Episode 328

January 04, 2024


Unlocked Memories

Unlocked Memories
BTG For President
Unlocked Memories

Jan 04 2024 | 00:36:26


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BTG For President Episode #328

I haven’t had that type of joy in a very long time. Approaching 2024 with a plethora of memories just of one night. Games, food, laughs, and chemistry. I think I unlocked a mental connection that’s worth remembering. We here now.

Unlocked Memories #B4P328

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[00:00:25] Speaker A: California. California? [00:00:28] Speaker B: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker A: Where are we going? Westward. House bounce is back. Your boy is back. I know y'all missed the bounce. Need to bounce for the sex, you know? [00:00:50] Speaker B: No, I got it, Jay. Hey. I need y'all to understand what's going on, all right? We finally crossed over to the new year. Any of y'all take a shower? It's none of my business, but personal hygiene. Y'all need to get closer to it. All right? I told y'all to take care of y'all mentals last year. Same thing this year. And I need you all to wash your bodies, too, I think. Smell good and be cool upstairs. All right? Let me explain something about the best New Year's Eve party I've ever attended. That was last year at my crib, okay? And I'm inviting not all y'all. I can't invite all y'all. I can't do it. I don't even like all y'all like that. But I had a blast. When I tell you the episode is called Unlock Memories. I came up with that because I'm off edible. But I'm going to tie it all in by the end of this episode, okay? I want you to realize that everything that I'm about to tell you all really happened. Nigga, I had so much joy in my life. Okay. On that Sunday evening, which I didn't think I was going to get home till about. I worked that day. I worked that night. I went into work Saturday night, which I don't usually do. And not only that, I had a bone graft last Thursday. Well, that Thursday, December 20 eigth, I think it was at a bone graft. So I was out of commission. At least one to talk to people for at least two days. Mouth bloody, sore. Painful. Yeah, they dope me up. I had all kind of narco. I had narcole pills. Motion 600. Those motion 600 be hitting. Then I had to take some. What you call it, I can't even really think of it right now. But antibiotics, that's what it was. Pills. And so I'm cool now. As you can, I'm talking. And this is the first episode of the year. Shout out and everything. Good. Now I'm in the healing journey now. I still got to go. I got my appointment next week. Why am I telling? All right, look, forget it. So, yeah, I had a bone graft. So that put me down for a minute. Painful situation, right? Then it's coming up on the new year Eve, and it's like, man, I want to be able to yell and rap and sing and shit like that. I was kind of concerned, a little worried. But it happened. It happened. You know what I'm saying? I had a blast. So remember I went to work Saturday and I was supposed to work all day Sunday, you know what I'm saying? All day Sunday. But I was going to be home in time for the festivities, man. Let me tell you. I got home, and I'm going to tell you out the gate, though. When I come to the crib, I go straight to the shower. Anyway, as soon as I get home, I go straight to the shower. But my peoples was there, you know what I'm saying? Edizzle e dub with slumpers. You know what I'm saying? And his lovely wife. You know what I'm saying, sonny? And if you all seen the 2024 with the balloons, covered in balloons and shit like that. Have you all seen that in the video that we made, which I'm going to get to towards the end of the episode? She did that. She does that. She does it well. No, is very talented. Okay. And then you see the colors. The colors play a part into the story as well. But yeah, she did the balloons, the number statues and whatever they called with the light bulbs. And it was phenomenal, right? We party. Party, right? Phenomenal. Food. We made gumbo. Gumbo and fried chicken. Cold combination. Food gone. You know what I'm saying? Food. I'm talking about food gone. Shortbread, cookies, some other. What did we eat for? I don't know. What did we have? Can't really remember right now. We had drinks, you know what I'm saying? We had some prosecco. We was dogging that prosecco. And we had some dark vinegar, too, but I wasn't messing with it. I wasn't messing with it. E had some, but I wasn't messing with it. I wasn't messing with it. I stayed with that prosecco go in edibles. When I walked in the house, I was not interested in playing any games. No board games, none of that shit. I really wasn't in the mood, you know what I'm saying? Not saying that. I'm not a game player, you know what I'm saying? Or a board game player. No, I participate in the festivities, you know what I'm saying? You know, uno is my thing, right? But no, I went to go take a shower, and I'm getting