Episode 346

May 09, 2024


Meet the FANs

Meet the FANs
BTG For President
Meet the FANs

May 09 2024 | 00:52:43


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BTG For President Episode #346

The iconic battle between Canada and Compton. The most controversial matchup in HipHop history. We made history in 3days. Shattered the record books with unique performances and questions unanswered. We have K. Dot Vs. Drake. BBL Drizzy

Meet the FANs #B4P346

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Go out to LA. To LA. Got somebody need to do a song for LA. Hello, my name is Elaine and I'll. [00:00:16] Speaker B: Be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles. [00:00:18] Speaker A: Look, count my nose, smoker. I'm from California. Where you from? So what? I'm from California. California, California, California. This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker C: Where we going? [00:00:32] Speaker B: That's exactly what he did on the hard part six. He rapped about this nigga is taking his fake information. I told y'all this on family matters when I said you digging for dirt, you should be digging for proof. I got pictures of the fucking little girl all in the fucking video plastered on the wall. I'm fucking playing with this dumb nigga and he's going for it. [00:00:50] Speaker A: Wait, wait, wait. Let's go back. Let's go back to that dumb nigga. Just hear it though. Hear it though. [00:00:56] Speaker B: Playing with this dumb nigga and he's going for it. I'm the most lit nigga and that's. [00:01:00] Speaker A: Like with the ER though. I'll get to that in a minute. [00:01:03] Speaker B: And there's no skeletons in my closet. I'm not no fucking pedophile. [00:01:07] Speaker C: Stop. [00:01:08] Speaker B: That's the only thing y'all n know that could fucking end my run is me being and it doesn't exist. Stop the bullshit. But you, Mister Lamar, you hit the girl because she's bigger than you. You put your hands on your girls. You've been engaged for years. You're not married yet. You living in New York. She's not. Let's talk real shit. All this eleven year old daughter shit y'all talking about. And he, because he released it right after the family matters. It's a better get the fuck out. [00:01:35] Speaker A: Of here with that shit. [00:01:36] Speaker B: We didn't say it was a badass. [00:01:38] Speaker A: Is probably the best song in this. [00:01:39] Speaker B: Whole probably niggas the best record that's releasing this entire beef. [00:01:44] Speaker A: That's interesting. That's interesting, cuz you. Not you, bro. You said, hey, check this out. You said that Kendrick Lamar is overrated, bro. Yes. Tell me he was overrated. I'm the only person in the world who thinks Kendrick Lamar. No, because people think drink is overrated. Because people think Drake is overrated. I'm asking you specifically what makes him overrated to me? [00:02:03] Speaker B: Because I lied to you. [00:02:04] Speaker A: What makes him overrated? But it's my opinion. What are you talking about? Wait, wait, wait. So we can't have a contextual conversation? I'm saying what makes him overrated? I'm about to tell you. Just keep saying, yo, he just overrated. The media, because I don't like him. Tell me about it. Okay. [00:02:19] Speaker B: He's overrated because a lot of people. [00:02:21] Speaker A: Think he's number one. I just said. I just compared him to Kawhi Leonard. He said his opinion and said a lot of people broke. Go ahead. What the. Wait, listen, bro. Listen, listen. Cause you. Not you, bro. You said. You said, this is my opinion. And you said a lot of people, bro, because this is my opinion. I see a lot of people with them, and I think they put them. What do you wanna think? I'm telling you, this is what I think, Wayne. Oh, what are you talking about? Like, you. Hey, so May 3 is gonna go down in history. We already know that. Probably the best Friday in hip hop history. In hip hop history ever. You knew where you was at. That's one of those. I didn't. I didn't miss. I didn't miss a damn thing. I heard every song. We was there, locked in for every drop. Every drop. Whether it was text messages or sending them through the DM's, bro. N was locked in. I have 6079, 642, 69. You were nasty. Hey, when I tell you I had so many group chats, I was going from one to the other. If it wasn't. If it wasn't my personal group chat, then it was the breaks radio. Group chat. If it wasn't the breaks radio, it was the pie fam. If it wasn't the pie fam, like, nigga, at this point, nigga. My work emails, my workgroup emails, niggas. Kate. I dropped. Drake. Dropped. Wait a minute. Like, we was locked in. And for a minute, didn't it seem kind of funny that after. Remember the whole AI situation? That was wild. Isn't it funny how that shit just stopped? There was no more leaks. There was no more AI reference tracks. None of that shit. It just stopped. It seemed like niggas said, move out the way. Let these niggas go, right? We over here celebrating as. I mean, it's not a secret about that, right? But you