Episode 330

January 18, 2024


Dorm Dayz

Dorm Dayz
BTG For President
Dorm Dayz

Jan 18 2024 | 00:38:58


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BTG For President Episode #330

We had a time last night, about 20+ years ago from LA to the Valley. It kinda went like this… transitioning from house parties to the dorm rooms in college. You had to be there.

Dorm Dayz #B4P330

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County coming from the city where no pity is shell. [00:00:04] Speaker B: Shell might need to do a song for LA. [00:00:14] Speaker A: My name is Elaine and I'll be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles count my dough and smoke up I'm from California. [00:00:22] Speaker B: Where you from? [00:00:23] Speaker A: So what? California. California. [00:00:29] Speaker B: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker A: Where are we going? Westward Holland. [00:01:04] Speaker B: It was so much top ramen. It was a lot of top ramen. It was a lot of pop tarts. Nigga was a lot of cereal. Nigga was a gang of cereal. Are you kidding me? Niggas was broke. Financial aid checks. But here, look, we're not talking about college college, all right? I'm not giving you the overall. We're just talking about that dorm life, that apartment life right off the campus. It was some wild times back then. And the food, nigga, we stayed at Jack in the box. So if you look, first of all, you can tell the difference between the dorm room with the ladies, the dorm room with the men. And when I say dorm, I don't mean just the ones that's on campus, because you had to be on your P's and Q's to get on campus. And they had a lockdown time. So niggas was trying to sneak on that campus because they had guards. Oh, that motherfucker was on lockdown. We talking about Cal State LA. You talking about Cal State Dominguez? We talking about Cal State Northridge. We talking about UCLA. We talking about USC. We're talking about Long Beach State. We talking about El Camino. Nigga, what? Nigga, was a lot of dorm life back then. Do you understand what was going on? I seen a cat get packed out OTR Mike. I'm talking about. This nigga ended up leaving on very bad terms. Willy. Willy lump lump. That nigga look bad. You ever seen the elephant man to the 50th power? They whooped that nigga ass in that guy. It felt like a smack event. No, it felt like a battle rap event in a hallway. It was in the dorms. He must have said the wrong gang, because it was after that. His face wasn't the same afterwards. It was dangerous in those dorms we talking about. Niggas was racing and running. We knocking down lights after parties, throw up. The dorm experienced a lot. And look, we gonna start with the traditional dorms first, right? The traditional dorm rooms. Got what? You got a roommate got the bed already in there. You know what it's like? It's like you going to camp. It's like you going to camp, you chilling, you meet your roommate, the niggas is from, like, Nebraska or North Carolina somewhere. You feel me? Freshman dorm life, nigga. Food is about to be scarce, homie. 25 pack for some top ramen. That was back in the day prices. And you load up, man. Niggas, I bet you the number one cereal in college was frosty flakes. You want to bet I'm lying? It wouldn't ultimate cereal noodles until that financial aid hit. Now niggas want it. You know what I'm saying? Now, niggas want to eat a little bit of something. They want to go get a steak. They want to go get a steak or something like that. You better chill out with that, partner and all you niggas that was wearing those race coat jackets, we seen you. I seen you. I seen you. I seen you. Yeah, I was endorsing everything at that point. Y'all was wearing those NASCAR jackets a lot in the dorm room, and y'all was getting to throwback basketball jerseys. I seen y'all. I was with y'all, bro. I was with y'all. Yo, we can go off into the apartment life. That's still the dorm life. You know how it is. They'll set up some apartment buildings. One bedroom, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments around the campus. Somewhere outside the campus. Not on campus, but off campus. Some wild parties going on there in those dorm room lives. It is college party. You got to mix in the college parties. I'm not talking about going to the lounges. I'm not talking about going to the clubs. The free before ten. We're not talking about that. We're not talking about getting your name on a list with one of the promoters. We're not talking about that. We talking about the dorm. We talk about where we getting dressed at. Oh, nigga, it was like a fashion show before we went out to the club. Nigga, the Music is on. We already getting the height. Nigga, what? Nigga, our door is open. The door is open. The dorm door room is open. Niggas is blasting. It's probably genuine or whoever at the moment, right? Nigga, we blasting the music and niggas is getting dressed. It's only one ironing board in that dorm. It's only one. Niggas in there is probably getting headaches because there's about several different colognes on at one time. Niggas is wearing the members only jacket, the button downs, Steve Maddens. You niggas was nasty. I was there with y'all. I