Episode 332

February 01, 2024


The Original Vibes

The Original Vibes
BTG For President
The Original Vibes

Feb 01 2024 | 00:46:51


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BTG For President Episode #332

I strongly believe that looking up to your older siblings can help and navigate you through your journey. I also think it’s respectful and honorable to praise your OGs, but don’t think you’re not in the same position to give out lessons. Let the RnBEEF continue. I present to you… The Original Vibes.

The Original Vibes #B4P332

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County coming from the city where no pity is shell. Shell might need to do a song for LA. [00:00:06] Speaker B: Straight up. Hello, my name is Elaine and I'll. [00:00:16] Speaker C: Be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles. [00:00:19] Speaker B: Count my dough and smoke up. I'm from California. [00:00:22] Speaker A: Where you from? [00:00:23] Speaker B: So what? California. California. [00:00:29] Speaker A: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker B: Where are we going? Westward house worry, I won't hurt you I only want you. [00:00:48] Speaker A: Hi, everybody. I'm back. Oh, man, it feels great. It feels great. In the city of Los Angeles, Cal Lafon Naye. It's a beautiful thing. We had some great weather today. 73 was the highest. Winter is almost over. Time for y'all to stop bundling up. [00:01:23] Speaker B: I was dreaming when I wrote this. Forgive me. [00:01:28] Speaker A: It's not by mistake how I ended up like this, how I ended up so great. I want to give a special shout out to Britt. Britt swears up and down, right? And if y'all don't know, Britt has always been cool with me. It's just lately she's just been tripping, right? [00:01:51] Speaker B: Second point. [00:01:53] Speaker A: Twelve. [00:01:53] Speaker D: Baylor was born in 1982. [00:01:56] Speaker A: Where did this come from? [00:01:57] Speaker B: Twelve. [00:01:58] Speaker C: Kyle. [00:01:58] Speaker D: I was born in 1972. I got ten years up on the land, right? So I got more music experience. So you can't talk about r and b with me because my RMB is just different. I mean, like. [00:02:19] Speaker A: Why you laugh at me like that? Dog don't laugh. And he's right. No, y'all. Y'all thought I was gonna come on here and. And start a fight. I am. But he's right. He's right. The things that he experienced in the early eighty s, I would never get that type of experience. Never. I can't. At least not in this lifetime. But he's right. You know what I mean? What he broke down was a different style. A more vintage, retro style, right? And we all appreciate it. Now, twelve cow might have been misinformed about a couple of things. And the only reason why I say that is because, yes, that ten year gap, that's a lot. And it's known an important time period. You know what I mean? 72 versus 82. When you get to around three or four, that's when you start retaining a lot of information and stuff. Things that you witness, that you see. We've seen a lot of stuff. I've seen a lot of stuff. I've heard a lot of stuff. Twelve cow bread. Jboog. Jbug has been cool. You know what I'm saying? Doug, I heard you. I heard you. I listened. I heard it. Everything's good. Man on this side. And I told twelve cow last year, I said, you know what I'm thinking about taking a higher road. Squashing the beef, right? He said, no. He said, nah, bailey, keep it going. I'm like, why? He said, because I want to be a part of it. He said he wanted to be a part of it. [00:04:34] Speaker B: Forgave and soon. [00:04:36] Speaker A: Why? Why? I did that twelve count. Come on, man. [00:04:44] Speaker B: It was no time to play. We build it up. [00:04:48] Speaker A: I'm great at what I do, man. [00:04:50] Speaker B: Now it's solid. Solid as a rock. [00:04:56] Speaker A: You better stop playing with me. Twelve cow. Yes. That came out. What? That came out in 1984. I was two. I was two. Guess what I was doing at two? Nothing. Probably still peeing in the bed. I'm for sure peeing in the bed at two. Now, did I comprehend what was going on at the moment? No. You write, I didn't understand that or start to understand that until I got a little bit older. That was 84 right there. See, here's the thing, though. Twelve pound. If I got these songs that mean I was paying attention, you know what I'm saying? And paying attention. You know what the problem is? Because Britt had a lot to say. She wanted me to believe and the rest of