Episode 329

January 11, 2024


The House, the Party, the Remix

The House, the Party, the Remix
BTG For President
The House, the Party, the Remix

Jan 11 2024 | 00:59:08


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BTG For President Episode #329

12Kyle does it again. Another classic episode he created and I just had to remix it. The experience of the house parties he had in South Carolina, well… here’s my version from South Central. House party, the South Central version.

The House, the Party, the Remix #B4P329

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[00:00:00] County coming from the city where no pity is shell. Shell might need to do a song for LA. [00:00:14] My name is Elaine, and I'll be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles count my dough and smoke up I'm from California. Where you from? So what? California. California? [00:00:29] This is Los Angeles. Where are we going? Westward ho. If the lights are off, dudes are trying to grab butts. So, I mean, again, we're in the 8th grade. What else we go to? What, do you want to sue us? I mean, it was a wild time. It's the 80s, but, yeah, that's how the parties were, man. I mean, I realized, like I said, one realization I had was that I couldn't dance and I had to learn how to dance and you had to dance on the west coast. Twelve cow. [00:00:57] You know, the twelve cow did it first. I had to do the remake. So I've already had maybe a few episodes by now describing the house party environment. Well, lifestyle. The LA house party lifestyle. Right. And I know I got an episode out there. It might be called House Party, but yeah, I know there's an episode out there where I'm talking about my experiences with LA house parties, middle school, high school, college, and shit like that. As a matter of fact, I think I have one. Maybe I broke down the music. [00:01:38] I'm not sure. I had to go back and find that one. It's in archive somewhere. But nonetheless, twelve cow had a great episode called the Teenage House Party that he dropped. If not mistaken, it was a bonus episode. He drops every Sunday at 12:00 a.m.. [00:01:59] Yeah, he was talking about his experience with house parties, where he's from. And is it Florence, South Carolina, I want to say. [00:02:08] And, you know, I mean, some stuff passes over to other generations, and then even though culturally we might be different as far as the region, there's some similarities, you know what I'm saying? [00:02:29] He spoke about on the episode a very important thing, the invitation to get an invitation to a house party. That's different. You know what I mean? Another thing that he mentioned is that whatever happens at this party, your true colors come out at this party because you're not able to show your true character in school. Now, that may have been his experience. I may slightly have to disagree, because I was the same person on campus and off campus. Yeah, well, in his defense, I know he was speaking more of, like, you really get to learn a person who they are outside of school because there are some restrictions that will hold back certain character traits. But I didn't have much of that experience in high school, like Woodcast was on campus. That's how they was off campus to the max, though. [00:03:27] But he also started from middle school to high school. And I must say they were slightly different. Because the invitation is really middle schoolish to begin with. And those are major, though. The house parties in middle school were major, bro. You know what I'm saying? [00:03:51] I'm sorry. Twelve cow. [00:03:54] We listened to a lot and you had to dance. See, the only solo dance that we really did out here was a universal crip walk. It was. It was definitely the crip walk. [00:04:10] There were other dances, but the house parties that I'm speaking of, we weren't known to have solo dances. So you got to go listen to it. I don't want to give everything away about this episode. It was phenomenal, by the way. You know what I'm saying? It's like watching Friday and this is like next Friday, you know what I'm saying? [00:04:40] The dance moves, it wasn't as big as it probably was in the. Know what I'm saying? Because we had got to the era where we were dancing with girls a certain way. You know what I'm saying? Certain tracks. And I don't want to go through all the tracks or whatever. There is one particular track that I'm going to play when I get to high school. [00:05:02] Yeah, man, it was a lot of rhythm that you needed to be on type of time, you know what I'm saying? You had girls out there where that was far advanced. [00:05:14] I mean, I'm talking about middle school. [00:05:18] I probably told this story before. It's not a story, but I'm pretty sure I mentioned her name before. In some of the retro type of episodes. I didn't put out before. But I remember going in middle school. But through middle school, we went to school with this girl by the name of Toronto. [00:05:38] Tarana was built like a lot of girls that were know, high school, college, you know what she had. Her body was way far advanced than her peers. [00:05:55] I mean, there were other ones too that was on her level, very few. [00:06:01] But it was crazy that these girls bodies, you know what I'm saying? They was fully developed. So yeah, we getting invited to a party. And it wasn't like on a bougie type shit, you know what I'm saying? Because most of my house party experiences came from. It was word of mouth. They having this party on. I remember when there's one party up in Compton, right? And it was a big, beautiful house off the main street. Too big, beautiful. It had a swimming pool, two story house. [00:06:38] When you hear about Compton, that's not what you picture. But understand this, I think. What was the movie that we covered on black horror humor. I mean, it was a tv show. It was a Netflix original, I think. Was it them? [00:06:53] I think it was called them. [00:06:56] I should be ashamed of myself. Drake, if you listen to this, leah, you know what show I'm talking about. [00:07:02] The black family that moved into Compton. The whole red line shit. So look, they got some nice houses in. [00:07:09] No, no, listen, they have some real