Episode 333

February 08, 2024


That Girl is Poison

That Girl is Poison
BTG For President
That Girl is Poison

Feb 08 2024 | 00:41:37


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BTG For President Episode #333

I finally got a celebrity on the Pod. The poetic, creative, and seductive brand is in the building. Queen Poison has added her presence to my audio statue. Nobody cares about candy corn ppl.

That Girl is Poison #B4P333

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County. Coming from the city where no pity is shell. Shell might need to do a song for LA. Straight up. [00:00:13] Speaker B: Hello, my name is Elaine, and I'll be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles. [00:00:19] Speaker A: Count my dough and smoke up. [00:00:21] Speaker B: I'm from California. [00:00:22] Speaker A: Where you from? [00:00:23] Speaker B: So what? California. California. [00:00:28] Speaker A: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker B: Where are we going? Westward house. Hello. [00:00:34] Speaker A: No, the queen is here. See, it's game time. [00:00:40] Speaker B: It is. [00:00:41] Speaker A: Let me tell you, I don't have too many celebrities on my show. I don't. I don't even have that type of show. Okay? It's a very rare occasion that I get a celebrity on the show. This is a milestone. [00:01:02] Speaker B: Celebrity? Me. [00:01:04] Speaker A: Yes. Now, I've had the demurfs. I had the demurfs on before. That's a luxury. I might know Penrose in person. I don't know. But to this status, that's kind of crazy. This is kind of like my Shannon Sharp Cat Williams moment. [00:01:33] Speaker B: Oh, man. [00:01:34] Speaker A: You know what I'm saying? He did the top of January. I'm doing the top of, right? [00:01:40] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:01:42] Speaker A: The queen. Is it the queen of poison or is it just queen poison? [00:01:48] Speaker B: Call me sugar. We're going to stick with sugar today. [00:01:51] Speaker A: Oh, sugar. And that's crazy because that's my wife's nickname. Okay? Now, we switched it because it used to be sweetie plum pie. It's just too many words. [00:02:09] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:02:10] Speaker A: So I just cut it down to sugar. Okay. And I know you all are ranked very high in this world. You know what I mean? Again, this is an honor. Now, I do have a set of questions for you, okay? And I know you can get a little poetic. I noticed. I did my research. I did my research and I've seen the content online. I've seen how you move, queen. I've been watching. [00:02:48] Speaker B: Are you selling? [00:02:50] Speaker A: Yeah. And that's what celebrities do. Now, I got about, maybe about five or six questions. Very important questions. Some of these questions might alter. It might dictate how these friendships might change. Okay. We got to be careful now. You ready for question number one? [00:03:13] Speaker B: I am. [00:03:14] Speaker A: All right. We about to pray for some art right now. I need you to describe love in the form of breakfast. [00:03:25] Speaker B: In a form of breakfast. [00:03:28] Speaker A: I know you. Poetic. This is a lob right here off the backboard. [00:03:37] Speaker B: So are we talking about foods in particular, or are we talking, like, flavors and textures? [00:03:45] Speaker A: I'm going to go with the second 1500. [00:03:48] Speaker B: Flavors and textures. [00:03:49] Speaker A: Yes. [00:03:53] Speaker B: Sweet, sometimes sticky. [00:03:56] Speaker A: Okay. [00:03:58] Speaker B: Fulfilling. Homemade. [00:04:03] Speaker A: That's the one. That's what you got? That's it. [00:04:10] Speaker B: Yes. [00:04:10] Speaker A: Okay. All right. [00:04:12] Speaker B: Nothing got to be difficult. I think we overcomplicate things and try to make it more difficult than what it needs to be. [00:04:20] Speaker A: Sometimes you can eat too much love. [00:04:22] Speaker B: You can. Sometimes you get too full. Sometimes you don't get enough. Sometimes what you're looking for isn't what's being served. [00:04:33] Speaker A: Is that the reason why we get hangry? Sometimes? [00:04:36] Speaker B: That is it. Or you're looking for a chef to prepare something for you that's not their specialty. And I get it there. [00:04:42] Speaker A: Oh, the wrong seasoning. [00:04:45] Speaker B: Wrong seasoning. Or you just got a different palate. You might be a vegan and you're looking for a vegan plate for somebody that's an omnivore, so they don't know