the world on Twitter to believe that I drugged her into something. It wasn't like, wasn't. That's nasty work. That's nasty work. It wasn't like that at all. Now, I admit I will throw some shots around from here from time to time, but that's just what I do. I throw shots. I throw shots all the time. [00:06:10] Speaker C: The great, et cetera, et cetera and so on. Baylor has started the r b beef, okay? He's called out hosts and, oh, I'm the king of R B. Nobody's got a playlist like mine. You don't know r b like I. [00:06:32] Speaker A: Know R-B-I don't know if I said it like that, Bret. I don't know if I said it like that. And I don't know if I said it like that. That's the only problem I have. You know what I'm saying? That's the only problem I have, is that I don't think I said it like that. But we already know how that is. We know how that goes. We know how that goes. Well, what you think kind of dance I was doing when this came out? When this came out, I was turning music, hitting it. I was four when this came out. This came out in 1986. You know what I was doing in 1986? Eating cereal, eating cereal. And I'm not recycling the milk and I'm pouring it out. Give me a new, fresh batch. Because I was like that. I was like that. Yeah. I didn't do that at everybody house. No, I ain't that tough, but I did that. Switch my milk out. New milk, fresh milk, cold. I'm not as ghetto as everybody else, but I understand you putting ice in there. Hey, if we going to fight about it, we're going to fight about it. We going to fight about it. But I'm going to tell you, man, twelve cow. This wasn't that difficult. I listened to your episode, I listened to Brit's episode, and y'all make some valid points. Y'all make some valid points, Brit. I don't think I'm the gatekeeper. I don't think that I'm the gatekeeper. I know I am. That's not to say I have the best playlist, but it's pretty damn good. You have to admit, that's the only beef that I have with. No two beefs I have with you. I'm like 50. How are you going to do a track with an artist that I'm beefing with, like, willy nilly? We go back, like, you know what I'm saying? And this is what happens. This is what you did to me. How do you think I'm supposed to react off of that? What should I do when it comes to reacting off of that? That's nasty business. I don't know anybody that can get filthier than that. [00:09:15] Speaker B: Give me a beat. [00:09:22] Speaker A: I dig a Lucas just went for 73, man. 73, man. And it was against Atlanta. It was against your squad. Well, cow, that's kind of nasty. 73, but shout out, I'm glad you all protected that 81 like you all were supposed to. I think that call came in, but, you know, Luca and Booker don't get along. I'm glad he broke Booker record, though. Yeah, we all been in the back of that movie thinking some nasty stuff. Hey, man, look, this is what I was told, you know what I'm saying? If you need me to go get the people to verify it, I will. But they said I had a crush on this one woman, right? And it's kind of. I'm going to tell you the truth. I have an awkward. What do you call it? I don't care for Nicki Minaj's personality. Right. I think it's fake. And I think she holds on to that character too long. She does too much with that character. Right. But she does look like a legend that I grew up listening to. They said, yeah, man, I used to dance in my pampers to this, right? And it seemed like when I look at Nicki Minaj, she resembles. She looks like this woman that I grew up listening to. They look just alike to me. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Chaka Khan. There is some similarities there. Twelve count. You feel me? If you don't feel me, I know she feels for me the way I feel for you. Chaka Khan. Let me tell you what I want to do. I want to love you, want to hug you. That's a bad woman right there. Because you know that I'm the one to give you one chakra. I make it more than just a physical. You know what it is? Twelve cow. I mean, look, yeah. We are ten years apart. I'm not that far away, buddy. I'm not that far away. I'm telling you, right? Like, Luke just dropped 73, okay? And what I'm trying to tell you is. Yes, man, yes. I've always appreciated the vibes. You know what I'm saying? The old school vibes. You ain't going to get no complaints out of me. You're not going to get no complaints out of me. I rap and I make sure you all stay in the conversation. It's a lot of cats out here that be disrespecting you, but not me. Not me. I always give