beautiful, nice houses and neighborhoods. Cul de sacs, all this shit. That's a certain side of Compton, okay? And I'm pretty sure that dolomite can help y'all out with the landscape of. [00:07:27] To a few. I haven't been to a few areas in Compton. Both sides of the train tracks. Yeah, but they have some areas. They got some pockets in Compton. That's just beautiful. [00:07:39] But this one wasn't one of those, know this was off of Main street, right? Not the main street, but a main street. And I think the girl that threw the part, she definitely didn't go to our high school. She went to another school. [00:07:56] And I'm kind of bad with years, you know what I'm saying? [00:08:02] We can use a reference of a song that was hot at that time or an album, and that'll pretty much give you the year that it was. But I just remember going there. House was packed when twelve cow mentioned in this episode what they call a throwback. Now we had a couple of cats over, you know what I'm saying? We was all friends. Wasn't nothing too crazy, et cetera. Nah, nah. Kizy cow. Nah. We never really had those, you know what I'm saying? [00:08:36] The kickback, that era started. It started in high school with me, you know what I'm saying? And that's late ninety s. So the kickback thing started, but it wasn't popular to us. Like the black community, I should say. Because the school that I went to and the area that I was in, a lot of these schools was mixed between blacks and Mexicans. Blacks and Mexicans. Or Hispanics, I should say. Not Mexicans, black and Hispanics. Right? Majority, especially on the east side. [00:09:10] But schools like Westchester were like extremely diverse. You had white kids, hispanic kids, black kids, asian kids, stuff like that. Crenshaw, predominantly black. Dorsey, predominantly black. You know what I'm saying? Fremont, we was probably beat. It was probably like a 60 40. Mexicans. [00:09:32] Keep saying Mexicans, Hispanics and blacks. Hispanics and blacks. [00:09:39] Yeah, it was different. It was different, Cal. It was a lot going on at these parties. [00:09:46] A lot going on. And it was a lot of people. And I just remember the DJ at that party was like. [00:09:54] It was like a malfunction he was having. [00:09:57] And I remember he was playing genuine. So anxious. And boom, it went off. [00:10:04] Everybody like, boo. Like booing and stuff, like. And I was like, so anxious to play a song and castar busting up. [00:10:15] I was a bit of an asshole a little bit. Anyhow, those parties, wall to wall, got to be at least 50, 60 people up in this house. My God. He also mentioned the parents, you know what I'm saying? The parents, the aunties, the uncles and stuff like that. Yeah. Let me tell you, some of these house parties I went to, especially in middle school, I went to some real east hood, east side parties, right? Remember we told y'all to me, and you can ask a lot of cats from LA. [00:10:47] What is the most dangerous street in Los Angeles and south central? I'm going to go with. And I'm pretty sure majority of people of me. I said majority of people of me. Majority of the people will be with me when I say Vermont. Vermont. And I went to a couple of house parties over my parents, man, if my parents only knew half of this shit, I'd go to jail. What? I was going to some court. [00:11:25] It's sad, bro. It's sad that if you do, because we ten years apart, right? So ten years later, boom. That's my era. You know what I'm saying? [00:11:35] I'm going through what you're talking about. You know what I'm saying? [00:11:38] I'm going through the stages where we transition into high school house parties. Now, the high school house parties were a little bit different in Florence. Let me just speak from my side of Florence, which is the north side. Wilson High School is where I went to school in Florence, South Carolina. [00:11:59] We did have a few house parties at my house. See, that's what's going to be different between me and twelve cow right there. [00:12:11] I never had a party at my house. Never did. I never did. [00:12:15] My house was never that. Now, my older brother would have his homies over, you know what I'm saying? A couple of girls over and we do West coast playing music real loud. They smoking and shit like that. But it was never a party, you know what I'm saying? It was never a dj type of thing. It was never lesbian, you know what I'm saying? But it was certain apartments and certain houses that I moved a lot I might have to do an episode about how many houses I lived in. Houses, apartments. I lived all over the place. I moved a lot, but it kind of, like. [00:12:59] It kind of depends on what you consider a real party. You know what I'm saying? Like I said, we had, like, little functions, but it wasn't no dj there, so that was dope that he got to do that. [00:13:13] I've been a part of things like that. Like the homie parents might be out of town or something like that. I helped them or something like that. But I never had. [00:13:23] Throwing a party house. Throwing a party out. Throwing a house party at my house. Right. So not on my mom's wife. No, not having that one. Not saying that. She probably would have been against it, but that wasn't my thing. I don't like hosting stuff. That's number one. I like to be a part of it, but I never did hosting. That was a lot. And then when you mentioned the parents, though, let's get back to them. A lot of these niggas, they was hood parents, so it was like a reason for them to party, too. It's like, yo, we going to give you this. You know who threw a lot of parties in middle school? Girls. [00:14:06] Girls threw a lot of parties. They do way more than. I don't really know. Too many cats that was throwing house parties. Like in middle school, it was always the girls. [00:14:17] And he said the invitation, like I said, some of them wasn't invitation. It was just we about to go to the. It can get as again, this is the game time, though, cal, you got to understand. [00:14:32] There's sections in the city. You cross over here, you go around this corner, go around, you go down the street. Ten blocks over here, it's all different type of hood. So that's what we're thinking about, too. And I'm going to tell you right