part, which is also reality is know Marcy parents are still here, but not how she wants them to be or how they need to be. [00:14:37] And that sucks, man. It sucks on so many levels. [00:14:44] I think everybody got their dysfunctional family issues. [00:14:49] Everybody that I know, including myself, my family dynamics and relationships are way different. [00:14:57] I know I'm having an episode soon that I've been thinking about and only reason why I've been thinking about it and haven't really put forward to it because it's going to be an emotional one and I don't want to seem like that episode is an attention grabber, but I do think this particular person needs to talk it out and I just want people to hear what it is that we go through, you know what I'm saying? I think it's important because I think it's going to shed some light and give you some perspective on how you should carry yourself in life while dealing with family members. You know what I mean? And it's a rough one. [00:15:45] I used to think that I used to feel bad a little bit because I'm like, man, I don't have time for everybody. [00:15:55] And truth be told, I don't. I have to work a lot. I do. [00:16:00] I don't have that particular job where I could just take off like that. My job is very demanding. Very demanding. [00:16:12] You know what I mean? [00:16:15] That's something I battle with between that and being at home. So when I'm at home, I'm at home. When I go out, I ain't going to say it's a rare thing because we try to keep it as balanced as possible. [00:16:34] And traveling is one of those things that we like to do. Dating is one of those things that we like to do. Family outings is one of those things that we like to do. [00:16:44] But for the most part, it's work, family, sports. And what I mean sports is son is in basketball, daughters in gymnastics and swimming. And it's like our life is dedicated to basically their hobbies and passion. And you can't get caught up in that. At the same time, you're just dealing with so much family drama at the same time. It's just crazy. [00:17:14] One thing that I have zero tolerance is people who feel like they can do no bad and can hold themselves accountable on any level. I don't care. [00:17:28] Friend, foe, family. If you can't hold yourself accountable and just realize where you might be wrong in certain areas, it's kind of dead to me. [00:17:44] I really don't like being fake around people, because if I don't like you, I could still be nice, I could still be cordial. But if I don't like you, then I don't want to talk. I don't want to be around. I don't mind being around you, but I don't want to be around you. And you think that we have to talk. We don't. We could shake hands, hug, do the half hug, you know what I'm saying? And then we can keep it pushing. We ain't got to say nothing for the rest of the night. None of that. And I really get down like that. I really get down like that because at this point, there's no point in just holding on to something that I don't really believe in anyway. [00:18:31] There are certain personalities that I don't gel with, and this is family members included. [00:18:37] And this is what we got to go through because we're getting older. Like I said, chapter 41, when you come up on chapter 41, just know by the time you get to this age, and even prior to that anywhere between 35 and 45. You don't know that. The people that was around you, the people that you used to seeing on tv, the people you grew up watching, everybody's getting older, everybody's getting older, everybody's a bit more busier. You know what I mean? So you're not able to do the things you used to do, think the way you used to think. It's not like that anymore. [00:19:15] And I'm 41 years old, and I shouldn't have that feeling of, damn, I'm not making sure I got to take care of everybody emotionally. [00:19:23] Nah. And it's not to say that I'm the person that people look to. I'm not saying that. What I'm saying is that you have a certain. I think everybody has this type of situation, and some people deal with it better than others. Some people don't know how to deal with it. Some people avoid it. But a lot of people deal with people that emotionally drain them. [00:19:48] They do. [00:19:50] And it's hard for them to deal with, including myself sometimes, because I used to think like, damn, am I caught up in my own world. And my own world is simply just being with my family, going to work, and then that's it. That's my little small bubble right there. [00:20:09] And people can get offended by that. Not that I know some people might be listening to this, like, nigga, I don't care. I know how you feel, champ. I'm the same way. But reality is reality, you know what I'm saying? Because if you are