praise to the big homies, you know? It's just that y'all gotta understand that eventually we'll take over. Lonzo ball, lamello ball. You know what I mean? You understand? What are you catching? That the younger brother just might. Just might end up being the better one? That's crazy. You know what I'm saying? This came out in 88. I was a little bit older, you know, six years old. Let me tell you something. You wouldn't talk about Mr. Unibrow himself. He gonna tell you how he feels about the situation. What'd you think about that? Twelve Al? I get it. You was at the age. And see, here's the thing. This is why I'll be trying to explain to Greg, right? Both. All Greg. You had to be there now. Well, Marilyn Greg. No, we're talking about Jersey Greg. That's what I'll be trying to tell him about experiences. So if you go listen to twelve count episodes, he's going to tell you his perspective. His experiences from house parties, some in which he may have hosted. You know what I'm saying? He's going to break it down on how it was all laid out how it all played out. And then you can go listen to my episode and you can see the evolution of it and you can even hear the differences in the neighborhood, you know what I'm saying? So I think that's important. They receive music in a different type of way back then. We all know that the way they partied, it was just different, you know what I'm saying? We talking about some r and b, the slow jams. It comes down to how that music makes you feel, you know what I'm saying? And I think twelve cow does an excellent job at breaking down these albums. And he's going to give you all some in depth on how it was back then. And you got to respect the picture that he's painting. But in no way, no fashion or form, will I ever let him try to son me. No. You just an older brother. That's it. It's a possibility that I just might pass you sooner or later. And I know how you all was getting down in those parties. Oh, man, the amount of pelvic. Because my pelvic thrust as a kid was phenomenal. But I know y'all was up in parties, just. I couldn't get in. I couldn't get in. You want to know why? Because that came out the year that I was born. I was born in 1982. But this is one of the most iconic songs. Oh, man. [00:16:27] Speaker B: What? [00:16:31] Speaker A: Yeah, this is a story of famous dogs, but the dog that chases its tail will be busy. And I always remembered. I always remembered hearing that Voice, you know what I mean? It was just different. What do you think, britt? [00:16:47] Speaker C: How long do you expect us to go on? How many R B beef episodes do you want? Because everybody got something to bring to the table. [00:16:57] Speaker A: Do y'all? [00:16:57] Speaker C: So are you ever going to call a truce? Surrender? [00:17:01] Speaker B: Kumbaya? [00:17:03] Speaker A: See, now. And I tried to, but you said I was dragging cats in. No, that's not what it was, man. Twelve cows said he wanted to do this. He said that. [00:17:15] Speaker C: Put out this fire. Are you just going to fuel it until. Who knows? I mean, shots on TikTok, I've heard some fire on those. [00:17:25] Speaker A: Art. [00:17:26] Speaker C: Are you ever going to put out this fire or are you just going. [00:17:29] Speaker A: To fuel it until. I'm going to tell you what, if you all put down the guns, I'll put down the guns. How about that? What do you think about that, Bret? You tell me. [00:17:40] Speaker C: You talk a mess. I'm going to. Because what, this has been going on for months now, hasn't it? [00:17:46] Speaker A: Yeah, months. No longer than that like a year. [00:17:50] Speaker C: But you won't step into the ring for some more prince, and it might be because you were defeated early on in the game. And I'm sorry. So you feel like you're going to get me back with the r and b beef? That ain't going to happen either. [00:18:02] Speaker A: It's a little spicy over there. It's a little spicy over there. And I'm glad she feels that way. I'm glad she feels that way. But that's not true. That's not true. I just wanted to give it. Look, if you notice, you prince fans are a little aggressive. Like, my fans are chilling right now. We good. We chilling, y'all. The ones like, oh, well, let's just have a debate again about Rogers. And I'm like, I like Rogers. You know I do. What are we doing? You know what? Don't know. I don't know where we go from here. Right. First of all, look, the Atlantic Star group, the niggas, had like 30 members, okay? They got a song called