how to prepare what you're looking for. [00:04:57] Speaker A: You passing the plate around, if you passing the plate around, pass it this way. All right, I like that one. I like that one. We going to keep it rolling. Question number two. Now, this is where I say the friendships might be a little. Might be a little off, might be a little off. But in this scenario, me, you, Kyra, nola, darling. In a Netflix original, what is it called? In what? [00:05:35] Speaker B: A Netflix original. [00:05:37] Speaker A: That's a cold cash right there. You get to write the script, too. Now, let's not forget we are in the middle. Not in the middle. We just in the beginning of black history. [00:05:53] Speaker B: Right? Of course it's going to be black as fuck. [00:05:56] Speaker A: It's a lot of melanin around. [00:05:59] Speaker B: Definitely going to be black. I don't know. I think it would be, like, all of us trying to be entrepreneurs and figuring out the process so everybody has their own thing. [00:06:12] Speaker A: Okay. All right. [00:06:14] Speaker B: So it'll be all of us trying to be, like, bosses in our own realm. And then we just link up once a week like mimosas or something too. And we just have our fellowship the way it's supposed to be. [00:06:28] Speaker A: Okay. With a spin off of that. Because we got to have a spin off with us actually reaching those goals. Now, I don't want to put too much pressure, and I think of four. I would just say one. In this scenario, what would be the ending goal, the title of your role, of whatever you was going after? [00:06:55] Speaker B: Probably. I would probably be someone's creative director. [00:06:58] Speaker A: Creative director. Okay. I like it. And that's what we drinking. Mimosas. [00:07:06] Speaker B: It could be mimosas. Like, look, I'm a lady of spirits, but I can flow in any room. [00:07:11] Speaker A: Okay, got you. [00:07:13] Speaker B: So it don't have to be just a mimosa. It could be a margarita. Tequila is your thing. I'm personally a rum lady, so I might have a daiquiri or I might have a mojito. [00:07:25] Speaker A: In college, I used to get some real basic. It was cran and vodka. [00:07:32] Speaker B: Okay. [00:07:33] Speaker A: I just kept it real simple. I'm not much of a drinker, and when I do drink, I prefer prosecco. [00:07:42] Speaker B: Okay, see, and that's in mimosas. [00:07:44] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:07:46] Speaker B: Wine is kind of like, I think once you reach a certain age, once you reach past 29, going into 30, that's when you kind of hit your prosecco stage and like, okay, let me try out wines and see how that fit. [00:07:58] Speaker A: Yeah. And it's a different type of. When you start drinking and it start tasting like grapes, it could be a problem. Now, look, sometimes I like to get a little bougie, right? I think we all do. I like to chop up fruit and put it on my prosecco. Right. [00:08:18] Speaker B: And that's perfectly fine because I got a charcuterie board upstairs. See, I'm Bougie auntie. I will serve you cut fruit with different meats and cheeses and olives. [00:08:31] Speaker A: I'll put that out with the crackers. Yes. Charcocchi board. Okay. All right. Now, just before I get to the third question, I just got to ask something random. I think maybe another podcaster might have asked me, would you put candy corn in your wine? [00:08:51] Speaker B: Absolutely not. Candy corn is Satan's treat. No. [00:08:56] Speaker A: Yeah. Speak on it. Speak on it. I'm glad we on the same page with that. [00:09:01] Speaker B: That sounds like a Penrose question. Yeah. [00:09:03] Speaker A: That's crazy, right? [00:09:05] Speaker B: As much as I love Penrose, he knows I draw the line at candy corn. He knows that is not my friend. I put that along with peeps. I can't eat that either. [00:09:19] Speaker A: Somebody getting shot at. [00:09:21] Speaker B: You know what? I'm probably going to get shot at for this, but I'm not a fan of Kit Kats. [00:09:28] Speaker A: Okay. Why not? [00:09:32] Speaker B: Maybe it's the wafer thing for me. It just doesn't do it for me. I'm a simple girl. Like you give me, like, a Reese's. I'm good with that. Nick is good with that. I even eat the three musketeers before I touch a Kit Kat. [00:09:46] Speaker A: The disrespect. [00:09:47] Speaker B: I'm just saying. [00:09:48] Speaker A: A musketeer over a Kit Kat? [00:09:51] Speaker B: Yes. And I'm not sorry. I would eat almond joy before I touch a Kit Kat. [00:09:57] Speaker A: Almond joy to eat it. Man. When I first seen an almond joy, I said, you have to start eating this when you turn, like, 29. I like coconut you like coconut? [00:10:10] Speaker B: Okay, I do. And you know what? The almajoy coffee creamer. I don't know if anybody listening to this, but rule of thumb is not as coconutty as you would think. It's just a hint. And if you go to work and you keep coffee creamer and you want your coworkers not to touch a coffee creamer, get that flavor. [00:10:28] Speaker A: Oh, okay. But do you have to put it out there so they can know what it is on display? [00:10:35] Speaker B: We have, like, a shared fridge at the job I work at, and I write my name on my coffee creamer. And if it's vanilla or hazelnut, my coworker is like, no, let me get some. If it's almond joy, they don't ask. [00:10:47] Speaker A: Yeah, see, there we go. There we go. Now, look, I will say this. I've put coconut oil in my brownie mix before. [00:10:55] Speaker B: It's a healthier fat. [00:10:57] Speaker A: Oh, it's fire. That is fire right there. [00:11:00] Speaker B: You use coconut oil for a lot of things. For your hair, for your skin to eat with. Some people do. What's that? Coconut pulling with your teeth to kind of get your teeth to look whiter. [00:11:12] Speaker A: Yeah. And like you said, I oiled down. I oiled down that body. Yeah. Shout out to my wife with that coconut oily body. Yeah. [00:11:25] Speaker B: Hey, she can't be ashy in these streets. [00:11:27] Speaker A: No. Or any sheets. That's a fact. [00:11:33] Speaker B: Shout out to her. [00:11:34] Speaker A: Slipping and sliding everywhere. Now, I know you listen to music. You want to know how I know you listen to music? [00:11:42] Speaker B: Is it the playlist or the vinyl collection? [00:11:44] Speaker A: It's one of the two, to tell you the truth. Is how you post. [00:11:50] Speaker B: Really? [00:11:50] Speaker A: Yes. [00:11:52] Speaker B: Okay. [00:11:52] Speaker A: Yeah. You post like, the picture feels like it's some r and b in the background. [00:12:01] Speaker B: Yeah, that's accurate. [00:12:04] Speaker A: Now, I've been anointed as the gatekeeper of R B playlist. I didn't do it myself. It's not a self titled thing. I know Britt might say I said I called myself that. I don't. I got it from, like, several other thousand people. [00:12:20] Speaker B: Okay. [00:12:21] Speaker A: Now, with that being said, if I'm the gatekeeper, what would your title be? And do you have, you know what? Let's go with that. I got a follow up question, but let's go with that. What would be your title as a person that listens and has an r and B playlist or two? [00:12:42] Speaker B: I have several. [00:12:43] Speaker A: Several. She said, you all better pay attention. [00:12:46] Speaker B: I have several. And the playlist usually depends on either a project I'm working on or my mood. [00:12:55] Speaker A: Okay. [00:12:59] Speaker B: It's kind of hard because it's usually motivated. I think my longest running playlist series right now is body. [00:13:08] Speaker A: Okay. [00:13:09] Speaker B: And that's in regards to the book I'm working on right now. [00:13:14] Speaker A: You made a hoodie. Dedicated. I bought that. I did. Yeah, I got that one. I remember. [00:13:23] Speaker B: So body is still a work in progress. I know everybody's asking me for it. I'm like, y'all going to have to let the art cook. [00:13:29] Speaker A: Y'all got to let it marinate. Okay. It's simmering. [00:13:32] Speaker B: Yeah. When it's ready, I'm going to let you all know, but you got to let it cook because I'm going in a different direction with this one. And it's so many moving pieces and parts into it that I'm like, I can't fuck this up. [00:13:44] Speaker A: Don't mess it up. You can't. [00:13:47] Speaker B: I'm like, already did the big one with book one and then did a bigger one with book two by actually posing on the COVID So I'm like, book three? I was like, I got to come a little harder. What can I do that I haven't done yet? [00:14:00] Speaker A: Yeah. When you get the three peat stage in life, it's a lot of pressure. It's a lot of pressure. As Golden State as the Chicago Bulls, as my Los Angeles Lakers, it's hard to come up with a project after you won and then back to back and then a three peat and then you try to get that fourth one. You got to let it cook. We talk about history right here, people. History. So history wise, I need to know. I need a name. I need a title. Who are you? Within this r and B space, we