Episode 316

October 12, 2023


Pants on Fire

Pants on Fire
BTG For President
Pants on Fire

Oct 12 2023 | 00:35:28


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BTG For President Episode #316

Shoutout to Uncle Dolemite. Too Much Game podcast host had an interesting question about some historical events by some historical people. For instance, Wilt Chamberlain's body count or even the 100 pt game. Did it really happen or was there some embellishment going on?!?! Who else was out there “lying”?

Pants on Fire #B4P316

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County coming from the city where no PD shell. Shell. Might need to do a song for La. My name is Elaine, and I'll be your tour guide through South Central Los Angeles. Count my dough and smoke up. I'm from California. Where you from? So what? California. California. This is Los Angeles. Where are we going? Westward Ho. [00:00:33] Speaker B: Damn. I know I got in late, but this is Uncle Dolomite from the Too Much Game podcast. Baylor do the Greatest Celebrity Lies Ever told. I just sent you a video with this nigga Will Chamberlain. Do you believe all of these things? All the games he played that was televised except the 100 point game? Do you think he slept with 10,000 women? Do you think that LeBron read all those books he said he read and all the other things Scissor has said that's been a lie? Do you think Tory shot Meg? What's the greatest celebrity lies you ever heard? [00:01:13] Speaker A: Man, it's a lot of niggas that be out there lying. Dolomite that's Dolomite. That's uncle dolomite from the Too much game podcast. Phenomenal question, and we're going to get right to it. So we could break down some not even break down some of these lies, but just point them out. Just in case you all forgot about some of the historical shit that has gone on in our life through your experiences. And then you find out that some of that shit was a lie. Come on, dog. It got to make you feel a certain way. And then you got to ask yourself, why did niggas lie in the first place? Don't get me wrong. I get lying. Have I lied before? Hell, yeah, I definitely lied before. Everybody has lied, right? I think we got to hold these celebrities to a higher standard, though. I mean, you all following them behind them like that anyway, so we might as well. Literally, every day, a celebrity is being talked about, whether it's in a positive or a negative way. Every day, the fact that we sit up there and hold them that high as weird as hell. But let's take these niggas according clutch right there. If y'all don't know about Night Court, man. Hey, so let's check it out, man. Let's get to these people that we some of us looked up to these cats. Some of us looked up to these know or a huge fan. Whatever the case stands. Whatever the case may be, man, some of y'all niggas followed these cats, but let's get right to it. So as you heard in the voice message that Dolemite sent, he mentioned Wilk Chamberlain, LeBron Scissor, the Tory and Meg situation. So I got to talk about it. First of all, will Chamberlain. A hundred point game. I could believe that. I'm gonna tell you why this nigga Will Chamberlain was playing back then. Basically, when it was like, in black and white, dolomite, these niggas woke up every goddamn day in black and white. What? No color back then. That's why I was confused. It was just black and white, man. Even niggas played against the milkman. I could believe it, though. I could believe they ran it up. And he might be yo, yo. If we come to find out that this nigga was an alien because they said the nigga ran like a four. What? They said he ran a four six. This nigga 7ft and he ran a four six. Benching 500 pounds. Here's the biggest lie, though. Ten k over 10,000 women. Who do you think you are, Magic Johnson? Look, all right, I ain't going to joke around like that. But look, as much as Magic was getting down, you at least have to add him to that. I don't believe that at all. He's not knocking that much. It wasn't even that many people, dog. It wasn't even that much people back then. What are we talking about? 10,000 women? 10,000 and you didn't catch not one disease? Not one STD? They had Bible like diseases back then, and he didn't catch nothing. 10,000 you got at least come on, dog. There wasn't no plan B's back then. I know. He wanted the most efficient scores we have of all time. Out of 10,000. You got to at least have 800 kids out of 10,000. I'm tired of that shit, dog. You all going to stop lying to these people out here? Will Chamberlain, I'll give him the 100 point game, okay? I can see that happening. Because he's the only cat on the court that he's twice the size of everybody on the court, and he run a four six. What the hell is that? This nigga is a giraffe. Going four six. That shit should be illegal. Watch, I'm telling you going to come out, they're going to say he was an alien. Who we got next? The Kardashians? Where do we want to start? Nobody looks like who they look like now. They've been lying to you. And they would tell you all, though. They've been lying. I think the celebrity relationships and marriages that they had and the baby daddies that they got from this, I think it all was a set up. I think all of it was a lie. I don't think everything that we've seen unfold and still unfold. I think they've been lying to us. I think they've been throwing out you all know what I'm saying? Everybody's