that person that still got that soft spot in your heart, you kind of feel guilty a little bit that you're not able to be there for everybody emotionally, especially when, you know, they asking for it. But I can't do it no more. I can't. You know what I'm saying? Because if niggas can get mad at me for just wanting to be around my immediate family, because that's just where I'm at. I work a lot. I shouldn't have to explain that to anybody. Don't have to break down those hours or nothing like that, but just know it's important that I envy the people that get to go home every night and sleep in a bed. You know what I mean? I do, but I mean, this was the cards that's dealt. And again, to get back to it, a lot of this shit ain't seasonal depression. A lot of this shit is stress that was added by myself. [00:21:15] Some shit I could have avoided, some shit I could have taken care of, but left it on the back burner. And now it's like crunch time. I think I do have a little bit of a fetish when it comes to, you know what I'm saying? Clutch time moments. You know what I'm saying? That feeling of it's a deadline right around the corner. You got to get this shit done to stay focused. [00:21:37] I'll admit I'm not perfect in this situation at all. [00:21:42] I ain't going to say a lot. Some of my shit has been caused by me just procrastinating. [00:21:48] But then on the flip side, after September, bro, because fall is my favorite season, mainly because I just like how the environment is around that time. [00:22:03] You know what I mean? That's what I like. Winter, I'm not too big on, you know what I'm saying? I really don't like the cold like that. [00:22:13] Yeah, I don't like it. And I don't like the rain, at least. I don't like driving in the rain or being outside in the rain, being at home during the rain. I'm cool with that. Sex is fire, too, but outside of that, like, nah, man, I don't really too much care. But that season of depression is a real thing, and I've tried to fight it or avoid it and act like it wasn't a thing I did. I tried to do that shit. I tried to do the masculine shit, you know what I'm saying? But I think the fact that I've been experiencing a lot of just dope shit with the family, with the wife, with the kids, separately, solo, there's a thirst just more. [00:23:05] And that's where I'm at with it. It's a thirst for more. And mainly is traveling. I just want to travel. I just want to go places. I just want to take pictures and videos. [00:23:16] I'm the type that do post. I do post my achievements. I do post my goals. [00:23:22] Look what I did. Look what I could do. You know what I'm saying? And hopefully it inspires other people. I mean, that's how my game get down anyway. We post in a group chat. [00:23:32] All kind of shit, homie, be at five star restaurants, you know what I'm saying? Random travel trips. We'll get a text at 03:00 in the morning, pray, flight, wheels up, pray for me. Boom. You know what I'm saying? We find out when you land somewhere where, you know? But it's goals, though, man. Going to Napa, going to Hawai, going to Jamaica, that was key. We needed that. If I could do that every year, three trips like that, every year. [00:24:09] We need that. I love that. You know what I'm saying? Spread it out a little bit more. Because the Jamaica trip and Hawaii trip was too close. I think they were like two weeks apart. I can't. No, that's way too close. I mean, I love it, though, because let me know if I could travel to two to four different places and they all a week or two weeks apart, nigga, that's life. You know what I'm saying? But until I get to that point, bro, let's spread that shit out. [00:24:39] Yeah, let's spread that out. [00:24:42] But we enter in the year of 2024, the year of Kobe. [00:24:50] Was it the Kobe year? I shouldn't say the year of Kobe, but the Kobe year 24. [00:24:55] And no, I'm not going to do any type of resolution or anything like that. But by the grace of God, I get to December 21, 2024. I mean, December 31, 2024 or December 23, 2024, you know what I'm saying? That'd be a blessing. I've gotten opportunities to advance in certain areas in life. [00:25:24] At the end of the day, just got to work harder. That depression already going to be there. It's waiting on you. The stress is manageable. I think stress will always be there. But like I said, I think if you stay on top of your shit and attack it when you need to attack it, then the stress is not going to be as effective. That depression already going to be there, though, bro. [00:25:46] Some people deal with it better than others. [00:25:51] Yeah. [00:25:55] Chapter 41, man, I'm happy, I'm happy. [00:26:00] But my perspective on life has changed, you know what I'm saying? It was a lot of, I wouldn't