Episode 324

December 07, 2023


Hey, Kool Aid

Hey, Kool Aid
BTG For President
Hey, Kool Aid

Dec 07 2023 | 00:21:16


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BTG For President Episode #324

King Jerm took it back with this question. My favorite Kool aid flavor...AND…. The classic mixing of 2 or more different kool aids. Kool aid content on y'all timeline lol

Hey, Kool Aid #B4P324

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[00:00:25] Speaker A: California. California. [00:00:28] Speaker B: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker A: Where are we going? Westward hola. Hey, go, yeah. Fade here, bringing you fun Koolaid gut thirst on the run. Get a big wacky wild. Wacky wild drink. Oh, yeah. So I oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Here comes Koolaid. Here comes Koolaid. I'm gonna save the day. [00:01:17] Speaker B: Brand soft drink mix. [00:01:18] Speaker A: Oh, yeah. [00:01:20] Speaker C: Yo, Baylor, what's going on, man? Your boy King Germ. One half a pie. Save our marriage. I was listening to your last episode, and you was mentioning Koolaid, and that got me thinking. Like, we grew up in the 80s. Koolaid was the number one drink in most people households, right? But I need to know, what was your go to flavor of Koolaid? What was the goat flavor? Like I said, I told you earlier, rainbow punch. Like, they don't even make that no more goat flavor. So I need to know your five goat flavors, then give me your illness combination of flavor of Kool Aid. Like, that picture that you would make, what, two packets you throwing together, you know what I'm saying? Then, sugar wise, did you measure the sugar, or did you have that little line in your picture that you knew that's where the sugar go? That's what I need to know. So this is the Kool Aid episode. What's going on, people? Baylor nation. It's your boy. King germ. I can't wait to hear this one. And then I need to know how you made your like, I need to, like, what was your process of making the Kool Aid? Did you put the packets in there, then the sugar, then the water? Did you do the water all the way up to I need to know what was the way how did Baylor put together his Kool Aid? How did you whip up that pack? Now I'm done. For real. I'm out. Peace. [00:02:43] Speaker B: It's a cold combination, I'm trying to tell you, right? Like, and that's a phenomenal question, by the way, okay? Because when they brought to the table that kiwi strawberry, you hear what I'm saying, king Germ? You hear what I'm saying? With the kiwi strawberry? Because that was different. That was different. The whole process as far as the goat, as far as the goat, man, I think it'll always be red. It'll always be red. And that kind of saves you. It kind of saves you. Why? Because red could be tropical punch. You know what I'm saying? It could be strawberry. You know what I'm saying? It could be yo, the watermelon one wasn't bad. The orange wasn't bad. That cherry with that black cherry. But I'm telling you, when that strawberry kiwi hit the scene, though, a shit got real different when that strawberry kiwi hit the now, see the green apple? That's when I kind of, like, left off, you know what I'm saying? That's when I was like, all right, I could do better in life. I could do better in life. Once the green apple came out. I'm a huge, green, apple flavor type of person. But my goats, though. My goats got to be grape. That blue raspberry lemonade. Oh, my God. And no, my ancestors. Okay. When I sprinkled that mixed berry with that black cherry. Hey, man. I let my ancestors guide me when it came to that sugar. There was no measuring on house party. You see he didn't measure. He didn't measure that at all. And that was a bit much. It was full of diabetes. My teeth falling out. Now, I will say this, though. I will say this. The best combination. The best combination. I don't think you can lose with Tropical Punch. That's number one. That's number one. But anything that you miss mixed with that strawberry kiwi. It was just different then, the process. So look, I did it in different ways, though. There wasn't a number one process that I did. Sometimes I used to put the sugar in there first. Then sometimes I'll just put the koolaid in the middle of it. So I'll put, like, a portion of sugar. Then I put the Koolaid, and then I put some more sugar. You know what I'm saying? And then I got fancy. Then I got fancy on them hoes. You know what I did when I got fancy on them hoes? Because at my peak time when I was drinking Kool Aid, we had a lemon tree in the back. We had a lemon because the dude like the older cat that stayed in the back. That's who we rented from. You know what I'm saying? That's who we paid to rent to the old cat named Mr. Willie. You know what I'm saying? He was like somewhere in the he was an old cat, you know what I'm saying? He had this old dog, too, but yeah, no doubt. I started to get a little freaky with that Koolaid. I went to the back and got them lemonades. I got them. Lemonade. Okay. We had a lemon tree. So I went to go get the lemons. I washed them off and I cut them in fours and I threw that shit in the picture. I used to make real lemonade bro. I didn't use the lemonade Koolaid packet all the time. I didn't. I just used the lemon and some sugar, and that was so fire. It was fire. But that could see the Lemonade Koolaid pack. It had a certain had a certain taste to it. You all know what taste I'm talking about. It's, like, artificial lemon. You know what I'm saying? It wasn't the real thing. It's like they took some powder and just started coloring, like, lemon on