Circle. It came out in 1982. So obviously I wasn't born yet, twelve Cal. You're right. And I wasn't there. But once I seen that cover, I said, there's got to be an AAU team. Did you see it? It was tough. It was tough. He's right, though. Around that time, man, like I said, the music was made different. You know what I'm saying? It was made different and it was received different. It was just different. It's more positive. What can I say? [00:19:41] Speaker B: Only you can make me happy. [00:19:45] Speaker A: Oh, man. Throw them shades on. You got the drop top, you and the pinto. Yeah. Windows down driving down sunset or the Shaw Broadway I find someone like you what do you think, twelve cat? What you think I can't hear you right now? Because my thing is, it's all built off of respect. It's all built off of respect. It's nothing but respect at the end of the day, right? I think it's all respect. I respect your music. Take. I do. I know twelve cow made a good point on this episode of me not, you never want to poke the younger brother. That's basically what he was saying. And you got to respect it. And I respect it. I respect it. I respect it. Because he just. [00:21:05] Speaker D: RMB is not touching my RMB. [00:21:07] Speaker B: Don't get it twisted. [00:21:09] Speaker C: I have. [00:21:10] Speaker D: And I will jam to the RMB that he posted. He put out some great music. [00:21:15] Speaker A: What I do. That's nice for you to say, man. And that's the type of respect I'd be needing if you stay on that one. [00:21:25] Speaker D: I'm just getting started. [00:21:26] Speaker A: Okay. [00:21:28] Speaker D: So, yeah, the great thing about the music in the 80s, Baylor, is that we really did a good job of singing about love. Wasn't so much about bones. [00:21:40] Speaker B: Let me beat it up. [00:21:42] Speaker D: Let me wear it out. [00:21:43] Speaker A: It wasn't like that. It was really about love. But what. Look, I know it was all about love. I was there. I'm telling you right now. I understand when you bring up love because you all use so many different forms, even a computer. I'm like. [00:22:10] Speaker B: What? [00:22:14] Speaker A: Yeah, I know about pulling up to the barbecue they showed you on Minister society. They showed it to you in a 5.0 I'm giving a mother. We supposed to be brothers. Twelve cow. [00:22:36] Speaker B: Beauty, love. [00:22:42] Speaker A: Did you, would it be. I ain't even mentioned Doug. Hey, Doug, no disrespect, but I got you in a minute, man. Don't worry about it, bro. Because with me and you was going to backyard slap box real quick. I tell you what you did wrong and how you went about it and last episode was fired on. Yeah, I appreciate it. I appreciate it. Twelve cow, you can't attack my childhood. You can't. You got to remember I grew up in a very special, different time zone, man. You know what I'm saying? And I get it, dog. I used to put my feet on the wall, too. I used to have to click over, too. You know what I'm saying? Mom, I'm on the phone. You know what I'm saying? Okay. You think you don't know what I'm talking about when you get. Yeah. So she was like, well, I thought she was talking to such a. No, I ain't talking to nobody. I'm trying to talk to you now. And then all you hear is. And then she start pushing buttons on her phone. And I'm like, mom, I was there. Twelve cow. I was there. I was there doing a sidekick era, you know what I'm saying? And that was a pivotal point in a lot of our lives. Brit was there. Britt was there. So when it came to the ringtones, when it came to the voicemail, shit, I'm going to just fast forward and jump from the. When you was mad at somebody, you communicated through music in your away messages, your voicemail, your ringtone. It was messages in these songs. Twelve cow. Look, see, this is why I got a beef with Brit. She going to listen to a track like this and go act like she don't like it. Don't you hate when people act like they don't like something, but they really like it. But they don't want to like it. In front of you, fussing, fighting. [00:24:53] Speaker B: We back at it. [00:24:54] Speaker A: We back at it. They don't understand Amariana. And that's the problem. You all don't want to try and understand. I never said anything negative about y'all playlist. I just said mine was just a little bit better. Because when you get in the vibes, you get in the vibes, man. And it's okay with having new songs. You know what I'm saying? It's okay. Twelve cow. You got to listen to