Episode 315

September 28, 2023


Flip The Script

Flip The Script
BTG For President
Flip The Script

Sep 28 2023 | 01:55:16


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BTG For President Episode #315

Rashanii stopped by to talk some black cult classic films. 2 from the west and 2 from the east, but… we call BS on all of them. Somehow we ended up talking food too.

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County coming from the city where no pity is. Shell. [00:00:04] Speaker B: Shell. [00:00:05] Speaker A: Might need to do a song for La. [00:00:06] Speaker B: Straight up. [00:00:13] Speaker A: Hello. [00:00:14] Speaker B: My name is Elaine, and I'll be. [00:00:16] Speaker A: Your tour guide through South Central Los Angeles. [00:00:19] Speaker B: Count my dough and smoke up. I'm from California. [00:00:22] Speaker A: Where you from? So what? [00:00:24] Speaker B: California? California. [00:00:29] Speaker A: This is Los Angeles. Where are we going? Westward ho. There we go. There we go. So I kind of flipped the script on you. I did flip the script on you. I did. Okay. Because you made me do this. [00:00:47] Speaker B: I did. [00:00:48] Speaker A: You made me do this. He hit me up and he said, what time? He didn't say nothing else. He didn't say, Good morning, good evening. He said good time. He said, what time? I said okay. So I gave him a time, a ballpark, and we settled it. And then that's when I said, I'm about to flip the script, so you ready. [00:01:17] Speaker B: For what it's worth, when the words what time? Were defense, in my defense, I was in Seattle getting ready for the Beyonce fiasco that was about to jump off. In my defense. [00:01:34] Speaker A: Okay, that's cool. [00:01:38] Speaker B: Have you seen Beyonce? Have you experienced this religious moment that is Beyonce? [00:01:43] Speaker A: I have not seen Beyonce lie. [00:01:46] Speaker B: She was pretty fucking good. Like, dude, I had to wear earplugs and I still heard everything just fine. I just couldn't hear the people around me going fucking nuts. But that was a celebration. I feel like I never seen Seattle look like that before. And you know me, I'm a Seahawk fan. So I've seen the twelve. I've seen what could happen in the Clink. I never seen the Clink like that before, period. [00:02:16] Speaker A: So that was louder than the twelveTH. Man. [00:02:19] Speaker B: Yes, by far. Niggas flew from some folks came from Idaho, some folks came from Montana. I didn't even know there was people in Montana, but gay folks came from Montana. It was like an LGBTQ celebration. Niggas wearing kilts and sarongs and lace and linen and fishnet. We walked in and a Mexican woman looked at my wife and said, look at that ass and just smack my wife on the ass. And I was so happy to be there at that moment. [00:02:57] Speaker A: Okay, all right. Well, I mean, she was in Inglewood for a cool minute as well. I didn't get to experience a lie, but I heard the rumblings. [00:03:06] Speaker B: Yeah, you can't smack my wife's ass in Inglewood. That's different. There's a difference between a Seattle slap on the ass and an Inglewood slap on the ass. You slap my wife's ass in Inglewood, one of us got to at least die. Yeah, but in Seattle, the Mexican woman asked, she could slap my wife's ass. I'm like, yeah, I'd be disappointed if you didn't. [00:03:29] Speaker A: Okay, so I know I said I had several questions, but since you have the Ratchet Book Club and you've probably watched, I don't know what, 98, 98% of the movies that was ever directed and produced in this world? [00:03:53] Speaker B: More or less. [00:03:54] Speaker A: I flipped the script on you. I got a final four split between two coasts, west coast and East Coast. [00:04:03] Speaker B: Okay. [00:04:04] Speaker A: And what we're going to do is I need you to come up with an alternate ending. Or what would you change? Different? It doesn't even have to be the ending. It could just be something during the movie that you felt like you could have changed to make it better. So those four movies is Boys in the Hood, okay. Minister Society. [00:04:28] Speaker B: Okay. [00:04:29] Speaker A: New Jack City for sure. And Juice. [00:04:33] Speaker B: I thought you were going to say Belly. I got scared. [00:04:35] Speaker A: Okay, cool. Belly is what? The later classic? I'm talking about the early 90 classics, for sure. [00:04:47] Speaker B: Okay, I'm with you. [00:04:48] Speaker A: These four movies was, if I'm not mistaken, within a two year range, 91. [00:04:54] Speaker B: To 93 minutes came out. I'd say about 94, 95. But, yeah, you're in the right area. [00:05:03] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:05:05] Speaker B: Menace came out around the same time Friday came out. Just to put it in. [00:05:10] Speaker A: Right, right. So when it comes down to and all of them was a star, studied cast. It's just at the time, they didn't treat it like that. Yeah, for I mean, when you talk about Neil Long, Samuel L, jackson Tate, governor Tate to some people, you know what I mean? We had a lot of Jada pickett. You know what. [00:05:40] Speaker B: Christopher Williams? [00:05:41] Speaker A: Yeah. And Chris rock before the slap. So when we talk about Boys in the Hood, you ever think that nigga. [00:05:53] Speaker B: Sitting at home after he got slapped holding that same crackpipe, lip trembling and shit? I don't have to take this shit. I'm sorry. I don't think Will Smith slapped that nigga back into thinking he was really a crack addict. [00:06:10] Speaker A: He did slap him back into. [00:06:15] Speaker B: Sorry, I'm sorry. Go ahead. I'll stop interrupting. [00:06:17] Speaker A: So when it comes to Boys in the had, we lost Ricky in the alley. Right? That was a major scene. We lost Doughboy at the end of the movie or whatever. There was no visual on that. But it was only a couple of days later or something like that. [00:06:34] Speaker B: It was a couple of weeks, actually. Next day. [00:06:38] Speaker A: Yeah. All four of these classics never had a sequel. [00:06:43] Speaker B: No. [00:06:44] Speaker A: And I was going to do one of your favorites, white Man Can't Jump, because they have the redo or the newer version. Yeah, I see you shaking your head on that one. [00:06:58] Speaker B: I haven't brought myself to watch that one yet. You haven't seen remake of that? I fucked around and watched the remake of House Party and I've sworn off all remakes going forward, period. [00:07:08] Speaker A: That was a bad one, man. [00:07:12] Speaker B: You think that they could put together something, but it was just stupid. [00:07:21] Speaker A: Let's stay on that R1. Quick. What was the stupid part about that? Got. I got my reason. [00:07:27] Speaker B: There was no cohesiveness to the story. [00:07:29] Speaker A: Okay. [00:07:30] Speaker B: There was a lot of juvenile humor that didn't need to be there for this movie. It didn't actually play the way that the initial House Party played. So, really, it just felt like a remake in name only. [00:07:48] Speaker A: They just remade the name. They took away from the whole purpose of the movie, which was getting to the House Party. The original House Party was something that these cats tried to get to because they know next day at school or on Monday, that's what everybody's going to be talking about. This particular one was to raise money. Two issues I had with it. They tried to force the La culture in there. And why bring up I know I get the jokes or whatever, but why bring up or even entertain the illuminati content? [00:08:27] Speaker B: Exactly. [00:08:28] Speaker A: That was worthless. [00:08:31] Speaker B: And then to have that nigga, to have what was his name? Kid Cudi pop up and tape them was at that point, I really checked out. Yeah, I checked out. I rented a movie last night because I'm not paying 1999 for a movie that I'm not sure I'm going to like. But it was something I wanted to see in a movie theater. And it was a new Jennifer Lawrence comedy where she was trying to get the young boy to sleep with her or whatever. I can't remember what the name is. Bought it for 599. My wife and I are sitting there eating pizza. I made it through halfway through that movie and turned it off. It was one of those movies that's how I felt about House Party. It was one of those movies where it was like, I should turn this shit off. It doesn't entertain me. I haven't laughed yet. There's nothing that is committing me to this movie. With House Party One, Robin Harris committed me to that movie. Kid and Play at least tried to be credible in that movie. And they had a great supporting cast with Martin Lawrence and Tisha and Pam and I'm sorry. Yeah. This movie, I couldn't tell you who these people were except for Kid Cudi and LeBron James. Why'd they make that nigga really think he could play LeBron James? [00:10:00] Speaker A: One on one, though? One on one. [00:10:02] Speaker B: One on one. Like, it should have been five on one against LeBron James, and LeBron's the one who produced the movie. So when LeBron is like, LeBron, LeBron producing the movie and then playing this kid, a one on one is like Eminem writing the script for the end of Eight Mile and being like, we should have a wrap off at the end, nigga, you know you're going to win. [00:10:20] Speaker A: Yeah, you already wrote it in the script. [00:10:22] Speaker B: If LeBron had lost to that little nigga, I would have been like this cap. But LeBron winning against this nigga was like, it's inevitable. So there's no way you can win that. It's like thanos going up against fucking one of the two who say, in the form of a. [00:10:41] Speaker A: Thing is the thing is, I thought at one point it was going to be something to where Brian rolls his ankle or something like that, and then he has a chance. But at that point, I was already clocked out. I was already clocked out after that. [00:10:56] Speaker B: And instead that shit alike from 2010 and shit, I'm shocked somebody from the sideline didn't throw LeBron and Alley up and shit. [00:11:05] Speaker A: Yeah, right. But no, I will say this. White Man Can't Jump is not as egregious as the new House party. And the acting is not bad. It's just here's the thing, I'm not against it until it's done right. You know what I mean? Because again, with these four movies that I just gave you, I'm not sure if we really wanted a part two at the moment. But it's cult classics, though. [00:11:48] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:11:49] Speaker A: I would like to see what happened to Nino Brown at the end. You know what would like now? Boys in the Hood killed off two major characters who were brothers in the film. But I still would like to see what happened with Trey, you know what I mean? Minister Society, they killed off well, technically, it was still left up in the air. What happened with Kane? [00:12:12] Speaker B: We just knew ODA was going to come back in a sequel, though. [00:12:17] Speaker A: Something they lit Kane. They lit that boy up. [00:12:28] Speaker B: He was like, I want the drooling. Blood spit slower coming out of my mouth as I crawl across the grass getting lit up, like, yeah, he got done bad. [00:12:39] Speaker A: As if he didn't learn his lesson from the first time, you know what I mean? Shout out to his cousin. And when it comes to juice, well, I still would like to see what happened with the other characters, you know what I'm saying? [00:12:56] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:12:57] Speaker A: Did Q go off to be one of these mega DJs of all time? You know what I mean? So I had a slight issue with that. But they're still a classics for you, my friend, who has watched most of these movies that has been out. I know you personally would like to change some things up. Not necessarily to say we can have a sequel for it, but every movie that's perfect wasn't made perfect in certain eyes. So when it comes to Boys in the Hood, what would you change? [00:13:31] Speaker B: So let's do this. I'm glad you started off with this one because this is the most controversial thing that I've ever said on any of my shows. And I said it on Hindsight, and I'm going to say it again here because I figured you have a much larger audience than I do. [00:13:45] Speaker A: About six more people. [00:13:48] Speaker B: Yeah, like 7000. Don't discount yourself. You big in these streets. So I need you all to hear this. On Baylor's show, Ricky, it was Ricky's own fucking fault that he died. [00:14:08] Speaker A: Oh, my God. [00:14:09] Speaker B: And the way they wrote that shit up was fucking stupid. And I can lay it out for you why this nigga died. And you heard Baylor say, oh, my God. So by the end of this, if this nigga ain't agreeing with me, then I'll take the L. Okay, let's go. Ricky brought this shit upon himself. So here's the scene set. Ricky's girl, his wife, as they say in 90s terms, needs him to go to the store to get some fish and shit. Rick. [00:14:43] Speaker A: Before we end this episode, we need to talk about her, too. Because she got Ricky killed and she got her boyfriend beat up in class act. Yeah. [00:15:00] Speaker B: But she was bad. She was. But she tells Doughboy. Rick tells Doughboy, hey, my