in on it. Everybody's just getting a 15 minutes of fame or they kinks. But if you go through those old photos, budy, you're going to be upset. Upset. They've been lying, but hey, look, they got y'all sunked. You know, Tori and Meg I spoke my piece on even think you know what, I don't even think there was, like a lie lie, right. Because clearly what happened, happened. I think on the Tory side, people, wise people, are saying, well, look where it all stemmed from. There was an altercation between two women, possibly three, over this one guy, he said over the phone he was very intoxicated, and that's what got him chipped off, and he said he would never do it again. There's a lot of unclear shit that we'll never figure out, and then there's even conspiracies behind why they trying to throw the book at them and then ship them back home, you know what I'm saying? I'm not getting into that. But you could look it up. It's there. At the end of the day, yeah, I think there was lies from the beginning. I think everybody involved was lying at one point, lied about something, you know what I mean? I mean, the facts came out, and the facts is what it is, but there were still some lies told. That's how I feel about it. Oh, this is one of the biggest lies, right? Yo, yo, yo. See, I'm a Joe guy, and recently I did an episode on, you know, the Dirty Mackin Cats and Joe, which is my favorite R B artist of all time, is probably hall of Fame when it comes to that category, you know what I mean? And I'm okay with that. But he still makes great music and a lot more people than myself, like Robert Kelly. I mean, they say he is the goat when it comes to R B across our board, right? That nigga didn't know how to read, and y'all didn't know. Okay? This whole time, he was talking to Youngsters, and y'all just knew. Y'all goat was out there writing heat. This nigga is writing to a Cabbage Patch Kid collector. Oh, he been lying. He been lying. That's your man's, though. That's your man's. Christopher Columbus. This got to be the first viral, nigga. He got to be the first viral, you know what I'm saying? Because for you to get talked about this long and recently, I found out as an adult that you was out there jacking, niggas. We had to acknowledge you in elementary, middle school, high school, you know what I'm saying? I think even college. But I mean, the truth was out there, but it wasn't until recently unique was like, now we got to demote him. We got to strip this away, and we got to make it right. I found that out as an adult. This nigga went over there on some colors type shit when they pulled up in the van, and they opened that shit, and they said, what's up, cuz? Or, what was it? What's up, blood? Or. What's up, Cuz? It was something he said. He said the opposite. Boom. Shot off shotgun to the chest. That's how he was. That nigga was a savage. That nigga lied to y'all, and he went viral because we still talking about him. That's a cult, nigga. Christopher Columbus. You know the name, and we don't talk about it, nigga. NASA in 1969, they said they was up there dog. I believe that technology that's out there right now is something beyond we couldn't even fathom. Okay? I don't want to get too deep into it, because I want nobody knocking on the door, but I think the niggas hit us with a green screen. I think they hit us with a green screen because back then, how are you going to have facts? They went somewhere far out where cars don't drive. They put this shit on TV and this shit was in black and white. Niggas didn't know. Niggas didn't know what was going on. They hit the niggas with a green screen. They hit us with a green screen and said we was on that moon in 1969 for 6 hours. That's cap. That's cap, bro. I don't think they went up there. I don't no. The niggas figured out space. We can't figure out the not. I'm not going for that. I'm not going for that. I'm not going. Johnny Menzel. Johnny Aka. Johnny Football. This nigga just came out with a documentary. It's what? About an hour? About a solid hour. They said nigga, when he was in his prime in college at Texas A M, they said this nigga came from oil money. No, but he didn't, though. They made that shit up and it went viral. They said this nigga came from oil money. This nigga, they made a lie up and said that his mom was in the hospital or something like that. And it was a family emergency. Because this nigga couldn't pass a drug test to get into the combine. They was lying to us. They was lying to us. This is the same nigga they said that came from oil money. But he didn't, though. This nigga was just a white boy with game. I mean, probably wasn't living bad, but he wasn't living like how we nigga, if you got oil money. Come on now. He would have been viral if he came from oil money. That would have been the first thing. He would have been outside already. He would have been outside already. No, man, that nigga lied too, man. We got to talk about it. Let's go back to the 90s. Bill Clinton you all forgot what Bill did. This is the same nigga said, Yo, I did not mean her. We didn't do nothing. They went to go get that black light and they rubbed that shit they was rubbing that dress down, rubbing it down with that goddamn light. And they said they seen all kind of shit on that goddamn dress. And y'all seen Monica behave. You better chill out. You better chill out. But I'm going to tell you like this. That man lying. And while all this is