necessarily say backlash because there was some great content, some positive shit that came, some positive feedback for Andre three Thousand's album, the flute album, and even though it was a lot of cap towards it, for it and against it, I would say, man, the one thing I took away from him is that that's what he's comfortable with. He said he don't have anything to rap about. And I'm part of the breaks radio podcast. And one thing that I always talk about is some are older rappers, they come out with a new album, they start promoting it, going on a press run, rollouts and shit like that. I'm like, yeah. [00:26:51] And then when I'm asked what should I expect from these albums, I'm like, dog, I really don't know because I don't know what niggas are going to talk about. [00:26:58] All these niggas is in a mid to late 30s, some in their forty s. And I don't never want to say they're still rapping. I just want to say, what is the content going to be about? Are you going to be able to switch it up? Because I don't want to hear any type of drug selling type of content from a nigga that's supposed to be, come on, you've been in the game for over 1015 years and you're still talking about, I mean, there was a way to do it, don't get me wrong, because pusha t can to me, he could talk about that Snow White, he could talk about that shit forever, but he just knows how to do it right. And he's starting to talk about a lot of fashion now too. So you got to watch him, you got to watch me. He's sneaking in the fashion bars now. But it's like my thing is what you going to talk about when you get that age? [00:27:45] What is it? You know what I mean? What are you going to be talking about at that age? [00:27:53] I don't know, man. Again, I'm happy to be here another year and distress over some shit. Like I said, to manage the stress. That's one thing. That depression shit is going to be here. At the end of the day. I encourage people to go look out. I mean, people deal with it on how they deal with it. But I promise you, man, when you got at least two to three people that you can go to that you can just go talk to, they might just listen, they might have some advice, they might be going through the same thing and you all could just trauma bomb, but get through the shit together. You never know. Build relationships, man. [00:28:35] Don't get me wrong, I understand the whole no new friend rule and I understand the importance of having that. But you never know. One of your best friends or somebody that you could be super cool with is on the other side of the planet right now. Country around the corner, another podcast, different know all kind of shit. [00:28:58] Gotta get jiggy out there, man. You gotta get jiggy out there. My goal is just to have fun. Like I said, I know the season of the president is going to get there, but knowing it is winning half of the battle because you know when you're going to go through it, you know when it's going to pop up, you can either continue to find different strategies on how to deal with it or stick with what you know. [00:29:24] You know what I'm saying? [00:29:26] I know we're living for a fact. We're living in the era where everybody is trying to be so different that they're the same. [00:29:34] They want to claim to be this, they want to be claimed to be that or whatever. You need to get to what you need to get to. Like Andre, getting back to Andre 3000. The nigga said, I don't know what. [00:29:46] I don't know what I will rap about. That's why I'm not dropping a hip hop album. [00:29:54] That's why I'm not dropping a rap album. You got to respect that. [00:30:00] Is niggas going to go back to the flute album on purpose? It's not going to be a lot of them, but I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't hear this shit in the elevators. You know what I'm saying? The number one thing that people said when they listened to it was it made them sleepy. It was good and soothing. It's therapeutic. Shout out to niggas. Shout out to niggas. Stepping outside of the original genre just to creative thoughts, man, that's dope. [00:30:25] You know what I'm saying? That always helped with the season of depression. I just do my thing, making merch. I still make merch businesses. [00:30:37] It could get better, but I know I'm not even ready for that type of inflation for it to pop off. That's why I'll never be ready for fame. I don't shoot for that either, because I know I'm not ready for it. [00:30:55] I wouldn't want all that attention, for one. I just want to chill, bro. [00:31:00] It'll be dope to get recognized by people and stuff like that. I wouldn't turn that down, but I'd never be super Internet famous. [00:31:11] I'm definitely not clouting. That's out the bag. That's out the bag. I'm just