Episode 315

October 05, 2023


The New Culture

The New Culture
BTG For President
The New Culture

Oct 05 2023 | 00:29:31


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BTG For President Episode #315

Special shoutout to Jarv and the Rap Roundtable. Jarv sent me a question regarding the culture of us black folks. The new culture is what I call it. Previous decades had an identity created with flare and flavor. An identity that still stands with those times. So what’s the new culture about? What will this new generation hang their hats on?

The New Culture #B4P315

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County coming from the city where no pity is. [00:00:04] Speaker B: Shell. Shell. [00:00:04] Speaker A: Somebody needs to do a song for La. [00:00:06] Speaker B: Straight up. Hello. My name is Elaine, and I'll be. [00:00:16] Speaker A: Your tour guide through South Central Los Angeles. [00:00:19] Speaker B: Count my dough and smoke up. I'm from California. [00:00:22] Speaker A: Where you from? [00:00:23] Speaker B: So what? California. California. [00:00:28] Speaker A: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker B: Where are we going? Westward. House. [00:00:35] Speaker C: I don't got two or three, but I got one that I think will fall in line with what you've done previously. As far as BTG for president, not even open run, but BTG for president. I think you've covered culture a lot. Like, a lot, but from our youth. You dig fashion, movies, what outside was like, what we ate, shit like that. You covered eighty s. Ninety s babies culture. Well, 80s babies, but grew up in the 90s culture. My question would be for a topic, what is black culture in 2023? What is that experience like for the youths of this era? Because we have cultural staples. Like, if you ain't seen New Jack City, I can't talk to you type shit. What are the staples of culture? If you ain't doing this, I can't talk to you. For the youth of today in 2023, what is black culture in 2023? [00:01:39] Speaker A: That's my topic. When you talk about the gray area, when you talk about the rap roundtable, okay, the point guard. One of the most important AMIC voice that you will hear in the podcast game, a person who has created a platform from being a solo to being the co host of one of the most down to earth pinpoint, just East Coast humor. One of the best hip hop platforms that we have in this generation right now. Right? That's my guy Jar. Also a Capricorn. That's dangerous. You have to no, we kind of do stuff a little different, and it's effective and it's scary to a lot of people because it's foreign. We start and we end with us. It's no getting around that. We run it. Capricorns trappercorns, I should say. But when it comes to the culture we had back in the day, man, them cats that was born in the late 70s, early 80s, those cats, man. We experienced a lot. Like you said, we had staples. Movies included certain things. Foo Boo had an error in our lives when he was talking about clothing. The sports era was different. And I'm talking about just black culture in general. Hell, we had the gang culture. That was wild. So as we've seen, it progress. I can say that nothing has changed except it's more embellished, more exaggerated, right? Now, don't get me wrong, a lot of the principles have changed, right? The morals is not even there, you know what I'm saying? They run a different type of government now with this new black culture, you know what I mean? Because it's all over the place. We don't have any gatekeepers, at least back then, we had crews, we had rap crews that protected the culture, you know what I'm saying? Now it doesn't feel like that. It don't. You know what I'm saying? I will say this one thing this generation does, this new black culture, they embrace themselves, though. Some of them are lost. Don't get me wrong. This is probably the most emotional, sensitive black culture that I think we'll ever have, right? They're more in tune with their emotions. They're not afraid to speak out, but they embrace how they look. The platform that has been created with this new black culture is crazy, but it seems like we're still segregated amongst our own people. And it's so many different genres of black cultures now, like the subgenres of black culture. That's what it feels like. It feel like subgenres in this black culture now. It's all over the place, and a lot of other different cultures have meshed inside our culture, you know what I'm saying? We don't own nothing. But this is the generation of entrepreneurship. Like, everybody's trying to be their own boss. That's what I see. A lot of that. I see a lot more of that than I did back in the obviously, the music dynamic has changed. Where cats used to feel like getting a record deal was almost like hitting the lottery, you know what I mean? Or getting drafted, you feel me? But now the gates are busted wide open. Nobody's standing in front of the building trying to pitch their mixtape, you know what I'm saying? So nobody's meeting up and having recorded footage that's lost right now of cats battling each other, you know what I'm saying? And hopefully that tape gets back to one of these cats over at the label, one of these ANRS at the label, and I get signed. That was the