just heard maul. You just heard whoever that young nigga was who never gave his opinion because he said everybody else's opinion, but it's still his opinion. It's much more. I don't know why. I don't know why this al is this emotional. I've never seen nut. Maybe the closest was. Was the pocking big, maybe. But we didn't have Internet like that, so it was like we couldn't. These niggas are upset, bro. No, these niggas is going off like niggas is hollering, yelling, come on, man. It ain't. I swear to God, it's not that. A security guard got shot in Toronto at Drake's crib in the chest. Niggas is coming up. Yo, dig, look at the conspiracies, right? Drake set that one up. He set that one up. That's going to help him. And Joe budden predicted it. And then the other one was, look at the influence of KDOT. Cause you know, his story got vandalized as well in London. Then you had the security guard getting shot. So Drake has been having a bad week and we are only going in. Well, when you guys hear this, it'll be, it'll be Thursday. Today is Thursday. If you're listening to this. Um, we still in the beginning of the week. It's only Tuesday right now as I'm recording this nigga. This is the worst I've ever seen Drake down. Here's the thing, though. See, I'm a Lakers fan, and often by other fan bases, they look at us as delusional fans of the Lakers because we expected to win a championship every, every year. Yeah, that's right. They said we're delusional for thinking that we can win a championship every year. A winner's mentality is totally weird in this world. And I get it. So that's cool. And here's another delusional fan base. You got the kdot stands and you got the Aubrey stans. The kDot stands, most of them right now is probably sitting down from crip walking all goddamn day, right? And then you got the Aubrey, you know, saying the Drake fans. And look, some of them were reasonable. Some of them were actually like, nah, he lost. And then what you just heard was the mother niggas, the ones that, yo, if you just take. If Drake wasn't even a part of this, I think them niggas will still have an issue with KDOT. I've never seen those shit like this before. And this is why this is going to go down as one of the biggest rat beefs of all time, is I think this is going to, don't get me wrong, parking big. That was too coast. That was the east coast. That was the west coast. The two biggest coast. We have two important cities. It was mainly La versus New York. And we see how that ended. And I told Cas, though, I said I don't like, I don't like where it's going anymore because I think they're going to try to like this is it's a tough situation now because the more and more time goes on, we just keep getting more information revealed. Not about the gossip, not necessarily about the gossip, but the fact that, um, you know, there might be a situation where universal was like, yo, yo, we need kdot to, you know, take those words back because we're losing a lot of money. Damn. You know what I mean? The powers that be, the OG, gatekeepers, whatever the case may be, that's what, that's what KDot is up against. And I'm listening to the. I'm listening to the Arbery's. The Arbery angels. And they telling me it's weird because they nigga been on top, what? Ten plus years straight, bro. He owned the summers, you know, he helped out everybody. Guys playing. It was guys playing, you know what I mean? And that's, and that, and that's their guy. And that's cool. I got a couple. I told you, you know, when it came to hollying bling, bro crony, I'm locked in. You know what I mean? But it just, it's, it got real bad. It got real bad. And I'm like, this is gonna be k died against the machine. The Aubrey fans were saying everything that we thought Kendrick was gonna go through. They thinking this whole time, he's the underdog, you know what I mean? What they never could actually tell me or explain was the downfall of his fan base. I mean, again, you don't get to ten summer straight of being that guy. You know, you went on a Golden state 73 and nine type of run. Yeah, you did. You did. And it seemed like nobody could escape your fan base, right? And then now you fast forward and we're here and people are questioning, or, well, not too many. I'm questioning, you're, where's his. Where's his fan base? I'm seeing. I'm seeing a lot of people's. Oh, yeah, y'all see how LA is uniting together. All kind of hoods and Oakland. Hey, come down here, Oak. Come down here to Bay area in LA, just holding hands and skipping and shit. You know what I'm saying? Phoenix came over Vegas. That's still up in the air. We just, we don't know about Vegas, but I mean, Vegas is right there. It's like niggas walk across the street to Vegas. But yeah, the whole coast was just like, you know what I mean? And then, and then something popped in my head. I'm like, yo, why isn't Toronto backing up Drake? Like, how LA you could feel the support though, right? Pause if needed. But you've seen. You felt the support from LA. You knew that we wasn't siding with