dressed. I come back downstairs. I came back downstairs. They was playing trouble. You know what? You know, my wife down there with them playing trouble. They playing three way. And after the game, they asked me if I wanted to play, and I'm like, sure, I don't want to be no debbie downer. You know what I'm saying? I don't want to be born. So I was like, yeah, let me go over here and play. I was the green color. I was the green color, Murph. Yeah. So we played and I won. I won a second one. Don't play with me. All the homies got out of jail. We circled around the block and we set up in the spots and we won the game. I won trouble. Okay. I think we played maybe two or three games of trouble. All right. And then I got a w on that one. I was basically the goat that Sunday night, as far as the games, because we're about to get to it, not only did we have trouble, right, but then they brought the Nintendo switch over and they had a bowling game. And I'm like, oh, shit, niggas got a bowling game. And then you make your own profile. My own profile and everything. And I think my screen name was what? It was Beasy. I know the last part was, oh, Eastie. Easty McBeasy, right? That was my bowling name. Easty. No, it was Eastie McBuckets. That's what it was. Eastie McBuckets. That's what it was. Not big beasy. It was McBeasy because I had to abbreviate it because it was only like ten characters or something like that. So I put Eastie McBeasy McBZ, but it stands for East McBuckets. I'm going to start charging you niggas for my nickname. I got some hard nicknames anyhow, so that was my name. So I played against E, I played against Sonny, and I played against my wife. And nobody beat me that undefeated. Oh, no, I take that back. I take that back. Me and e played about three times, and I'm two and one versus him. So he did beat me, but I'm like seven and one at night, you know what I mean? Because Sonny Fran came over in which. And I'll call him Dr. Fran, right. I'm not going to tell you what he does, but you know what I'm saying? And he stays in our community, right? Stays in our community. And Marcy texting me right now, stays in our community. And he invited us over for friends given. And we went over there, had a blast over there. We played a game over there. I forgot which game we played, but I forgot which game we played because sunny and e. They got the house parties over there in Eastville. Not Eastville, but. Not Eastville, but enchino. You know what I'm saying? They got the best house parties, hands down. They always throwing, like, some type of know, especially if it's a boxing event. Boom, they got us on lock. Go over there for the Super bowl or birthday party, or they just want to have a party or a game night. They got that on lock. So they brought that to my crib, right? And like I said, we started out with trouble, then we played the bowling game. I got off on that. And then we got uno in, right? We got uno in. I didn't win no uno games. I think we played once or twice. Rummy, Cube. I played rummincube for the first time. We didn't even know how to say it. We was calling all kind of names. Roethlisberger and Rumpskooty. Um, so we was calling that shit all kind of stuff. But we played rum and Cube, and me and my wife got hooked. And I can see that's one of those violent games. We might have to revisit this whole game. That can turn into a massacre. We already know spades and Uno is going to be up there. That's like Boston Celtics and the Lakers right there. Then you got dice games and shit like that. Trouble is, one. Trouble is definitely one of those games up there. And then we got to talk about Rummincube. That's one of those games where you might not trust niggas. Bingo is up there, too. But we played that. I didn't win in that, but it's going to take me a while to get that because it's so much shit going on in that game. It's so much shit going on in that game that it's just different. It's just different. Had a blast doing that. Then there was a connect for, like a basketball version. Connect for. There's just this competitive thing. I don't know what to call it, man. I didn't catch a look at it, but I know I can get the information from them because we're going to get it. All the stuff they had, we want to get. What else did we do? I'm trying to see what other game did we play? We didn't play what you call it with the blocks. We didn't play that, but we definitely played all. And here's the thing, though. I had so much fun, dog. No, I told them that. I don't know when the last time I had a fun like that. As an adult and as a kid, we laughed so much, I switched my sweater like four or five times. You know what I'm saying? I was making crazy videos and posting just random because I was happy. Oh, and if you all see that now, look, I ain't going to lie. I did gain a little weight so my face could look a little chubby. My face is chubbier than usual because I got these antibiotics going on and what you call