girl said go to the store and get some fish. Now, we've already talked about how Doeboy gets no love from anyone in the family. His whole job is just to be the protector of Rick. His whole job is to watch over Rick. And he resents that shit. So him and Rick fight, because if his mom ain't going to show him respect and Rick's mom and Rick's girl ain't going to show him respect. God damn it, Rick. You gonna show me respect because you know what I'm doing for you. They don't, so they fight. Rick comes out and tries to son Doughboy. Hey, man, my girl needs you to go get some fish from the store. DOE's like, Won't you do it? It's your baby mama. Fuck you. [00:15:43] Speaker A: He didn't have Rick. He didn't have to say that. And he pushed the dog. If anybody pushed me like that off some steps. [00:15:50] Speaker B: Off the steps, like from behind roof. So they fighting in front of the house, and Rick takes the L because Rick can only play football, but Doughboy can fucking he'll grease up his hands with that fucking Jerry Curl juice and knock a nigga out. So he beats Rick up. Rick runs off because he's mad. Because he just took the L. Yeah. [00:16:12] Speaker A: He took that L. If he had. [00:16:15] Speaker B: Communicated with Doughboy, hey, man, can you drive me up to the store real quick? Doe would have considered it at some point. They could have laughed and joked about that's, your baby, whatever. Whatever. That's strike one. He takes off. DOE's mom is like, come back, and she opens the paper and opens a mail, sees he has a letter from USC. Trey's like, nah, man, I'm going to take care of it. I'm going to talk him down, whatever. They walk to the store. This the night after this nigga caused a hulker fluffle at the swap meet. [00:16:48] Speaker A: Who voted the next? Cause that who caused that. Ricky didn't cause that. [00:16:54] Speaker B: Yeah, Rick did cause that. Ricky got bumped was the one. Rick got bumped? Yes, Rick got bumped. The dude said, watch where you going, or what you looking at, nigga? And Rick said back, the worst fucking thing in the world. I'll tell you what I know, nigga. [00:17:12] Speaker A: Yeah, that was Biggle like, he didn't say nigga. [00:17:16] Speaker B: He said, so we him coming back, but not knowing how to fight his protector in life, doughboy has to step up and say something. Yo, we got a problem here. That's Rick's fault. So Rick, the day after this, Kerfuffle walks to the store. Not drives to the store. Walks to the store. We don't know how long it takes for him to walk to the store. We know once he gets there, though, this nigga, instead of just buying fish, buys himself some fucking Ding Dongs. He buys some scratcher tickets. He buys some juice. This nigga walks out the fucking the store. He's dapping people up. They're walking back home. He has to open up his Ding Dong so we can eat them one by one. [00:17:59] Speaker A: That was definitely a ding dong. And that was the milk back then when it actually made your bones stronger. [00:18:04] Speaker B: So they said, so he's eating that and drinking that. Doe and the boys see whatever the nigga the blood's name is. [00:18:14] Speaker A: I forgot what his name is, but it was Hollis. [00:18:17] Speaker B: No. Was it Hollis? It wasn't Hollis. [00:18:20] Speaker A: I don't know. He looked like a Gerald, though. [00:18:23] Speaker B: They see this nigga drive by, and they're like, there that nigga is again, stunning in the neighborhood. Doe thinks oh, shit. Rick. Okay, now we know this nigga's in the neighborhood. Like a shark, rick is getting done drinking and eating his food and everything. Looks over and sees these niggas. He sees the niggas. Trey's like, hey, man, let's split up. We can do better if we split up. Which is actually really fucking smart. [00:18:52] Speaker A: I blame both of them. I blame both of them for that. [00:18:55] Speaker B: Let's go through that alley right there. Trey's like, no, man, we split up. Rick's like, Nah, man, let's go through this alley right here. So they go to the alley. They're on their way to the alley. They should have just hopped the fence. And then when the car took off, they hopped right back over the fence again. These niggas already went off on a wild gooch chase, but they didn't. Then Rick has to stop to take a piss. [00:19:21] Speaker A: Yeah, I mean, you had to take a piss. [00:19:24] Speaker B: Rick stopped to take a piss. In the midst of danger, this nigga has to stop, and he doesn't even take a piss in this backyard where he's safe, he takes a piss. So then they're walking down this alley, whatever, talking about the army. Rick is literally still thinking about this scratcher ticket. He stops to look down the scratcher ticket and start scratching the scratcher ticket in the midst of danger. Trey's one who looks up and sees this red fucking Hyundai pulling up behind Rick, and he yells out, Ricky. [00:19:57] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:19:58] Speaker B: Initially, Ricky was about 40ft away from this red Hyundai, and they pulled out a sawed off. Yeah, the sawed off wouldn't have reached him from 40ft away. [00:20:10] Speaker A: That's a fact. [00:20:10] Speaker B: I'm glad you said that wouldn't have touched him. So they changed it to where Rick is right in front of the car when the camera changes again. That was bad continuity. I would have fixed that shit up real quick. But they put him right in front of the car. I don't understand how Rick didn't see them niggas right there. I don't understand why they didn't take his head off. But instead they pull out the gun real slow. And this football player who learns to do what in the game of football, when you're trained to be a running back, do you get taught to run straightforward? [00:20:39] Speaker A: I mean, sometimes they tell you to run through the A gap or sometimes. [00:20:43] Speaker B: They tell you when you go and you better dip, dodge, dodge, dip and dodge. [00:20:47] Speaker A: Yeah, they tell you to read. They tell you to read. And then that's what happened. [00:20:55] Speaker B: This nigga who's a 4.64.2, what do you think the speed was on Rick to make it to USC? [00:21:03] Speaker A: Well, to make it to USC, he had to run a four two. But in that alley he ran a. [00:21:10] Speaker B: 4646 when he should have ran a four two. Ran straight forward when he could have zigzag caught an entire barrel. [00:21:20] Speaker A: Twice. [00:21:21] Speaker B: Twice. Wouldn't have caught it if he hadn't walked down that alley and stopped to look at the scratcher and take a piss and eat his food and drink and get mad about how he going to go into the army because fuck these niggas and fuck my brother and all that kind of stuff. Wouldn't have got shot. Trey might have gotten shot if they had split up like Trey had suggested. Rick's dumbass fault the first time that he's not in a situation where Doeboy's watching his back and giving him protection. He makes all the wrong decisions all at once. And if they had portrayed it as that, I would have been like, okay, I'm understanding that. But instead it's just like Rick's stupid nigga. You got real bloods chasing after you, and you want to stop to scratch off a scratcher. What are we doing? [00:22:06] Speaker A: Rick, did he win? [00:22:10] Speaker B: He lost that day. [00:22:13] Speaker A: He lost overall. So what would you change about that? And you can't say hop the. [00:22:22] Speaker B: Have. Honestly, it has to happen that way. It's like in Spider Man, the canon has to happen. He has to die. [00:22:30] Speaker A: Damn. [00:22:31] Speaker B: But I would have changed the cinematography so then he's right in front of that car and I wouldn't have had him do all the pissing and all that kind of stuff. It would have just happened. Maybe they would have hopped the fence and got caught up by him later. Maybe they hop a fence and they hop a fence again. They end up in that alley and the car is going down the alley. [00:22:48] Speaker A: But do you think but if the. [00:22:49] Speaker B: Car is going down the alley, then you can't shoot from the side of the car and it's not that iconic shot. So they run the nigga over. [00:22:57] Speaker A: Oh, man, I don't want it that bad. [00:23:00] Speaker B: They run the nigga over. So they run the nigga over and peel off. Trey has not hopped the fence yet. He's just looking over the fence. [00:23:10] Speaker A: Trey don't run a four two or four six. Let's get that clear. He don't run anything in a four. [00:23:17] Speaker B: So he gets run over. Doe comes and picks up what he can and puts him in the car. Same fallout, same everything. Doe still gets revenge at the end, but this way the nigga is actually legitimate. It's not just we have to warp you from being in a safe zone to being right back here. We have to make you stupid to be able to justify why this happened. It shouldn't have happened like that. You're in the hood, my nigga. Like, literally, you're in the danger zone, my nigga. You know, to have your head on a swivel. Ain't nobody in that city that naive. Especially if you just had a night before where they're licking off shots. Oh, by the way, did you know that was real? [00:23:59] Speaker A: What? [00:24:01] Speaker B: Them licking off the shots at the swap meet. The nigga's name, who directed it. Oh, man. John Singleton didn't tell them that he was going to be licking off shots. Somebody off camera. He had somebody off camera with an Uzi licking off shots. If you go back and you watch it in that scene, ice Cube gets so scared that he almost runs Morse chestnut over with his car. [00:24:30] Speaker A: I've seen that. [00:24:32] Speaker B: Because none of them knew it was actually happening. He wanted to look as realistic as possible. And he almost got Morse murdered before before the murder. [00:24:42] Speaker A: Okay, so we blaming Ricky on that one. [00:24:44] Speaker B: I'm blaming Ricky wholeheartedly on. [00:24:50] Speaker A: A that's a popular pick, though. A lot of people got him ranked in the top two is who fought? It was some people blame Doe boy, you know what I mean? Outside of those two, I don't think too many people I mean, they threw in a girlfriend. They blame her. Yeah, you know what mean? But because she can't stop her. [00:25:07] Speaker B: She just wants some fish. [00:25:10] Speaker A: You gotta stop that baby from crying, though. [00:25:12] Speaker B: Pretty much. [00:25:13] Speaker A: That's why we was. [00:25:16] Speaker B: Was so we talked about this, and what we came up with in this movie was the fact that John Singleton made the black women in this movie, the villains of. [00:25:28] Speaker A: The movie even auntie can't think of. Angela. [00:25:36] Speaker B: Yeah. You mean the one who dropped this nigga off and said, hey, I'll be back after I get out of school real quick. And came back like 16 years later because Trey was 18 with a 39 year old face, my nigga, his mom dropped him off. [00:25:52] Speaker A: But if Dre don't get dropped off if Trey don't get dropped off to furious Styles, he never learned how to cut. See, you see, his one story about the girl. He needed his father. [00:26:07] Speaker B: Yeah, he did need his father, but his mama could have been honest with him and been like, yo, nigga, you got in a fight with somebody who called you an African booty scratcher at school. I can't deal with this shit. I'm going to just drop you off. She was like, I'm going to come back after I graduate from school and never pick the nigga up again. This is true, because right after Doughboy died, they said that nigga went to Morehouse, which means it was from, like, 6th grade until graduation that she didn't come back. [00:26:35] Speaker A: That's a fact. And that's get a lot of birthday parties. [00:26:40] Speaker B: She was she was made out to be a villain Doeboy, and Ricky's mom was definitely a villain. The lady, the crack fiend who kept her baby in the street and wouldn't change the diapers was a villain. [00:26:53] Speaker A: Keep in mind that's when they pulled out the sawed off shotgun on trade in, too. [00:26:59] Speaker B: Yeah, same one. That was itching to use that shit. [00:27:02] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [00:27:03] Speaker B: They were. [00:27:07] Speaker A: I guess they was doing target practice. If you too close, we don't want it. [00:27:11] Speaker B: Right? Can you move back about 30ft? [00:27:14] Speaker A: You got to move back a little. Go drop the baby off. But look, come back here. [00:27:20] Speaker B: Can you get me one of them plates, too, my nigga? [00:27:23] Speaker A: While you add it. [00:27:26] Speaker B: While you add it. [00:27:27] Speaker A: Look, here's the other thing that I wouldn't necessarily change, because to me, is one of the best parts in the movie, when he decided that he wanted to perform a speech in a random lot, all right, where he brought half the neighborhood out with the gang members. To me, as an adult, that's a Disney moment. [00:27:51] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:27:51] Speaker A: You know what I mean? Because that don't necessarily happen in real life. We got people yelling on the corners every day with speakers, and they get ignored every day. He walks up in