nobody, bro. Let me tell you something. There's not gonna be. No question. I don't care if I'm a fan or not, bro. When n come from Compton, south Central, Watts, Inglewood. Whose side you think I'm on, bro? I don't care. Drake is what? Top three. He up there. Taylor Swift, Beyonce. He up there with them three. And then everything else is a, you know, is a drop separation. And that's a hard pill swallow when, like, you know, he is that guy. But when this one come out to play, it's like his voice go down a little bit. But I will say this, though, for a fact. Yo, Mace, Deeney, Dean, Dini, pull up a chair, bro. You gotta respect Drake. Cause he swung back. He swung. It was kind of like that scene in the wood where he smacked Stacy. That was family matters, maybe, right? And then after that, it was cool because we stole game five. That's what happened. Kdot stole game five. But you heard the aggression, though, dog. Like niggas. No, no, no, no. Aubrey fans. Y'all gotta understand something. Y'all are only niggas as. Yo. Shout out to Harrison. Yeah, I'm gonna have to. I'm gonna have to remember his podcast. Yeah, I have to remember his podcast. I'm gonna look it up. I'm look it up. But he. You know, he had an episode, right? Man, you niggas is. And I look at. Y'all are intelligent. Y'all are intelligent, man. Um, to see that type of eight, more than 92. That's the name of the podcast. Yeah. I think I met him through King Germ. You never know what you gonna get. Mean nigga. You know, King Germ is like, let's just get back to it, man. These niggas was emotional, though. This was a battle, bro, between two artists. I don't look at Jay Z no different. I don't look at Nas no different. Them niggas fought each other, and somebody had to lose, and that was it. It. The funny. The funny thing is, is like they don't. It's like they care too much about. Here's the argument, people. If y'all don't know, the argument is that Drake said he planted some information for KDOt to get right. And kdot bit. And, you know, they made up the whole daughter and shit. Like, the whole gone girl movie shit is killing me. Cause that's the first thing that they had matter of fact, the fans are drawing. Before Drake addressed it, he said, if I got a daughter out there, can you please bring her back? Right? He hopped on that so quick, and I said, nigga, in my head, I'm like, bro, you skipped over the whole petty talk. You worried about this gone girl movie? And I said, wow, man. Now, look, Doug, I'm not about to go through all those old videos and shit and stuff like that. You could determine what you want to believe or not, right? That's what. I'm not here to argue. I'm not here to argue at all, really. I'm just. I was. I was really amazed at the think pieces and shit, like, but they broke this shit down, you know what I'm saying? Not like us is. That's a. That's a crazy track right there. That's the first track that I've ever seen go classic instantly like that. Like, we. I don't think we've ever seen a maybe let it burn by usher, huh? Maybe let it burn. Like, soon as that track dropped, you just. You didn't have to listen to it all the way through the first ten to 15 seconds. You just knew it was you don't come across too many songs like that. That is wild. And he played them at his own game. And I'm still baffled. I'm still baffled because I'm like, I knew Drake was gonna be ready for this. I knew, you know, I didn't now from the gate, I didn't think the memes and shit was gonna work. That's being corny. That was corny before n thought y'all was gonna go at it again. We knew that wasn't gonna pop off, you know what I mean? But that's part of his strategy, you know what I mean? And he's into it with all these other cats, and they, oh, my God. He's fighting everybody by himself. So, you know, they was really concerned about his health, you know what I'm saying? Throw this nigga a medipack. He needs some help. Somebody jump in. 21. Where you at? 21? Yeah. And like I said, because of the field being against him, I'm thinking, like, damn, that's kind of like the field against Drake right now. Plus kdot, that's like having two of the best players on the same team. So neither one of y'all gonna get MVP. You see what I'm saying? And it's like, they made great points. Like, he has to battle all these people, and I'm like. And I'm thinking in my head. In my less emotional head, did we ever think about, like, what actually happened between these niggas? For them to be mad at them like that, you know, I mean, I know it looks crazy because when you see a crowd of people versus one person, you like, damn, you know what I'm saying? What's wrong with all them people? Leave that person alone. But they never say, damn, what did that nigga do today? And it's, wow. But I don't care. You go, you know, because I got him up over them easy. If I got to go put in a, you know, send some money to Vegas, I'm definitely putting some money on Drake. See the weekend. That's a. That's a tricky one because that nigga, he gonna sing at you and he make eighties