it, surgery. My face was swollen or whatever, off the bone graph. The left side of my face was swollen, like, without an arm. I spit Kanye face through the wire type of, type of swollenness. And my eye is black right now, and it's been black for the past couple of days. But yeah, my cheek was swollen, you know what I'm saying? For the swollenness of my cheek. Just started going down like yesterday. By yesterday, I mean Monday, the first. Today is the second that I'm recording this on. But my face was swollen, though. And you can see I look like Conway the machine. That's how I looked. But I had so much, man, when I tell you, I had so much fun. And I bought these clear glasses off of these vintage 1980, 1970 glasses. Framed glasses, clear lenses, and look like dope boy, glass. Like nigga Detroit. Got 24 hours to respond type glasses. You know what I'm saying? So I wore that. I was wearing my merch. I was just relaxed. I was happy. Had my beanie on that pray for art. Beanie is for sale. $50. Hit me up. And you want to know why? It's a $50 beanie and I should be actually charging like 60 for it, because I ain't going to lie. It costs 25 to buy. You know what I'm saying? So that's some good material and dolemayo shit on the way. And thanks for the support. Yeah, man, I had so much fun. We was laughing to the point where we was crying, you know what I'm saying? I was bowling, like I said. I was like, seven for one, nine for one. Nobody could beat me, really. You know what I'm saying? And e beat me the first time because I was learning how to play. Once I learned how to play, it was over. It was over. I'm smacking don't play with me when it comes to that Nintendo switch. Chaffee. Hey, next time, you have to come through. Hey, dog, if y'all don't have any plans on New Year's Eve, like, hit me up. I'll let you know if you eligible to come to my house. No, seriously, even in like Murph, that was my guy, man, when he came out to LA, is the vibe there that I can trust him to where I was like, no, bro, you come to my house, everybody not going to get to come. Nobody should be just accessible to come to your crib like that. But I believe in a lot of folks, you know what I'm saying? I trust a lot of folks because I checked their temperature, I checked their heart in the beginning. And I had my boy mark, I had cats stop by the crib, you know what I'm saying, once or twice. And everything's been kuchi, but we've moved since then, so none of you niggas know where I stay at. But yeah, if you ain't got nothing to do on New Year's Eve, may hit me up, bro. I definitely won't catch driving during that time that you'll have to work out. We post beginning this hotel that's been being worked on for the past almost three years now. And that's down the street from my crib. It's other places around, too, where you all could just cop a little bed, you know what I'm saying? Because I trust you all to come in and party. But I don't know if I trust you all niggas inside the house with my family. So you all going to get a hotel, motel, Holiday inn or some shit like that. But man, yeah, man, I won't cast a pull up, man. I'm not trying to hand nothing crazy because just the four to five of us, I mean, the kids too, you know what I'm saying? We had three kids there, but they was upstairs when they think it was one of those things where I seen my wife, she was like, nah, kids upstairs, those downstairs, this is the 80s. You know what I'm saying? Mike? My kids right now, they living in their eighty s right now. And I love it. I love they living in the. So my wife telling them to go upstairs, adults downstairs, it brought some vintage. It brought that back. It brought that feeling back, you know what I'm saying? I had a lot of fun, man. A lot of fun with the swollen face, you know what I'm saying? With the Conway machine face. It was just a lot of love. Let me just say this too. My birthday is December 23, obviously. After that we got Christmas and then boom, the new year's and the text messages, the online messages, all that mess is cool, you know what I'm saying? All that messes is dope. And I appreciate it, but sometimes I'll be wanting to respond to all that, but I receive it well. You know what I'm saying? I respect them. I love it. It's just that I'm not real big on replying the same thing. And the happy birthday, I have no choice but to do that. That's just much love. You can't be an asshole like that. Somebody send you that type of love, whether it's a text message or online, you just take your time out to reply. Sometimes it'd be a lot. Sometimes it'd be overwhelming. Same thing with, like, the whole new year's. Happy new year. Happy new you're, happy, new you're, happy, new you're happy. And here's the thing. Speaking of New Year's, I'm going to get back to my happiness in a minute. I'm not going to be the person to tell you, don't do no resolution. Don't bring up that Shit. You don't necessarily have to. I know some people. It might