happening, his wife is calling us predators. Oh, yeah, but this is the same one who threw some hot sauce in her purse and said she keep Red Rooster in her purse. Jesse no, you don't. Because we don't do that. Shit no more. And it wasn't even like that. No, you don't do that. You did that. You sold that to my community. And your man's played the saxophone. I don't know if he was that good. It was something fishy. But anyways, at the end of the day, the nigga lie. He said, Dog, I did not hit that. He did something. It was some type of sexual transaction that was going on. Because that blue dress wasn't blue after that light was on it buckle. No, it wasn't. No, it wasn't. But he lied. He lied. How could we forget? Millie Vanelli? Yeah. For y'all niggas that was born in the 90s, have a seat. Open up your ears. Shut your mouth. Put your phone away, okay? Because I'm about to talk about two niggas that didn't sing one lick of song. Yeah, these niggas, the ultimate copy and paste. Millie Vanilli stole the they stole the whole gimmick. The whole gimmick. I'm talking about this is some of the nastiest work of all time. You got to understand, it was two gentlemen. Two gentlemen who had hit you don't understand. I'm sitting up there as a kid and I'm jamming. And I'm jamming. Yeah, man, y'all gotta understand. It got to doing back. Well, I sat back and thought about the things we used to do. It really meant a lot to me. You mean a lot to me. I really mean that much to you. Girl, you know it's true. Oh, my God. That's not big song nigga. That does not belong to them. Do you understand what I'm saying? And I found out that the original artist, it was three of them. It was only two people in this group. That's nasty Millie Vanilli, dog. Jesse Smollett. You thought she was getting he called what do you call this up? The gay tupac. See this guy? Come on. He tried to mix the racial and the gay together and say, hey, this is what happened to me while I was going to Subway. First of all, dog, nobody should be going to Subway after 09:00 p.m.. Okay? That me. Nasty. Boss, that's not real bread either. Okay? It hasn't been real bread. They feeding you some bullshit over there. And the prices went up. Okay? That sweet teriyaki chicken not hitting like how it used to. I like the teriyaki sauce, though. No, the sweet onion sauce. Fire. Oh, that's so fire. That's so fire. It's nothing real in there, boss. And you went in there and you said you got your foot long pause, right? And then they brought the news. Come on. The classic news. The classic news. You did too much, dog. Because they went and they went shopping, and the niggas was on camera, and you bought everything at once. I'm not saying how do you do it, but I'm assuming if you buy anything that's in the serial killer catalog all at one time, it's a red flag buckle. Okay? You got everything, you might as well just, yo, we about to go do this job, so you might as well just be a hero. Call the cops on us. Come on, man. Jesse and your career. And look, I got a couple of Jesse Smollett songs on my phone. Because of Empire, the first season that nigga was getting down, he used the community say he didn't. Say he didn't. He wanted to bring the race in there, but he knew. Come on, he got double protection. He does. Y'all know what it is, man. Millie, come on, dog. Last but not least, dolomite. This is one of the biggest ones, dog. One of the biggest ones. And I know you said celebrities, right? So I think it's fitting to say, I think a lot of people would agree with me when I can say there's a lot of influencers that are considered celebrities now, you know what I mean? So they do their best on raking in a lot of money, and they get to that celebrity status pretty quick. You could be a celebrity overnight, literally, nowadays, you know what I'm saying? So I would have to say the biggest lie in 2023 is these podcasters. Yeah, man, podcasting is just like before social media, when cats used to move out of state, move to another city or something like that. They could reinvent themselves, you know what I'm saying? Especially if you go to another state. I see that's. Why shout out to Views from the Seven. Man, I can't wait to be on a podcast so I could tell them what I need to tell them. But, dog, it's a lot of La. Cats that went out there, and they turned into, like a mogul or a kingpin or some shit like that. Yeah, that's the first place they go to now. It's much broader now. Niggas go down there, skip down to Houston, they'll go across to Phoenix, you know what saying? Yeah, yeah. They starting to move different places now, you know what I'm saying? But Vegas was always only three and a half hours away. Yeah, it's cheaper. It was. I mean, they catching up with us now, but it was always cheaper. You can get more bang for your buck if you move to Vegas. It's very slow out there. Vegas, like I always say, Vegas is like bakersfield with makeup. You know what saying? Like, that's what it like. If you take away the strip, they just bakersfield. They might be, though. I mean, it's very quiet out there, dog. Outside, that show is very quiet. It's dangerous everywhere. Don't get caught lacking in Vegas. They'll get you, my nigga. They got some stories themselves. But the point is, man, I've seen a lot of cats move to Vegas and change their whole identity. That's where their podcast clubhouse. Anywhere there's a platform and people to listen. And then especially