it, and that's how it tastes. So I wouldn't really my weakest one that's probably the weakest one that I used was a lemonade koolaid, because if I'm not mistaken, I think they had, like, a mandarin one, but I never had got that one. They start going off. They had over, roughly over. I mean, it was a gang of packs they had. It was over 20, if I'm not mistaken. But anytime I told King Germ this or whatever, because I think they had a mango one, too. Whatever your key mix is, whatever. You mix in, whatever, two to three or four, we went crazy. We went crazy with the mixes. Because if it looked brown, that's how you know it is. Multiple mixtures up in there. It's a mutt at this point. Yeah, it's a mud. Look, the grape is going to be purple. The tropical punch, the cherry, the strawberry, that shit going to be red, okay? The orange is going to be orange. Duh. The blue raspberry going to be like a powder blue. And then it's going to turn red. Or no, some of them blue or some are red. I think the raspberry one turned red or whatever. But you have some blue ones, you know what I'm saying? But if that shit was brown, it's a lot. You are a drinkaholic at that point. You're drinking a lot. That's a lot. And as far as the sugar portion, you just got to know there is no correct way. Don't mess this up. And that's the one thing about Kool Aid. There's three important ingredients. Obviously, you need water, sugar, and the dope. You need the dope, okay? And the dope. Back then, dog, they used to have these points, the little Kool Aid points at the back of them. Niggas used to collect those. I never turned my I never won nothing, you understand me? I didn't get nothing. But I collected them. Yeah, the guy used to cut in perfect squares, too. They were Kool Aid points. I'm not Mandela. It's not that Mandela effect shit. I know what I've seen, you know what I'm saying? Because they came on the cereal boxes, too, you know what I'm saying? And we used to collect, man. We used to collect them. They was on the back. They was on the back of the Koolaid thing. And we used to just collect them, dog, and it'd be three points, one point, twelve points. And, dog, I never got anything for them, but I collected them. Now, here's the thing, king Germ, where I'm from, these girls, they're a little bit different. And I got to call them out. Because in the middle school and high school days you want to talk about getting freaky with that Kool Aid? Yeah. Let me tell you what they did. And they did that. Why did they did that? I don't know. Did I involve myself in them? Yeah, I did. Yeah, I did that. I did that. They went to go get the pickle. They went to go get the pickle, you understand? From the ice cream truck. From the ice cream truck. And from the corner store, these big ass pickles, okay? It was solos. They came in a bag solo. One uno. And they used to buy a pack of Kool Aid. They favorite ones. You know what they did? They used to dip those pickles into the Koolaid package. Oh, they went, wow. This is why we walk around. Like walking around now. This is why something is wired wrong with us. Because we used to dip the pickles in the Koolaid package. Now it was more like 85, 90, 1090, ten. Most of them was girls. Girls was doing that. They stayed with the pickles. They literally stayed with the pickles and the Kool Aid packets. They did that. They did mean King Jerem told you they had this know, mixture flavor, the one he liked. And that's cool. But kiwi strawberry will always be up there for me. Strawberry kiwi, which, however you want to say it, it will always be up there for me. All of them, really, you know what I'm saying? You got to wait till the orange one get cold, because if you drink it lukewarm, it tastes like medicine. That's nasty. Then it start getting out of control because you remember squeeze it. Oh, my go. Squeeze it. You put a squeeze it in the don't leave it in the freezer too long, you know what I'm saying? But a cold squeeze it. Man, those shits used to hit because you all went outside with your squeezes. If you was born in the early ninety s or late eighty s, you was inside the house with your Squeeze it. You wouldn't outside like that with Squeeze it. Come on. And then when Capri Suns first hit, because that was like Capri Suns and Squeezes, those were like how Netflix and Red Box is to like, Blockbuster. It just put that motherfuckers out of commission, you know what I'm saying? Then they marked the price up. At one point. I remember you can get, like, four packs of Koolaid for a dollar. And I think that was even on the high end, because I do remember paying twenty five cents a pack. But I want to say they was cheaper. I want to say at one point they were like, $0.10. That's if I go back to the know what I'm saying? It had to be somewhere in the late 80s where, you know what I'm saying? The motherfuckers was $0.10 apiece. But I definitely remember I definitely remember when they were 25 apiece because we was buying them four for a dollar. That was the cheapest drink you could get. You can't do it wrong, because like I said, you only need two other things water and you can get water. And that's the thing. We faucet babies. Yeah, 98.72% of Koolaid that was made in the late 80s. Early 90s came from that faucet. Niggas didn't have bottled water. Niggas didn't have those. No, it was no Fresh Spring Mountain, none of that shit. No smart water. Our water was dumb back then. We had no smart waters. None of that shit. I mean, Arrowhead was I think Arrowhead was probably bottled water was different. The only bottled water that I can think of back in the day when