slacks and points at a billboard and says, this is what's going on in our neighborhood. Everybody comes outside, even the old man who complained. So that part was just a Disney. [00:28:17] Speaker B: Part to just we need to pay more homage to the fact that that nigga's real name was Furious. [00:28:26] Speaker A: Yes. [00:28:27] Speaker B: Like that nigga's real name. So does that mean and I still ponder this shit if that wasn't a nickname, if that was his real name, that means Trey's name is Furious Styles II. My nigga. Furious Styles. He had on his nameplate at his business. Furious. [00:28:49] Speaker A: Technically is trey furious? Styles II. [00:28:54] Speaker B: Okay, that's what I was curious about because I wasn't sure if it was wait, what? [00:28:58] Speaker A: Yeah, it's Trey Furious Styles. You got to think for you to be to have that name, you know how Furious Styles was a father father in that you could tell. [00:29:17] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [00:29:17] Speaker A: You know what he was on? He was on Trey like that. So you think he's not going to. [00:29:22] Speaker B: Pass down that he is. I know he is. So I'm just saying, like, Treyson, Furious Styles. I just can't have the third Furious Styles. The third be his name. [00:29:40] Speaker A: I got one more beef with it. One more. One more. [00:29:43] Speaker B: All right. [00:29:44] Speaker A: Let me out. Let me out. Let me out. He never wanted to go. He never wanted to go. It was all, Let me show these guys I'm with them. But once they got to, like, the 50 yard line, he said, no, bro, if there's any young people listening to this, he made the right decision. Matter of fact, he made the wrong decision in the beginning and then corrected it. Because if Doughboy would have been going about 15 miles faster, they would have got there, and he would have been stuck there. He would have been stuck with them, and he didn't have to pull no trigger. Accessory to a crime. He was there. He's going down to or if not street justice, which happened a couple of weeks later. They took Doe boy from us. [00:30:39] Speaker B: Well, let's also look at this within the frame of this conversation, the let me out conversation, which Doe knew for letting that nigga out. He was like, Little nigga, you wasn't built for this anyway. I ain't going to get on you about it. Get the fuck out. Me and my niggas going to figure out how to do this on our own. But foreshadowing at the beginning of the movie, where Doe Boy and Chris who chris got pushed out. No, Chris got pushed out the way after they went to jail in favor of Dookie. And the Nick's name was Dookie. [00:31:16] Speaker A: That's crazy. [00:31:17] Speaker B: Not D-U-K-E-Y but D-O-O-K-I-E. Like, his name was literally shit on purpose. Furious tells Trey when that niggas getting arrested and OOH child's playing in the background, everything. Or even before that, when he's like, hey, man, why do I have to rake all these leaves while my friends get to have fun? He's like, look, they ain't got no daddy. You see what happens to them? Like, that's straight up. Foreshadowing. John Singleton's whole thing about this was, a father can change everything. [00:31:48] Speaker A: That's a fact. [00:31:49] Speaker B: So by Furious being there to talk to Trey, that put the key in his head that, you know what? Maybe I can be different. Maybe I don't have to do this. But it's so overlooked that Doe and Furious had a relationship as well. And my son has friends who may not have the best living situation, but I know that if I talk to them, I can impart some wisdom that may change their life. It's not as powerful as what he said, though. Like, watch what happens to these niggas that ain't got no daddy in the house. Watch what happened. Because they living with this lady who don't love them because they ain't got no daddy in the house. Yeah. So I had a real. Problem with that. Like that whole idea of Furious being the only person who could save the world and him being the sexiest man. [00:32:43] Speaker A: On the whoa, whoa. We forgetting one important person, though, because Trey wasn't the only kid on that block that was being raised the right way. Remember, it was a girl on that block. [00:32:56] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Brandy. [00:32:57] Speaker A: Yeah. Who had both parents. [00:33:00] Speaker B: Yep. Brandy's parents had a real good marriage. [00:33:03] Speaker A: Yeah. And so that was a different dynamic. You had the single father, you had the kid who had both parents, and then you had the broken mother. Yeah. The broken home. So they gave us all dynamics of that. [00:33:15] Speaker B: Well, I mean, to be official, fraser's house was a fucking broken home, too. You see how fucking filthy that house was? But there was a lot of dynamics in that movie, but all of them pointed back to the fact that you from La. You already know this song. It all pointed back to in that Point in time. Bitches ain't shit. That's what he was really trying to say. He was trying to say that if there's not a man in the house, this whole shit's going to fall apart. Shiny the mom with the baby didn't have a father in the house. She was a fucking crack addict. DOE's mom didn't have a man in the house. She was fucking. [00:34:00] Speaker A: See too many I didn't see too many bodies laying around like they did by the tracks. I didn't see too many of those. No, I didn't. But, I mean, it's not far fetched. It's kind of like the tiger and snowfall. A lot of people laughed about it, but there was some exotic animals hitting on the east side. We don't know how to, you know what I mean? But I didn't see too many I shouldn't say that. I didn't see anybody's laid around like that. I didn't hear about it until it was on the news. But at the same time, it's not to say that it didn't happen. Now, Shawnee, we got to fly back east. We got to switch it up. We got to fly back east. New Jack city. [00:34:49] Speaker B: I knew you're going to do that. Keep talking. I'm going to bring this up real quick. I'm going to bring a small shit. [00:34:54] Speaker A: New Jack city. Nino Brown is probably one of the most respected characters in Black classic films of all time. Nino Brown star studded cast as well. You know what I'm saying? We shouldn't look over the fact that we had Keith Sweat in there at a wedding, okay? He did his thing. And Ice T, who started his career as a cop on that movie, right. Chris Rock was phenomenal. And I guess the premise of this whole movie was a drug lord, which New York is known for. They had a lot of drug lords out in that city. And it was one of those things because New York put out a lot of film. New York is one of those cities where they got to be the best. I'm not taking anything. Was it King of the City or. [00:35:58] Speaker B: King of New York? [00:35:58] Speaker A: King of New York. No belly. When you look at some of these films, they got to be at the top of the top. You know what I mean? But it's a New York film, though. I had a couple of issues with it. Okay? [00:36:14] Speaker B: Only a couple? [00:36:16] Speaker A: The fact that they only a couple. [00:36:18] Speaker B: That's fucking incredible. The fact that they took fucking incredible. Let's start here. Let's fucking go here first. Tell me you can see this. I know you can see it. Yeah. Hand sword. Let me rewind that shit for you real quick. Stabbed through his hand. Cool. That's the big scene. Nino hand sword, my nigga. [00:36:45] Speaker A: Now, look, in their defense, this is before we started to know if you. [00:36:53] Speaker B: Try and defend that shit, my nigga. For the listeners who are out there in the world. The listeners who are out there in the world, this nigga. The iconic scene where he stabs the sword through Christopher Williams'hand. They show a take of him stabbing the sword through his hand. Then he takes the dog leash and he chokes him out. Not everybody remembers that scene. [00:37:11] Speaker A: Not only that, though, you got to watch where Christopher Williams left hand is. Instead of going to where the pain is at immediately he goes to the back of his. [00:37:25] Speaker B: Is Mario Van Peebles. You know what? You go ahead and start. Oh, my God. [00:37:34] Speaker A: Here's the thing. I had a feeling, because this is what I'm telling you. He watches everything, okay? So for him to find that clip, the ones that I'm a breakdown is pretty basic. Like the fact that they took over a goddamn building and nobody was allowed in there. That was different. How did they get the keys? They had data. Okay, here's the thing. I'm not a drug dealer. I'm not a drug lord. I don't know anything about selling or anything like that. I really didn't know or understand why they had desktops in a crack house. I didn't know. So maybe you can help me out with that again. I'm not familiar with that field like that. I only watch it on TV shows and movies. Now I understand why Ghost Empower will probably have it or his son, who was running shit off of an app. But as far as back in, what, 90 was that? 929-191-9191? Why was there several desktops in the crack house? [00:38:48] Speaker B: Nigga? Even better. Which one of these niggas know how to set up a network? [00:38:52] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:38:54] Speaker B: Was it the Dutta Man Keisha who knows how to set up a computer network in 1991, my nigga. Christopher Williams, they try to make it seem like he was a do it all because he was fucking light skinned. But the nigga worked in a bank. Who the fuck set up the network that then got torn apart when they ran up into The Carter to say, Pookie? [00:39:15] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:39:16] Speaker B: Who set up the land? Did they used to play scorched Earth on it? Did they play Doom? Did they go heads up on it when nothing was happening? Who set up the land on this shit? [00:39:25] Speaker A: Yeah. I don't know. I just know in middle school, which was around 94, 95, the only thing that we could do at that point on a desktop at one point. I mean, in high school, we was able to save images of basketball players. That was the extent of the Internet. [00:39:47] Speaker B: And that took up the whole fucking hard drive. [00:39:49] Speaker A: Yeah, that took up the one picture of Penny Hardaway throwing the dime to Shaq. Was it Budy? You got to delete mean. That was my number one thing was back then, how was you able to control all those units? And the police just walked by like, yeah, well, we definitely can't go in there right now. [00:40:13] Speaker B: Yeah, now shout out to my homegirl, Shantay. Shantay said it straight out or no Ace. Ace. Even better. Not even better. Another homegirl. But Ace pointed out, police don't give a fuck about the dope game in the 90s. But you know what the fuck they give a fuck about was that property. If you take over an entire square block of property the police ran up in Place in Philadelphia like it was nothing. What the fuck you think they gonna do to The Carter? Why didn't they run up in there? Why did they decide that what they needed for these drug dealers was four fucking cops? Also, Taylor, we're from the West Coast, so we may not understand. So we may need somebody from the East Coast to explain this to us. The fuck is a New jack gangster? They said they needed a new jack gangster. A new jack police force for a new jack gangster? Is this shit NJPD? Is it new Jack City. We know it's New York, but they keep calling it New Jack. Why the fuck are they so in love with that phrase? I know it's the 90s. Why the fuck are they conducting drug deals behind the curtains that your mama has with the stick that turn right in the middle of a club on New Year's fucking Eve? Why at the beginning of the movie when the news announcers reporting the news while Dutta Man's dangling his dude off the bridge by himself? Duda man must be strong as shit to be able to hold that nigga up until Nino Brown gets there through that fucking gridlock traffic. [00:41:50] Speaker A: So how long are you holding him up? At some point, all the blood is going to rush to his head. [00:41:55] Speaker B: Exactly. Were you like, hey, you got to stand next to me until Nino calls me on the cell phone, then I got a surprise for you. Like, how'd that work out? [00:42:02] Speaker A: Or did they take like, until Nino got there, they just kept dumping him over, picking him back up, checking him. If he's good, give him some water. All right, now it's time for you to hang back over. [00:42:13] Speaker B: That white boy didn't look beat up at all either. He just looked like he was doing that for fun. And his girls right there screaming next to him and shit. You ain't hitting on Dutta Man at all. But not hitting on him, but, like, punching him. Trying to save your man. But at the beginning when that's happening, listeners, you can go back and watch this. The news announcer, the newscaster, is doing the news, like radio news, whatever. They are talking on that newscast about the Italians getting shot up by a drive by at their restaurant. They are talking about The Carter being taken down during that newscast. This is all happening at the beginning of the story. So the Italians