if it's consistent, you know what I'm saying? If it's something that's going to be happening weekly, monthly. You got a chance to create a character that's going to meet the world for the first time every day. So it gives you an opportunity to be somebody else that you're not. It's kind of whack because eventually some of these podcasters will pull up and they'll really see what your life is like. One of my podcast, Pet Peeves, is like early in the game, there was a lot of male podcasters trying know, do the whole tough guy shit, I bang this, blah blah this and that's. Just me simply being from La. That they assume that them announcing their soldier experience to me is going to get them any type of brownie points or I don't know, what am I supposed to do with that information. It's not going to stay in my brain that long, you know what I mean? It's cool that you used to be a part of a community that wreaked havoc on other groups of people from time to time. I'm cool. I knew a lot of those niggas. Some of them friends, family. I know them well. But your war stories never really moved the needle with anything, you know what I mean? And then your little sneaky ass bashers as out here try to date all these podcast women or whatever. Oh, man, oh, man. You switch personality up. Well, some of you all have been acting like you all don't like women, so I don't know what's going on with that, but Jesus Christ, outside of that, man, that's about mean. I can think of so many more. See, Magic Johnson, dog, I think it's true. He was knocking down anything and everything. I'm talking about, there was some honey on that frog's tongue and he was getting every fly. Oh, my God. I know. He was going crazy. Once he got to La. He ran through all the cheerleaders, you know what I'm saying? And they was outside. Back in the 80s, dog, the niggas was up and down Fig and Sunset. They was getting some of them bottom shelves, and they was getting some of that high quality expensive. Boy, he was probably taking shit. Damn. But I don't think he got it. I think he just ended up being a poster child for it. Yeah, I think that was all like, yo, whatever we're going to do for Medicaid, I felt like they had a cure for it or something to at least contain it. And they use him as the poster child, saying, look, even though this nigga got way more money than the average bear, they're like, yeah, if you just do what this nigga Magic did, then you'll be all right. You know what I'm saying? Just do what this nigga did. And nobody really know what the fuck he did, and I don't really think he got it. I think the niggas is lying, but that's the purpose of the episode and to get back to it. Did LeBron read all those books? Fuck no. You know how much money this nigga got to be reading books? That's the thing. And he taking steroids, though, Lamar. You could tell by the top of his head. So no, I don't think he read all those books. And he got caught lacking a couple of times. Do I think he do read sometimes? Do I think he can read? Absolutely. I don't think he know, dummy, that nigga is a scholar, but I don't think he read all them books. I think that PR sometimes be really kicking niggas ass. But it's a demographic out there that buy all that shit, you know what I'm saying? They really go by, oh, my God, he read this. No, he didn't. He is a billionaire. This nigga is not reading nothing but ways to make money. This nigga ain't reading no goddamn book. No, if he said he read ten books, in reality, that nigga started with one damn near about to finish, and that's it. That nigga shooting percentages when it comes to reading books is low. Don't believe that. Don't believe that. Don't believe that. Shout out to Uncle Dolomite, man. One of the top podcasters in the game. And like I said, at the top of the Uncle Dolemite too much game podcast. And I'm going to tell you this, two things for sure. One thing. What is it? Two for sure, one for certain. Something like that. Here's the thing. You can either get knowledge on something this is part of the game, or you can get motivated. There are sometimes I could listen to his episode, and I could just get motivated from it, because some of the information I pretty much know, especially like shit that we've all been through, like dating, you know what I mean? We're old enough to have similar experiences and know right from wrong what we did wrong and of that nature. So I can pretty much understand it without being told what it is. But at the same time, what he can do is tell you what it is and tell you how to correct it, tell you what you say you want, but it's going to hold the mirror up and see if you're going to actually do it. And that's the motivation I get from it. Because recently he said on an episode, people say that they want a million dollars, but they don't get up and actually work on, study, find the resources, work hard to get to a million dollars. So it's like you don't really want it as bad as you say you do, right? But not only that, though, he had this one that I kind of understood. [00:29:10] Speaker B: As well, because sometimes, nigga, you'd be standing right next to a motherfucker that can give you some information that's going to get you right out of the situation that you in. You might be talking to a motherfucker who can make you a fucking millionaire. But you talking about bullshit. Like I tell you, I don't even like being around motherfuckers. That's