I was younger, was, like, the carbonated water. You know what I'm saying? So, like nah. Nah, man. That shit came from the faucet. We used to drink out of the water faucet. I mean, out of water holes outside. That water used to hit in the summer. You could taste all the lead. You know what I'm saying? Straight Flint, Michigan. But it used to hit, though. Unless your mommy and your daddy didn't pay the bill, you weren't going to run out of the water. It's a possibility that you run out of some sugar. Oh, man. When you run out of sugar and it hurt. Back in the 90s, because sugar was used for a lot of shit, including cereal. So between cereal and koolaid, my nigga, we needed that. We needed sugar. And then you just go get the crack, dog. Everything used to be cheap. We used to buy Top Ramen. A quarter. For real? $0.50. Can go get you a whole meal. You think I'm lying? Twenty five cents to go get you that Top Ramen. Twenty five cents to go get you that Koolaid money. Just make sure you got some sugar. You can get water from anywhere. What? Sunday Delight? Man, you all are tripping, dog. I know. Come on, man. Twelve cow. I know you drunk. Koolaid in South Carolina. I think we need to find out who created Koolaid, because South Carolina south Carolina sounds like the it sounds like the origin story of Kool Aid. You know what run off I'm gonna run off these flavors, though, real quick. Some of these throwback flavors that we got, you can go on Amazon, right look at that. That's crazy that you can go on Amazon right now and get all these throwback. I knew they had a mandarin. They had a mandarin and tangerine. They hit the back of the neck right there. Pause. Charcoal Berry. Never had that. Peanut pineapple. I don't think I've ever had that. Well, see, they had a gang of ones that I didn't have. Now, look, that koolaid twist, that's that slamming strawberry Keep. Yeah. Pink lemonade was up there for me, because I used to mix pink lemonade and cherry. Now, that cherry limeade, dog. That cherry limeade, because limeade is lime. Limeade is under is an underrated drink. Overall, though, it's an underrated flavor. Cherry limeade, you have to be an adult for that. That's a mature koolaid drink right there. Cherry lime. Cherry limeade is an adult. You're in a different stage of your life when you drinking cherry limeade. And you got to have ice in it. Yeah, you do. You do. Cherry limeade. It hit. It hit. But shout out, man. I mean, shout out to King Germ, man. Look, let me tell you, you want to talk about a top five as far as comedian work, man, him and his wife, they'd be going to work. Y'all gotta go. Tap has to me, I listen to a lot of podcasts. Very few of them have, like, certain segments attached to their shows. Oh, my God, that black cinema, though. Bad black cinema. That by far. And then to follow it up with the HBCU stories, dog like sunmatched when I tell you it's unmatched. It's unmatched. But I appreciate that, though, man. I appreciate that, King Jam, for coming through with the question. Send me more. Send me more. But Koolaid, though. Do y'all still drink Kool Aid? Are y'all too good for it? Let me know. Oh, wait a minute. Before I get up out of here. King Jam, I just looked this up, nigga, koolaid was invented in 1927. Nigga, they was nigga, they was drinking. They was drinking Koolaid in 1927. Let me see. We need to go find out when Betty White was born. 1927? You telling me, nigga, 19 Betty White. I got to look this up. I have to. Betty White. Betty White was born when was she born? She's born in 19. Nigga, you lying. Betty White was born in 1922. She older than Koolaid. Shout out. Shout out to our bowl, man. [00:18:51] Speaker C: Like, hey, man, come on, man. [00:18:55] Speaker B: I can't make this up. I can't make this up. They had six original flavors cherry, grape, lemon, lime, orange, raspberry, strawberry. And then after that, that shit just grew. It just turned into Wu Tang, you know what I'm saying? And of course, just like anything, the black culture was used to promote Kool Aid, because if you look at some of those commercials, we weren't involved in a lot of them. Then eventually, you know what I'm saying, that old year started to get a little bit more urban. He started wearing clothes and shit. Yeah, the koolaid, man. The Koolaid man, is up there with what's? The moon nigger from McDonald's. You all know what I'm talking about. Mac tonight. Yeah, that's classic right there, bro. You got to be an 80s baby to understand what's going on right now. Oh, man. The high sea orange will always be the best drink. Michael from McDonald's. If y'all still go to McDonald's, right? That high sea orange, it hit different from the high sea orange that's in the stores. You're gonna get the high sea juice boxes from the stores. But it don't hit like the McDonald's one. I don't know what they do to it because it's kind of like they sprite that sprite that shit like liquid sandpaper going down your throat. Pause heavy. Pause heavy on the paws with that one. But Koolaid, man, I appreciate that, King Jeremy, because look after that nigga from 1927, and now you know somebody that made it Hennessy Koolaid flavor one by now. I mean, at this point. But you know what? That'd be a hell I'm pitching this idea right now. Even though. I'm pretty sure somebody already got it. But if you can make some Kool Aid in a THC form oh, in edible form, king jeremy hey, man, write down that idea. Let's talk business, bro. Let's talk business. Because I ain't seen nothing like that yet. Hey, look at that. Strawberry kiwi, man.

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