cocaine, r and B music, pop music at that. So that shit might. It might be a challenge. It's unorthodox. He like a southpaw, you know? But when it comes to now, see Rick, Ricky Rose, that's going to be a tough opponent because that nigga production is going to be, you know, he. That shit gonna be top notch. It is. It's just that niggas don't care about him that much no more. You know who we really don't care that much about? The nigga that's trying to bait Rick Ross right now. We really don't care what that nigga has to say. And I think. Cause this is the second art, let me tell you something. There's two artists that we've had, have and had that. He was supposed to be on that monument, but he's not. That belongs to KDOT and Nip. And that's it. Ain't nobody else. Y'all could put Dre, whatever y'all want to do. Ice Cube is my personal favorite. You know what I'm saying? And Snoop obviously is an icon across the fucking universe. But when I tell you, if there was a army we had to put together and we had to have two people to lead that. Everybody falls back to those two. That's off top, and that's because that's just not music. Right. But anyhow, let's get back to it, man. It got pretty emotional, and I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. They was really breaking shit down. I'm talking about all the way down. They were so convinced that KDOT was lying about everything, they never one time thought, well, maybe Drake might be lying, too. They never thought that. And I can understand why, especially if you are right, brain. The right side of the brain type of person. It's hard for you to get to that left side and say, you know what? Maybe both of them are lying. Like, they really, really foresmic files broke this shit down to make sure we understood that whatever KDOT was supposed to do, he didn't do it correctly. And that Drake was really, really, really rapping. That's what we was. That's what was told. And I like, again, I was there on Friday. I witness history. We're all a part of this history. We were live tweeting. This was, you know what this reminds me of? Oj getting chased. That's what this reminds me of. That was a moment. Niggas was outside by the freeway, looking towards the freeway, go, oJ. These niggas. These niggas took time. They heard this nigga was on the loose, and they went to go make those goddamn wrestling, uh, goddamn, uh, you know, signs saying, go, juice, go. Oh, my God, go. Listen to my episode. Vintage viral moments, bro. This is gonna be, this is, this is it. Kat Williams told us and this nigga kdot. Y'all don't, y'all didn't. I don't think they the only. It's hard for them not to, like, not like us. It's hard for them not to. Is they. They really want to, right? Because even if. Even if they don't want to be real about it, the backhand compliments is phenomenal. Phenomenal. Nigga. Like, this shit is so good at the. Nobody has called this trash at the bare minimum. You're going to get. You're going to get a backhand compliment, bare minimum. Right? So. And again, I still don't understand why they so upset. It's just a battle, bro. Cause they would be. I know how they be hooting and hollering when it come to Drake. Whatever achievement he got, whatever he does, whatever song he dropped, whatever them niggas, they love his lifestyle. And the crazy part is, niggas would admit, hey, that nigga is corny, but he makes the music. And I'm like, obviously, duh, I got ears. Not all of it is for me. I'm not gonna lie. I don't wanna. I wanna fake it. Like some of his fans and some of his fans, you niggas think y'all have the identity of an underdog. And I am shocked because the one thing that y'all complained about, you know, let's go back to it. Kdot takes too long to drop now. He's dropping a lot. You got a lot, you know, that's a lot from KDOT. All quality, too. I think 616 is something special. That's one of those. That shit was even released different. It wasn't even on YouTube at first. That shit was. I don't think it's still. I don't think it's on YouTube. I think he released it on IG. That was solid. That was cool right there. Um. But I don't think anything is gonna get better than euphoria. That is. That is something special, man. I don't wanna get into, like, Rankin, them motherfuckers and stuff like that. You know what I'm saying? Because we not. That's just. I don't even wanna do that. I will say this whole moment, it's gotta be number one, though. This gotta pass the bad boy, death row. It has to, because it's still unfolding. And this shit has been broken. This shit has been on CNN, New York Post. They got professors breaking shit down. It's a lot going on. They play, not like us, 18 minutes after it released at a pool party where Rick Ross was at. And you could tell, I'm looking through the videos and stuff like that of the. You know, the reaction to it. You could tell in the beginning. I've never seen no shit like this before. In the beginning, you could see people, like, they stopped. They bopping cause the beat. Right? They bopping cause