get killed by G Money and somebody else on a motorcycle at the end of the movie. We know when the Carter gets blown up. Why are they talking about it at the very beginning before they even establish any of this? [00:43:22] Speaker A: Forgot. I recently found out the name of it, but I forgot. The joint that Spike Lee uses in a lot of his movies is the joint where they look like they're gliding. Why they kill my girl like that? Why they knock her out? The movie like that, though, you know what I mean? But she was probably the if we break down all four movies, of course we're going to say Doughboy. We're going to say, ODOG, keisha was. [00:43:57] Speaker B: The hardest motherfucker of all of them. [00:43:58] Speaker A: Keisha was the writer, and to me, she went out too early. Oh, yeah, she went out way too early. [00:44:06] Speaker B: Also, that brings me to part three of my questions, and I have a million of them, listeners. I rarely do this on my homeboy shows, but I had time when we did the new Jack City episode on Hindsight. So if you want to go through that motherfucker, there, like, every single here's the question that I had for that part of the movie. How the fuck didn't you notice the people who were catering the fucking wedding were your fucking sworn blood enemies? [00:44:41] Speaker A: Yeah, they overlooked that. Crazy. [00:44:45] Speaker B: Also, while not paying attention to the fact that your sworn blood enemies are fucking catering this wedding, how much love and time did the Italians really put into making that food? Like, did they cook the food? Did their grandmas make this meat sauce? Like, who actually prepared because there was real food for the wedding? Like, they brought the trays of food out for the catering gig. Did they cook it? Who catered the food? For real? [00:45:09] Speaker A: Unless they took over the catering part afterwards, that's the only way I could save them, is that Nino paid for everything, right? He could have paid for the service, but what I'm saying is, the Italians probably got a connection to those venues, or not the venue, or probably the venue as well. But that catering servants say, you know what? I'm going to send my guy to deliver that cake. That's the only reason. But I will say this, though. New Jack City did something for us that I will forever thank them for. If we don't get that Nino Brown scene of him going off at the table, we don't get the scene in Martin. [00:45:57] Speaker B: Yeah, we don't. We don't. [00:45:59] Speaker A: And we don't get the stuffed dog that was one of the most iconic Martin scenes of all time. So we got to thank New Jack City for that. [00:46:08] Speaker B: We don't get black men around the world telling their kids for any given reason, sit your $5 ass down before I make change. [00:46:15] Speaker A: Before I make change. Class. And it seems like there's always an old person in the movie that's fed up with that shit. And he said, I'm so fed up, I'm bringing my burner that I got in 1482, and I'm going to take him out myself, because he going to get out. [00:46:37] Speaker B: But here's the thing. That old man died within the next year. He got the death penalty within the next year, and here's why. That nigga brought a gun into a federal courthouse. [00:46:49] Speaker A: That's a fact. [00:46:51] Speaker B: That nigga discharged a weapon in a crowd. [00:46:55] Speaker A: In a crowd. Yeah. [00:46:57] Speaker B: That nigga murdered somebody in broad ass daylight who was surrounded by cops and other officials who could have been hit. He dead. [00:47:05] Speaker A: Yeah. The justice system got a two for one on that day. [00:47:12] Speaker B: Yeah, the hero and the villain both died the same way. [00:47:15] Speaker A: Damn, that's crazy. [00:47:18] Speaker B: New Jack City just has so many continuity issues. So many just this shit don't make no sense. That to call it a classic. It's very bona fide. It's a bona fide classic. But as you watch it more, it becomes a cult comedy. Almost like the room is the white. Yeah, like, you see so many errors just popping up. Why the fuck are these two niggas playing one on one and going hard in church slacks and Armani shoes? [00:47:44] Speaker A: How did nobody fall? Do you all understand that they make basketball shoes for the concrete and the gym? They had on Stacey Adams. They should have been falling. Now, I will give them this. Them belts work, okay? They wore belts. They wore belts. Unlike the younger generation and my generation as well, because them slacks was on. I have a pet peeve of not of basketball players. Basketball players is one thing, but if you're playing basketball and you take your shirt off, I have an issue with you. [00:48:29] Speaker B: Okay? Expound on it. [00:48:31] Speaker A: I don't want because it seems like every time somebody that's going to play basketball, not a basketball player that's going to play basketball, they're extra hyper. They're extra aggressive. And not only that, G Money had a carpet on his chest. [00:48:50] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:48:52] Speaker A: So now I got this slimy ass, I got this moist, taco meat brushing up against me, and they out there shooting people. Of course they going to win every two on two. [00:49:11] Speaker B: Here's my other question, still basketball related. Why the fuck are little kids climbing the trees, climbing the fences, looking over walls like it's the fucking Rucker to watch G Money shoot a fucking mid range Patrick Ewing jump shot? [00:49:26] Speaker A: That's New York for you. [00:49:28] Speaker B: That ain't New York. New York. What you doing? You all could bet on a mid range all you want. I'm not climbing a fucking tree to see what's going on. [00:49:36] Speaker A: Shoddy, you can go to YouTube right now. And it's a cat in a say, man, we used to climb up in the trees, or we used to climb the gate just to see. Not us. [00:49:48] Speaker B: Yeah, to see. And then you finish that sentence, and it's to see Kareem, to see David Thompson, to see the Goat, to see fucking Kobe. To see whoever you're not doing it. [00:49:58] Speaker A: To see G Money. [00:50:00] Speaker B: Fucking G Money before he made crack. This isn't g money after the CMB is big. This is G Money at the beginning when he's getting yelled at from shooting this shooting this shot when he could have been working as a drug dealer. [00:50:15] Speaker A: Yeah. That's a fact. That's a fact. [00:50:17] Speaker B: Also, part three or part 04:00, a.m. I on part four now. Or I'm on part five. Also part five. Two things. Part one. Nino Brown took everything from G money. He took the credit for crack. He took his girl. [00:50:35] Speaker A: She was for the streets, though. [00:50:37] Speaker B: She was for the streets, yes. But he literally took her while his girl was standing right next to him. [00:50:42] Speaker A: Took his life. [00:50:44] Speaker B: That's extra credit. Took his life. Took his literally. This nigga literally. Nino Brown is sitting there while I'm going to sex you up. I want to sex you up. As playing in the background, this nigga saying, the world is mine. G Money says mine too. Don't forget about the brothers. Nino's like, Nah, nigga, fuck that. The world is mine. [00:51:09] Speaker A: I blame G Money. Since we going to say what we said about Ricky, I got to say the same thing about G Money. [00:51:17] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. So his sponsorship fell apart. [00:51:19] Speaker A: You knew when your brother called you up and said, meet me on this skyscraper, you all could have met anywhere, bro. [00:51:27] Speaker B: You all could have met any of McDonald's, bro. Let's do something different. [00:51:30] Speaker A: He said, Meet me on floor. Meet me at the top of 122 122nd floor. And we're going to talk about something. Yeah, it was all bad because he made too many bad business deals. Pookie was one of his defense. [00:51:47] Speaker B: In his defense, the nigga was on crack. So we start talking about him making these bad decisions. The nigga was on crack, like, halfway through the movie, as soon as he found out for sure that the Carter was gone and he was getting blamed for the shit. Even though he was trying to blame Christopher Williams. He was on crack. He was on crack during that meeting. He was on crack when Scotty Appleton when Ice T forced him to introduce him to when he was introduced to Ice Tea by whatever the Italian dude's name was, he was on crack. When they went up to the top of that building, he was on crack. When they were playing basketball, he was on crack. Here's the question that I have for you. Fuck. I forgot what my question was, but it was good, and I'm going to get it back in a second because it was a showstopper fuck. I'm going to think about it. I'm going to think about it. [00:52:41] Speaker A: He was on crack, though. [00:52:43] Speaker B: He was on that crack hard. Like, he was really oh, that was a question. Here's the other question about New Jack City, ladies and gentlemen. The only nigga that was there to see Chris Rock get shot by Ice T was Christopher Williams. First of all, Ice Tea is the reason Christopher Williams became a crackhead in the first yeah, yeah. Let's make that clear, ladies and gentlemen. He shot a crack dealer who then got high on his own supply. That's how he became a crackhead. Then the nigga's name ain't really Pookie, so he didn't want to be called Pookie. Nigga, you just call him Pookie. Christopher Williams sees this nigga get shot, though, in the playground. He sees iced tea, then draw down on a bunch of children. The people who trying to get money, they was all trying to pick up the money off the ground that fell out of Pookie's bag or whatever. Ice T draws down all them I will blow your motherfucking heads off. Don't y'all touch that goddamn money. If I'm sitting there and I'm not trying to grab this money, and I'm as smart as people say christopher Williams fucking was in this movie, I'm watching the light skinned dude with the locks who's drawn down on everybody and threatening him. And I'm keeping that in my head like, damn, that nigga drove down on some children. Why the fuck did it take this nigga 75 times to see this nigga? And then one Mnemonic scene happened at the end. He's like that's it. [00:54:05] Speaker A: That nigga's a cop. [00:54:06] Speaker B: I knew. [00:54:06] Speaker A: I knew. [00:54:10] Speaker B: Even if you think you know him, nigga, you better say something to Nino. Like nino. You know what? I might be tripping. I might be wrong, but I swear that nigga looks like a cop who fucking threatened to shoot, like, kids. And he shot Pookie. I don't know. [00:54:24] Speaker A: And he was the brother to old girl, right? Yeah. Was that her brother? [00:54:31] Speaker B: She was his sister. Definitely. But it's like this. How many light skinned niggas with locks were there in the fucking New York who were also on the police force? [00:54:42] Speaker A: No. [00:54:42] Speaker B: Who looked like that. Ice tea has a pretty fucking distinctive face, if you ask me. [00:54:46] Speaker A: Yeah, that's a fact. Nobody else looks like iced tea on this planet. Nobody. Nobody. [00:54:54] Speaker B: So it's like, how obtuse are you? [00:54:59] Speaker A: And I see had a jerry curl when he was curl, so I don't know. [00:55:05] Speaker B: And I remember that nigga the greatest acting scene I seen that nigga do was the DJ and breaking. Now, we came here to party, but yeah, no, I love new jack city, but every time I watch it, I see something else that fucking. [00:55:24] Speaker A: Because these are movies that we've seen, and this is not embellishing, but we've probably seen these movies more than 20 times. [00:55:33] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. I saw it on DVD. I got it on blu ray. I got it on voodoo. [00:55:38] Speaker A: So now it's to the point where we watch, and it's one of those I often see these movies on, like, a saturday, and it's always a saturday. We ain't got nothing to do. It's just one of those boring saturdays, and then it's on. You see that new line cinema, and you just watch, and now you get a chance to just pick it apart. Oh, that's what I wanted to say about the new house party. It was a knockoff. It's like, dope the movie. Dope was way better. [00:56:12] Speaker B: Love it. [00:56:12] Speaker A: Dope. [00:56:13] Speaker B: Love it. [00:56:13] Speaker A: Dope was dope. You know what I mean? And one of the main characters is from the east coast with two, if I'm not mistaken. So, yeah, I had to give because dope did a good thing on highlighting the city of inglewood in general, without forcing. [00:56:30] Speaker B: Know. When I found out that dope was the spiritual successor to the wood, I was like, yo, because stacy is the security guarded. [00:56:48] Speaker A: They highlighted the burger spot. They highlighted the high school. They highlighted certain intersections and things like that without forcing it. And white men can't jump. They forced it in house party. It's like they tried to force the popular la culture. And it was ugly. It was nasty. All right, shawnee, we got to fly back west. All right, we're flying back west. Red eye minister