Episode 5

September 21, 2017


Men vs Women (BTG Vs. MTG) #B4P005

Men vs Women (BTG Vs. MTG) #B4P005
BTG For President
Men vs Women (BTG Vs. MTG) #B4P005

Sep 21 2017 | 00:44:40


Show Notes

Men vs Women (BTG Vs. MTG) #B4P005 This episode I go 12 rounds face to face with my wife, aka, the First Lady! We discuss and breakdown which gender matters more; What men and women don't understand about each other; and 8 rapid questions to give you insight on who we are. We also share our dislikes and likes inside of our marriage. A different spin on the marriage advice. Show some love and leave some feedback and rate me on iTunes. 5 stars preferably! http://getpodcast.reviews/id/1272451586   As always...any hate mail ➡️ [email protected]

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