not in the mindset of where I want to be in life. Like, nigga, if you ain't got the entrepreneur mindset, we don't even need to be talking like that, dog. If you don't plan on being a motherfucking millionaire, at no point, I don't need to be talking to your motherfucking ass like, if you ain't driving the type of car I want doing the type of shit I want to do. If you're not an owner of anything, what the fuck is we talking about, nigga? I need to be around motherfuckers. I could learn from my nigga what's going on. [00:30:01] Speaker A: See, that's what I'm saying. And I got to understand that. Why? Because back in the day, I got criticized for saying something as I don't listen to people. I didn't say just married. No. I said I wanted to listen to married people over 30, 40, 50 years. I don't want to listen to the divorce. I've been to a divorce before. I know what a divorce is. I know how to lose. I need to know how to win. So I want to talk to the cat that's been in the game for 2030, 40, 50 years or more. Because I need to know. I'm talking about the experiences. I'm not talking about those little sayings and shit like that. Don't want to stand up, don't want to shut up. No, I'm not talking about that. That's one of my favorite ones, by the way. But no, that's not what I'm talking about. I want to talk about oh, this is what you did. This was an audible. You Omaha. Omaha when this happened, when you didn't used to do that back in the day. Oh, you almost lost it because of yeah, I need to know that. We all know, because, look, women and men are different, and all women aren't the same. All men aren't the same. So niggas get into a relationship, you got to figure that person out. You ain't going to be able to talk to, treat, or even vibe with another woman just like you did with this other woman. You got to switch up a lot of stuff. You have to switch up a lot of stuff. But I need to know the cast as one, though. That's who I want to talk to. So I will talk to a Kobe. I'll talk to an MJ. I'll talk to Bron. And Braun has lost a lot of finals. That nigga can sure tell me how to get there. He can tell me how to get there. And I just got to figure it out after that. You know what I'm saying? MJ can tell me how not to make it to a game. Know? Kobe can tell me how to lock in and have that moment mentality. LeBron can tell me how to spread the ball a little bit more and get your teammates involved. He could teach me all of that. All three of them. Niggas can teach me how to get a team to the finals. Those are the cats that we want to listen to. I don't want to listen to Chris Paul. No, I don't need that. I don't want to listen to Barkley, not that these are hall of Famers. I don't want to listen to Patrick Ewing, because I've seen how y'all lost. I've seen who y'all lost to, and I know where y'all at when it comes to carrying a team. So, no, I don't want to listen to those. I want to listen to the guys that have done it. There's no disrespect, but I know how to lose. I know how to lose. And, yeah, he right, dog. We need to be talking about the same stuff. We can't be still talking about the same thing. One thing we do have to talk about is balance, because, like him, I do play video games. I play video games. I want to talk about video games, but I want to talk about branding. Like, I make merch, and I got a lot of podcast friends, so in my merch, I want to implement their content. But it's more than just me being creative. It's about, hey, let me get your brand out there. I'm getting my brand out there. Your fans going to see this. My fans going to see this. Out of 30 people that see it, maybe five or six people will be like, oh, what do you mean, my podcast? And they go search it, and then out of that five, maybe three stay to listen. Come on, man. That's not bad. That's not bad. So I want to work with people like that. I know, Shan. You know what I'm saying? Drizzy. Drizzy. Drake okay, greg and y'all hear me talk about Gigi. Y'all hear me talk about them all the time. That's because we talk damn near every day. Sometimes it's just playful. Sometimes it's sharpening the mind. Sometimes it might be a little bit of venting. Sometimes it might be a little bit of court, you know what I'm saying? But at the end of the day, these are people who are working on their individual brands, giving out ideas, assistance, help, free of charge. It's a phenomenal group, dog. And I listened to Uncle Dola. Might not got to give a special shout out to Twelve Cow because he the one that put me on. I'm glad I came across this. This is not even a podcast, which is entertainment. When you have a podcast that can not only entertain, but teach as well and motivate, that's three different categories. Monica that's godly. Yeah. If he was to stop podcasting, I had to hit him up and I had to tell him how wrong he is, no matter what he think he sees in his life outside of podcasting, because it's. Too much game. That means the game will never be over and people will still want to be taught. Sometimes it's the messenger, sometimes it's just not the message. I can get the message just from anybody, but just like you can get a pass just from anybody, but if you get a pass from Magic Johnson, you're going to be on Sports Center. Is that a good analogy? Come on, man. That had to be a good one, man. Shout out, man. Appreciate y'all yes, you know it's true.

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