some of these newer artists. You never know what type of song you might come across. This is so. It's so tough right here. Twelve gal. Britt, what you. [00:25:50] Speaker B: I'm gonna tell you the truth. [00:25:51] Speaker A: I'm gonna tell you the truth. [00:25:53] Speaker B: Not like these girls on the loose. [00:25:58] Speaker A: You know what? I would hate me too, Britt, since you want to be like that. If you was one of the Power Rangers, I'd be like, no, you're not in the Power Rangers. You're not in the power. Watch this part right here. Bret, look. [00:26:16] Speaker B: Making me so high. [00:26:22] Speaker A: Everything I ever want. That is tough, right? You are jealous right now. Is that what you're doing? Is that what you're doing in these streets? This is their original vibes. That's all I want. I just wanted to. One day we're going to do a collab. Why did I say it like that? We're going to do a collab, right? But twelve count. In order for you to be a part of this collab, man, you got to expand your mind to some newer tracks. It can move you a little bit. Some of these young shit has got an older soul. What if. [00:27:11] Speaker B: Tell me, baby what are the chances? [00:27:14] Speaker A: What if. Twelve cow. [00:27:17] Speaker B: That we can make it? [00:27:23] Speaker A: What if. And that's all I wanted to really mention when it came to that. You know what I'm saying? Because twelve Cal is a special person to me, man. What's that? What was that? Twelve, man. Listen, that joint right there, that joint is special. [00:27:42] Speaker D: It's funny because this song came out in 86, Bailey. [00:27:45] Speaker B: 86. [00:27:46] Speaker D: You were what, four years old? I was 14. [00:27:48] Speaker A: So that's the difference. [00:27:51] Speaker D: Bailer, you didn't know no better. [00:27:52] Speaker A: I mean, four years old, you ain't. [00:27:53] Speaker D: Even on your tricycle yet. [00:27:55] Speaker A: You know what I'm saying? [00:27:56] Speaker D: I'm in the room now with boombox listening to Shirley Murdoch when it's time. [00:28:00] Speaker A: For me to go to what you. I see what you mean. I definitely understand what you're talking about now. I didn't know you felt like that. I didn't. I thought we was cooler than that, man. At one point, I thought we could have patched things up, but I see now it might be an issue. That was a good track. That was crazy. If you all ever go listen to that track. Yeah, man. It's got to be a top three side chick anthem. You know what I mean? And it was wild back then. It was wild and twelve cow. No. Twelve cow, no. So I can't down him. No, twelve cow got that. He got that. He cool. If you ever meet twelve cow, you need to meet twelve cow. He wanted the coolest cats ever. You know what I'm saying? I don't know too many cool cats like twelve cow. I don't know where he gets his coolness from. It's very authentic. It's very upbeat. I don't know. I can't describe how cool it is. Sometimes you need a song that help you just think of some cool shit. You know what I'm saying? And that's cool. I gotta mention something he. Cause he has said something about one of Prince songs. Like, you know. You know. Well, Britt and him be going back and forth about Prince. This, Prince. Dad, Mike ain't got a song like that. He ain't got a song like this. Michael doesn't have this. You know what I'm saying? It's always what he don't got. But what he do have is something that could be played for a whole 31 days of a whole month. And there's nothing like it. The closest thing after this is probably what disturb you, maybe, but I don't come close. This was technically an extended version. It was like a mini scary movie. How'd you feel about this? Because Britt is younger than me, so I need to know, was you as scared as I was scared. I was scared. Prince ain't got one of these. He ain't got controversy. There's a controversy going on, but he ain't got one of these thrillers. He don't have a thriller. He don't have a thriller. He don't. And that's the thing. He don't have a thriller. That's not saying that's bad. He just don't have that. You know what I'm saying? Hey, man, have you all ever wanted the Jerry curl? Not even a Jerry curl. These niggas right here. Twelve cow. When I say these niggas had a year supply of free, let your soul glow, because these niggas right here, they over here complaining about Sheila. Nigga, they had all the soul glow. I'm talking about, nigga. They cabinet was stocked up with that soul glow. Them