thing. It was to get signed. Now it's just go viral, and that's it. You don't have to have that much talent. So if I had to say anything about the black culture now, it's a little watered down when it comes to the talent pool, although you can see them progressing in a lot more movie roles, and we get a lot more TV shows, but they don't have the OG. The one thing that bothers me, they don't have the good family shows anymore. You know what I'm saying? We had so two two seven, you know what I'm saying? Like when you had shows like the Cosby, family Matters, a Different World, fresh Prince, like that family, that black family. Where the black families? That's the new black culture. But where is the black families at, though? You don't see much of that that's not highlighted. Y'all are highlight some couples. Y'all are highlight some couples. Now, not to say like back in the we highlighted families, but we damn sure appreciated the family content on TV. We embraced and loved the dynamics of the family, whether it was black or white. Because it was a lot of other shows. Charles in Charge, you know what I'm saying, the Brady Bunch, et cetera, they had a lot of different dope examples of that, family life, and I don't see that a lot during this era. This era is more the ratchet side, you know what I'm saying? But it's all entertainment and it's good entertainment, you know what I'm saying? It's kind of like fast food in a way. It's not exactly good for you if you're consuming it too much, but it tastes so good. You know what, I'm my wife texting me. Yeah, let me tell her. She asked me if I started my show. Sorry about that, let me get back to it. But yeah, he also mentioned a part of the staples that he said, and I said we did have certain staples. Like I said, FUBU had a run and there was a lot of different type of attires. We had styles that we had, but it was impact, you know what I'm saying? It was a lot of impact. And music had a lot to do with that hip hop, which is a part of the black culture, you know what I mean? The way we consume music and stuff like that. But when I think about this generation, sadly, I can't really tell you, I couldn't really tell you outside of maybe TikTok and podcasting, I think those two will be a part of the know, even though podcasting is for everybody, you know what I'm saying? It's for everybody. TikTok is for everybody. But I think we all know that because like I said, we're starting to embrace ourselves a little bit more now. The natural look hasn't been so popular, you know what I'm saying? Even the skin tone war has been watered down for years. Is it still a thing? Yes. Amongst the black community still? Yes. But you're starting to see the darker melanins be highlighted more and embrace and accepted and loved more and things like that, which is, dope you know what I mean? And I would say, even though I still feel segregated amongst our people, you know what I'm saying, we out here still knocking our own heads off, you know what I'm saying? So we still segregated in a way yet, and still they found more ways to make money together, but it's just a lot of weird shit that they still allow to happen, even though they've had so many examples of what we had, where we lost important artists, right? But it seems like they're losing them three times more than ours, you know what I'm saying? Someone's not getting a chance to get to a certain level to be considered a great but you can just hear early on and know that if this player had this many years in a game, he could get so much better, right? But they talk more, this generation, they talk a little bit more than us it's not too many. Like I said, I brought up podcast and cats are starting to talk a lot more. I'm starting to see gangsters talk, you know what I'm saying? So it's like our culture went from keeping certain things within side the culture, not necessarily keeping it like a secret, but it was like wasn't too many people involved when it came to certain things like that. But now it's like everybody's involved in our culture, everybody. That's just what it is. They involved a little bit more now, a little bit more. It feels like we gave up partial ownership or something like that to keep it alive. But the culture apps, it has changed so many times because, again, back in the day, I think mostly we looked up to two leaders. I mean, two main leaders. Dr. King and you know, I think it's one of I think it's one of those things, like, when it comes to Malcolm X, I think it'd be those two up there. I mean, obviously you have so many other leaders that you can also put to the side with them. But the two staples that stick out to me is those two gentlemen. And it's like when I think about their generation, I don't see nobody. I really don't. You know what, don't think outside of Triple X, I can't see too many artists, you know what saying? Like because they still are attached to, you know, and he's with us, you know what I'm saying? And Drake, I bet you he's up there. The futures of the world is up there. So they got living legends, you know what I'm saying? Although I felt like they lost some other ones. Your King Vaughns of the world, they lost a lot of youngsters PAP smoke. These were going to be staples in the game and they were young, so