was there with y'all, man. I was there. I was right there. I was on the right, I'm over there. You see what I'm saying? In the dorm, them dishes is not done all the time, dog. I had a fire pit, not a fire. What's that shit called? Not a fire pit, nigga had a fireplace. We had a fireplace in one of my apartments, right? How many roommates I have? I had three roommates, but one of the nigga, it was only two rooms. It was two rooms, so I had a roommate in the room and then there was another room, but they were all cousins. These were some of the. I'm doing this, bro, because they're not my homies. One of them niggas stole my draws and was wearing them. This what happens in dorm room is coming on back. My first apartment in Westchester, right down the street from Westchester High, right down the street, across the street from Westchester park, off of Manchester and Lincoln. That's not Lincoln, is it? It's not Manchester and Lincoln, is it? These niggas, this nigga, I moved in, you know what I'm saying? My pastor came over one time, right? He gave me a ride home. My pastor came over, we college, we got Holly Berry on the wall, we got models, thick models on the wall, you know what I'm saying? Like all video vixens and stuff like that. Melissa Ford is on a wall. And my pastor said, my pastor said, you got to be struggling. You got to be struggling up in here. I'm not going down. We stayed on the second floor, something like that. Second or something like that. And somebody, I remember one night, it was hella video games going in the dorm room. We're going to get to that in a minute, my nigga, because I'm going to take Tekken, nigga. Tekken Madden, nigga. Oh, man, I'm going to get back. Street fighter, Mortal Kombat, nigga. What? That NFL blitz, it wasn't NFL bliss, it was NFL. I forgot the name of that football game, and it was a college football game, we used to go at it too. Anyhow, my nigga, somebody fell off the second floor balcony. But they was pretty high up, they was in real bad condition to where the parameters had to come. Like people crying. I remember I was in a bad sleep and this girl ran into my room and she was like, she failed. She failed. Help me, help me. Scared the shit out of me, right? And I remember it was a gang of people in my crib not too long before that. And then they all went outside and stuff like that. I think word on the street, word in the dorm there was an argument and there was a push. So it was a woman or girl that got pushed over the balcony on the second floor. And it was pretty bad. What else did we experience in those dorms besides the fights and the dorm fights? Some of them was with girls, right? But the dorm fight that I was talking about with homeboy got packed out. He got beat up by at least several niggas. Nobody else got beat up. So that means his homies stayed back. They fell back or they wasn't there. You know what I mean? Maybe he was on some long ranger shit. He got dolomite. When I tell you, they packed this nigga out with something vicious. This was almost 20 some years ago. I know he still feel that some type of ct is going on and lingering. Something got to be playing around his brain. Shit is loose over there. But getting back to the dorm life and shit. Yeah, she fell. What else happened, man? What all kind of crazy shit was going on in a dorm life? Me and my boy Dobby spent a new year Eve. Do we bring it in? I think that was either New Year's Day or Christmas. It was something. I think it was the new year because it was the parade and shit like that. Me and this nigga had some chilled shrimp. Where did we get that shrimp from? I do not know. My nigga came with a platter with the sauce. I don't too much like that version, but it was some fancy shit at the time. Nigga, we college students, we poor. So whatever. You know what I'm saying? Hey, man, we had some crazy scenes. Crazy scenes inside the dorms. Crazy scenes. And we had games. Oh, nigga, we had rucker type games on campus. Now, see, you notice how I'm saying us. You know, I never went to Norfridge. Dobby did. Keon did, Ebong did DJ did. You know what was a lot? It was a lot, man. It was a. The whole. The whole derby college roommate crew. You know what I'm saying? Will said, trey, all of them, man. I remember Dustin, nigga, it was cracking. And then across the street when Dobby had the apartment. And the first apartment, you know what I'm talking about? It was going down. I think it was 115, if I'm not mistaken, right? Man, we had mixed tapes come out of that bitch. Well, that was later on. That was later on. But yeah, it was some wild scenes in the valley. Wild scenes in the valley. I remember going back to. We jumped in these girls car on sunset. You know what I'm saying? Saturday night, sunset. Going down bumper to bumper 2, everybody see you type of shit. And we pushed up on this one car that was right next to us, you know what I'm saying? The quantity was solid, the quality damn near equaled out. So we hopped in a car, and then they went to Cal State, la. Cal State. Now, here's the thing about Cal State. La dorms. Twelve Cal. I don't know. We didn't go inside the guys dorm rooms. The girls had a dorm room, right? Nigga, it was four rooms. They had a dorm room