back. I think you know what? It must have connected to the car. That's what happened. [00:14:50] Speaker B: Okay. [00:14:51] Speaker A: Yeah. My wife, she either pulling up or just left. And it probably connected to the stereo, smartphones and smart cars. People interferes with the. But what I was saying, what I was getting back to was, yeah. So if I'm the gatekeeper, what does that make you? [00:15:13] Speaker B: An appreciator of fine art? Because that's what music is. Music can be different things for everybody. For me, it's therapy. [00:15:22] Speaker A: Okay? [00:15:22] Speaker B: It helps me get through. It helps me think. It helps me create. It puts the words and the sounds and the ideas there when I don't have them. [00:15:33] Speaker A: Okay. All right. Now, this is the follow up question that I wanted to ask you. Can you share a song right now? Is there a song in your library? Like, this? Is it. I played this about 5011 times in 24 hours. [00:16:00] Speaker B: I think I do have a song. [00:16:02] Speaker A: Like that. [00:16:07] Speaker B: Actually kind of have a couple artists. [00:16:10] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:16:11] Speaker B: Coming to mind. [00:16:12] Speaker A: We got a swap. We got a swap. [00:16:17] Speaker B: Pull up wendy's playlist and see what's popping. Oh, you know what? [00:16:23] Speaker A: I'm going to post my playlist again. I update it at least weekly if I can find something. Okay. [00:16:33] Speaker B: Did you want me to share player or just give the title? [00:16:37] Speaker A: You can just get a title. I'm going to steal them once you post it on twitter. [00:16:43] Speaker B: It's called think about it by Amarius. [00:16:47] Speaker A: Okay. Think about it, think about it, think about it, think about it. All right. Yeah, I'm still at one. Yes, I am. Okay. All right. Since we own this r and b pass. Now, I do have an important question. This might divide some people real quick. It's going to be a vote yes or in a vote no. So vote yes for equal rights for candy corn people or vote no for the game of spades. [00:17:31] Speaker B: Okay. We said for candy corn or the game of spades. [00:17:38] Speaker A: Yeah. So you either got to vote yes for the rights for candy corn people, or you got to vote no on a game of spades. If you vote no, that means that we can never play spades again. The black community can never play spades again. Right. But if you vote yes, that means we have to start treating people that like candy core just like everybody else. They have rights, too. If you say yes, I can't give up space. [00:18:13] Speaker B: I might to vote yes. [00:18:19] Speaker A: I know that's a tough one. [00:18:21] Speaker B: They can have rights, I guess. I mean, they got to eat it. We don't. [00:18:25] Speaker A: Yeah, I hear you. [00:18:29] Speaker B: I'm not giving up spades. I'm sorry. I'm the universal spades player amongst friends. I could play with anybody. I can't get at it. [00:18:38] Speaker A: You play domino's? [00:18:39] Speaker B: I do. [00:18:40] Speaker A: Okay. That's more of my life. [00:18:43] Speaker B: A customized pink marble set. [00:18:45] Speaker A: All right. Wait, so do you play on the domino app? [00:18:51] Speaker B: I have. [00:18:52] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah, yeah, I'm on there. Wrecking. Wait, you play uno, too, though? [00:19:03] Speaker B: Of course I have uno flip with the Marvel characters. [00:19:06] Speaker A: Oh, see, there's a certain level of just being bougie. I think it's like three tiers, but when you go to that. Yeah. All right, that's cool. Now, next question. What is your best love trait? [00:19:28] Speaker B: My best love trait? [00:19:30] Speaker A: Yes. [00:19:35] Speaker B: I will want to say with being. I'm a lot more receptive. I listen a lot more now. [00:19:45] Speaker A: Okay. [00:19:46] Speaker B: Because communication is one thing, but listening, even though the person that you care for says something that you don't agree with or says something that you don't like, making peace with it. [00:20:00] Speaker A: Yeah, that's growth. [00:20:02] Speaker B: Yeah. Because it's one thing to yell out communication, but part of communicating is actually listening. [00:20:09] Speaker A: Yeah. I'm glad that was your answer, because to that, I would say it actually lifts a lot of just weight off your shoulders when you actually do listen. And then you don't let certain things that maybe used to bother you bother you in that