Episode 334

February 15, 2024


Her Story

Her Story
BTG For President
Her Story

Feb 15 2024 | 00:32:17


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BTG For President Episode #334

Her story starts with modeling, being a mother, opening her own school, and looking to help the world smell good one fragrance at a time. She’s Tawanda Monique. This is her story.

Her Story #B4P334

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County coming from the city where no pity is shell. Shell might need to do a song for LA. [00:00:06] Speaker B: Straight up. Hello, my name is Elaine, and I'll be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles. Count my nose. Smoke up. I'm from California. [00:00:22] Speaker A: Where you from? [00:00:23] Speaker B: So what? California? California. [00:00:28] Speaker A: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker B: Where are we going? Westward ho. Hey, how are you doing? [00:00:34] Speaker A: Here we are. We are here, man. Hey. It's going down right now. [00:00:41] Speaker C: Literally down. [00:00:48] Speaker A: Yeah. We want your support because we love when black men support black women. But. [00:01:00] Speaker C: I just want to tell you this, and then I'm shutting the fuck up, okay? She says to me, you know how we all do right before we do something? We know we the shit, but we like, oh, what about this? What about that? [00:01:13] Speaker A: What should I say? [00:01:13] Speaker C: We just want to do all of that shit you do before you go on. [00:01:17] Speaker A: And then she looks at me and. [00:01:18] Speaker C: She goes, baby, how are you supposed to call me on FaceTime audio? [00:01:23] Speaker A: We ain't friends on Facebook. [00:01:24] Speaker B: But I say, what the fuck did you just say to me? [00:01:27] Speaker A: Whatever edible is involved, right? [00:01:35] Speaker C: That's exactly what's going. [00:01:38] Speaker A: I need that one. I mean, it's all good. I think we've all been to that place in our lives where we hear but we not there sometimes, right? [00:02:19] Speaker C: Big facts. [00:02:20] Speaker A: But that's cool because we here to talk to. Let me tell you, I heard D Murph episode shout out to D Murph, first of all, okay, because I ran back that 34 minutes interview several times, okay, because I just wanted to pick a couple of things up now, okay? And it was a lot of things that stood out. That's why I got these line of questions, right? It's tailor made for you. And nobody else can get these questions. It's not right. It's not right. Now, see, I don't have a typical interviewing type of podcast. This is my statue right here. You are now a part of my life, okay? My grandkids and the ones that come after them. And the ones that come after them is going to listen to this and they're going to be like, oh, he was kind of dope. And he had even more dope people on. Okay, who I'm talking to right now. Let me tell you. I'm very impressed. One, okay. Two, I respect it. And what better time it had to happen for a reason. I thank the Lord that this happened on the first day of February. Okay? [00:03:41] Speaker B: Yeah, the first day of February. [00:03:43] Speaker A: It just happened to land like that. Yeah. I don't know what type of edible I have taken but I am grateful that it has happened on this day. Tawanda? Yes, Monique? [00:03:58] Speaker B: That would be me. [00:03:59] Speaker A: A model of all models. Am I telling the truth? [00:04:05] Speaker B: Yeah. I don't want to toot my own horn. [00:04:08] Speaker A: No, you got to toot that thing in 24. That's the model. We toot all horns in 24. [00:04:16] Speaker B: Yes, we are. [00:04:17] Speaker A: All right. Now I got a question for you. If not for modeling, what talent defines you? [00:04:29] Speaker B: So that's a tricky question for me, because all I've ever known was modeling. That's all I've ever done. I started very young, okay? So what talent defines me? I would just have to say, if it wasn't for modeling, of course I would be doing something. Maybe I would be a mother. I'm a mother now. I'm a mother now. So my kids is always number one. [00:05:15] Speaker A: Okay. [00:05:15] Speaker B: They're number one in my life. Then you think about fashion designer. Like, I also have a clothing collection, so I dibble and dabble in that just a little bit. I don't actually sew the clothes myself, but I come up with the designs for a seamstress to do, and I put the line out like that. So if it wasn't my land, I'm always in the fashion field. [00:05:43] Speaker A: Okay. All right, well, what I got from that, I got a creator, I got a leader, and I also got a superhero, because every kid looks at their parent like a superhero. That's number one. Number two, if I'm not mistaken. Hello. Somebody opened up a. [00:06:08] Speaker B: Did I? Did Monique school of fashion and modeling? Yes, I did. [00:06:12] Speaker A: So you out here saving lives? [00:06:15] Speaker B: I'm trying to. One at a time. [00:06:18] Speaker A: That goes under the superhero category. [00:06:22] Speaker