the beat. But they're listening to what he's saying. So then nigga hour go by. They done had all kinda. And the dope thing is, KDOT took all the copyrights off so niggas can make money on it. The reaction videos. It was a guy who was saying that he's made over six figures before, prior to this. He said, but it's not about me because he said I had record breaking shit, you know, doing my reaction video to this. It's the smaller channels who now have a large following because they followed and they spoke on his beef with the reactions. So that was dope. That was dope. Amen. I just. Niggas said, yo, event, you know, we felt like in the beginning, it was like Aubrey was gonna get a point anyway before responding. That's what it looked like in the beginning. Okay, maybe it didn't look like it to y'all, so let's not argue. Hey, I get it. I get it. But it was funny, though. It was definitely funny. I wanted to talk about the strategy. I don't want to talk about the chest moves and stuff like that. I just really wanted to talk about how. Where it's at, where I think it should go. And I'm still questioning niggas emotions. I don't understand it. Cause to me, I ain't gonna even lie to you. It didn't have to go that far. KDot said it at the end of euphoria. If we leave it on this. If we leave it on this surface, we just leave it on this surface. Cause this is a surface that J. Cole could have participated in. But that niggas out there skipping that niggas probably somewhere, and, you know, the nigga probably out here going to Universal Studios or some shit like that. No, you. You still. You still punked out, you know what I'm saying? Because you wouldn't have jumped out if you, you know, so, you know, we still don't. You gonna get your props, but just know you still punked out, though. Shout out to Cole, man. She's somewhere living it up. But, yeah, man, I truly don't understand why niggas was that mad to the point where it just. I don't know, dog. I ain't never seen nothing like that. The reactions Friday night was something special. We went live. Matter of fact, the Braves radio went live twice within a couple of days, because it was just. It was just a track reaction. Like, everybody was involved in this. My wife don't care about none of this Marvel universe shit that KDOT and Drake has created over the years. You don't care about none of this. She don't care about none of that shit. But she was invested. Invested. This was everywhere. Hip hop owned the world for at least three to three to four days straight. Like Brett Favre. I'll let you know when I'm retiring. Type of kidnapping. Yeah, we were stuck. We were stuck. Cats, you could ask cats, like, they weren't even getting work done. They didn't want to miss. And then it was people that did miss it, and like, hey, man, don't. Don't fall asleep. Don't know. You can't. You. You had just had to be there. It was so much going. In the midst of all this shit, this nigga, Jim Jones got robbed. Not robbed. He got into an altercation at the airport. This nigga fighting people on the escalator and shit like that. This nigga get jumped, and niggas do not care. They didn't care. We didn't care about nothing. And I could tell both fan bases did not get no sleep. And then when we. When somebody did fall asleep, I was seeing people online saying, man, I fell asleep. When? When did this happen? When did. Not me. Not I. Not I. We was in that war room. Yeah, it was a time, though, man. It was a time. But y'all gotta explain yourselves, man. What is going on with y'all, bro? Why y'all so upset? No, seriously, I didn't even want it to go this far. I wanted him to keep it on the surface. Why? Because, man, I feel like. I ain't gonna even lie to you. I feel like Drake is protected or whatever. That's a machine behind him. They gonna make sure he's straight. He's. People got too much money invested in that guy. I didn't think that shows you that the culture spoke then. And I'm sorry if y'all feel like if y'all got Drake in the culture, cool. But, nigga, y'all have never seen this. And now y'all trying to turn it into, like, an assassination or something like that. Like, y'all really like him like that. All we said, dog, like, I think is Drake run is unpresident. But, nigga, it's two n. He just shouldn't battle. That's it, bro. Technically, it's three, but the other one is an OG. I don't think anybody can fuck with Jadi kiss at all, right? But when it come to pusha t and kdot, niggas is asking us, like, yo, how would you know if we never seen them battle, dog? I think that's what Drake. I mean, Drake, I think that's when k that was trying to explain to you niggas that only thing on the right side of the brain is that Drake. I think Drake is probably gonna be one of the biggest competitors in rap battle. They gonna say that even though when you look at the niggas that he went up against. Hmm. I don't know about some of them fights, but this was basically. This is what I was trying to say. KDOT was saying about the culture is like, some shit. You just know. You know what