niggas had some jerry curls and some slick backs, and they worried about Sheila. You worrying about the wrong Sheila. You know what I'm saying? Because the Sheila that I know, let's put it like this. The Sheila I know, man. It's something about the Sheila. I don't think we was talking about the same Sheila, but I know the show. Are you seeing some type of correlation here? If they're not somewhat connected, they all look alike. I mean, it's a lot of soul glowing going. But this Sheila right here, this was the old Sheila that I was talking about. What Sheila was you talking about? Tocal? It wasn't rhetorical. Which one was you talking about? Was we talking about a different one? I need to know. I need to know, man. I mean, you had a lot to say. You had a lot to say. And I'm not mad at it, but. [00:33:34] Speaker D: My brother Baylor decided to drag in some fellow podcasts. [00:33:39] Speaker A: That's not what happened. [00:33:40] Speaker D: He talked about Doug from the Struggle Play podcast. [00:33:45] Speaker A: Shout out to Doug. Gunshots. [00:33:47] Speaker D: He's talked about jay gunshots. [00:33:50] Speaker B: Quick. [00:33:50] Speaker A: Gunshots. Gunshots. [00:33:51] Speaker D: Shout out to Jay. And he's also talked about Brit. [00:33:54] Speaker A: Gunshots. Gunshots. Gunshots. Gunshots. [00:33:58] Speaker D: And all of whom have all been on this podcast. And I've been on their podcast as well. [00:34:03] Speaker A: Yeah, no, that wasn't totally true, if I'm not mistaken. Twelve cow, you said, no, don't end the war. I want to be a part of it. Right? If you look at Britt's podcast title, it says stepping into r b beef, right? It says stepping into, stepping into, stepping. [00:34:36] Speaker D: Into being an r and b renaissance man. Like he talks about on his podcast from time to time how great his r b is. And he talks about and he plays the songs. And don't get me wrong, he's played some smokers on his podcast, right? And I bob to know, and I think very good ear for great r b. [00:34:55] Speaker A: But in the midst of him talking about, wait, is it uchi Wally? Or is it one I, am I good or am I not good? That's what we're trying to find out. Because this all about, right? [00:35:18] Speaker C: And last but certainly not least, shout out to Dame Jackson, someone special putting together playlists on apple music lovers centers. Not remember, but he'll be updating every couple weeks, every month, something like that. But one thing about Dame is his music selection is fire. And no, Baylor, I am not pulling nobody else into this little, is it. [00:35:44] Speaker A: Dame. Dame. [00:35:45] Speaker C: Daddy, come back down to reality. [00:35:48] Speaker B: What do you mean? [00:35:49] Speaker C: You act like you the gatekeeper. [00:35:51] Speaker A: I never said like. [00:35:53] Speaker C: Only, you know, before the stuff dropped was dropping. No, Siri. [00:35:59] Speaker A: And I think that's where the confusion comes in at. Yeah, I might step a certain way, but that's just full of confidence right there. That's all that is. I never said that. It might seem like that because the shit is good. You know what I'm saying? You know what, twelve cow, I almost forgot. Remember you said something about Marvin gay? You just had to be there. Let me let you in on little secret, man. His daughter, Nona, she could sing and she can. She can act. I just drunk me some water. [00:37:00] Speaker B: Smile to my face. [00:37:03] Speaker A: Y'all remember this? This was in the take control of. [00:37:11] Speaker B: Emotions I never knew I had. [00:37:16] Speaker A: She's overjoyed. She was overjoyed. Now, Stevie wonder did it better. You get it? Okay, you know what, twelve k, you're right. You had to be there. And he's totally right about that. I cannot go against that. I can't go against that. I can't. You know what I'm saying? Like, he has a point when it comes to a. You just had to be there. Sterling sharp. But then that means I would have to be Shannon Sharp. You see what I'm saying? David Carr. But then that would make me like, am I the only one that's seeing the. Do we get it yet? You know what I'm saying? Because earlier I said Lonzo Lamello. That was different. Clearly, right? I mean, even if we go to the twins, you know what that. That's hooping right now. You know what I'm saying? Like, which twin are you? Are you sideshow Bob twin? Are you the other Lopez? Which Lopez are you? I don't know. I don't know. Twelve Cal. I don't know. I don't know why you decide