with four rooms. Four rooms equals two to a room, eight to a dorm. Nigga, you got eight women. Eight young women in one dorm room. No lie. We was there. I could bring the fellas out. Well, one, my guy, me and goat, used to run the streets. He's no longer here. Made my guy rest in peace. But Dabi was there because Dabi went to Northridge, you know what I'm saying? So that's how I stayed around the Cal State shenanigans, you know what I'm saying? We stayed around the Cal State, the JC. You know what I'm saying? Anything. You know what I'm saying? All the way to UCLAs and the USCS. Now, the USC, that's a know. You're not going to get up in there. It's like top flight security, you know what I'm saying? UCLA, you can just walk on campus with the dorms. They got the fraternity and sorority houses and shit like that. Not so much on the. They do for certain community colleges, but not so much the Cal states. For sure. They'll have a few. Then when you get to those D one universities, like I said, the USCs, the UCLAs, the Long beach states, our Cal State long Beach, you get to those pepperdine, you're going to start seeing those houses and they look nice. You know what I'm saying? We're talking about a million, 2 million. Back then, you got a place to get into this type of luxury. But outside of that, niggas was in those bummy ass dorm parties. That's what it was. The best ones. It was the best ones because it wasn't enough room for everybody to be there, but everybody wanted to be there. Everybody going to leak out to the parking lot, you know what I'm saying? I didn't spent the night. We didn't spent the night over few girl dorms or whatever super uncomfortable we talking about from the couch to the floor. It was just one of those things. Maybe you can ask yourself or anybody else that's been to college. Niggas is out there just trying to figure it out and we just living on the edge, you know what I'm saying? Like I said, nigga, Friday nights and Saturday nights, we in that dorm room, nigga, we cutting the fuck. It's a fashion show. It's a fashion show. Niggas is getting dressed like it was an event before the event and then before the. This is basically what you're doing. You open it up with niggas. Got it? Niggas was running from dorm to dorm around six, seven o'clock p. M. Taking showers, not even in their own, because it's only, it's one shower to a dorm, one shower, one shower to an apartment or something like that. Now, you did have some two bedroom apartments that had bathroom. They own separate bathrooms. Yeah, but we're talking about, nigga, we use in everybody's dorm room to take showers and to get dressed, you know what I'm saying? Like I said, the whole apartment smell like nigga. All kind of deodorant and cologne. I mean, you walk out of that, you're going to walk out of that motherfucker with a headache. Because everybody, some of them are, let me get that cool water, let me get that cool water. Let me get a couple of snaps of that cool water, you know what I'm saying? And it seemed like I can't remember a time where, I mean, I'm pretty sure it was, you know what I'm saying? Because we don't went to a lot of events with coeds. And what I mean by that is like nine times out of ten when you get dressed is same sex. None but niggas up in here getting dressed versus the girls, you all know they getting dressed all at they dorm, right? At the same time, it's very few times that you all getting dressed together, you know what I'm saying? But it has happened, but it's an event though, you know what I'm saying? And it's like niggas is checking out outfits. Hey, what you got that go with this? Niggas is trying to be on the best dressed and behavior coming up out of that door. And like I said, sometimes the door room is open, niggas is blasting that music, you know what I'm saying? I didn't have no music prepared. But man, you know what it is, man. In the early two thousand s, a lot of little John, you know what I'm saying? Lil John and Usher, you know what I'm saying, dog. It was fun it was fun. And it was some of those, especially during football season, waking up, you know what I'm saying? In the dorm room or waking up in an apartment during football season, it just hit different, you know what I'm saying? Those walks we used to have to take to go get some cereal from the liquor store, that overcharged some shit, you know what I'm saying? It was a big thing when a nigga, because everybody didn't have a car, so it was a big thing to go to the mall. Like the mall was still in the thing. It was still in effect. Niggas all go to the mall and get they fits and shit like that. And we are from, most of us, most of us are from LA. So niggas is hopping on that four or five freeway and headed back to the city, or the one on one, headed back to the city for a little bit. Because to tell you the truth, the niggas that went to college in the valley, we look at the valley like a vacation spot, because it's just less gang activity. Although nigga was gang, it was a bunch of gang niggas hopping on that 405 and going to these college parties, especially Norfolk. Northridge was so fucking ghetto. Know what you need to know when you come to La, my nigga? Northridge, Cal State. Northridge