I'm saying? Like, how many references have, like, twelve. Cal said he was like, yeah, man. He's like that kid in the back that's quiet with the hood, with the hoodie on. Everybody know not to mess with him again. We never had an example. Maybe we got an example before we graduated, right? But prior to him going off or snapping off or something like that, you just knew not to fuck with the nigga. Leave that nigga alone. And then to me, it's some catch. I mean, when you say battle tested, all right? I mean, maybe y'all could be correct. And, like, he never been battle tested, but the nigga stayed battle ready, though, so. And we seen what his battle ready was, and we felt like, because we actually listened to his music for all the n that said they don't want to sit there and figure it out and shit like that, which was trying to rush the nigga or whatever, but they was trying to rush a nigga that they didn't necessarily listen to anyway because they said he took too long to come out. So I don't know what the complaint is, right. But, dog, it's just a kosher, bro. You know what it is. Leave that nigga alone. Push it. T showed y'all he was. He's been picking on Lil Wayne his whole dog, leave them two niggas alone. That's all we said is, you can't beat them two in a battle rap. We didn't say nothing about no sales. We didn't say nothing about no women. No. Who sell the most records, who got the most money? None of that shit. We not talking about none of that. We just talking about battle rapping. And then the battle rapper, yo, shout out to the rap round table, man, I've been on a rap roundtable for at least a month now. Every. Every Monday, man, them cats is, yo, outside of the breaks, radio, the rap roundtable. That's where you won. That's hip hop over there. Jesus Christ. There's some hip hop over there. You know what I'm saying? Shout out to mace. Shout out to Dini. Shout out to San. And definitely shout out to the point guard, my guy, Mister Jarv. You know what I'm saying? They do a phenomenal job over there. So check them out. They go live on YouTube every Monday. I want to say 330 my time. So 630 their time. Tap in with them, right? So I'm just holding it down on this side of town and stuff like that. And I'm like, the excuses that I was hearing, dog, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't. I couldn't rock with it, man. I couldn't rock with it. I couldn't rock with it. It was like, man, hey, niggas is still talking about lies, facts, and stuff like that. Like, if it's all lies, then you lose. I'm like, yo, when. When did we start checking and doing all this? You niggas is editing the rules now. Yo, when that nigga went up against push, that's the first time I ever heard some niggas say he may have went too far. I'm like, what? So, you know. And then KDoT told the nigga, he said, bro, you better off going back and battling Pusha t because it's gonna get much worse over here. And it did. It did. Cause he put it. Hey, he put a towel on him, that dog. He put. He could. He put a cold towel on HIm. He did. And that's the thing, though. That's what they're mad about. Cause they're like, yo, if none of this is real. Hey, man, look, one side is gonna say, these niggas gonna say, hey, the nigga planet some information. His dumb ass went to go get the planet information, and it's all fake. And then the other side is saying this thing is getting his ass whooped. That he had to throw something out there. Like, we planted that information. Look, I'm okay even if it's wrong. But if you gonna sit up there and say it's wrong because y'all planted it all of a sudden, like, you would have came out the gate. Don't you think you would have came out the gate with, y'all could go on online and just look at all the videos that break that shit down. Here's what I still don't understand the emotional part. I'm just happy we got a banger. That loss does nothing to Drake. He still's going to be up there, and whatever he dropped next is going to be great. They, they saying he should just drop an album. Just straight rapping, no singing. And, you know, that's gonna be, that's gonna, that's gonna, that's gonna be good for his fan base. Let's just say that, right. This is what I didn't understand. Before I get up out of here, though, what I didn't understand was this is what I didn't understand about they, they complain. They complain about breaking down Katie, you know, breaking down the lyrics. They just want just add water music. I get that microwave fast food. That's what type of music they want. Simple shit that they was going, that they gonna dance to. And some people just still don't know how to dance. That's not my problem. But here is the problem. Here is the problem. This whole last week, all them niggas did was break down bars and double and triple and quadruple entendres. That's all they did. This nigga kDot and drizzy gave us homework. They gave us niggas was going home and taking out scratch paper for this shit. But I remember y'all saying, I don't listen to. I don't. And I think Mister