Episode 6

September 28, 2017


Support The Supporters #B4P006

Support The Supporters #B4P006
BTG For President
Support The Supporters #B4P006

Sep 28 2017 | 01:23:28


Show Notes

Support The Supporters #B4P006 This episode I interview one of my southern based friends, Eric "OldHead" Davis, to discuss the lack of support in the black community and black podcast community. Breaking it down from the slave mentality to the new millennials. We discuss basketball predictions, hip hop, and who our cultural leaders are. Do we really have an issue with supporting our own? Special shoutout to: a Los Angeles native Ralphiael Na'te Walton, the designer and creator of RNW Garments. Asim Supreme the founder of Asim Supreme Products...a Detroit native. Derrick Wayze Smith, designer and creator of Gift & Dreams clothing...also a Los Angeles native. Syer and JayoMega, 2 dope NYC MC's. Please follow up on these special entrepreneurs and support their craft and hustles. All contact info will be located under the friends section inside the menu option. All feedback send to my [email protected]

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