society. [00:57:23] Speaker B: Jada pink is powder file ass out the gate. Jada pinkett like, jada, you know, the niggas in high school, jada, what are we doing? Like, I know that you were groomed by the nigga who was out there sitting on the steps showing this nigga how to hold a gun and all. But you ain't got to groom somebody. Hurt people. Don't hurt people. Fucking everything about that movie. Now, I love the movie, but you go back and you watch it now, and there's shit that you just can't unsee. Like the grooming of children of fucking r. Kelly's honey love playing in the background while she makes love to a. [00:58:09] Speaker A: To and then was about to go off with him somewhere. What was? [00:58:14] Speaker B: Mm hmm. [00:58:15] Speaker A: Of all cities, why are you going. [00:58:17] Speaker B: No she was going to Atlanta. She was going to Atlanta. The brothers Stacey and the Muslim were going to Kansas. [00:58:27] Speaker A: Yeah. I don't know why they was going. Maybe it was a barbecue. I don't know. Atlanta. That's a popular pick. That's a popular pick I can understand. So her son had to be somewhere around seven or eight years. She's nasty. That's nasty. [00:58:43] Speaker B: Work menace. Other than the pedophile, what I would do different, I would have made it more like Fight Club, okay? Where it turned out that ODOG. And Trey were the same fucking person. [00:58:59] Speaker A: Plot twist. [00:59:01] Speaker B: Because not Trey, Kane. Because Kane was way too fucking calm throughout this whole movie. Like, he was a smooth mother fucking and Old Dog was the one who he was never off. He never had an off switch. He was always fired up and ready to just bust a cap in somebody's ass. So if they were the Ying and Yang of each other and they were actually the same person, that would have been dope as fuck. And so when he came into the house to talk to his grandparents and they were like, hey, Kevin, they see that their grandson is now acting like Kane, that he's now acting like ODOG. Instead of Kane because his daddy was a drug dealer who killed somebody right in front of him. His mama was a dope fiend who died, and now he's an orphan with all this anger inside of him that he tried to repress. Split personality. Kane and ODOG. [00:59:46] Speaker A: Tad. Tad. What the fuck, man? [00:59:50] Speaker B: I'll pay a monkey ass when I feel like it. But if it had turned out that it was the same person when this nigga dropped the fucking beer in the store because he was so startled, that Old Dog killed this nigga and robbed him, and it was the same fucking person, and they showed that later. [01:00:08] Speaker A: Yeah. Now, I do have a pop quiz, though. What game was they playing at that table before Tat tat? What the fuck went off? [01:00:20] Speaker B: Weren't they playing spades? [01:00:21] Speaker A: Were they playing spades or were they playing dominoes? [01:00:25] Speaker B: God damn, I thought they were playing dominoes at the house party. [01:00:30] Speaker A: Fuck, I always get confused on that one. But the only reason why I bring that up, because shout out to my boy twelve cow shout out to my boy OTR kyle, when are you going. [01:00:42] Speaker B: To get me on the show, my nigga? I know you listening. [01:00:44] Speaker A: Yeah, kyle, stop playing around with the homie. Okay? The reason why is because I have this ongoing beef with spades players, okay? And I told them. I said, spades is a legendary game, but it's the most aggressive and violent game that we've had. But I was like, domino's can be aggressive as well. But I hear too many people getting slapped up or beat up over dominoes, shooting dice and playing spades, that's a different story. [01:01:15] Speaker B: Well, first of all, with spades, and I'm closing my eyes. I'm still trying to picture this scene in my head. With spades, there's an initiation that a lot of niggas ain't willing to offer to people. They just want to bully people. Spades is the legitimate hurt people, hurt people game. [01:01:36] Speaker A: Yes. [01:01:36] Speaker B: Thank you. You beat me like this, so I'm going to beat you like this. Spades is a shit talking game. Spades is where you find out your daddy ain't really your daddy, because your uncle gonna say something while he hitting you with that Boston flight. Hey, man, it's the same way I fucked your mama. Call me Uncle Daddy. Now, dominoes, however however, not violent towards people, violent towards furniture. I have seen a lot of tables get broken in half through niggas doing that last domino, motherfucker. Or this one. Knock the table twice your elbow and then smash that domino down. When you get 20 or 25, don't let a nigga get 25. Don't let a nigga's team get a runner like 2025, and you just locked out knocking nigga. Your whole table getting destroyed because they going to slap shit down. They talking shit. They scraping the chair back so they can stand up and slap hands and all that kind of shit. So domino's is abusive to furniture. [01:02:45] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:02:45] Speaker B: Spades is abusive to your psyche. [01:02:49] Speaker A: If you want to embellish on dominoes, because we usually go up to 150. Right. If a cat is less than 20 points away, anywhere where he can domino in that game, he will climb. And if the table is outside in the backyard, it's usually at a house party. He's going to climb up to their roof. [01:03:13] Speaker B: Yep. [01:03:14] Speaker A: And he's going to elbow drop that table. Domino. [01:03:20] Speaker B: I remember nisha, my beloved wife, her uncle. I ain't playing with this nigga in years. But he went to camp. Let's put it like that. The nigga went to camp for some time. This nigga would get out, and we sit down and play domino's with this nigga. And we play one round of putting down domino's. And he'd be like, I know everything that's in your hand. I know everything that's in your hand. And I know everything that's in your hand. Highway Five is closed. You all niggas can go to highway one, two, or three. But Highway Five right here, you all can't go here no more. Oh, wait. Highway Five and Highway One are now closed. This nigga would literally sit there and just know what you had in your hand. And I would always sit there and be like, this nigga the true dominologist. [01:04:08] Speaker A: Yeah, that's a dangerous that's a dangerous one right there. [01:04:12] Speaker B: But then after the nigga got close to winning, he'd step up on his chair. He'd perch there like a hawk and just jump off and domino motherfuckers, turn them over, get butt naked. [01:04:25] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:04:26] Speaker B: God. But thinking about it, thinking about domino's, not really thinking about spades, because they don't play spades at founder unions. That I go to anymore because fights break out. They usually play spades when you start drinking. And fights will break out. Yeah, but domino's domino's is where before I let go's plan in the background, you got the good tiki punch Shastas at the table. [01:04:50] Speaker A: There you go. [01:04:51] Speaker B: It's a nice like it ain't too hot. It's like when dusk is just hitting the summertime. So you know, it's a nice little. [01:04:58] Speaker A: Big mike, if you listening to this, he's describing a West Coast house party, man. [01:05:05] Speaker B: The ribs have been made. [01:05:07] Speaker A: They just sitting there like everybody's already no pond. But I got beef with you when it comes to yeah, yeah, I got beef. [01:05:16] Speaker B: I already know what it is. [01:05:17] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:05:17] Speaker B: And you know what? I got you. I understand. It's just honestly, I am scared of shit to ship my food out because I'm scared that it won't be good when I send it to somebody and something out of my control will happen. Like, I send it to them and they try and reheat it and they burn it and they're like, oh, Derek burnt his shit. [01:05:35] Speaker A: No, you know, I'm not going to do that to you. [01:05:38] Speaker B: But I figured it out, though. I have completely figured out how it works. It's just my anxiety. Because it ain't just you. It ain't just you. Anthony's on me. [01:05:48] Speaker A: Yeah, anthony's on me too. As we should. [01:05:51] Speaker B: So I got it. I just got to step past this last bit of self doubt and fear. It's me. [01:05:56] Speaker A: I already know because that's how I am with my merch. I'll be scared to send it out. Me too. Me too. Especially if I feel like it's not done yet or something like that. I get it. But no, you know how to cook, so there's no excuse. Yeah, I've been working on my craft for the past three and a half years. You've been cooking all your life? All your life. You've been fighting to cook? [01:06:17] Speaker B: All my life? I had to fight, yeah. I made some smoked brisket, bearded tacos a couple of days ago. [01:06:26] Speaker A: You just showing off or what? [01:06:28] Speaker B: I was you know what it was just let me see if I could do this real quick. And made the chili sauce and everything by hand. I still got a bag of that shit. Because once you make it like a whole brisket, a whole brisket shredded up and put in that shit, it's going to be a big ass supply. So I still have a whole frozen bag of it just sitting in the freezer for the next one. I want to make some time. [01:06:49] Speaker A: The same type of anger that you get from playing somebody in spades is the same type of anger I have right now. To hear you talk about food that you have, but you don't want to ship out. Same type of anger. It's still there. [01:07:03] Speaker B: Same type of anger. I feel you. I'm trying to be a better person. [01:07:08] Speaker A: You went from saying, you know what? I'm just not confident enough to just ship it out to, no, I got a gang of shit that I don't want to send you all yet. [01:07:16] Speaker B: I got a gang of it, like, dude, because I cook the food for my family and I but I cook it at party level sizes. But the reason why I do that is because Nisha and I travel so much to these concerts and these shows and everything, and we still have the young boy here. So it's like, all right, if we're out doing this, just pop this into the sous vide to defrost it, warm it back up, and you can eat this. So he's not sitting here starving, eating cup of Noodles or something like that. But here's the funny part. That Nigga has grown up eating my food so much that he's immune to it. He honestly prefers cup of Noodles. Like, I can't break this teenage habit. He'll eat my food with a small in his face. But if he had a choice between that and a hot pocket. [01:08:09] Speaker A: It'S the new generation, though. Our generation is not far off. It's just that we ate more table food than anything else, but once our eyes went off to the college years, we had to survive. So eating a couple of noodles at home versus eating a couple of noodles in that dorm room, you know what I mean? We ain't have moms cooking all the time. They got the luxury of eating dads and moms cooking all the time. You know what I'm saying? [01:08:39] Speaker B: I'm pretty sure that my wife and I and you know how I feel about my wife, everything. I think that we're the longest concurrent relationship of this generation that I know of. Like, maybe Chris might have us beat. I really got to put thought into it. Like, of all the people I know through podcasting, and I haven't asked about you and yours, so I don't know. But I know within my family, within my generation of my family, we've had the longest concurrent relationship. Married my son, grew up with a mother and father in the house the whole time. And let me tell you, that dynamic in him, the confidence and everything, john Singleton went about it the wrong way, but he's fucking right. If you can have a two parent household, and I'm not saying it has to be a father and a mother, it could be a mother and a mother. It could be a father and a father, whatever. Just two people in the fucking house. [01:09:31] Speaker A: Yeah, you got to have the Jordan and Scotty, the Kobe Shack type of dynamic. And you definitely top three because twelve cal is up there, too. [01:09:41] Speaker B: Yeah, him and his they've been married through college years. He's number one. Number one or number two because him and his beloved are yeah, and then Rod and Karen. Rod and Karen from the black guy who tips Rod and Karen. [01:10:00] Speaker A: I might have to throw my boy be honest in there. I think he's been tied down for a while as well. But yeah, no, I got married in 2011. [01:10:16] Speaker B: Yes, you were younger. [01:10:17] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:10:19] Speaker B: You're a baby to this game. Twelve. [01:10:20] Speaker A: I got a lot of rings, though. [01:10:24] Speaker B: I got a really big team. [01:10:26] Speaker A: I just need the rings. Side note before we get back to YJ to pick and let her son go out there with that big wheel and not watch him. Do you watch Time? [01:10:36] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. Religiously. I got the book. [01:10:39] Speaker A: Oh, you do? [01:10:40] Speaker B: Yeah. So Jeff Perlman is one of my favorite