to hop in this type of beef. It ain't even like that, brother. We supposed to be brothers, man. We supposed to be brothers. I'm not doing this. You all online trying to cyberbully me, talking about, like, I'm the bully. How am I the bully? I'm trying to bring out the best content out of y'all that I can. This is for the world. Y'all don't podcast for just yourselves. Yay, man. The Lord put y'all here for a reason. I'm just making sure y'all on your P's and Q's. That's all. And again, Britt, I never said I thought I said I was. I said I was, though that part can be a little confusing because I know I said I was. Don't stop. I don't understand. When it gets to a point where it's supposed to stop and I'm supposed to care or you want me to believe that I am in second place, that won't happen. And you know that won't happen. Rick, shame on you for doing all kind of phenomenal shows with JBug. This G unit is over. I'm about sick of it. [00:40:45] Speaker B: Nice. Like this kiss is all you really need. [00:40:54] Speaker A: I don't get the respect of. [00:40:57] Speaker B: Let's think about. [00:41:01] Speaker A: It's. It's hard for me. Not twelve cow. This is one of those new ones, bro, that I was telling you about. You might want to type in and download this one, right? Don't you have me taste like. And when I get. When I get in the fourth quarter. [00:41:29] Speaker B: I'll take the way back. Tilt your head back. [00:41:43] Speaker A: Tilt your head back and let me taste. It's phenomenal, man. I want to thank you all for coming out, man. I want to give a special shout out to twelve cow. Twelve Cow podcast, man. The richest podcaster I know. Thank you for motivating me, my brother. Thank you for sharing topics. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for posting triple doubles as a family man, a black family man at that. Thank you for going to an HBCU and keeping our tradition rich and steady. I also want to thank you for understanding that sometimes the older brother got to sit back. [00:42:56] Speaker B: Where do you dare me to draw the line? You got the battle, now you want my soul. Don't even think about it. Say no. Go. Yeah. [00:43:12] Speaker A: This 1982, I was still in the sack. I can't deny it. How you think I won? I was raced into this shit right here. No can do. How you think I got there? How you think I got here, bro? You trying to tell me what I didn't experience or what I couldn't experience? But I'm here. I'm here. I will always respect twelve cow. Hey, Britt, I'm very disappointed in your loyalty, but we'll talk about that on another time, okay? J Wood. Hey, man. Hey, man. I motivated you to go on TikTok and say, hey, here's my list. It's fun, ain't it? Stop sitting on all that gold again. It's only so much platinum that I could share. Rose gold I got all kind of sparkly shit behind me when it comes to that r and b. Hey, man, you don't have to struggle no more, doug. We keep telling you this. You got to support our friends. You don't have to do this no more. I still appreciate you all, man. I really love you all, man. At one point, I started to think about like, hey, man, you need to start treating people with respect. And I said, I do, man. I respect all the pocket. But it's the way you say it, BTG. I'm like, man, I can't talk to them like they some little punks, man. They know what it is. Even if they get emotional, man, they don't have an emotional leader, do they? Why? So why were they doing all this crying like this? [00:45:36] Speaker B: Dig, if you will the picture. [00:45:39] Speaker A: I don't need y'all crying no more. Leave me alone. And this doesn't have to happen. Okay, here's the thing. Twelve cow. I'm going to say this. This is going to be my last time saying this. Hell, yeah. I'm going to make some r and B merch. Britt. You goddamn right I am. Which you thought I wasn't going to do that. You thought I was. But you know what? She is right. Britt is right, though. You know what I'm saying? It's not that. I'm not the one that know everything. She write about that? Hi, Britt. Yeah. Just for my niggas in the type doing dirt. For whatever that is worth, I don't want to see you end up on the shirt, nigga. We were sliding through the city bumping dj quick wasn't listening to don't teach me how to run it down. Since you win a g ride headed to the east side niggas better leave me alone this time, man. Let me see what click save, send the hose going. Love this. It's.

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