now, I've been to a way more. I've been to a plethora of crip parties. And what I mean by that, meaning she affiliated with some crip gang. Her family is from a crip gang, or is she in a crib neighborhood? [00:14:59] Now, I didn't go to too many blood parties. I can't even think of none off the back right now. [00:15:09] No, I have been a few. I've been to a few, but I've been to way more crip parties. Heck yeah. Off top. Heck yeah. [00:15:19] I knew. [00:15:20] It's like, because look, I went to Fremont, so that's an all blood. [00:15:25] But before I went to Fremont, I went to Bethune you know what I'm saying? That's cribs. That's east coast. You know what I'm saying? You got moonlight. Moonlight cats. Technically was East coast, right? [00:15:37] I think it was moonlight cats, then east coast or something like that. They had broadways going there, you know what I'm saying? [00:15:47] It was crypt up in there. [00:15:50] And even then, when I go back to elementary, they was banging in elementary. I remember I say his name, I cannot find. Jonathan Longmire. Jonathan Longmire went to 97th Street School with me. That nigga was the most educated crip I knew. I thought the nigga was. [00:16:06] He was like, past his time. This nigga was talking about, he was talking like Kobe. That's the type of nigga. But he was a gang member. He was a crip. [00:16:17] It was one of the nicest but confident gangsters, though, that nigga will fight in was. The nigga was athletic. He will rumble with you. But the nigga did his schoolwork. He talked like Obama. It was the weirdest shit ever. Jonathan, if you still out there, brother, hit me up. [00:16:43] This nigga was like all american in everything. [00:16:47] Yeah, no, but that was what I'm saying. They was banging in elementary. We was going to these functions, and the uncles at this point, you think like the uncles is like in. Know what I'm saying? Like the uncles in early 30s, these niggas is gang banking. I'm talking about dickies, you know what I'm saying? Flags everywhere, corduroy house slippers, you know what I'm saying? Jerry Curls, barrettes and shit. Like them type of gang members. [00:17:20] Yeah, them type of niggas, man. Standing outside leaning against the car, drinking forty s and shit. You remember Stacy from the wood, nigga, shit is real, nigga. What? [00:17:30] Hell, yeah. And all the cute girls had, they owed. Her brother was from somewhere, nigga. All the cute ones going to the party. [00:17:39] First of all, any nigga named Stacey, that gang bang, that nigga puts in work. I'm just telling you right now, Stacey out the back, nigga. [00:17:48] Them niggas is wild at the party. And they always like, fucking with the younger niggas, you know what I'm saying? These niggas be like 2021 22 or whatever, nigga. I'm in the middle school. These niggas picking on me. Like, you can't do nothing. [00:18:07] You don't even get to the uncles. These niggas built like gladiators without the pads. These niggas look like they got pads on. They don't, nigga. They just big like that for no reason. They all mean and they look like a pit bull. [00:18:19] Hell, yeah. [00:18:21] And why it always be that one gang, man? Why is always the one friend or the one uncle? That's like, super cool. Hey, leave a little nigga alone. That lead that nigga alone, nigga. Thank you, whoever you are. Thank you. Because, nigga, why are you all fucking with me? Nigga, I don't even like your niece like that. She not even fired. We just here at the party. You gotta get that. See, that's what had the. [00:18:51] We never had the Netflix teen drama house parties. We had those type of parties where you had flyers being passed around. Shit was really word of mouth. Some people did write, like, notes and shit like that. [00:19:08] We did have some physical invitations, but mostly it was like, we'll find out by, like, Thursday or Friday. [00:19:16] You know what I'm saying? And then, like I said, depending on where it's at, nigga, we know what gang that is. Oh, it's a party right here off of town. And we're going to be over there with the swans. [00:19:29] You know what I'm saying? Oh, the party off of Ace half and. Okay, six holes. Might be some photos at the party. [00:19:37] And so when he mentioned, I want to say some part of the episode. Let me see if he talks about it here. That was the party room, so wasn't going to be any grown ups coming through it. Once we got in there and got settled and got the music going, wasn't going to be any grown ups coming in. My mom and my aunts pretty much stayed out of the way, if you will. When we had house parties, there was nothing. Never anything wild that I could think of. [00:20:11] Yeah, it was the total opposite. Over here. Twelve cow. It was a lot of wild shit, let me tell you. From middle school to high school, I'm going to jump back and forth on the timeline because I'm a marvel fan. So, one of the house parties, high school, we was in this abandoned apartment building, and they had a night. Not a nightlight. I said a nightlight because it was weird. There was no light bulbs or anything in there. They had a black light up in there. They had a black light in there. And then it was a one bedroom apartment, an abandoned one bedroom apartment. And it's some girls in there doing something strange for a little change. Not exactly for a little change, but for the free. But that was in the room. I didn't find out about that until later, but nonetheless, that's what the party was there. They had a dj. And the DJ was, like, outside, but the music was inside. I don't know how that shit. Well, the speakers, I guess. [00:21:16] We was in an abandoned apartment complex. [00:21:20] That was one. Let me see. Middle school. Like I said, I definitely went to a party off of Vermont before. Definitely. I've been to a party off of. What was that? Central. Somewhere in Compton. [00:21:30] Yeah, so I've been to Compton. Parties. Inglewood parties. [00:21:34] Ladera. Ladera. That's our BlackBerry. That's the Black Beverly Hills. Ladera. [00:21:43] That's where all the bougie, quote unquote. The quote unquote. You know what I'm saying? This is just what it is. [00:21:51] We can go to Twitter about, you know, basically just the