way. Because when you really think about it, it wouldn't even worth tripping over. You know what I mean? And then sometimes when you do listen to the other person, you can hear their reasoning behind what they do, how they say it, when they say it, and things like that. The important thing is, if you all feel like it is an issue, but at the same time willing to change it for the other person. [00:21:00] Speaker B: I think most issues that do arise can be worked out with a conversation. It's usually a misunderstanding that happens and people just too strong to admit that nobody wants to be wrong. [00:21:16] Speaker A: No. Especially nowadays. God, Lee, accountability is fading away. What's going on? What is going on, Queen? [00:21:26] Speaker B: I don't know, because I'm quick to say my bad if I know I messed up. Yeah. [00:21:31] Speaker A: And the cool part about that is if you say my bad, that's the end of it, because they can't use it against you. You already admitted that you was wrong in a situation or whatever you said. [00:21:43] Speaker B: Whatever you did, some people still hold it against you. You still have people to say they forgive you, but don't truly do it. [00:21:50] Speaker A: Yeah, but at the same time, if you already said you were sorry and we're here now, it shouldn't have no effect on you, right? [00:21:59] Speaker B: You would think. But sometimes the hurt be bigger than no apology. [00:22:04] Speaker A: Yeah, that's true. That's true. You have a music. You need one artist to be played during the wedding, but then you have to switch up and have a second artist playing a reception. Here's the problem. The only two artists available is Prince and Mike. Who's singing during the wedding? Who's singing during a reception? [00:22:31] Speaker B: Prince during the wedding. [00:22:33] Speaker A: Think about those catalogs. Think about those catalogs. [00:22:36] Speaker B: Oh, I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking about my favorite albums, too. So Prince is doing the oh, and Mike is during the reception. [00:22:44] Speaker A: Okay. [00:22:44] Speaker B: Because I'm gonna need Prince to hit a door when I'm walking down that aisle. [00:22:49] Speaker A: I like that one. I like that. Okay, so what's the reception song? Popping the first one. And, you know, that's. [00:22:56] Speaker B: So as soon as the reception happened, like, we got to dance, I got to hear Pyt. [00:23:02] Speaker A: Okay, I got that one. [00:23:04] Speaker B: And then just slide it to day and night. Working day and night. [00:23:09] Speaker A: Okay. You trying to get it turned up now? I ain't going to lie. I might throw a curveball in there. I might throw on thriller. [00:23:18] Speaker B: I mean, hey, I would still rather have that. The reception than that dwed. [00:23:23] Speaker A: Yeah. I need everybody on the dance floor acting like a goddamn zombie. [00:23:27] Speaker B: And then at the end of the night, to let you all go home, play butterflies. I'm like, all right, wrap this up. [00:23:33] Speaker A: There you go. There you go. Oh, man. So you got. I need to be invited. I need to be invited. Here go my last question. [00:23:47] Speaker B: Okay. [00:23:48] Speaker A: Last and a half. I would say, what is poetry to you? [00:23:56] Speaker B: Poetry is life. It's literally a diary. So any thought or feeling or heartbreak or relationship or concept that crossed my mind, I've written it down. So while some people might actually go see a therapist, I let it out on the paper. That's what it is for me. Yeah. [00:24:21] Speaker A: I like that. Now, when I hit you, I said there was a surprise. [00:24:30] Speaker B: And that's what makes me nervous. [00:24:34] Speaker A: Yeah. Because I did my research and I heard some of your bars, and I got inspired. I got inspired. Some short. This is a snack, you know what I'm saying? And it just popped up in my head. I said, no, this is golden, and I must share this now. Will I be able to make one of her books in the future? Maybe. You know what I'm saying? We shall see. That is a goal of mine. Right? I'm going to start with this one. All right? And this is called all over the place. Okay, you ready? And I want you to be honest about this, because I used to get down in middle school and high school, and I know what Penrose do over there. We went back, we sparred for a little bit. Shout out to Britt. I really think you should get in touch with Britt. I need to connect y'all. That's what I need to do. I need to