authors. Like, straight up, the nigga don't give a fuck. I know he's a white boy, but he don't give a fuck. He did a book about Barry Bonds called Love Me, Hate Me the Making of an Antihero that was so fucking scathing that I just laughed all the way through it. Barry Bonds, they put him to post. Here's the thing, though. He made Showtime, which is an amazing book. That's what they made Winning Time off of. He also made Boys Will Be Boys, which is about the Dallas Cowboys when Emmett and Michael Irving and all them were there and ripped them a new asshole. He did one about the Mets back in, like, the 80s when they lost the World Series to the Boston Red Sox. We need one on Roger Clemens. [01:11:23] Speaker A: We need a visual of the Dallas Cowboy joint. If it's anything like it doesn't have to be similar. We know it's a different story in general, but if it's anything like Winning Time, I'm here for west. Jerry west character is by far the most comical character I've seen on TV in a while. [01:11:43] Speaker B: Man, these niggas, the Cowboys literally pulled their money together and bought a house and did nothing but brought women into that house. It was nothing more than all these married niggas put their money together and bought a house off in the suburb. [01:11:59] Speaker A: That gives me the answer. [01:12:00] Speaker B: And brought their side pieces over there. [01:12:02] Speaker A: We ain't going to never get that, did we? Go? Never get that footage did, because Magic, he said, I got nothing to do with that. I have nothing to do with Winning Time. [01:12:15] Speaker B: I did not allow this book. But the nigga also wrote a book about Kobe. He wrote a book about the dynasty with Kobe, Phil and Shaq. After Kobe's sexual assault, after he assaulted the woman out in Denver. And he lit that nigga up so bad, he lit Kobe up so bad. Know that when Kobe passed away, him and Gigi, rest in peace, pass away in that plane crash, that nigga had to go back and put a disclaimer and forward in his book so he wouldn't get crucified. Yeah, because he went all the way in on that nigga, held nothing back. Talked about his parents, talked about Vanessa talked about everything. I don't know where this nigga gets the sources from, but he used to write for Sports Illustrated, so he's got sources. [01:13:05] Speaker A: Somebody ticked them off. [01:13:07] Speaker B: But yeah, Jeff Perlman, if you get a chance, that niggas books are fantastic. Like, real talk. He did one about Walter Payton, held nothing back. Everybody. He did one about fucking Bret favre. Held nothing back. [01:13:27] Speaker A: Yeah, well, I know you're going to send me the links to those. [01:13:30] Speaker B: Yes. [01:13:31] Speaker A: So let's get back to parents not watching their kids in South Central on the big you know, the cat they stumped out a couple of days ago, know his cousin is pregnant. And Kane said what? Ice Cube said he wore two jimmy's extra tight. [01:13:52] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, that always works. [01:13:54] Speaker A: So it couldn't be, you know, rubber rubbing on rubber is not going to do anything. [01:14:00] Speaker B: No, it's not going to cause friction. [01:14:04] Speaker A: Let alone you're not going to feel anything. [01:14:06] Speaker B: Oh, yeah. [01:14:07] Speaker A: It was water balloons back in the day. So they pull up in one of the most I don't even know if they changed the oil on that car ever, and they let off and they killed one of the Kansas City boys. You know what I mean? [01:14:31] Speaker B: Sharif. Sharif. [01:14:32] Speaker A: Sharif. That was a sad one. That was real sad, though, because he. [01:14:35] Speaker B: Was fuck that nigga. [01:14:37] Speaker A: He was trying to get out of there. [01:14:39] Speaker B: Fuck that nigga. That nigga was one of them niggas who literally went to jail and came back a Muslim, and they made him into a caricature. [01:14:45] Speaker A: They did. Because if we don't have that, we don't have don't be a menace. [01:14:50] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:14:51] Speaker A: You know what I mean? [01:14:51] Speaker B: I'm just trying to do to her what they've been doing to black men for 400 years. What's that? Fuck them. [01:15:02] Speaker A: But that's been the thing. What a lot of people outside of La. Don't know is that or California don't know is that we push for our kids to get out of the city, to get out of here, to go experience something new, even though, literally because USC is in the middle of the hood, which a lot of people don't know. But UCLA USC is a private university, by the way. You just can't walk on a campus. They don't check you. Yep, UCLA is a public university, but. [01:15:36] Speaker B: It'S in the middle of White world. [01:15:38] Speaker A: Yeah. Westwood, you got Bel Air. That sits right above UCLA. You got Beverly Hills. You got Brentwood. This is just money over there. But you can come on the campus. You can walk on the campus as you please. You could dress up as a student and blend right in if you wanted to. One of the most prestige universities we have out to if you go to UCLA and you go to that campus, it doesn't look like South Central. It doesn't look like Compton. It doesn't look like Oakland, doesn't look like none of those places. It just looks separate, beautiful, place, but we still preach for our kids to go out of state, somewhere they don't even know. A lot of us ain't even never been to these places out of state. They just know to get away from La. You know what I mean? And that's what Sharif was trying to do. I'm not sure. Again, I don't know why they was trying to go to Kansas City out. [01:16:36] Speaker B: Of all places, but I remember why Stacey had a football scholarship to a JC out there. So he was going to get his life back in order, and Sharif was just going to get the fuck out of Cali. [01:16:50] Speaker A: He said, I'm just going to go with you. [01:16:51] Speaker B: Yep. I'm gonna just go with you. My daddy, Rock, said to get the fuck yeah, yeah. [01:16:56] Speaker A: So that happened. And then, of course, Jada said, I'm out of here. I'm about to go to Atlanta, start a hair business or something like that. [01:17:09] Speaker B: She was like, Come with me. Kane was like, what's his name's, girl? And I feel bad about that. She was like, let me put this loving on you, young. [01:17:21] Speaker A: Like, let me go down there and see somebody that's never going to get out. [01:17:26] Speaker B: And tell them leaving. And I'm fucking him now and tell. [01:17:31] Speaker A: Him this is what it is. Okay, so here's what it is. Kane is Trey, who didn't listen to his, not really to me. Kane wasn't really with the business like that. But your friends are who your friends are. We've all had the knucklehead friends. Your mom or your dad always pointed out, I never really liked him. I never really liked you kicking around him this, that, and the third, that's old dog, in this case, his grandparents was over him. And you already know when it comes to the grandparents, especially the grandmother, they in church heavy, okay? They go to church. It's a nine to five. All right? [01:18:15] Speaker B: Nine to nine, nigga, be honest. [01:18:17] Speaker A: Yeah, nine to nine. And as soon as you walk in, the grandfather was probably a Dallas Cowboy fan, okay? That's a fact. I've seen those households before, but I never really understood why those grandparents were in the projects. I didn't really get that. If they were off of 93rd and Broadway that's my granny's straight, then I can understand. But those particular grandparents were in the middle of the projects, okay? [01:18:51] Speaker B: Yeah. Most folks, I would have thought that they would have been in their own house and the neighborhood just went to. [01:18:56] Speaker A: Shit around a lot of it's. A lot of older folks that own homes or have been staying in those homes in Compton for a very long time for them to be in the projects. And how did old girl cousin get on the premises if y'all had never been to the to the PJs before? It's not a place where you don't want to just walk in there, okay? Nobody is. Justin, that was a setup, okay? They said he broke down or whatever, and they pulled off. How you break down and accidentally pull off into the don't? Well, he was in the nickersons, okay? That's the last place if you watch snowfall, you don't want to be in there at all. We know why you was really over there. Okay, but that's what I have an issue with. It's understandable that you will have some type of beef in the PJs, but at the same time, nobody is walking into some territory that they might be beefing with. Now here's the one thing that they never really disclose. The gangs. In minister society, it was just a gang culture. Unlike boys in the hood, they let. [01:20:07] Speaker B: You know it was blood and crypt. [01:20:08] Speaker A: It was blood and crypt. In minister society, it was just a gang culture. So that part I kind of really had a problem with, because people are still confused on the gang culture when it comes to California and La. In general. So for you to just have the gang culture presented but not separate the flags, it could be a little confusing. [01:20:30] Speaker B: Yeah, because that nigga marched up in there and didn't nobody say, yo, nigga, what you here? Yo, nigga, what you doing here? Oh, I'm here to see Kane, who fucked my cup. By your voice a little bit too strong. [01:20:46] Speaker A: He turned into a carpet. A rug that fast. [01:20:50] Speaker B: Like you ain't stepping in and stepping out without a pass. You ain't coming in here unless you know somebody. And that person you know better know somebody. Otherwise, y'all both can get stomped at. Because why the fuck you bringing this nigga in here talking all that? [01:21:04] Speaker A: Johnny, who the hell was Chauncey stealing cars for? Who? [01:21:13] Speaker B: Chauncey was only available to steal cars from white people he could bully. But who he was working for, I don't know. And who Kane was jacking cars for, I also don't know. Because Kane went in there and stole that car and was like, fuck it, I'm going to keep it. No, no. He went in there and stole a car and got caught up. He went into that chop shop and stole the car and then jacked a nigga at the fucking burger stand at Tams to get the fucking rims on it. And it's riding around bump computer love like it's nigga. Every part of this car is stolen and you just out here. [01:21:56] Speaker A: Now, look, Shani, before we fly back to the East Coast, can you please explain the drive through scene and how pivotal it is to go get some of the finest burgers, chili cheese fries? What else will we get pastrami? [01:22:16] Speaker B: Oh, nigga, hot links. Yeah, milkshakes. A good strawberry milkshake. Like, God bless everything. Like, look, niggas. Okay, so look, niggas, I'm going to call you all niggas. I know there's at least one or two white people who listen to this show. You're welcome. [01:22:28] Speaker A: Absolutely. [01:22:28] Speaker B: Look, niggas, y'all niggas come out to the West Coast. I need y'all to go past all the McDonald's, man. I need you to go past all the Burger Kings, all the Wendy's. Look, I know it's gonna be hard on you. I need you to go past In N Out Burger. I need you to find that one place that still has that sign. You know the sign. It has a Coca Cola icon on the fucking left side of it. [01:22:52] Speaker A: That's a fact. [01:22:53] Speaker B: The name is always Whatever, and then drive through. It may or may not have a drive through. It might just be a walk up place. If it's a walk up place, only nigga stop there twice, because they got everything. If they got the old school menu where they had to put the popping letters up there to hang up on the wall, and they got shit that you ain't never seen before, like chicken tenders. And you can get a hot link, or you can get a double cheeseburger. And the double cheeseburger cost $2.0.99, nigga, you better eat. [01:23:24] Speaker A: So what he's trying to say is, in Boys in the Hood, somebody died at a fast food establishment. [01:23:30] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, that place. Yeah. [01:23:31] Speaker A: Okay. That's where he said, if there's not a drive through and you have to get out the car and you have to go put your order in at the window, put your order in, go back to your car and back and back your car in if you got to wait on it. Okay. Or else, because you'll be able to see MCA get out the car. [01:23:54] Speaker B: But I mean, at both situations, both places and I'm sorry, I really started waxing poetic about food at both places. The same thing happened. These niggas got to talking shit to the girl behind the counter, and then instead of really paying attention, came back and just sat down. [01:24:12] Speaker A: Yeah. And to give you a time, we do have some 24 hours establishments, but a lot of these place, because our clubs and stuff close at 02:00, right? [01:24:26] Speaker B: Yeah. Safety purposes. [01:24:28] Speaker A: Yeah, exactly. We're going to be hungry or whatever. So you go to Fat Burger, you go to Tams well, Hawkins might be closed, but you go to these