going to continue to be myself. But it's some dope people out here that you need to connect yourself to, because like I said, that depression is already sitting right there every year. You know what I'm saying? It's just waiting to just jump in your life and say, hey, man, chill out. Money ain't nothing going. [00:31:32] You're going to have certain months, where is this automatically going to be? There. And then randomly, sometimes in a year, shit is just going to happen. But don't mix it up with you just not doing nothing. [00:31:45] When you stay busy, you good. You can manage a lot of shit much better when you stay moving, you know what I mean? So set them goals, and whatever you all need to do, like it. We here now. [00:31:58] You know what I'm saying, we literally here all the bullshit that you think that I'm going to be able to deal with, I'm not. [00:32:06] When I tell you I really don't care because I just don't have the bandwidth. [00:32:17] I seriously just want to go home, play two k a little bit. Can't wait for dta to come out. Can't wait to ncaa football come out. I'm really going to be stuck at the crib. I just want to stream. I want to stream and just talk to random people while I'm streaming. That's it. That's like my goal, right? That's my immediate goal. That's a goal that I could definitely get to in the near future. You know what I'm saying? Then outside of that, I got bigger business than that. [00:32:42] But it's getting there, man. It's getting there. But I think now instead of just saying, like, eventually something's going to get there, something's going to crack. You really got to go after it. You really got to go after it. You really got to understand your situation. You're going to be in a situation where emotionally some shit is going to try to hold you back. But at the end of the day, whatever your goals is and whoever you fuck with, heavy dog, they're going to always support you. They always going to love you. You know what I'm saying? It's like everybody else really don't matter because people that you think is worried about you are critiquing you. [00:33:24] They really not. Some of them not. Some of them don't even know you exist. So just go ahead and do what you got to do and keep watching. People embarrass themselves. Learn from their mistakes, though. It doesn't matter how popular they get, no matter what the outcome is. But I'm not about to embarrass. You shouldn't have to embarrass yourself to get to a certain situation in life. Shouldn't have to do that. Just chill out, bro. It's almost there. [00:33:50] It's almost there. I promise you. It's almost there. But we still got to work hard at it, though. That's a fact. We still got to work hard at it. 41 is. 41 is a motherfucker, dog. I'm up there. I'm up there. I got to bow down to certain shit that I used to do what I can't do no more. I know that and I'm good with that. But what I'm not good with is, dog, I'm not good with knowing that my depression is going to stem from shit not moving. [00:34:18] And I don't like that. I like things to be in motion. I like things to be in motion. I got to have some moves being made. [00:34:25] Got to. [00:34:28] Because if I don't, I lose hope. Not to say that I would do anything harm myself or anything like that, but I will lose hope to the point where, hey, man, I don't want to be sitting here just waking up and rinse and repeat. I don't want that in my life. [00:34:46] I want to get to a point where I'm able. I said that a long time ago, probably even before I started recording, before I even knew about podcasts. I always said, if someone asks me what do I want in life, my number one answer will always be, I want to be able. [00:35:03] And that means I want to be able to do what I want to not. [00:35:08] I want to be able to do things and don't have to worry about it. I want to be able to do it. You know what I mean? So chapter 41, man, happy birthday. Happy birthday to me. You know what I'm saying? [00:35:25] If you want to, if it's on your heart and you got it in your pockets, send me $41. I'm not asking. I'm telling you. [00:35:36] If you want to send me 41, I'm not shooting low. I'm not shooting. [00:35:42] Just let me know. I'll send you my cash out. If you want to send me, shout out to Mike, from what up, though? I remember I forgot what year that was, but he sent. Matter of fact, I do know what year that was. That was about two years ago. [00:35:57] Was it two years ago? Because he sent me some money for my anniversary and I forgot, but it was how many years it was. That's how much money he sent me. I thought that was dope. He didn't have to do that, but he did. It's shit like that. That was hard. That was dope. Not to say that you have to repeat what he did, but I like shit like