was one of the most ghettoest Cal states we had. Absolutely, my nigga. The amount of stories that's going on over there that niggas don't know about, man, it was some wild. I'm talking about wild parties over here in the valley. Wild parties. When it came to the lounges and the clubs, we didn't go to too many out there in the valley. We had to come to Hollywood, you know what I'm saying? That's where all the funk was at. Hollywood, sunset. You know what I'm saying? Even downtown, we went to a lot of different clubs. That's another one. We got to stay on these dorms. We got to stay on these dorms, dog. We had fights in the dorms. I'm talking about roommates now. We had roommate fights. We had to change your roommates. You never know. Niggas a crap shoe. You never know who you going to get, nigga, where they come from. Don't know how these niggas live, man. It was some dirty niggas up in here. We had some dirty niggas, we did. It was just because you had niggas from everywhere, from every. Not just. Not just from this country, but from other countries, too. You know what I'm saying, and then don't let the culture clashes of LA and the Bay Area. Oh, my God, them Bay Area niggas come down here, boy. They come down here and packed my nigga, and it's just, whoa. You either get along with them niggas or you don't get along with them niggas at all. And I'm talking about nigga, it's bloody, you know what I'm saying? I remember a nigga got sliced up with a machete and one of them altercations, that's one of them Oakland niggas was going crazy up in the dorms. Yeah. All this shit happened in the dorms, nigga that got sliced up with a machete in the dorms. Yeah. Are you out? Your parents out here thinking, oh, my son is in school and his major is this that? No, nigga. His niggas a shishkabob. Almost playing around with the Moakland niggas. Yeah, it's a lot, man. And then when you find out, true story. One of the people a part of this story. I haven't talked to aiden a very long time, and I cannot wait to get that person on the podcast when I find him. But they roommate was a porn star. Oh, yes, they were. Yes, they were. And that's the era where everybody whispering. Whispering, yeah. When you found out the girl. What dorm? The girl who does porn stay in. [00:22:29] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:22:29] Speaker B: She stay in this building and she's such and such roommate. And then you got to get the video. They're going to send you the video. They're going to send you the video on your sidekick that you've been charging. It was going down. One thing about the dorms, though, they gonna have that balcony. They gonna have that balcony that lead to the, you know, lead to the yard, or they gonna have that balcony. Niggas gonna have weight benches. Niggas gonna. Just a bunch of nothing on the balcony. Nothing. You know what I'm saying? Yo, and we're not going to talk about. This is the crazy part, man. This is the crazy part about dorms, right? Or their apartments, right? When you have a party. Now, see, that's kind of tricky, because in the dorms, you're able to have parties from time to time. You know what I'm saying? You talk to who you need to talk to, especially whoever runs that floor when it comes to the apartment. That's different, though. You know what I'm saying? You got to be able to do what you got to do with inside the guidelines but at the same time, it wasn't too much complaints, because the building, I work with a client who stays in the building, and majority of the building is UCLA students. And that was the kind of same thing when I used to go to parties in Northridge, is that they'll have this apartment complex, but you got a couple of families up in there. You know what I'm saying? You got a couple of older cats that stay up in there. But majority of the building is college kids. And it's always one of those things where you and your homies is staying on floor number two or something like that. You know, some girls that stay on the fourth floor. You know what I'm saying? You know, some girls that stay across the street, down the street, you got your homegirls that's in the dorms. You know what I'm saying? Everybody. We didn't all spent the night. We all had those drunk nights, especially when the homies just throwing up, you know what I'm saying? Tucked that nigga away somewhere on the couch somewhere, you know what I'm saying? It was like that. It was like that niggas got a lot of shit stolen in the dorms because it was a doggy dog world. Like, nigga, this was the era of jerseys being worn. Like I said, button down jordans was always a thing. You know what I'm saying? So you had that, but then you also had the introduction and the rise of dress shoes because it was all casual. Because of the gang culture, these clubs and these lounges had strict dress codes. So that's why niggas had to get on what they called that grown and sexy or grown man shit. They had no choice, or else they asses wouldn't be able to get in the club to the point where they wouldn't even let niggas in with graphic t shirts from target. They stopped doing that for a cool know. So what niggas would do would have their graphic tee up under their button down. Once they get in that motherfucking dance a little bit, start sweating, then they just open up their shirt. I'm raising my hand on that one because I did that several million times. You know what I'm saying? Then you can end up taking that shit off and blaming it on nigga. I'm putting in work, nigga. That's why I get to take this bitch off. And you're going to see the Spider man shirt, but you're gonna see this marvel shirt that I got on here. This is what I wanted to rock in the first goddamn place. This is what I picked from the dorms. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, the dorm life was cool, man. The dorm life was cool. There wasn't one of those favorite dorm or anything. And again, I want to reiterate to the listeners, I'm not only just talking about the dorms that's on campus, I'm also talking about the apartments that we had, like I said, around the corner, down the street, a couple of blocks away. You know what I'm saying? I'm also talking about those because that count, you know what I'm saying? I remember having a roommate from Texas. I thought he was batting for the other team by his mannerisms, but he was just a cool cat, and he baked his spaghetti in the oven. I'm not judging it. I ate it. It was good. I had three gay roommates, all right? So it was a total of four people. It was two bedroom apartment, and I think they were, like, a couple, and they were super cool, man. They don't want to put me up on oatmeal raisin cookies from Costco. So shout out to was. And they were super cool. They didn't have any issues. We didn't have any issues. And then my roommate was a cat before the dude from Houston came was a cat that was from Oakley. So this was probably the most surfboardish sounding black dude I've ever seen in my life. His charisma is crazy. I taught him how to dress. That was dope. I taught him how to dress. But we were roommates. After I moved away from the cast, the three cousins, that was filthy. We had ants in our joint, and them niggas had, like, this big ass box that was in the freezer of just cookie dough. I'm like, where the fuck did you all get all this? Goddamn. I ate some of those cookies, though. I did. And I remember they used to have these girls come over. It was this one girl, she was like, light skin. She was a redhead, light skinned chick or whatever, and she messed with one of the cousins. They were weird, dog, I ain't gonna even lie to you. A nigga stole my draws, though. The nigga had my draws on. They wouldn't knew, though. Otis, if you listening to this, they wouldn't knew draws. I had worn them draws several times. And I came back because I used to go home on the weekend. I used to go to my mom house, and then she'll drop me off or catch the bus or something like that. Before I got my car, I go back home, you know what I'm saying? I wash my clothes with the homies and shit like that. Then we get back. I usually get back Sunday night. I come back Sunday, somewhere around, like, oh, I want to say this, though, before I finish that. I remember my mom dropping me off to my first apartment, and I teared up. I don't know if she ever cried, but I did. Once we pulled up and I started moving my stuff in there, I teared up. Damn near almost started to cry. I'm like, damn. I'm really like. And this is sad. Well, the crazy part is, I had moved away from my mom's before in high school. But this was different, though. This really felt like, damn, I'm really separating myself from the nest. Anyhow, this nigga wore my draws, dog. This nigga stole my draws. Nigga stole my draws, dog. Moved from there. So I moved to the other apartment, which was around the corner. And back then, a rent was like 2025. It was something crazy. Yeah. So we had those two roommates. At first, they put me up on the Costco oatmeal raisin cookies, and then they moved out. We basically had our own room now. So I moved in to the other side. He stayed on that side. He used to go back home for the winter and summer at his home, Oakley. Not Oakland, Oakley. And he used to go home. So I pretty much had the apartment to myself, right? And then we had another roommate that moved in, but moved into his room. So he had a roommate. I was still solo bolo, right? Houston dude moves in, then they come back or whatever. Then we get another. So my original roommate moves in on my side, and then the two new guys stay on the other side. Well, the fourth roommate, he was gay as well. He was cool up until he wasn't cool. He was cool in the beginning, but I think he had an issue with, like, he was a tidy, tidy around the house. And so my other roommate from Houston, he wasn't sloppy or anything like that, but he wasn't like, this pizza box is here. I'll get to it later type of nigga. And I remember we were all gone, and we came back to the apartment, and we had some pizza. Previously, nigga. We came back, and he taped the pizza boxes on the wall. It was like three or four pizza boxes. He just taped them on the wall and basically left a message like, nigga, clean up after yourselves. Then after that, it was just downhill. It was just downhill. Like, we didn't get along at all. And then he ended up moving out. Yeah, that was a wild one. That was wild. Again, like I said, we had a lot of