help. It's like a whole motivation thing. And sometimes you need that to be psyched out. We already know what it is, man. The first 30 to 60 days, niggas is going to be a saint. Then after that, they going to backslide. We already know from the gym to food, you know what I'm saying? To a lot of shit. But you got to think about it, though. Some stuff you just need to chip away. Even if you got to keep telling yourself, every year, I need to do this. I need to change this. Just pick one. Because it's several. Just pick one and just work on that one that year and then go back to it. Because we all being hypocrites at one point. But I don't necessarily do the whole New Year's resolution or the new year new me bullshit. No, I just know. It does feel like a clean slate, though. Once that January 1 hit, it just seemed like negative. No air pollution. Shit. Just seems like, all right, we starting all over. Sometimes it just takes that for people to keep doing that shit, man. I am critical of people that just. That new year new me shit. You sound like you've been in a lot of bad relationships at this point. They just know you not a good gm when it comes to picking what you need or what you want. So you need to sit down, work on some shit. But I'm not going to criticize, nigga. That's at least trying, though, at the end of the day, because I've done it. But I've also went through some shit at one point, for like one or two years in a row, my boy base would hit up the group chat in December and be like, yo, we're doing the Daniel fast from, you know what I'm saying? January 1 to the 21st or the 22nd or something like that. Niggas bought into it for the first year or two, you know what I'm saying? And niggas stuck with it. And it was a struggle, you know what I'm saying? It was a journey. It was a for show struggle. And then niggas start waving them off after that, you know what I'm saying? I think especially during the pandemic, niggas wasn't fucking with it in the pandemic at all. But every year, he just consistent with it. Like, yo, fellas, I'm going on a Daniel fast. January 1. Let's get with it. You feel me? And we pick and choose. We pick and choose. But the point is, at one point, I stuck with it. I stuck with the Daniel fast. I stuck with the keto before. I stuck with a lot of shit for a long period of time, and I've seen the results. The shit worked. But the one thing that stood out that wasn't talked about as much was the fact that you was being consistent, you know what I'm saying? You was actually doing it. It was a part of your regimen and shit like that. Cool. But we all fall off because we've been living a certain lifestyle for x amount of years. It's hard for you to just change that shit in a year, maybe even two, but that's cool. If you look at January 1 the way I look at it, like, niggas are fresh. It's like a clean slate of paper. What you going to write on it now? What you going to draw on it now? What you're going to have to erase eventually. But this sheet right here, I'm a fucking clean again. A lot of shit carry over from the year before, but that shit carrying over to a clean motherfucking sheet of paper, though, you know what I'm saying? So I picked up a new podcast, and I'll get to the podcast name a little bit later, because I followed this lady's content on IG. So I didn't even know she had a podcast, tell you the truth. You know what? You know, come to find out, she does have a podcast. And when I listened to the podcast, I didn't know that was the type of podcast that she had. Now, again, I'm fairly new to her podcast content, but I'm not new to her visual content on IG, and the reason why I'm most likely I probably followed her is because there was at a point where, between my podcast and my merch, I was trying to look for people in the Cali area, because I got podcast friends and family and connections, so on and so in relationships with a lot of people outside of California, you know what I'm saying? A lot of cats in the midwest, to the east, to the, you know, Texas, Miami, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Tennessee, like Nebraska, everywhere, right? But since I started podcasting x amount of years ago, I've always tried to connect with the local podcasters, you know what? And, you know, I always used to hear about New York and Houston and Dallas, like Texas in general. Podcast Hub, it's crazy. It's oversaturated with podcasts between those cities that I just mentioned, right? And it seemed, know, at one point, the chitlin circuit, we had a lot of podcasters that connected, you know, what saying, and, and I connected with a lot of podcasters, but they would just happen to be outside of California. So I went on this quest to just find other content creators, not even just podcasters, but content creators that was from my backyard, you know what I'm saying? Luckily, shout out to twelve cow, who was from saying South Carolina, Atlanta, and then King Jerm over there in Florida. These