B: Absolutely. I'm very proud of my school and what I do in the community with my school, it was just basically started out as just helping young teenagers realize that it's okay to be overweight. It's okay to feel like this. It's okay to feel like that. It doesn't prevent you from not doing your dreams. [00:06:46] Speaker A: Right. [00:06:47] Speaker B: So when I opened the school, I have a heart for the young people. I have a heart for the kids. That was my main goal. [00:06:59] Speaker A: I like how you already squeeze into my second question, because the second question is the passion behind modeling, or is the passion behind teaching it? [00:07:13] Speaker B: The passion is definitely behind teaching. [00:07:16] Speaker A: Okay. [00:07:17] Speaker B: Definitely behind teaching, because I love to model. I love to model. I love the lights, the camera, the action. I love everything about it. But at the end of the day, when it comes to teaching, that's where my heart is. I want to teach someone, somebody coming up to be better than me, than I was as a model. So it's definitely the passionate, the teaching. [00:07:42] Speaker A: Okay. All right. [00:07:43] Speaker B: Pour out whatever I know and whatever I've learned throughout my career so that they can experience the same thing and be better than I am. [00:07:53] Speaker A: Yeah. Okay. All right. So let me ask you this, then. With all that going on, you being a mother, obviously not only teaching, but you're still in the game. You know what I mean? How do you balance your mental health on and off the Runway? [00:08:16] Speaker B: Sometimes it's a struggle because it's hard because you have so much pressure on you as a model, and it's so hard to explain because they require so much of you as a model. They just expect for you to just close out your personal life and close out everything that's bothering you and just focus on being a model. Selling the clothes. If I put you on my Runway, then I need for you to sell. I want somebody to look at me and say, okay, I want this off that model. I'm going to buy it as soon as she come off the stage. So when they put that type of pressure on you, it's hard. Yeah, it's hard mentally. So the way I balance that, I try to do maybe two days a week where I'm just doing some self care for me, where if I just maybe go get my nails done or go get a massage or just find something to do so I can be able to balance being a model, a mom, work, just different things of everyday life. [00:09:27] Speaker A: Okay. All right. Now with all that again? Well, I wouldn't say learn. I think we are still learning how to balance as much as we can. [00:09:38] Speaker B: Right? [00:09:39] Speaker A: We all look for support. What does support look like to you when it comes to you being in that field? [00:09:49] Speaker B: To be completely honest, I have not always had the support. When I went into this modeling industry, in this fashion world, I went in there on a dream, so I really didn't have the support that I needed. Now I'm at a point in my life where I do have an amazing boyfriend who supports everything I do. He is truly my number one fan. Truly my number one fan. If I have something to do, somewhere to go, he's like, okay, let's go. He's always right there by my side. So the support system is real. Definitely. My parents. My parents have supported me since day one when nobody else was around ten years ago. My parents pushed me, and I'm grateful. I'm grateful to have that support that I have in my life right now. [00:10:48] Speaker A: That's dope. All right, another quick question for you. Does Joy come with a price? [00:10:59] Speaker B: Hmm. No. Okay. I don't feel like Joy comes with a price, because if it's in you and it's something that you want to do and it makes you happy without a price tag or anything attached to it, I definitely don't think joy come with the price, not the industry that I'm in, because this is me. This is who I am. I love the inspiration. I love inspiring people, and I do not think joy come with a price. The price helps, but joy does not come with a price. [00:11:39] Speaker A: I heard it. Now, what is the overall goal for? Well, basically, when it comes to the modeling and teaching Monique school of Fashion, what's the overall goal? [00:11:56] Speaker B: So my overall goal, Monique school of fashion and modeling, we had a really nice school before COVID Of course, when Covid came, a lot of things closed the overhead and everything just became a lot. So we had to close Monique school of fashion and modeling back home. So my goal is to definitely open up my location back from where I'm from, expand into raleigh, where I live now. And who's to say? Maybe we'll be in Atlanta or Virginia, Maryland. I don't understand why you have John Casablanca. You have all these big names. Barbazon. I went to John Casablanca. They taught me everything I know. But to be the only black accredited school, that's a lot. That's a lot. So I don't understand why I can't expand to different cities in