classmates that were neighbors and stuff like that. You know how they go, young adults all in the same building and shit like that, going to the same club, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. But it starts from those places, though. It starts from those places. I mean, we're talking about, this is where niggas is going. Have you got to be respectful of your roommate? You know what I'm saying? You got to tell you, some niggas had the scrunchie on the doorknob or something. They had something to say. Yeah, I got this. I'm occupying this spot right now. Remember, some niggas had no lie in some situations. Some cats had to be like three to a room, two to a room, you know what I'm saying? It was like that, especially the apartments, because niggas had to make rent and every nigga didn't have a job and every nigga fast, but didn't hit on time, you know what I'm saying? That bread didn't come in on time, so you got to have niggas to hold it down to pay that rent. And that rent was probably, at that time, that rent was probably two bedroom apartment in the valley, about 1200. About 1200 somewhere around there. And they said, now you think that's not. Obviously that ain't shit today or whatever, but back then, as a college student who eaten top ramen in Jack in the box, you know what I'm saying? The egg rolls with the ranch and the sweet and sour sauce. Yeah, that one. The chicken strips. Yup. Yeah. All of that you talk about back then, niggas didn't have money like that. Niggas was working at foot locker wherever they could have get a part time job at Target foot locker. You know what told me that? She told me the cheat code for the rental car service enterprise. They hired athletes and all. Fine looking was the. That was the FedEx did too. FedEx hired a lot, at least the one in Santa Monica. He hired all black girls. And he was a hispanic guy from Georgia. He hired all black women. I sinked it. I was there. District manager. But yeah, in the dorms. Now, the dorm was different from the apartments. Obviously, you didn't have to pay any rent for the dorms, but you had to be accepted and on the list or some shit like that. So like I said, you had to have your shit together to get in the actual dorms. And nine times out of ten, you in there as a freshman and a sophomore. After that, your junior and your senior. You definitely off campus somewhere. Definitely off campus somewhere. But yeah, man, I probably have to bring a couple of friends on to share their experiences and their point of view of the dorm life and things that I may have. I had drunk moments at these departments, you know what I'm saying? I had one of those mornings where I woke up Sunday morning. It seemed like when I woke up on a Sunday morning, on a random Sunday morning, nigga, it was like golf was on or some shit like that. And I remember nigga walking to subway at the corner, getting me. What's the shit? I used to get the sweet teriyaki chicken. I used to get that shit all the time. And I took a tooth, just a tooth, and bit into the bread. I couldn't even eat it. I had drunk so much alcohol, I could not eat anything and just let that shit settle down. But, yeah, those were the days, man. That's why I wanted to play that TLC, that baby, baby, baby. It reminds me of. Because of the video as well, but it gives you that college dorm. That's a college dorm song right there. You know what I'm saying? What is you all twelve cow OTR Mike. You know what I'm saying, murph? Let me know. I need to know what King germ. I need to know what was going on in your dorms. What was y'all doing. There's so much more I could share. So much more I could share. But that's know future episodes is for. I can't give you everything in one show but cereal, top, Ramen, Koolaid, you name it. Yeah, maybe in some occasions, dog. Some celebrities came through, too. I do want to say this before I get out of here, though. Dobby, we had a tournament. We had a tournament in the middle of the goddamn campus basketball tournament. You remember what I'm talking about? You remember what I'm talking about? And we lost that. I think it was for money, too. I think it was for money. We have some classic basketball games in the valley. Classic. But Dobby, I don't think I forgot, dog. I don't think I forgot. I really don't. I don't even know if we technically. If we lost or we won. I don't remember. But, hey, I got to bring Dobby on here, so we got to know about his history, too. Because Dobby move a lot of work in the valley. We're going to talk about Dobby in the valley in the future. Oh, yeah. 2024 we getting that one? We getting that. We getting that. [00:38:02] Speaker A: Got a 30 on my seat. Oh, really? Don't be so dissing me but no one never shattered me I didn't draw my look so many times, they still ain't got it me, I just walked in sick I got the sack, I told him proud of me, future big don't be he know for all robberies mostly niggas gonna slap business dang slamming me, trying to fuck with Shane, topping me I fishy trying me, I'm with a trauma. [00:38:46] Speaker B: My eyes gonna leave blind. [00:38:48] Speaker A: Dog lost your mind? Fuck that wizard white for risky mind don't.

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