connect y'all, because y'all both be on your poetry stuff. And she just started her podcast. I think you all will be a great connection. And on the r and B tip, too, right? So I can get down to a little bit, right? I need your honest opinion about this. You ready? [00:25:56] Speaker B: Okay. I'm ready for it. [00:25:58] Speaker A: Hickory dickory, doc. I really miss Tupac. Redfish, bluefish. Saute my shrimp. I put butter and sugar in my grits. I'll take your chain then take your bits and pieces. Own my heart. No leasing. I will always draw four for you because you are my uno. [00:26:27] Speaker B: That was cute at the end, all right. But I can't rock with you with this shit. Going to grits, friend. Draw the line. [00:26:38] Speaker A: I knew we had b. I knew it was somewhere. I knew it was somewhere. And here we are. What happened? [00:26:47] Speaker B: My soul says no. [00:26:50] Speaker A: What you putting on? Shrimp and cheese and shrimp or gravy? [00:26:57] Speaker B: I'm typically a salt, pepper, butter, cheese girl. [00:27:02] Speaker A: So is it like you won't do it or that's just not your thing? [00:27:08] Speaker B: It's law that it don't go in there. Cream of wheat. Yes, I'll put sugar in cream of wheat. [00:27:15] Speaker A: You all keep freaking out. Cream of wheat. On the back of the grits box, it says you never have I ever what? So if I go find it, then what? [00:27:30] Speaker B: That's on you. But the way I cook my grits, it don't have no space for sugar because I'm bougie. I use chicken broth, okay. And heavy cream. Ain't no room for sugar in that. [00:27:48] Speaker A: I knew he was going to let me down eventually. I knew it was going to happen. I knew it was when it was too good to be true. [00:27:55] Speaker B: Sorry to disappoint you. [00:27:57] Speaker A: Oh, my God. Because you had me with the anti candy corn. I'm there. We there on that one. We side with that one. You got the r and b list. You do the poetry. You understand art. I bought art from you. [00:28:13] Speaker B: I appreciate you. [00:28:14] Speaker A: One of the colish projects called naked and you let me down with the grits. That's okay. And you know what? That's perfectly fine. Because. Look, it's not fine, man. [00:28:32] Speaker B: It's okay. I got a bottle of prosecco and I got some fruit in the fruit. You want some dragon fruit? I got that. I got kiwi, I got mango. I can cut it up for you. [00:28:41] Speaker A: That mango? Yeah, that mango hit. [00:28:46] Speaker B: The gris is just where we got to. Just agree to disagree. [00:28:48] Speaker A: Okay. We're going to be there, but I'm letting you know now that if grits is made and we in the same area, we got to keep it neutral. We got to keep it neutral. Okay. I think we can all agree. Heavy cream should go in there. Some butter should go in there. But that's where I'm stopping at. That's where I'm stopping at. Okay. Let me get my scoop first. [00:29:14] Speaker B: You got it. [00:29:15] Speaker A: And then let me do my thing because I'm going to put my sweetness on my grits. You can have it and I'm sticking right beside it. [00:29:23] Speaker B: Okay, I won't look at you no different. I'm going to let you have it. [00:29:26] Speaker A: Now. Is there somebody that we know collectively that we can just put on blast and just say they need to be on the show? Ooh. [00:29:42] Speaker B: We know a lot of people collectively. [00:29:44] Speaker A: Yeah. And you know more because you are clearly more famous than I am. [00:29:50] Speaker B: I'm not famous. I just pull up on my people when they ask me to. That's it. No, it's all love. I'm surprised you ain't heard that rumor yet about people smelling me. I'm surprised you ain't heard that yet. You might have. [00:30:05] Speaker A: No. Would you like to share with the crowd? We open. [00:30:10] Speaker B: So the rumor is, anyone that meets me for the first time when they go to hug me, they always have to smell me because I apparently is out in the universe that I smell great. Every time I meet people, I never smell the same, and they can never pinpoint what I smell like. They just say I smell like love, whatever love is supposed to smell like. [00:30:32] Speaker A: Okay. [00:30:33] Speaker B: But because of that rumor, anytime I go to meet somebody new, whether it be in a pod space or the Twitter space, or through mutual friends, they'll go to hug me and they'll stick their head near my neck in deep, inhale, and I'm like, I'm used to it at this point. [00:30:50] Speaker A: That's a different status of celebrity. That's different. I ain't never got that. They never got that. [00:30:59] Speaker B: Yeah. I guarantee you if you ask any of the mutuals we know, ask them what I smell like. [00:31:06] Speaker A: Hence the poison, right? [00:31:09] Speaker B: You know what that perfume stinks like? Poison has nothing to do with what everybody thinks it does. It's actually off some blurred stuff. It's me being a blurred. [00:31:24] Speaker A: Okay, well, that was the facts of the day. That was wild right there. Every time someone came up to me, they just went straight from my neck. That's different. [00:31:43] Speaker B: Yeah, I would say BJ, but he's kind of in a different space right now creatively. [00:31:52] Speaker A: BJ, I haven't heard his name in a minute. [00:31:56] Speaker B: Bro is still around. He may not be like front and center, but he's still creating, he's still doing his thing, he's still living his life. [00:32:05] Speaker A: He supposed to been pulled up about several years ago. [00:32:11] Speaker B: Sometimes you got to go searching for him. [00:32:13] Speaker A: I know, man, I know, man. Well, now, I mean, I was going to say now I got to get in touch with his peoples. Apparently you, his peoples, let him know I said, what's up. The house party is always open. It's an open door policy. Do we have security? Yes. They in the back. They in the front. One of them by the bathroom. They are all holding. They just keeping a party safe. But he is invited. [00:32:38] Speaker B: You know what I would say? Hype is a bundle of fun. [00:32:44] Speaker A: Oh, long overdue. [00:32:46] Speaker B: Long is a bundle of fun. She's one of my favorite people. [00:32:49] Speaker A: Yeah, I can go for that one. [00:32:52] Speaker B: What? [00:32:53] Speaker A: I like that one. I appreciate that. Yeah. I'm going to play this part on Twitter. Hype. I want you to hear this. We calling you out. We did that. [00:33:05] Speaker B: Yeah. I said it. I said hype. [00:33:08] Speaker A: She said it, and I instigated. [00:33:12] Speaker B: Hype knows I love her. Long distance hugs. She knows I love her. [00:33:17] Speaker A: Yes, we all do. We all should. Before we get up out of here, I need you to share what you got going on. What's new? What? Can I be a part of? Any merch collab. And you got to let people know where they can find. I feel like they know where to find you already. [00:33:38] Speaker B: Yeah. A merch collab sounds great. I'm down for that. We don't need to let them know the details of that. We could talk about that offline. Okay. I'm still currently working on book three, but it will be titled body. But for now, I've just been maintaining and traveling and collecting experiences so I can put out better art. [00:34:04] Speaker A: Where are you traveling to? [00:34:07] Speaker B: So I'm still setting up my travel list for this year. I'm thinking of maybe hitting Houston for my birthday in May. So if not Houston, maybe Chicago. Those are, like, my top two picks right now. Definitely have Seattle secured in November. [00:34:23] Speaker A: Okay. [00:34:25] Speaker B: I do need to make a trip to LA, though. I haven't been yet. I have a sister there now, so I have to make a trip there. I do need to plan, like, an international trip at some point. [00:34:37] Speaker A: Yeah, that's what I wanted to hear. So we have Santa Barbara coming up next week, and then as of right now, for Christmas, Mexico. Somewhere in Mexico. Somewhere where it's not dangerous in. My fingers crossed for out of the country trip in the summer, but we'll see. But I want to hear some travel destinations you're trying to get to. My number one right now is Tokyo. [00:35:23] Speaker B: I'm still trying to figure out for me because I did Mexico, like, the end of last year. I did New Orleans, then Mexico, and I did Jamaica last year, too. [00:35:34] Speaker A: I did, too. When did you go? [00:35:37] Speaker B: July. [00:35:39] Speaker A: Oh, we went in August. We went the first week of August. [00:35:43] Speaker B: I think around the time you was there or probably coming back. I was on my way to. [00:35:52] Speaker A: Yeah. Yeah. Now I do want to go to Atlanta too. That's not the highest, though. But I do got to put Atlanta on the list. But Jamaica was fun. Where'd you stay at in Jamaica? [00:36:05] Speaker B: Monteco Bay. [00:36:07] Speaker A: Same. Which resort? [00:36:10] Speaker B: Secret secrets. [00:36:15] Speaker A: We was at secrets, too. [00:36:17] Speaker B: Yeah. That's a goal that my family has started doing every year. Like mayor. 