bougie part, you know what I'm saying? This is where you're going to find the cute girl from boys in the hood, you know what I'm saying? That got both her parents, you know what I'm saying? Make good money. The dad works at fucking. [00:22:16] Who knows? [00:22:18] The nigga got a good job and the mama got a good job. You know what I'm saying? The mama look good. You know when a mama look good and a daughter look good, you know what I'm saying? They got two nice cars and shit like that. [00:22:31] Yeah, that's Ladera. [00:22:37] That's what you show Ladira. But you got a lot of gang members that come from there, too, nigga. [00:22:42] And a lot of movie stars. And a lot of movie stars. But yeah, there was a lot of wild shit going on. Fights. Oh, man. Matter of fact, if you don't believe me, just listen to this, man. I'm from LA. You don't even gotta be from nowhere. But where your granny stay? That's where you from? I'm from LA. When you hear a nigga say get down, we ain't talk about dancing. I'm from LA hell, yeah, we got the best mexican food. [00:23:13] All right. I'm from LA. If a nigga do this, man, argument you finn to get parked. I'm from LA and yeah, I had at least one birthday at Kennethown park. I'm from LA and this is how we fuck it up. I'm drinking in the motherfucker right now, right now. I'm from LA and when you in the function and the game maker niggas not on the hose, they finna be on your ass. I'm from LA. Everybody know somebody that own the khaki suit. I'm from LA. [00:23:41] Them domestic homies, I'm finna go fuck it up real quick. And I got two options, Skate depot or word on wheels. Either way, you better be rolling deep. [00:23:51] Now, see, world on Wheels or Skate Depot. Those where you would get the invitations. Now, you know what I'm saying? Somebody have a birthday party at World on Wheels. That's schoolyards, by the way. You see what I'm saying? You say a place. I tell you what's over there, okay? That's schoolyards right there. And niggas seem like they would have a shootout in the parking lot by word on wheels every weekend. But that's when you get that invitation, kind of like at school. Like, yo, do you want to come to such and such birthday party? It'd be like, Brittany birthday party at World on Wheels invitation and stuff like that. Nigga, I did not know how to skate. [00:24:31] I still don't know how to skate. Now I know how to rollerblade. Oh, nigga, I'll blade your ass up real quick, boy. You know what I'm saying? [00:24:40] But I could not skate, though. And niggas, with niggas being there. [00:24:48] Yeah. No, I didn't know how to skate. I didn't know how to skate. But, yeah, world on Wheels skateboard would be one of those birthday party that turn into a house party type of. Because it's an LA thing. It's an LA thing. But let me tell you, though, let me tell you something. [00:25:08] And there's a few songs. I don't want to say that. There's one song, hear me when I say this. Twelve cal king German. If you listen, I'm just giving you a little backstory on these house parties in LA, baby. Hey, there are certain songs that come on, right? And they're all lumped together. Some of them are even done by the same artist. [00:25:27] But there is a universal dance that it only goes with the universal songs. [00:25:36] And those songs the poet likes. Fit big nigga Kareem. That's my dog. [00:25:46] Life behind the walls. Living life behind the walls. Yeah. Welcome the ODs niggas bride niggas. Keep your hair right, keep your gang tight. You might not make yo twelve cow when I tell you, you're about to find out who you in there with. [00:26:07] You going to find out if you go in there with some hoovers, you're going to find out if you in there with some a trades. You're going to find out if you in there with some six o's. You're going to find out if you in there with some pyros. You're going to find out something. Okay? At one point. Yeah, you regular pedestrians are doing a crip walk now. And I've seen the video. I've seen a video of the asian culture adopting a crip walk and damn near perfecting it. But prior to that, nigga, if you got caught crit walking in the wrong party, nigga. What? [00:26:42] You do realize that most of these niggas that critwalk is spelling something out. [00:26:46] I don't never pay attention to what they trying to spell. Okay? That's number one. Number two, it don't matter if you spelling anything or not. The fact that there's a difference between the cripwalk and the blood walk, and it identifies you majority of the time. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to tell you that everybody that did the crip walk or the blood walk was from gangs. No, it's not just like people like myself that can go around saying blood or cuz. I don't say it out loud. I don't say it in public. I say it in a joking type of way. You know what I'm saying? But at the same time, I'm not a gang member. Never have, never will be. And some cats will get disciplined for appropriating, you know what I'm saying? [00:27:34] Some cats will get tossed around like a rag doll in his house parties because they thought it would be cute, the crip walk to behind the walls, you know what I'm saying? [00:27:48] But that's how it was. [00:27:52] If niggas didn't know you and you said you was from a hood, same flag, but different hood, niggas would still press you. [00:28:02] It's the politics of the gangs, and the politics of the gangs has always been attached to these house parties. You know what I'm saying? There was also other universal songs that was played at these house parties. [00:28:15] And you know what? [00:28:17] Marcia, my mean, she know it best, dog, because she was in that area, you know what I'm saying? [00:28:25] At the end of the day, I think when it comes to West coast house parties, right, it didn't really matter about the invitation. It just mattered about what you actually did at the party. So how twelve Cal mentioned that. [00:28:49] He mentioned that. [00:28:55] What was the main thing that I wanted to talk about that he said, oh, not knowing how to dance. Don't feel bad, twelve cow. It was a lot of niggas out here that didn't know how to dance. And you're right, back in the 80s, they didn't really have any