different states. [00:13:00] Speaker A: All right. I like that. I like that you got to come to LA, for sure. That's what I'm talking. [00:13:08] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:13:08] Speaker A: They got runways down here, too. [00:13:11] Speaker B: Yes, they do. Actually, I've been to LA twice with my modeling, so. [00:13:17] Speaker A: Yes, that's what I'm saying. Important question. And I don't know how deep you want to get with this one, but it's important that I ask people that I see with a lot of passion and goal driven type of energy and vibes. How is it dating someone that likes candy corn? Right. Do you find that to be an obstacle? No. Because I understand that your energy is given off. I accept a lot. [00:13:59] Speaker C: Hey, listen, on the gang, I wasn't going to jump in this. I love you, nigga, but fuck you. [00:14:07] Speaker A: No, the energy that I'm getting, I feel it transferring over here is warm. No, that thing is smoking. And so I'm like, how do you manage? Because you told me how you manage your mental health on and off the Runway. That's beautiful. You got kids you're raising kids, you're teaching kids, you're opening up schools. We don't get to the fragrance in a minute. But for you to balance your sanity while living under the surveillance of a person that likes candy corn, let me tell you something. [00:14:42] Speaker B: I hate candy corn. [00:14:46] Speaker C: On God, literally, I don't know if you just heard her response or what she said, but on God, we have never had this conversation. And I never thought I was going to have to have this conversation. And the minute I was like, you need to be on better junk, this conversation popped in my head and I was like, now I'm pretty sure she ride with me, but I'm going to go ahead and let you all finish on gay. This is the first time we ever, ever had this conversation. That's funny. [00:15:15] Speaker A: And it's cool because, look, I've been married since 2011. And you notice how I said the year that I got married in because I'm not about to count. I'm not about to count how many years that is smart man. But I've learned new things about my wife every single year. Sometimes it's two things, but to wake up and say, wow, candy corn, really? Now look, there's women out there that's complaining about cheesecake factory and all kind of stuff that places they won't go to, but candy corn right there, I got to salute you. You know what I mean? Now if there's any type of. Press one button if you need help, okay, just let me know anytime during the episode, I'll call them folks. All right. Shout out. Because for you to appreciate a person like you have to accept people nowadays and their flaws, you know what I mean? [00:16:29] Speaker B: You're absolutely right. You're absolutely right. [00:16:33] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:16:34] Speaker B: Flaws and all. [00:16:35] Speaker A: Yeah. So you mentioned again, we talked about teaching the kids and your passion for what you do. There's another thing that you're looking into, and I like the smell of it. Right? [00:16:51] Speaker B: Yes. [00:16:51] Speaker A: So where are we going with the fragrances? Because I'm not going to say I'm real big on when it comes to cologne, but I am, though. I love to smell good, right? [00:17:03] Speaker B: You got to have it. [00:17:04] Speaker A: And I love the smell of a woman. Okay. Because that's what I'm going when I go to work. I smell that. Oh, yeah. Whatever perfume she had on. And I'm a sweet scent type of guy. Throw a little musk in there. I like that. I like that. You know what I mean? Yeah. Let's talk about that. You're trying to help the world smell better. [00:17:33] Speaker B: Yes. It's called her story continues, looking to be released towards the end of May. So her story continues. It's just exactly what the name of it is. It's a story. I've been through a lot in my life, and I feel like I wanted a name of the perfume that's just as bold as I am. Just like the story for me has not ended. So my life is continuing, my life is getting better. And my life didn't end when all I had, the trauma experiences, the catastrophe things that happened in my life that would have just took anyone else out of here. It scarred me, it bruised me, but it made me better all at the same time. [00:18:33] Speaker A: Okay. Now, with that being said, we got the history behind the fragrance. What am I supposed to expect when you walk by, when a lady walked by, what is the reaction, the mental reaction that you want us to have? What is that scent going to do to me? [00:19:02] Speaker B: So it's sweet yet subtle, must yet mouth is. Is coming out in May. Perfect time of the year, perfect season to release it. I'm ready. I'm ready to see how the world is going to react. It's something big. It's definitely something big. [00:19:29] Speaker A: Okay. I like that. Now, that's basically going to be the continuance of your journey that you're going to share with us. Is there going to be anytime soon? Maybe in the far