that. That's pretty dope, man. That's pretty dope. But I turned 41, nigga. You send me some money, I might send you some merch back, maybe. [00:36:29] But I'm not going to say I'm in a good space in life. I'm not going to say that. What I am saying is, I know I could do better. Hell, yeah, I know I could do better. A lot has been attacking me. A lot has been attacking the family. You know what I'm saying? And one of my favorite phrases I like to use is get back on defense, it's a basketball term. I mean, it could be used in everything. It could be used in other sports as well. But in basketball, we always say get back on defense. Whether you make it or you don't, you have to get back on defense. You know what I'm saying? In the real life world, what that means is whatever comes at you, you got to make sure you're ready for it. You got to make sure you're ready for it. At this point, if you're around my age bracket, anywhere between, like I said, anywhere between 35 and 45. [00:37:27] If you be in between, if you're around that age, just know, like, we rolling. [00:37:33] We rolling, man. At this point, we rolling. You know what you want at this point. [00:37:38] And even in some cases, you know how to get it. You know what to do. But now is the time, though, because the older we get, we going to start falling apart, and we got to get shit done before we start falling apart. It's no longer like, I love the greed part as far. When I say that, I mean, one of my other phrases that I throw on a shirt is pray for art. What does pray for art mean? That means go after what you really like. Go after your passion. You know what I'm saying? That's what pray for art means. [00:38:13] Got to do it. You got to make yourself happy. I'm tired of hearing niggas complain. That's a pet peeve. When niggas sound too sad, complain about everything, I'm going to just tune you out. Still fuck with you. We can go to the two k wreck, we can hoop together and shit like that. But too much of that negative shit is not good. There's not even a foot show balance that I need when it comes to being negative, you know what I'm saying? But you can have your moments and I'll be there. [00:38:44] But I'm not dealing with that negative shit, that low vibrational shit. I can't do it. I don't have the energy for that. That brings me down. I want to be up. I think about all kind of shit on a daily basis, and it's not healthy. But I'm human. [00:39:05] Let's get it, man. Let's have some fun in 2024. As much fun as we can have. Because guess what? The bullshit is still going to be there in 2024. I don't think anybody has went into the next year saying, man, I want a flawless year. It's not going to be flawless. It's going to be some ups and downs, and it might be a year where you have more downs and ups, but depending on what those ups were, depending on what those ups were, you'll be able to manage, you know what I'm saying? But for show, I'm going to tell you all right now, no, it's going to be there. It's going to be there. [00:39:41] Get you a squad, bro. And they don't have to be family members, but get you a squad. Know that you got to build your camp up because niggas got to be there for you. Just like how you be there for them. [00:39:52] Go ahead and steal some energy. I told Drake and them, I told the popham dog, I steal your energy. Sometimes I just need to hear y'all talk in a confident way. I don't even need no advice. [00:40:03] Sometimes. I just need to know that your energy is for show and then not for show. Up for show. Yeah, let me get that. Let me get some of that energy. That's how it be, you know what I mean? So special. Shout out to everyone. This is how I'm selling my 41st. This is a Saturday. I get to do anything that I want to do, but I don't know what I'm. I think I'm just chill. I think I'm going to just chill at the end of the day. Chapter 41, man, I ain't going to lie to you. It's a special thing. It's a special thing, man. I'm glad I got to the age that I needed to get to at the end of the day. [00:40:42] But, hey, man, like I said, I think we'll be all right, man. We'll be all right. I think we just got to get it together, got to focus a little bit more. [00:40:58] Stay on top of it, man. You know what I'm saying? And again, like I said, if you need to go talk to somebody, just go do it. It don't matter as long as you trust them with your heart. You know what I'm saying? Trust me. It's niggas out there that want you to do well, including me. So shout out, man. Chapter 41, 42 is on the way to Jackie Robinson year. That'll be the next one up. But chapter 41, here we are. You know what I'm saying? So shout out. [00:41:30] Shout out, y'all. See y'all in the next year. Bye.

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