examples like that. [00:29:09] These kids today are extremely spoiled because they have a platform where they make up dances on a daily and shared universal. Back in the 80s, there was no Internet. [00:29:20] Okay? [00:29:22] There was no Internet. [00:29:25] So if you found out about a dance and then they wouldn't even having black artists on tv like that, you know what I'm saying? We don't want to go through that. We don't want to go that. That's a whole totally different episode. [00:29:38] MTV, know what I'm talking about? [00:29:41] But yeah, they didn't have too much examples, you know what I'm saying? [00:29:47] It was kind of fascinating to find out how everybody was on the same page with the same move. So that was crazy. Unless I missed something. But they didn't have a large list of moves that you can go to. And again, he mentioned a pivotal part of all house parties. It's the slow jams. You all seen it on house party, the movies, slow jams. Now, let me tell you, that's a dying era. Twelve cow. That's a dying era. Why? Because we didn't have that in the late 90s. It's not that we didn't know about it, but that wasn't really a thing. Now, that became a thing in college more often, you know what I'm saying? Because it was the mature. [00:30:42] I didn't want to bring the college portion into this. I didn't. Right. [00:30:49] I wanted to keep. [00:30:52] I wanted to keep. [00:30:58] I just wanted to keep that error away from middle school and high school. Because middle school and high school to me is very similar. Right. It's just that you're older and the consequences behind a lot of negative shit that goes on in the power are much higher when you get high school. [00:31:17] Right. [00:31:18] He mentioned another thing, but we'll get to it in a minute. Because I did want to touch on the whole part of the whole dancing with each other and. Yeah, it's pressure, my nigga. It's pressure to keep up and have that rhythm. Even most important with the slow jam. You know what I'm saying? But in the. We didn't have to worry about that. [00:31:44] Like I said, we did dance to genuine and shit like that. But it wasn't like the. Wasn't like the house party where niggas is holding you by the waist and. You know what I'm saying? She put your head on your shoulder. No, none of that conservative shit. Twelve cal. It was a lot of, you know, Luke. [00:32:08] Luke had it rolling. But I do know that when we got to college, though, I want to say this had to be universal. But you get one of these songs right here and I think I mentioned this on a podcast before when I was talking about. I think I did. But everybody should know. This is the one song that closes out the club. This is when the lights come on. And if you see if she really real, real, and you check out that makeup, is it right? [00:32:42] Is it too much? [00:32:45] Can you get past all that makeup and say, this is it? But you been drinking a lot, so it really don't matter. [00:32:56] Your button down is missing a button. [00:33:01] She looked good. [00:33:03] She looked like a steak. Right now. [00:33:07] It's hot. [00:33:10] You sweating, you stink, but you horny, but this don't come on. [00:33:22] And you don't care because you have been drinking hypnotic all night. That shit was so nasty. Shame on you niggas and myself sometimes. [00:33:36] Let's get back to it, though. Here's one thing that I never had, but we've also been to, man, this was different. [00:33:49] The best parties that we threw were pool parties. I never had a swimming pool, and neither one of my backyards, well, in the preserve that I stay in, we have access to four of them, so we're doing pretty good. Now, do I own them? No. But I pay enough money to be able to go to them from the time that it opens to the time that it closes. But never had a pool in my own backyard. None of that. Nah, man. I don't even think I've ever had a big enough backyard to have a pool. But I have been invited to. And he's right. One of the universal things is girls did not want to get their hair wet at all. And if they did, at the moment they come out of that goddamn water, they're going to get their hair done. They're going to get their hair dead, my nigga. Yes. Somebody always got dunked. We all did it. We all said somebody pushed somebody. You know what I'm saying? We finally got to see the chicks that be at school that's a little on the thick side, you know what I'm saying? We get to see. [00:35:00] Yeah. Now, as we got older, the pool parties got shifted. [00:35:09] Niggas will have a pool party, and at least 85% of the people is outside of the pool sometimes, not all the time. We wouldn't like everybody else that just didn't want to get in the water. Niggas in LA got in that water. Niggas love getting in that water in LA. [00:35:27] But as time went on, shit starting to get a little bit too cool. Too cool and shit like that. [00:35:35] So, no, that was one thing that's different that me and twelve cow. [00:35:42] Just different experiences and shit like that. [00:35:47] Yeah. You know what? [00:35:49] It's also the music, though. You know what I'm saying? [00:35:54] How I told you about, like, I've been to a lot more crip parties, but I have been to neutral parties and maybe a few blood parties and stuff like that. Of course, at no crip party, you're not going to hear this song. [00:36:11] You might not hear this song at all. But when you go to a mutual party or you go to a blood party, obviously you got to play. Oh, my God. [00:36:24] Oh, my God. [00:36:26] Here we go, here we go, here we go. [00:36:39] That was it right there. Twelve cow. [00:36:42] And then ask Marcy. Marcy went to Dorsey. Twelve cow. I know you're asking, like, well, what does that mean? Kobe Bryant? Well, that means that she went to a predominantly blood school. So, yes, they did call her Barsy Barcia. They did ask her. It's proven. I'll get on the episode one day, declare it. I do all that, but that's a fact. You know what I'm saying? So this is not only one of her favorite artists, this is one of her favorite songs. [00:37:10] Hey, how could you blame her? This is a classic right here. This should be at least top 20 all time. Yo. A day in the life of a player named quick I'm just a