niggas, the ones that put me up on Dolomite, who was from Compton, right? Know, not necessarily my backyard, but they got backyard in my backyard. You know what we know, met each other in person, too, you know what saying so. And that's what I've been trying to do. Shout out to Juju. He ain't been podcasting. Well known in the LA podcast streets. And then there's other cats that started podcasts that I know that I've met within the past couple of years and shit like that, keep it 100, you know what I'm saying? It's a lot of cats, man. It's a lot of cats, but it's not as much as the connections that I've had outside of California. So I know I went on a quest to just find a lot of cats in my city, and she popped up in the algorithms. She popped up in the algorithms. But like I said, at first it was just visual content, you know what I'm saying? And then I want to say about roughly about a week or two ago, again, I think I came across a video or something like that, and I just happened to check her bio out or whatever. And I was like, oh, yeah, I found a podcast. Found a podcast. And I listened to it, and she's a therapist. I did not know. And I'm listening to the episode, and it's really soothing. It's therapeutic. You know what I'm saying? It got a vibe to it and it got a bounce to it. Right now, this particular podcast is called raise it up. I don't want to get her name wrong. I'm scared to get women named wrong. Right. With the fellows, we could slap box all day. I'm cool with that. Straight to the backyard. Why? Okay. No, that's what I'm saying. It's wy. Okay. And if I'm wrong, I'm going to feel bad because I know I'm going to go check her episode out. And that's the thing. Don't charge it to my heart upstairs. It's a little rattled. I will go and check your podcast out and won't know your name for a year unless you introduce yourself. And I'm just hearing you at the top of the. You know what I'm saying? I just started listening. You got to give me some time. Don't take it personal. And plus, everybody that I end up listening to and probably potentially meeting or talking to, I give them nicknames anyway out the gate. But the podcast is called raise it up. Okay. So not only should you all check it out. Yeah, go subscribe. You know what I'm saying? She got visual content, too. Check her out. I think the content is definitely worth it. It's refreshing. So check it out. Now. Let's get back to it. Where I'm at with it. Get back to it. Get back to it. Get back on defense. Get back on defense. Yeah, my new year's Eve, so like I said, the food was good, the games, that was good. But just the fact that we was having so much fun, I laughed a lot. And then, you know what? It was fitting for a year, like 23, the end of it, because the second half was supposed to be a beautiful thing because we traveled to Hawai and then Jamaica and we had some other things locally that we got into. And you would just think like, well, the second half don't sound as bad as you're trying to make, but it was because it was a huge shift in the dynamic of our family where notable family member had to remove themselves from our shit, our presence, maybe even permanently. And that shift the balance a little bit. But I've never seen my wife happier. That's a fact. You know what I'm saying? And even, like I said, the past week, since my birthday dog, I've never had a birthday like that. To where I went to flow station shows that the wife is paying attention to my mental health. And not only that, the new journey I'm on to just doing some type of different type of self care that I'm usually doing. You know what I'm saying? So shout out her. Prepare. And I just got that cologne, my cologne. My daughter was like, you smell yum. That's all I needed to know. I'm outside now. With a cologne, you got to be outside. Let's get back to it. I had a phenomenal birthday, and I've had some great. We'd have been to the montage that might be still up there, though. I ain't going to even lie because that came with a massage. But flow station did, too, came with a massage, and I floated in the tank, the deprivation tank, and I got to do that on a monthly basis now. You cannot show me the way to the deprivation tank. And what it did for my. When I tell you, it cleared my thoughts. And I even talked to myself when the music. The music was on for about maybe five to seven minutes or so. Shit cut off for 45 minutes straight. I talked to myself for about ten minutes and then just floated in total silence. Then the music came on towards the end of it, rinsed off. When they go get my wife, who was in the salt cave, and we bailed to the crib, and it was phenomenal. And that spilled off into Christmas, which was dope. And then that went off into New Year's Eve, and now we're here. And again, I said, I don't do resolutions or anything like that, but I'm not knocking cats who are not able to jump start their motivation to get to doing shit. So they look forward to this type of shit that was fed to us, but again, we all eat fast food. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, man. But I did tell myself, like, no, this year you do need to step it up so I don't have to put it under the title of New Year's resolution. It's just, nah, man. All the shit that you wasn't doing that you need to start doing, do it now. Don't wait till later in the year, do it now. And I just so happened to do it, and it actually started before then. The momentum shifted into the new year. I just didn't start, but it damn sure shifted into the new year, and I'm here, and I'm ready to have some fun. I know it's going to be another battle. It's battle tested. And to the cast that I sent to that message to, yeah, I meant that, but we're going to get battle tested again. But I also want to travel again. I got the opportunity to go to a special place and I need to get my paperwork in order for that to happen, and I definitely want to do that. What do I look forward to for 2024? This year alone is to continue to upgrade and to continue to build on a higher level of financial stability right now. You know what I'm saying? Getting the job done, building better relationships, personal and business. I'm looking forward to traveling more to places that I haven't been to before, out of the country, different states and cities and stuff like that. I'm looking to build better and stronger podcast relationships with my co host. You know what I mean? I'm looking to get my merch commercialized. I'm looking to get my merch online a little bit more. I'm trying to get to the point where I'm sitting down with artists and entertainers and saying, hey, I want this from my private merch dealer. That's goals, and that's been goals, but I'm talking it out now, you know what I'm saying? And that's what I'm looking forward to. It's going to be a journey, you know what I'm saying? And it's going to be a rough journey. It's going to be some rain. It's going to be foggy. Yeah. It's going to be ugly. It's going to be some hell. It's going to be a lot of it. But I want to know, hey, I'm going to get through this. And while I'm getting through that bullshit, I'm also going to have some time to wear. Family vacation, just me and a wife vacation, going to this party, going to this wedding, you know what I'm saying? Going to this event. Yeah. Now, I'm not about to hit your dms up looking for the lottery ticket, but I am going to say, hey, if I have an itch to say, yo, would you like to be on my show? Or can I make you some merch? If I offer you some merch? Just take it. There's nothing you could do. You could wash the car in that motherfucker all I care, but give me an opportunity to show you something, to give you something for free. Now the next one is on you and so on, and pay full price and just say, hey, this is dope. He handmade this for me. This is personal. His DNA is on my clothes. Paul's shout out, now, let me support him any way I can. I don't want to be the nigga outside the supermarket saying, hey, can you buy my CD? No, I'm not that. But if you like it, don't be afraid to support it. That's all. Ain't no pressure, because I'm still going to find somebody. Shout out to stone. That's my number one. That's my ace boom coon right there. When it comes to the support and the merch. That's him. That's him. Watch the piece that I just made for him that's about to be sent out. But that's my wrap up. You know what I'm saying? I'm encouraging everybody to, yes, New Year's resolution. If those words help you get motivated to do better, even if for a quick little thing, go ahead, but just do the shit, man. Just go ahead and fix it. Go ahead and understand that you better wear your helmet. Buckle up. Niggas is still here. The fate is still here. Yeah, man. I hope you all enjoy yourselves. And if I don't invite you all, if you don't want to be invited to me, copy it, man. Understand that. I laughed so much. You don't need a crowd of people to enjoy that, you know what I'm saying? Invite the people that you know would do the same for you. You know what I'm saying? Have a small little gathering. Get the food roster together. You know what I'm saying? Cook it up. Turn on the vibes. Make sure you all go back to them childhood games, you know what I'm saying? Get you all some influence, whether it's liquor or candy, and just enjoy the hell out of that time, because you're going to wake up 517, 20, or 19 years later, and say, man, remember that New Year's Eve where we and Bailey was whooping our ass in bowling? Hey, man, let me tell you, you got to continue to find your vibes, man. You do. You have to. It's mandatory, man. I want everybody to understand that this thing called life ain't nothing but a journey. You got to figure out the answers, and you just got to do what you got to do with that. Simple as that. Put sugar in your grizz, man. Stop playing. That's Hunter. Don't.

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