future? Maybe closer to 25 even? Will we be able to smell as good as you all? Because if anybody. I heard you tell Murph that when it comes to this fashion stuff, you're not trying to take too much advice from us. Right? That's cool. Now, I think we have a spot at the table when it comes to this fragrance, though. [00:20:16] Speaker B: Yes, absolutely. So, of course, when the perfume line came about, I was talking to my boyfriend and I was like, maybe you could be the face of my man cologne. Who knows? It might be. Her story continues, part two. Okay. But there's definitely something to make him for the men as well. [00:20:39] Speaker A: Okay. All right. Now, I do have a little model and experience. Now, I don't want to toot my horn. [00:20:48] Speaker B: I'm going to remember that. I might have to remember that. [00:20:52] Speaker A: Yeah. Look, I'm just letting you know, I'm not afraid of the Runway. No, I'm not afraid. As a matter of fact, I'll build one and walk down it. Yeah. [00:21:03] Speaker B: Oh, that's right. [00:21:04] Speaker A: Yeah. I want to do that. So outside of, let's just say outside of teaching, outside of your passion, outside of the fragrance, what is something that you want completed before 2025 is over or 2024, I should say. Wow, we got a full year. We've been in January for at least six months, right? [00:21:30] Speaker B: You know what? That's one of the longest months. I was like, are we still in January? [00:21:36] Speaker A: We barely made it to February. We barely here. We barely here. But look, we, in the first quarter, the cat that you sit next to, we've thrown out these references time after time. We work in basketball terms. First quarter, second quarter, halftime, third and fourth. Right now, we're clearly in a first quarter. You know what I mean? Jump ball. We get things going and stuff like that. We're getting accumulated, about to break a sweat and stuff like that. And we know at the end of the day, we got to get to the fourth quarter. We would like to be up in the fourth quarter. The goal is to win the game, but we know that game starts all over in January, which is a blessing. But what are we going to get done before the fourth quarter is over? Right now, it's just setting up the pieces. So what pieces are you setting up? You got the school, you there. You've done more than a lot of people. Okay. I should say that, and I thank you for that, because you're giving kids an opportunity to focus on something other than what kids are focusing on today. [00:22:48] Speaker B: Right. [00:22:48] Speaker A: You know what I mean? So you got that locked away. All right. I'm pretty sure you'll be getting some award in the mail by Oprah very soon. Okay. The Runway. [00:22:59] Speaker B: I could only. [00:23:01] Speaker A: No, no. Our dreams come true over here. And then as far as the fashion, there's no time limit on that. I can only see you getting better in that. Because why? You have a passion for it. Right? And as long as you got to keep walking and talking, you want to smell good. We know you got that on lock, but what else? Because my guy, Kobe, number 24, number eight. [00:23:25] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:23:27] Speaker A: He said more. He said more. So what else are we looking forward to? We can't stop. We don't stop around here. We got to keep going. Because at the end of the day, after Monique, then who else? Who's next up? Right? So what you leaving behind? [00:23:49] Speaker B: So one thing that I am focused on and that I'm looking to release, I want to become an author. I have a story in me of becoming Tawanda Monique. It's in the making. 2024 is a stretch, maybe the first couple of months of 2025, but it's definitely in the making. I've been so many different places, and I've experienced so many different things in my life, good and bad. And hopefully I want the world to know what it took to become Tawanda Monique. [00:24:31] Speaker A: And you demand that type of attention and love, right? [00:24:35] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:24:36] Speaker A: What is one thing that you would just not. Nah, you're not budging on. You will not go for. It's against what you like, what you love. It's against your vibes. What is that one thing that nobody best not bring this to my door? [00:24:52] Speaker B: I do not. And I teach my kids this anywhere I go. I do not take the word no, and I do not take the word I cannot. [00:25:00] Speaker A: Okay. [00:25:01] Speaker B: Because I feel like I wouldn't be where I am today if I took that first no and let it crush my dreams. When you in the modeling industry and you go to different model calls and you go to commercials and you go to all these different things in these auditions, you got to understand that you're not going to get every yes. Every job is not going to be a yes, right? So the word no if you say no, okay, well, you turn around, you go again next month, you get another no. You turn around, you go again the following month until you get your yes. So my thing