stubborn kind of fellow with a head like a brick and just because I drink the ace they say that I'm hopeless but I don't give a fuck so blame it on the locals, man. So look, man, it was certain songs that. Here a. Yo, you want to know what's crazy? My basketball team. [00:37:34] Yo, we do house parties while playing basketball. Yeah, I'm getting a little cocky right now because we did, man. We did, like, at the mine, man. We used to have it going, and then y'all never believe as West coast as we were. Like, super west coast bias. Do you know what we came out to that was crazy? [00:38:07] We definitely came out to this. 11th, twelveth grade. What? [00:38:14] Sub. No, stop. [00:38:18] Shut them down. Over and off shop. Say what you want about DMX, but that nigga has some intros. That nigga has some songs to some. What? Nigga? [00:38:30] Y'all tripping, man. [00:38:33] That's why I said when it come to house parties, twelve, I'm not trying to compare or nothing like that, but the award got to stay west. The award has to stay west. It has to. Because when I tell you some of the most classic shit that happened at these parties, and guess what? A lot of celebrities that, you know, a lot of celebrities that, you know, has been a part of these house parties. [00:39:01] Yeah, that's the one thing about LA, is see how we talk about. We see celebrities all the time. Yeah, most of the time we don't be starstruck because we grew up with them, you know what I'm saying? Probably never knew them personally, but they stayed around the corner, they went to school. We didn't talk to them like that, you know what I'm saying? Or they their friend. [00:39:23] It's just like that. But they went to these same house parties. [00:39:28] And you know what? Another thing that he mentioned was food. [00:39:33] It was food at some of these. And you know what the standard thing would be? Enchiladas. [00:39:39] Shout out to Gigi. She is almost 47. She has never had an enchilada. That's a wild business right there. What are you all doing in Jersey? Put that house music down. This is why. [00:39:51] This is why. Listen, anyhow. Nah, man, let me tell you, sometimes it'll be full, and nine times out of ten, nigga, is enchiladas. [00:40:03] I told you, man. The hispanic culture is heavy out here, dog. All we eat is tacos and burritos and enchiladas. Everybody out here know how to make enchiladas. [00:40:12] If you ain't ever had enchiladas. Chicken enchiladas. Enchilada pie, nigga, you sleep. That's been at every hood house party and after the funeral and at the baby shower next to the meatballs. Yes, enchiladas, nigga, on the east side, east side parties. West side, too. But, nigga, you want to talk about the official food for a house party with the foil all messed up? Green sauce, red sauce. Me and my wife mix them. What, you know who made it? Somebody named Angie. [00:40:52] Yeah. [00:40:54] Let me tell you, sometimes I'm going to incorporate real people that I knew and loved. [00:41:00] You know what I'm saying? None of this is made up. This is real. The names that I do use. [00:41:07] Real, okay. And when I tell you, nigga, the melanin was so thick, I'm talking about old black people make the hell out of some mexican food. What? [00:41:22] And they all at the house party? Not all of them. Not all of them, man. I remember, dog. [00:41:30] And to be honest, yes, the were different because it was just, I mean, obviously, the music, the dance styles, how we dressed, you know what I'm saying? Like, nigga, the gang band, you got to understand, nigga. You want to know what's still a thing, nigga? Gang members, authentic gang members, is still wearing the dickies with the airbrush, nigga. [00:42:01] They still putting a hood on a dickies. [00:42:06] Nigga. What? [00:42:08] And that's what it was. [00:42:11] That's what it was. It was a part of it. [00:42:15] He said nothing too crazy happened at the heart, nigga. We got shot at going to the party. Me, Dobby, Raymond, Dobby, cousin Lavelle. Yes. [00:42:27] It was us four. It was me, Dobby, Lavelle, Ramon. It was us four. I think. I think it was just us four. And we was going to Zakia. I told this story before. Zakia, if you listen to this, you know what happened, because we called you. We was going to Zakia party. We didn't have a ride. We in high school from a clique called Nike. Niggas intentionally corrupting everything. That's what it was. Yes. Okay, stop playing with us, all right? That's where we're trying to get to a party. Dobby stayed on 83rd in Broadway. Just to give you some context, 83rd and Broadway. [00:43:01] Zakia was on, like, 108th. [00:43:05] Like, on 108th in Broadway. Right? [00:43:10] None of them stay there no more. Relax. [00:43:16] That's far. And that's separate. Hoods like you walking through soap, nigga. That's over. Come on, dog. That's over 30 something blocks. And these blocks are stretched out. It would have took us at least 30 minutes to get there walking. And we probably would have jogged a little bit, but at least 30, and we got to cut through the neighborhoods. [00:43:37] Shit like that. We're not doing all that. I remember us getting a ride. I don't know how, but here we started to walk where? Our dumbass. We started to walk, and we stopped in front of my barbershop on 87th. I think it's like 80. No, somewhere around there, right then, right next door is a burger place, nigga, we get on the payphone. Oh, y'all don't know where the payphone is? [00:44:08] I'm not about to tell y'all either. We get on the payphone, and we call Zakia house. We tell Zakia, yo, is there anybody over there with a car that can come pick us up? So she yelling, trying to get people to come pick us up. Blah, blah this, blah, blah that, nigga. Why a dude just pop out around a corner? But Dabi just said he put his hand out, right? [00:44:31] Put his hand out. He had a gun and just started shooting. Just started leading off. Nigga, we took off. Now, to this day, I still don't know if a truck was trying to trap us or the person who was driving got hit. And I'm going to tell you why. [00:44:49] The dude put out a gun, started letting off. We run a truck, then turns into the driveway that tries to cut us off, but ran into the fence. And then Lavelle