Episode 4

September 14, 2017


Generations An'nem #B4P004

Generations An'nem #B4P004
BTG For President
Generations An'nem #B4P004

Sep 14 2017 | 00:40:40


Show Notes

Generations An'nem #B4P004 This episode I create a "my own year". The year 2K2.0. My favorite eras of all time. The trends and lifestyles we've grown up on throughout the years. Pack it all into one year...don't forget your weekly dosage of the marriage tip. You judge for yourself which generation and era was better, or just take a little from each on them and create your own. I encourage everyone to get caught up on the Kenneka Jenkins story . If you have any hate mail or opinions...don't be afraid to talk that shit... www.baylorthegreat.com and or leave voice memo via email [email protected]

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