is just never give up. Never, ever give up, especially not on your dreams. [00:25:47] Speaker A: Never, ever give up. Never, ever. I had a real cold question for you, a real good one. And sometimes those edibles will do that to you. Sometimes they will do that to you. Here's what I want to do before. Oh, here we go. A quick debate before we get up out of here. I don't like the title plus size model. You want to know why? [00:26:32] Speaker B: Why is that? [00:26:34] Speaker A: Because it's regular size to me. Come on, now. Come on. Plus size is regular size for you all out there. That's what we need. That's what we've always wanted, okay? That's what we always liked. Always loved. What? Let me tell you what my wife told me tonight, right? She was like, I'm at 198. I said, what? And she was like, I'm so disappointed in myself. I've been eating right, and I just want to get down just a little bit. I said, what? I'm cheesing because, hey, if you hit that 20 zero now it's time to play, right? When I tell you I enjoy so much of being the small spoon, I'm the small spoon. At least 98% of this marriage. [00:27:37] Speaker B: I hear you, okay? [00:27:38] Speaker A: So that's why I say, when they say plus size, I get it. You want to categorize stuff and stuff like that. That's regular size, that's the norm. You all better stop playing with me. Bro. [00:27:51] Speaker C: Bro. [00:27:52] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:27:53] Speaker C: If she won 98, I'll take her on a date. If she. We could be friends. [00:27:57] Speaker B: But if she's too sweet, I'll spend it. [00:28:00] Speaker A: Let me tell you, I want every bit up, man. You all don't understand. Listen to me, America. Listen to me. You all been bullish in the. Dropped the ball, okay? Yes, a gang of pretty women, beautiful. But if they turn to the side, where they go. Where did they go? Okay. No, man. I like that. Give me. Look, I'm the ambassador for the Fupa gang, okay? [00:28:34] Speaker B: I know. That's right. Somebody got to be, man. [00:28:37] Speaker A: They better stop playing with me now. But this is my last question before we get out of here. You ready? [00:28:47] Speaker B: I don't know. [00:28:50] Speaker A: It's okay because you're a superhero and you smell good. All right? Accept the word no or you got to eat some candy corn. You got to pick one. You have to pick one. [00:29:06] Speaker B: So. I'm not a fan of candy corn at all. [00:29:09] Speaker A: Nobody? Nobody regular. Yeah. [00:29:15] Speaker B: So I would rather stomach the candy corn. [00:29:21] Speaker A: Oh, man, I'm sorry. [00:29:22] Speaker B: Then hear the word no. [00:29:24] Speaker A: There you go. There you go. I knew which one you was going to choose, Eric. Look, sometimes we got to deal with that horny plastic. That's what I call it. [00:29:32] Speaker B: You got to deal with it. [00:29:34] Speaker A: Yeah, man, we got to deal with it because we're not accepting no over here. No at all. [00:29:39] Speaker B: Not at all. [00:29:41] Speaker A: The only no that we know is, you know, if you know, that's it. There you go. There we go. Please tell them where they could find you, where they need to find you, where they need to be, where you at. Well, not everybody, though. Not all of y'all. Not all of y'all. But we need to be around that greatness. Where can we find that? [00:30:09] Speaker B: My email address, tawandamonique.com. My social media handles Facebook. And IG is. And also, if you type in Monique, the model under my IG, you'll find me that way as. [00:30:28] Speaker A: Going to. I'm going to just throw this out here. And this is more than Hollywood talk, okay, because Mr. Candy Corn is over there playing. We could definitely do some merch collaboration. Oh, I said it. [00:30:45] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:30:51] Speaker A: I'm sorry, sir. This is not your interview. [00:30:56] Speaker B: Thank you, Bayla. [00:30:57] Speaker A: Okay, so to the side. Security. Yeah, just stand right there. He might get a little feisty, but I don't know. Yeah, no, I had security with me anyway because he's from Detroit. You thought I came in this interview by myself? No. I got two niggas in suits over here. [00:31:23] Speaker B: I know. That's right. Absolutely. That is great. That is great. [00:31:28] Speaker A: God bless us all. So, Wanda, I appreciate you. I support you as a black woman. Happy black History Month. Happy black history model month. We appreciate you. I think your month is in March, if I'm not mistaken, right? [00:31:46] Speaker B: Yes, it is. [00:31:47] Speaker A: Is it March? Yeah, but no, we're going to extend that. You all get February and March. You get to share with the greats, because you are a great. You created a school. You're going to go down. Please demand that statue. And, yeah. Shout out to you. [00:32:03] Speaker B: Thank you. Thank you so much. I appreciate you. [00:32:06] Speaker A: No doubt. Penrose. [00:32:10] Speaker C: Yes, sir. Bye.

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