got caught by the truck. So we got past the truck. He didn't get shot, though. So I'm thinking the dude who was driving the truck actually got shot and wasn't trying to cut us off. But either way, it's still a fucked up situation. Either he got shot and he probably died, or he tried to cut us off so we can get picked off. That was an excellent plan. [00:45:28] If that was it. If they tried to cut us off, that was a hell of a plan. That means they thought that shit out for a cool minute. That should tell you how long we was at the payphone. [00:45:38] I'm taking off, lost my shoe. I had some Reebok classics. They was black, white and red. [00:45:45] Black, white and red. Saturday night. [00:45:48] And I run back, go get it. We run all the way back to Dobby's apartment. We out of breath. We patting each other down. Pause. We patting each other down. We trying to see if anybody got shot because our adrenaline was up. How do we know this in high school anyway? We end up getting a ride. I know we did because we ended up getting to the party hella late or whatever. And that's what it was. I don't need to go into the. [00:46:16] I can remember certain details about parties, but not all of them. But at the end of the day, that twelve cow we got shot at before going to a party, you know what I'm saying? And then going to Fremont. And then, like, her going to Fremont and not, which would be her home school, which is locke, because she's closer to Locke than she is to Fremont. We over there with a gang of Locke niggas, right? And Locke is predominantly crips. [00:46:45] So, no, I ain't never bang. I ain't never been from no blood, mean never been from no crip gang. But going to all blood school, you are also associated with that. You know what I'm saying? Like, I had red shoestrings. But the only reason why I did that is because guess what Fremont colors is. [00:47:06] White, gray, burgundy, burgundy, black. You know what I'm saying? [00:47:12] We had some jerseys that look kind of like red, but that was our colors. Burgundy, gray, white, burgundy, black. You know what I'm saying? So that burgundy, that's the closest thing to red. Fremont all blood school. Locke, all crip school. Yes. We used to have to get escorts. When we left Locke, we had to get escorts all the way down to the biggest main street. That was coming up on police escorts. True story. Getting rocks and shit thrown out the window. High school, right? So imagine we going to these house parties and these Locke niggas is going to be up in there because why? Because Zekia has got people that she know and family members that go to lock and her ass go to Fremont. [00:47:59] She had some of the best house parties because her house parties turned into sleepovers. C twelve cow. That's another dynamic. [00:48:07] That's another dynamic right there, Zeke. [00:48:12] She will go down in a hall of fame. She's in a hall of fame as the number one house party. [00:48:18] Sleepovers because she had them. [00:48:24] What? [00:48:26] And I can't share what happened at those. [00:48:33] I can't. [00:48:37] It's going down. What? [00:48:41] Yeah, that was back in the day, man. But like I said, you could party on the east side, you could party on the west side. Nine times out of ten, when you party on the west side, the house was dope. [00:48:53] Like I said, the house was dope. You know what I'm saying? If you've been to Dara, Baldwin Hills, you know what I'm saying? Covert city, west LA. You know what I'm saying? Crenshaw district, shit like that, you're going to be around. Oh, my God, my wife is on the west side. Dorsey, they got some bad ones. Dorsey has some bad ones. Crenshaw has some bad ones. Westchester has some bad. Westchester had girls that look like they was in college. Fremont. We had bad ones, yo. Yes, we did. [00:49:26] Yes, we did. Yes, we did. But I went to a lot of house parties that didn't involve a lot of my classmates, though. Mean, I know I said here or whatever, but no, I was going to parties with my brother, Lil Johnny. He went to Hamilton. That's how I ended up going to a lot of west side parties because he would bring me to those. You know what I'm saying? I remember we went to. Oh, no, that's college. I had to be cheating again. I had to be cheating because we had a pajami jam in Culvert City. [00:49:59] It was a fire. What do they call that shit? A fire hazard. [00:50:04] The fire department shut it down. So we went from a hall to another spot in Cobra City. [00:50:14] It had to be over like 200 people. You know what I'm saying? It was a gang because they filled the streets and everybody had on pajamas. I had on SpongeBob. [00:50:24] That was the worst thing ever because my feet was. I couldn't walk the next day because they didn't have no soul. It was like walking barefooted. And I was trying to be cute. Trying to be fucking cute. You know what I'm saying? I had those. I had the Scooby Doo joints, you know what I'm saying? And I just had on some. [00:50:41] The pajamas, like basketball shorts and a white tee. [00:50:46] Drenched, though. I'm talking about drenched. I was up in there dancing like girls was in lingerie. [00:50:53] Yeah, it was crazy. That was crazy. That was crazy. But I got to go back. Let me go back down. That's cheating. That's cheating. I know. Twelve, I know you're saying you keeping in middle school. You keep it in high school, but that was it. Man moves around. There's a lot of gangsters around. [00:51:12] There's a story. I can't share that. I don't think I should share that story. [00:51:17] But there's a lot of classic. Maybe from time to time, I might share. I might even make it like a little side chronicle show. About the details of some of these house parties and stuff. Like, yo, and shout out to the homegirl je. Now, look, when we say post college, we still go to house parties. Like I told you, E and Sonny be throwing house parties. And they stay across the way from us. And we in Chino, you know what I'm saying? They throw some of the best house parties. You know what I'm saying? [00:51:50] But the homegirl je was throwing those nine two five house house parties. You know what I'm saying? [00:51:59] We talking about mid 20s, mid to late twenty s. Yeah, those house