4 July weekend. We plan a family trip somewhere international. [00:36:27] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay. All right. So did you all do the excursion? Did you all get in the water? You all got on those damn, what do they call those? I can't think of what those bamboo. [00:36:41] Speaker B: Stick rocks my younger cousin did because they only had so many excursions we could hop on because I think we only did like a weekend. We didn't do anything that long. [00:36:52] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah, we did ours. Yeah, we did the whole thing in one day, I think. And I didn't even realize we had drove maybe an hour or two across and they said we had passed 14 different states. [00:37:12] Speaker B: Interesting. [00:37:13] Speaker A: Yeah. I didn't even realize that they call them parishes. [00:37:17] Speaker B: Oh, like how they call them that in Louisiana. [00:37:19] Speaker A: Yeah. So he was like, yeah, you just went through 14 states. And I was like, oh, that's dope. Yeah, I have fun out there. We would definitely add secrets. Yeah, that's crazy. All right, so where can they find you and what's new? [00:37:45] Speaker B: Nothing's really new right now. I mean, if you want any updates, I keep the link tree in my bio, so it's playlist there. It's links to find the books on Amazon. There is link for the merch there. I definitely need the link for this podcast. So I can actually put that in there too. So if you want to see previous pods I've been on, those are linked there too. It's a little bit of everything. It's a one stop shop. [00:38:13] Speaker A: Yeah, I went there. It's popping over there. She got a lot going on over there. [00:38:23] Speaker B: Trying to think because, oh, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter. Queen underscore poison. That is p zero iis. [00:38:36] Speaker A: Yeah. And don't try to scratch and sniff the picture. I know that's what you all out there doing. Okay, appreciate you coming through. I thank you. This is long overdue. Well, you was ducking me. [00:38:52] Speaker B: I wasn't. [00:38:53] Speaker A: I know, but it's kind of like almost like the twelve cow thing. I used to see twelve cow on Twitter all the time and just never say anything to him. And then one day I just randomly press play on his podcast, which you need to get back into. Yeah, let's talk about that. [00:39:23] Speaker B: Why does everybody want podcast? Because we need. [00:39:26] Speaker A: Because first of all, I'm cool with reading books, but I like the audio version. You telling me you're not going to put those bars on audio? [00:39:40] Speaker B: I think about it. I'll consider it. [00:39:42] Speaker A: Oh, man. [00:39:44] Speaker B: But I'm such a book nerd. Like, something about holding a fresh book and touching the pages. That does it for me. [00:39:51] Speaker A: So how you feel about that? That's how I feel about the audio because I can get to hear the description. I get to hear the description. There's also the tone. Like Haley Smalls. Do you listen to her? [00:40:07] Speaker B: No, I can't say that. [00:40:09] Speaker A: Gonna say, oh, my, you. I'm jealous. I'm jealous that you're about to witness this for the first time then. But there are certain artists, and you can speak to this. There are certain artists that you listen to to where you just get lost in a voice. Sometimes you just don't even hear their production. You just get lost in a voice. And that can make a basic person into a creative person because you're helping them create the picture. Some people, like I said, it's a lot of people that know how to read, some of them don't. But there's a lot more people that it's hard for them to be creative and to paint pictures. They're not as artsy or as creative as us. But when you got the right person doing it. Oh, man. It's mind blowing. It's mind blowing. Shout out, man. You got it. We waiting. It's a lot of pressure, but you got to do it now. [00:41:11] Speaker B: How are you trying to do peer pressure? Don't you know that don't work with me. [00:41:14] Speaker A: Yeah, I know. I'm shooting from three. All right. Queen poison is much appreciated and we're going to run this back. I don't know in, but we is. [00:41:26] Speaker B: Look, all you got to do is. [00:41:28] Speaker A: Ask and I'll pull up for show. For show. Until next time. Bye.

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