establishments, you get in and you get out. And then if it's on a Saturday night, just go get some groceries, because everybody's outside. Everybody's outside. Okay. What we're trying to tell you is that, yes, a lot of people have died at these drive throughs in minister society. You have a couple of examples. They didn't have to go to Jack in the Box, but Cain and his cousin went to Jack in the Box. Okay? At the end of the day, we seen what happened to Cain's cousin. Then Cain goes and gets his 5.0 and rob somebody while getting a cheeseburger. Well, no, a burger with cheese, he said, so stay out of these drive throughs. Okay? That's what we're trying to tell you. Now. Shiny. We got to fly back east to close it up. [01:25:30] Speaker B: Juice, the worst of the four. No, I'm sorry. Third, out of the way. [01:25:39] Speaker A: Don't give it away, because I want you to rank all four at the end. Right. [01:25:43] Speaker B: Okay. [01:25:44] Speaker A: Juice. We got tupac. Okay? AQ, I just need to know what was in that skillet. What the hell? Why did he pour 40 ounce in there? Why? [01:26:02] Speaker B: So, look, I marinate myself in beer, and I'm cool with that. [01:26:07] Speaker A: Is that what Chauncey wanted? Because Chauncey wanted I think Chauncey wanted some of that in minister society. [01:26:13] Speaker B: No, he just wants some links with his grits. He was hungry, motherfucker. Like, somebody was actually cooking for his ass. They called that nigga out his name every single time. Nobody cooking for you, Shoddy. [01:26:24] Speaker A: They was cooking crack on a stove. And he talking about, man, could be what? [01:26:29] Speaker B: Right. He was talking because that white boy was at the door, and he was trying to act hard. Maybe some grits with them. Maybe some links with them grits. Nigga, I'm hungry them up. I can fuck you. [01:26:38] Speaker A: They are cooking grits in the same pot that they cooking that crack in. [01:26:44] Speaker B: That's why they want some grits so much. They don't understand, though, over time, addicted. [01:26:51] Speaker A: To grits that Pyrex pot has seen so much white. That's what I got an issue with. What was he cooking in that skillet? Johnny? What was that? [01:27:04] Speaker B: So, first of all, him pouring a 40 ounce in there. I thought I saw potatoes. I thought I saw potatoes. [01:27:15] Speaker A: Was it eggs? [01:27:20] Speaker B: There was too much seasoning in there. [01:27:22] Speaker A: Way too much. [01:27:26] Speaker B: I thought I saw potatoes. I don't know. It was a scramble. I don't know what the niggas plan was. I don't know what it was. [01:27:35] Speaker A: But he was cooking that up, and I believe they made that more than once. [01:27:39] Speaker B: Yeah, they had to get different angles on that shit. [01:27:43] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:27:44] Speaker B: And I know that that wasn't his first time creating something like that. You ain't just going, yeah, you would. Niggas would. We will literally make something up, and if it tastes good, we add it to the repertoire. And if it don't taste good, we just throw it away. Like our parents didn't just have to pay $10 for that fucking pack of chicken that you just tried to cook in the fucking broiler and didn't understand. Oh, it was raw in the middle. [01:28:10] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:28:11] Speaker B: But yeah. No, Juice. Why they rob, I got to be honest with you. I got to be honest with you. I know I should love juice more. I know I should. And I know it's up there, and I know I know the ledge. And is it good to use one of the best soundtrack songs of all time. But Juice does not move me. Bishop moves me. Tupac was a bad motherfucker, but was Bishop? Let's put it like this. Bishop or birdie. Exactly. [01:28:55] Speaker A: Oh, that's a good bishop. I believe Bishop was I mean, obviously there's some evidence of him getting beat by his dad. Now, as far as Birdie, birdie was already established in the streets. But to me, I think when it came down to Bishop, bishop, that's a product of coming from a broken home and things like that, which, if I'm not mistaken, all of them cats may have came from a broken home. It's just that their moms was doing a little bit better than Bishop's or whatever. Bishop just seems like he was the cat that didn't get a lot of love at home. And then he ended know what bullies do, and he end up turning he caught the power of the gun. I never really understood why they robbed him. I just didn't understand that part. Like the money that was about to be established or spread around, I didn't know what that was about, because they didn't get away with that much cash. [01:30:14] Speaker B: At all. And I think that that was indicative of them being young and stupid. They didn't case the place. They didn't pay attention to shit. They were just like, we got this. We going to do this, and we're going to get away with this. They might have gotten away with, like, $600 600. It didn't seem like a lot. [01:30:39] Speaker A: Well, back then, 600 was a lot. Niggas still in record now. [01:30:43] Speaker B: When you split it up amongst four. [01:30:44] Speaker A: People, that's a fact. That's a fact. Again. We have another Trey Kane in Q hung around. Q had the knucklehead friend. He had his regular friend and stuff like that. But he's trying to get his DJ career off, you know what I'm saying? He's trying to get recognized and things like that. The movie in general, I like the movie, but as an adult, when you sit up there and break it down, we were like, well, what was the point of him acting like that at the end? [01:31:20] Speaker B: I never understood a lot of things. I didn't understand a lot of things in the movie because niggas from the East Coast don't want to admit that they saw shit from the West Coast. And just like, that's not how we live. So it didn't really hit. [01:31:41] Speaker A: The that was my point earlier about New Jack City, you know what I'm saying? So they created the king of the hill type of mindset, the drug lords. We had the gang banging. They had the drug kingpins. So that's how they separated the content. I mean, we have different cultures in general. I didn't hear about New York getting gangs until the late 90s, early 2000s. So we already know that. And they had a gang culture. It just wasn't like our gang culture, where it was split between colors and stuff like that, blocks, et cetera. They got boroughs out there, and they had street gangs. I just didn't know them. So for them to create gangster content, as far as movies, it was slightly different than what we was producing. We had Bloods and crips. They had I don't know. What did they have? They had. [01:32:49] Speaker B: Did they? So Chicago was Vice Lords and Gangster Disciples and all that. [01:32:58] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:32:58] Speaker B: I don't know. I don't know what New York had. And also going back to New Jack City. That shit should have been in Oakland. [01:33:06] Speaker A: Okay, explain, nigga. [01:33:09] Speaker B: It's talking about the invention of crack. If it's not in Oakland, it should have been in La. But either way it goes, it should not have been New York. New York geographically should have been one of the last places to experience crack. [01:33:23] Speaker A: Well, snowfall proved that. [01:33:26] Speaker B: So the shit started on the West Coast thanks to freeway. Thanks to yeah, yeah. So for you to have the audacity the audacity the unmitigated call to say that crack was invented in New York City by this nigga G Money, on accident, completely takes out the history of it. [01:33:50] Speaker A: Yeah, G Money burned down a whole Carter by himself. [01:33:56] Speaker B: Fucking G Money. How the fuck did they get that tube system set up, too, where they were sending the crack down through the tubes and was putting the money, like the bank tubes. How'd they get that set up in the Carter? [01:34:08] Speaker A: Because your boy Christopher yeah, he also. [01:34:11] Speaker B: Set up the network. Fuck that. [01:34:15] Speaker A: He set up everything we just went with. [01:34:17] Speaker B: They had a membership code scanning. They had Buy five vials of crack, get your six one for free, where they scanned the little ID code on the front of their card. Every crackhead had a card. Why the fuck would a crackhead hold on to a card? [01:34:36] Speaker A: Hey, man, it was ahead of their time. They had QR codes back then. We just didn't know it. [01:34:43] Speaker B: Right. But Christopher Williams knew it. [01:34:45] Speaker A: Yeah, he did. He's the only one that knew it. [01:34:48] Speaker B: He also knew how to dodge his hand. So it looked like you stabbed me in my hand, but it really didn't. I'm going to hold my elbow. [01:34:54] Speaker A: Let me hold my elbow. Oh, juice. [01:35:01] Speaker B: The only thing I really remember about Juice were the DJ Battles Bishop standing at that locker. At the locker. And that iconic scene where I know I'm crazy, but I don't give a fuck. The nigga wasn't crazy like you said. He was actually off the power of the gun. That's absolutely correct. He got power hungry, too. Quick. But past that oh, and the snappy, nappy dugout conversation with Samuel L. Jackson and the other nigga in the arcade where they were playing the first street fight. [01:35:28] Speaker A: The first one. [01:35:30] Speaker B: The first one where you couldn't do shit, and all it had was a controller and a big ass button. [01:35:36] Speaker A: Here's the thing, though. I think the most iconic movie scene in that movie was the elevator. What? You going to shoot me in here? In front of all these yes. Yes. Or the locker. Or the locker. The locker scene. [01:35:56] Speaker B: Tupac. I don't think that movie let's put it like this. I have a question for you. So according to IMDb, tupac wasn't the only person who auditioned for the role of Bishop. Daryl Mitchell, Donald Faison, tretch, and Money B also auditioned. And Tupac accompanied Money B to the audition and asked to read. That's how he got the role. Could you see the fucking nigga who played the guy from Clueless? The one from Scrubs? [01:36:28] Speaker A: No. [01:36:29] Speaker B: Playing Bishop? [01:36:30] Speaker A: No. But I can see tretch, though. I can definitely see can see I can see him doing it, but nobody else. You said faison love. [01:36:40] Speaker B: No, not faison, love. Not big worm. Oh, Donald faison. [01:36:44] Speaker A: Donald Faison. [01:36:45] Speaker B: The nigga from scrubs. [01:36:46] Speaker A: Yeah, the nigga from Scrubs with the it's not he was not threatening. That's like seeing what you call it. Play the gangster in what was that movie called? [01:36:59] Speaker B: Slicing Chauncey. Playing a gangster. [01:37:02] Speaker A: Your boy on Jamie Foxx show. [01:37:08] Speaker B: Oh yeah, yeah. Seeing him on Original Gangsters made me. [01:37:12] Speaker A: Really really, though, it made me. [01:37:17] Speaker B: And then and then there's a show on Apple TV if you get a chance to see it, called Swagger. And it's about an AAU basketball team. That nigga also plays an NBA star. [01:37:34] Speaker A: I need to see those moves though. That's all I want to see the moves. [01:37:38] Speaker B: Oh, they made sure to never show that nigga shoot. He was just black and he was an NBA star. [01:37:45] Speaker A: I've seen an interview with him recently talking about him being he didn't want to be typecast, so he wanted to go out for the tougher roles. [01:37:53] Speaker B: I could see it. [01:37:55] Speaker A: But it didn't work though, because his character on the Jamie Fox show was just it was him. He identified with that character, a Juice. At the end of the day, it ended how it ended. Bishop failed to his death in a dumpster or somewhere in alley, something like that. And basically life went on after that. We never really figured out the drama between what's his name and his baby mama. She was just dating a dude who had a car at the end of the day, same car that it looked like the same car Ricky got shot from. But yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, juice was still a classic to us. The whole robin what did he rob? Did he rob a bar or something? Like that old boy that robbed a bar that went in there and robbed a bar they went to high school with. Asked him if he wanted something that was different. What else? I think that was it. Oh yeah. And then obviously Q had a relationship with an older woman, I think as yeah. Yeah. So there's that. Where do you rank all four of these movies? [01:39:24] Speaker B: New Jack City is. [01:39:30] Speaker A: You went straight to New Jack City? [01:39:33] Speaker B: And then I had to stop myself. So number four is going to be Juice. [01:39:37] Speaker A: Number four is going to be juice. We've seen that. [01:39:39] Speaker B: Yeah. Yeah. [01:39:44] Speaker A: I look at it like this. I will always have Boys in the Hood. [01:39:49] Speaker B: Over the Hood is number one. [01:39:51] Speaker A: Yeah, it's number one to me. [01:39:53] Speaker B: Menace is number two. [01:39:56] Speaker A: New Jack number three. [01:39:58] Speaker B: New Jack is number three. Here's the