parties was nice. [00:52:07] Nice, man. So we got to hold the record, you know what I'm saying? Like, whatever the Lakers all time winning record is. Plus what Boston did and anybody else that comes close, Golden State and Chicago, we own that record. Well, Cal, we did that. Now, again, I didn't throw any house parties personally. I didn't have any pools or anything like that. But my record on attending house parties on both sides, the east side and the west side, impeccable. Was I intimidated by some of them? Absolutely. Twelve cow, you're not alone on that one. But my intimidation came from a different standpoint. You know what I'm saying? [00:52:52] It was a lot more than going on and just knowing how to dance. Sometimes I had my nights where my rhythm was just there. Sometimes my rhythm was off. Sometimes I was in certain areas where I had to put my back against the wall to make sure. Keep your head on the swivel. [00:53:09] Yeah, man. You heard what he said. He said, if it's gang members at the party and they not on the girls, that mean they about to get on you. [00:53:18] You know what I'm saying? It's niggas in there ready to fight anytime you see a nigga in the corner. And the nigga got on mittens or gloves, that nigga ready for some action, all right? This nigga got on football gloves, run. [00:53:32] And his nigga name is probably Deandre or Dante. [00:53:37] Yeah, one of them. [00:53:41] He got on some reeboks or some Nike receiver gloves, and he ready to sock somebody out. [00:53:50] And then everybody going to talk about what happened on Monday. Who got beat up, who got caught kissing, who broke up with who. That's middle school. [00:54:00] And that's just middle school, nigga. You know how many times niggas broke up with each other in middle school? [00:54:06] Come on, man. A lot of some of these parties. Niggas know about these parties by going on a party line. But y'all know about that, nigga, what y'all know about the party line? [00:54:18] Niggas used to go on a party line and gang bang, bro. [00:54:23] I mean, I'm talking about them niggas is throwing up every type of hood known to mankind. It was either that or somebody throwing out. They party. Oh, if y'all ain't got nothing to do, I'm throwing a party at my house on nigga what? That's how niggas get into fights. Because they like, nigga, we know who going to be here and we know what hood this is. [00:54:45] House parties in LA. Twelve cow, King Germ. This is what we did. [00:54:50] Enchiladas, bro. [00:54:52] Enchiladas is the number one. Nobody can lie about that. Nobody. Nobody. Okay. And we all gonna talk about it on Monday. [00:55:01] On Monday. Yeah. Yo, as an adult, we still talking about this shit. It's some shit that happened in high school we still talking about. It's some shit that happened in middle school we still talking about. [00:55:13] Yeah, we know y'all boss, but twelve cow. Hey, man, I appreciate this topic. Again, the remix is here. You know what I'm saying? Maybe, just maybe, OTR might. You want to dolemite, Dolomite can give his perspective by being from Compton. You know what I'm saying? And the Compton party that he was at. Oh, man, them Compton parties is different, too. Them Compton parties is a little gutter. Bad bullet wound. Women, watch out. You better watch out for Compton. Hey, if you ever see a girl and they stay in a blood neighborhood and her hair is red, run. [00:55:53] Get out of there go. [00:55:58] Let me tell you what's going to happen. They got food stamps. That's number one. Number two, that thing is fire. Okay? Now, this is not what I know personally. I'm just letting you know, if you look at the statistics, colored hair, food stamp equals that might be your first baby mama. [00:56:22] All right, I'm done with this, man. Y'all think I'm playing, but shout out to twelve cow, man. Hey, the merch is up somewhere in LA. [00:56:31] Go ahead and get that shout out to Dolomite. Dolomite got his beanie, you know what I'm saying? Pulled up to the crib, you know what I'm saying? And grab his beanie. Thank you all for supporting or whatever, but that. Pray for art beanie. Yeah, go ahead and grab that. Go ahead and grab that. [00:56:49] Twelve Cal. Let's keep this thing rolling, man. I like that topic. I like that topic. I like that. And you know what? You did such a great job. I've seen it. Like, I've seen it and I seen it with the Wonder Years filter, you know what I'm saying? You painted the picture well. [00:57:09] Especially about the part where the light came on and the mom tapped you on the shoulder, dog. You know what I'm saying? I haven't been in no situation like that, really. But somehow we still know about that, you know what I'm saying? We still know. That's the thing. [00:57:25] Y'all was getting supervised more than we was. They was more having a party on the side while we was partying, you know what I'm saying? Or enjoying a party while we was partying. And the later that you stayed, the more adultish it got, you know what I'm saying? Start seeing niggas shooting that dice game or playing at spades, you know what I'm saying? For real. And the music, even that shit can go from the Fuji or whatever all the way to nigga Marvin Gaye. As soon as you hear that. Marvin Gaye, my nigga, and that Al Green. Come on, nigga, it's time for you to go. It's way past your bedtime. Because these niggas is already half past drunk and high as a kite, okay? [00:58:11] The uncle's saying all kind of random ass shit to this girl, dog, in her ear, you know what I'm saying? You see him Budweiser cans and shit everywhere, you know what I'm saying? [00:58:25] Some cheap ass wine they got, you know what? [00:58:30] You know, some shit like that. [00:58:33] Or that Bacardi. That Bacardi rum. Yeah, I know. Yeah. I know that's what it was. [00:58:40] Jerry curl smelling ass niggas everywhere. Or braids. You know what I'm, I'm saying? Or the nigga, the little small fro with a trash lineup and the la hat, or a Kings hat, or the Raiders hat. Really? It's really the Raiders hat? Really? The Raiders hat. And it's going to be a fight, you know what I'm saying? It's going to be a nigga named like tat or some shit like that.

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