Episode 51

August 09, 2018


I'm Yo Pusha #B4P051

I'm Yo Pusha #B4P051
BTG For President
I'm Yo Pusha #B4P051

Aug 09 2018 | 00:36:04


Show Notes

Episode #51 It’s levels to entrepreneurship. One of those is the grind level. Go after the bag by all means. Stack up and build your worth. Having extra income come in never hurt anybody as well. In this episode I share a few side gigs that can help keep your wallet and purse with some extra change. Do you have the grind mentality to go out and get that extra money? Well if so...here’s a few options. Side note: I encourage everyone that listens to this info to take some time to research these side gigs on YouTube. Get all the info and strategy info you need.

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