they've had so many potentials when we had two dominant forces, you know what I'm saying? It's like cats are not even getting a chance to get out of the first or second quarter before something tragic happens like assassination back in the day all across the news is devastating. Changed nations, you know what I'm saying? But it seems like it's the norm now. They're losing cats to not just dying to the streets, but we're talking about overdosing as well. So it's like they're not even getting the opportunity to get a Malcolm or a King. It ain't even lasting that long, you know what I'm saying? The way they party is different. There's no substance to it. I mean, literally, they just had I got a jar shout out for the topic, bro, but I got to call your city out because recently it was a battle between some New York cats and some Baltimore cats. And who can waste the most alcohol battle in y'all? This is three different cultures we're talking about. Three different cultures are part of the black culture. And the goal is to buy the most expensive alcohol and spill it. Don't even drink it. And then that's when I be thinking to myself, oh, this has to be the dumbest generation I've ever is, showing that you got a lot of money. But I mean, it's bad if you drink all of it because it's over your liver and your kidneys, they going to call somebody on you. But to waste all that alcohol on the ground for what do you even donate the money to? I don't know. Like I don't know, man. I don't know, man. I think podcasting has replaced the car clubs. Podcasters are like rap artists, rapper R and B artists right now. Everybody's working and putting out their work to see if they can get signed to a network. So they could possibly drop these episodes every day or weekly or however their format is. But they trying to get signed. That's the new thing. Like niggas back in the day wanted to be artists. And they go up to the record labels, play my shit, going to the, you know, paying they dub to get it to the club, slide this to the DJ. Probably got to slide them some bread and play it. But now it's just press record. Let me talk bad about women. Let me expose this. Dude, did you hear about such and such? Did you do this? Did you hear about that? And Cats is going to make money. Cats go make money. Cats go get signed. They're going to try to get signed. That's the new record label, podcasting, you know what I'm saying? No more clubs. I remember cats used to meet up with the car clubs and shit like that in a parking lot. They used to have beef with other cats, you know what I'm saying? But you know what, one thing about this generation, they know how rich the was because they try to repeat what we did or extend what we did. You know what I'm saying? The house parties, you know what I'm saying? They tried it. They tried it. White man can't jump. They tried it. They tried it. I mean, it was solid. You know, the horror movie, pennywise, you'll float too. You'll float too. I thought those two movies that came out was phenomenal. Phenomenal. You know what I'm saying? That was good. But they tried to remake a lot of shit or extend on some shit that was from the 80s, from the 90s, because it was a lot of flavor back then. And that's what it is. It's like everybody's trying to everybody's selling something. Everybody is a brand now. Back in the day, we just trying to figure out who we was trying to be, who we were going to turn into in this era, this new black culture. They trying to build a brand. Everything is a brand now. Everything content over, everything coe. That's what it is. That's the new era. And what will be left behind, I promise you. They're just going to be talking about TikTok, the impact of TikTok. Do you know there is a group of people that will be introduced to Twitter as X? That's what, you know, kobe Bryant at this point is going to be a myth to know, because it's like who Kobe was to us. That's where you got know, Michael Jordan is almost about it for them. For them, because there's cats that's getting drafted into the league and don't even know some of the current players. Come on, man. Basketball is part of our black culture. Jar sports in general, a lot has changed. Theirs is money. Ours was passion for the game, but in the black culture is money. Nil deals commercials. Yeah. And you're a gamer. Everybody's a gamer. The black culture covers a lot. We just don't own a lot of it. We allow any and everybody to eat off the plate, and we will not complain about it if it looks good, if the talent is there, if it's entertaining. Yeah. And as much as this is a research era where they want to go back and backtrack and stuff like that, the love for the culture on their end, I could tell you, is much lower than much lower than ours. You want to know why? There's a lot of cats that want to be in the hip hop game, want to be in the industry, but don't know a history. They don't know the history, nothing. [00:21:49] Speaker B: And. [00:21:50] Speaker A: Don'T care to research it. So when cats get into a beef with these old heads, it's like they don't care about the foundation. They care about what mark they're going to set. And like I said, I think the only marks that they have set right now is all because you got to go viral. That's the