problem. The thing is, when you watch it and you see all the shit I was talking about, you're going to be like, man, Mario Van people's fuck. Do you know that this nigga thought it was pertinent to write it in after Pookie got murdered in The Carter? And they go to Pookie's funeral. As they're walking away from Pookie's funeral, mario Van peoples thought it was a good idea for him to write it in, where his character turns the iced tea and says, yo, man, fuck this whole thing up. Literally three steps away from Pookie's grave. It's just little things like that that puts it lower for me, all the little contextual issues. But Minister Society is not safe in itself, because if you watch it, and I know you've watched it, because West West, there is literally no scene that blends into another scene. It is all cut scenes. Minister society is grand. Theft auto the movie. They have something that happens, like when the nigga jacked the nigga at the restaurant and said, we're supposed to be brothers. He jacks him, and then it fades. Black. Yeah, they have it that iconic scene, you know, you don't fucked up, don't you? They had that scene, and then it fades. The black cousin getting shot up in the car, and they have them getting carried into the emergency room and please don't die. And then it fades. The black. [01:41:28] Speaker A: Don't forget when he got carried to the back room after him slapping Chauncey. [01:41:33] Speaker B: It faded to black. [01:41:35] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:41:36] Speaker B: And then it had Chauncey sealing up that fucking tape with Too Short behind him, talking shit. [01:41:43] Speaker A: If y'all don't know it, it'd be your own homies. It'd be your own homies. He hit him. [01:41:54] Speaker B: Hit you. [01:41:59] Speaker A: So look what I'm taking away from all four of these movies. They have some of the same ingredients. Every movie had a rapper in it. [01:42:08] Speaker B: Yes. [01:42:08] Speaker A: You know what I mean? Iconic rappers. Ice Cube Tupac ice T. MCA. Yeah, MCA. Too short. You know what I mean? You had the pretty girl in there. You had the friends in there, the loyal friends, and then you had the ones that going to turn on you. You know what I mean? So it really put a mirror up to us. Some of it was think I didn't think Minister Society was a more embellishment of boys in the Hood, but Boys in the Hood was like the blueprint to me for Minister Society, menstrual Society gave you a generic view of La and how dangerous it is in the streets. Boys in the Hood gave you a view of how it is in the neighborhoods and how different the neighborhoods are. [01:42:59] Speaker B: Right. [01:43:00] Speaker A: And how we were raised. So when I look at New Jack City new Jack City and Juice gave me the same feeling. They just gave me that this is how it was, like how New York is, you know what I'm saying? Like the landscape of it all. Outside of that, it didn't give me too much information on how the blocks were. It gave me the culture of New York, but it didn't give me how it was in the cities broken down. I mean, I guess the landscapes are different. Like I said, in La. And even in the Bay Area, it's broken down by blocks and things like that. When you talk about New York, they have different cities that spread it apart. Five big is it five boroughs or four boroughs? [01:43:51] Speaker B: Five boroughs. [01:43:52] Speaker A: Yeah. So it's broken down like that out here. West is literally a block over. You know what? So and that was it. I wanted to throw a curveball. I know I said I was going to give you seven questions, but I said, no, I got to go to his wheelhouse. I got to go somewhere where I know he's going to be comfortable with and go to the movies. We got some book content up in here. We got some food content up in here. We got some house party content up in here. So I'm pleased with that. [01:44:28] Speaker B: I'll take it. I do feel 100% that you said Juice. I'm going to say paid in full. But that's neither here nor there. [01:44:37] Speaker A: Well, that's going to be part two. That's going to be part two. Part two. I'm going to have another two East Coast movies and another two West Coast movies. [01:44:48] Speaker B: Okay. For sure. And also, I see you ducking me musically. [01:44:51] Speaker A: You don't want that. That's what I'm saying. [01:44:53] Speaker B: You don't want that. [01:44:54] Speaker A: See, look, when it comes to movies and books, I'm not afraid to say, I might have to bow down to you to that. But when it comes to this R and B, let's not get out of control here. [01:45:08] Speaker B: I mean, you got a beautiful set of music. I'm going to give you that. I bow to you in that regard. And I'm not saying I'll beat you, but I'm saying I could bring something to your table that you ain't had before. [01:45:20] Speaker A: Okay. Well, this is how we do it. No pun. Twelve cow. Jay from jay's. Quick. Three Doug from Struggle Plate and anybody else, and I've already been in the R and B war with them. They make their own episodes, and I make my own episodes. You don't have to wait on us. You could pull up just like them Italians did to that wedding. If you want to. [01:45:51] Speaker B: It gets shot like Keisha did. [01:45:55] Speaker A: You could do you. And don't forget to at me. Don't forget to am. A, this is who I am. If anybody is throwing shots at me, I promise you I'm not going to pay attention to it. It's not that I'm going to ignore it. I just don't know unless you at me. I need to know. I need to know. Call me out. You can make a video. I don't care what you do. Just know. You don't know when I'm coming back. [01:46:24] Speaker B: You don't know when I see, the thing is, for me, I am a mesh in that new and the old. So I'd have to put some thought into it because I know at some point that loose end is going to pop up on my playlist. [01:46:39] Speaker A: Look, it's not just what you play, it's how you play it. And you know this and you notice out of anybody that I know is how you craft episodes. You have a series where you collectively find random ass podcasters to create a story. One of the best ideas, not in just podcast history, but in the world, okay. Where you could bring so many different walks of life. It's almost like my brother Delvin Delvin is over there up in Florida and he has talks and interviews with just all types of people walks of life. But you will throw an idea out there, a word, a name, an object, and say go. And that first person to that last person. You just don't know what's going to be created, but it will all make sense. [01:47:39] Speaker B: I love that show and thank you. [01:47:43] Speaker A: I told you this before. That is one of the most genius ideas of all time. Because to me, it goes deeper than it's deeper than the content, it's deeper than the creation. What it is saying is that we can all think alike for the same thing and it will still make sense. So I'm still waiting on that one. I've had the honor of being a part of two, right? [01:48:09] Speaker B: Yeah. The fifth anniversary was supposed to start off like a couple of months ago, but I went back to school so then classes is kicking your boy's ass. So I can only juggle so many pots at the same time. [01:48:27] Speaker A: And if you all listen to this episode and still almost 2 hours in, don't know who I am actually speaking to because we hopped on the phone like we've been knowing each other for 35 years, which we have. This is Derek Jones, aka one of the pod legends. Pod fathers. Cue the smoke machine throwing whatever WWF music intro you could find. Ratchet book club, single simulcast. And he cooks, does not want to share his food. One of the pod. Greats. He's one of the podcasters who already has a statue that was built a long time ago and probably the top creators of all time when it comes to this podcast game. So you all need to tap in and even DM him to see if you could be a part of the storytelling. Because when I tell you it's so fun. What he don't know? Well, he probably does know because I probably told him both times that I've been a part of that content. The amount of times that I had to redo because I will listen to the person before me. And let me tell it's kind of like when you making a record in rap and he says, I need a verse from you. And you go listen to his verse, and it's like, oh, shit, I got to come with something. I tell you, 90% of my episodes, I don't write down notes or anything like that. I just go off of. And it's not a bragging type of thing because sometimes for certain episodes, I might need to write down notes so the episode could be more fluent when I have to put my part in. If I'm like number three or number two or anything after the first person, I redo that verse at least ten times before I send it to them. At least. Because I'm like, whoever's before me, fire whoever comes after me, I got to make sure I kill it because they got to come off of my energy. And if they don't match my energy, then it's not going to really go. So I'll make sure I put a Fire verse in that story. [01:50:54] Speaker B: See, now I'm ready to do another episode. I'm going to have to put something together just so then I can make sure to get you back in the building. Thank you so much. [01:51:03] Speaker A: Don't make me number one, though. [01:51:07] Speaker B: Don't worry. I'm going to go number one. I'll make sure to make it where I'm the first person going. I think that for a lot of the stories, I think that just makes it flow better because a lot of folks are worried about it, though. So the beauty of it is it shows that anyone can write a story. [01:51:26] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:51:27] Speaker B: And the first person is always like, oh, no, it's going to be all fucked up and stuff. But everybody's so supportive of each other. So I just love the community that comes about from that story. I'm shocked that you haven't had any of the folks on that did the episodes with you on your show because you all built like it just seemed like instant camaraderie. [01:51:49] Speaker A: And that's another thing I want to mention because life happens, you know what I'm saying? In that moment, it's like we're all sitting in the studio and we're fellowshipping and stuff like that. But that's another dope thing is that after we finish the story, then we all come together on a zoom and we talk about it. Why do we say this? Or how do we come up with that? And then you get to see the face behind the content and it's like, wow. It's like, wow, you did this. We did this. You know what I'm saying? We created a fire track. You should put that shit on itunes. [01:52:27] Speaker B: For eventually. [01:52:30] Speaker A: Because it's not like we don't take it serious now, but if we know this is going to be published, then we really I'm talking about they're going to put the pins down and going to get the pencils, because with the pencil, you get to erase. You get the eraser and stuff. You don't want to have a mid verse when it comes to this, okay? And I think the first person has the easiest task, because they don't have to feed off of anybody when you got to feed off of somebody. Oh, my God. But then when you have the attributes and a skill set to change the story after you hear the first person, but still make it make sense. Oh, my God. Because that Michael Jackson one. Classic, classic. [01:53:23] Speaker B: That was my boy Dustin. [01:53:25] Speaker A: Oh, my God. The first thing I thought about was dolomite. What was the cartoon? It was a cartoon. [01:53:37] Speaker B: Black Dynamite. [01:53:38] Speaker A: Black Dynamite. I said dolomite. Black Dynamite. And the first thing I thought of was, like, oh, the Michael Jackson episode when he was an alien. Because I do think he's an alien, right? So somehow y'all got to go listen to it. I'm sorry. You all got to go listen to it. And then it was some woman who had a voice that was like, oh, my God. ASMR is her calling. You know what I mean? So, yeah, y'all got to go tap into that, and y'all got to be a part of it. As a matter of fact, I'm going to recruit two people. [01:54:12] Speaker B: Hey, I've been trying to get a couple of folks on, so if you can recruit two people, go for it, because tomorrow yeah, I've been trying, but she had some things going on, so hopefully I can link up with her. And like I said, we'll get it cracking. We gonna get it cracking. All right. [01:54:34] Speaker A: My guy Shani for the future. Well, first of all, I want to thank you for being on this episode, breaking down some classic movies and pointing out everything that we had a problem with and what we would change. But, yeah, until next time, I appreciate you. And, yeah, don't be stingy with that food, man. [01:54:53] Speaker B: I promise. I promise. Like I said, just a few more steps. I got you. [01:54:58] Speaker A: Okay? For sure. [01:54:58] Speaker B: Thanks for having me on, though. Really appreciate it. [01:55:01] Speaker A: No doubt. And again, like I said, as promised, we will have a part two. He will not know who the movies are, but it don't matter, because he's seen them already 30 times each, more or less.

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