thing. Dope dealers from back in the day kingpins back in the day, them niggas never wanted to be in the newspaper. They didn't want to be in the news at like being on the newspaper was like being on IG the timeline was just on paper. You know what I'm saying? They didn't want to take no and then if they did take a picture, they never smiled. Them niggas didn't want to be in no photos. Niggas today podcast. Merch YouTube page. And here's the thing. I respect it. I respect it even though I can make a case that some niggas is abusing it. Some niggas is stealing money. Some niggas is just wasting space. But nonetheless, that's what niggas is doing. Niggas is talking more. Niggas is talking a whole lot more. Back in the day, them niggas wasn't talking. You didn't find out if a nigga snitched unless he got out. You know what I'm saying? Now they recording your phone calls, and, man, people are coming forward, and niggas are having a special or a live special on somebody's platform to talk about it. And shit. Like, instant. Like, come on, man. That's the new black culture. The new black culture is online. What did Jamarikua say? What was the song? Virtual Insanity. There we go. Goddamn. Virtual insanity. That's what we're here. We're here. I think we're at the part of the movie where Captain America has what you call Thor's Hammer. I think we're at that part of the movie with the black culture. Like, niggas got to fight back. We got to fight back. Because it's like we don't have nothing. You know what? This is the perfect example, JARV, you want to know what the difference between 2023 black culture and the golden days? Black culture? It's like, these are the kids who the house was left to and are ye art? They turned it to an airbnb. That's what the 2023 black culture feels like. That they didn't get rid of it, but they rented out as an airbnb. They're making money off our name. That's what it is. So, sadly, it's not too many dope staples that I can see in the future for them. Outside of TikTok and podcasting, everything else has been recycled and just done in a different way. Even game banging. It'll fool you. Yeah, I don't know. But Jar, I want to give a special shout out to JARV for a great, challenging topic. I had to write some shit down. I did. JARV is the host of the Gray Area. He is also one of the co hosts, one of four for the Rap Roundtable, right? Based out of New York. And y'all got to tap in. And this is not a podcast that I just support, but I invest in financially. When I do catch them on their lives and stuff like that. When I got it, I send that bread. I send that bread at the end of the day, you know what I'm saying? Because they got the point guard over there in Jar. They got young mace. Young Mace, that's my guy, man. He just reminds me of my little brother. We got to talk, you know what I'm saying? We got to talk. Because I know he a Pac fan, and that's different. And I like that. I like that because you don't find too many on the East Coast that's going to admit that Pac is who he is and was who he was, right? But then we got it. May the force be with you. He got some hot takes, too. And we just gonna have to go in the backyard and talk about that. But we'll get there. We'll get there. And then we got the grumpy old man of the click, you know what I'm saying? Sincere. And he'd be making the beat. So the beat that y'all the instrumentals that y'all hear on a podcast, that nigga make them go get that. And it's that oh, my God. When you talking about wet concrete, new York City, downtown, somewhere uptown, downtown, I don't know, but y'all know what I'm talking about. Like, you know how that pavement smells like? Yeah, it's one of those type of records. Yeah, it's something where it's like if the locks had the beat but left it in the suitcase somewhere. But it ain't going to never stale. No, man, you all got to go check him out, though. You got to go check him out. Okay, but the rap roundtable, yes, one of the best hip hop podcast shows out there. Like I said, the gray area has been held hostage. But that's okay. I feel like we'll get some pop up episodes every now and then. But the gray area is ran by the most sophisticated capricorn traits. It's something phenomenal, man. You all got to go check out the old content for the gray area, but don't be afraid to go bother JARV, though, especially going live on YouTube, you know what I'm saying? You can go up in there, pay your $5, get bumped ahead, let them catch yo and understand, they have to accept your feelings on the show. They can be a little East Coast biased and as they should, but you got to hear their perspectives. You got to hear how and they put a lot of work into this. It's not too many podcasts. Look at this. Podcast everywhere, son. Word up, B. It's podcast everywhere. Duke but them cats, they stick out, man. Like I said, I sent money them ways. I sent them them ways. You know what I'm them cats be getting paid as they should because their content is worth buying, and that's on me, man. That's a great episode. Shout out to Jar for that episode, man. I need to get back on the show, man, because I just need to, man, y'all be West Coast races sometimes, that's all I'm saying. Just a little bit.

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