Morale and the big Steppers is back in some popular music list. I didn't even look at it. And it's even some Easter eggs in that album that kinda came to fruition in this battle. But, I mean, y'all didn't wanna go listen because I didn't want to break anything down. Y'all just wanted something real simple, that's all y'all want. Y'all want some shit that's real basic. Y'all want ebt rap? That's cool, man. I have a lot of EBt rapping my phone. I do. You know what I'm saying? But, hey, man, look, nigga, I'm a 41 year old Los Angeles hip hop. Hip hop fan. I wouldn't say head, but hip hop fan and, nigga, hip hop culture raised me, you know what I'm saying? So I could have this, that, this, that, and third all on my plate, you know what I'm saying? And I get it, you know? And it's funny because it's like they get offended if we call a nigga the boogeyman. And look, if you don't think he's the boogeyman for, like, killing reasons, you know what I'm saying? Like, he got to have bodies under his belt type of shit. I mean, after the control verse, I'm not sure. I don't know, man. Maybe I'll be one too much dog. Maybe. Or maybe I'm. Maybe I'm not being fair, you know what I'm saying? But I thought, you know, even if you don't think it's that, right, you got to consider him the boogeyman, because nigga just. He goes dormant, remember, y'all are upset, are critiquing him of dropping albums, you know what I'm saying? And they all spread it out, and y'all complaining because he's not dropping enough and he's not dropping the music that you don't want to break down. I totally understand that. Duh. I totally understand that. That makes so much sense now. So bbl drizzy, though, that bang, I can't sit up here and. And not. And not wait, you know what? I gotta. I'm gonna play a little bit. Little. Just. I don't even know where we at in this show, but I'm play a little bit of this on the. [00:39:59] Speaker D: On the not like us record, but also with the mustard join on. It seemed like he unified California and got him talking now. My personal take on it. California finally got something to say. [00:40:11] Speaker A: All right. [00:40:12] Speaker D: Callie Kelly. I appreciate y'all. We really do. I fuck with California. Y'all niggas ain't had nothing big. [00:40:19] Speaker B: The biggest. [00:40:20] Speaker D: This is the biggest song that y'all has since the dougie says cat Daddy and since sweetie put out my type. [00:40:26] Speaker A: All right. Is that true? [00:40:29] Speaker D: This is the biggest movement to come through there since they filmed Coach Carter with Samuel Jackson. [00:40:33] Speaker A: All right. [00:40:37] Speaker D: Yeah, I don't see. I see why y'all happy right there. And I can understand what it is. [00:40:45] Speaker A: To be honest, about nigga. Hey, look, see, when Kdot. I always tell the rap roundtable, like, when it come to New York hip hop, like, y'all niggas, is y'all west coast racist? And what does that mean? It's like how black people say, how white people look at them, you know what I'm saying? And had that prejudice, you know, bigot type of vibe. We still kinda get that from east coast niggas. New York mainly, right? We still trying to. All our lives, we been fighting, right? And so when KDIV was like, what he understands is that it's a lot of niggas that don't really like us. And if y'all, at the beginning of the episode, you heard maul that n was upset. That nigga was mad, but. [00:41:42] Speaker D: And this is finally. And it's a dark skinned nigga that made the song so niggas feel cool about dancing. Kendrick put out a song for all the gangsters to pop their coochies to, for them to go out there and start dancing, do all this. BECAUSE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, WHAT THE N'T WANT TO TELL YOU IS THEY WAS OUT THERE DOING A TOOTSIE sLIDE, tRYING TO ACT LIKE IT WAS fUNNY, PLAYING IN THE ROUND, DOING THEIR SPARE TIME, sAYING, aH, niGgAS DOING THEIR RIGHT sLIP sLIDE. [00:42:05] Speaker A: But y'all. [00:42:05] Speaker D: Y'all niggas was dancing to the Tootsie. [00:42:07] Speaker A: See, see, as a Kendrick fan, I don't know what y'all was doing when y'all was listening to his songs. I don't even know. I told shout out to Tahoe. I told that nigga, I'm not listening to meet the meet the grams in the dark. I'm not listening to that shit. That shit is eerie. Is it? Does it have any replay value in a card? No, we already know that. But it was for the battle, stupid. I don't care about playing this on a Saturday. And I'm going to pick up some fast food. Cause I. Cause, nigga, it's just right. My window is down, and I'm probably playing not like us allowed. Or some little ruchi, you know what I'm saying? Or some J worthy or some Jason cash, some. Nah, nah. I might be playing. One of my west coast playlist is crazy right now. Hit me up if you want that, by the way. Well, maybe y'all don't want it right now. Yeah. I'm like, yeah. Hey, hey. But I don't know what. I don't know. I don't know what y'all be doing when y'all be listening to K. I don't know. Yes. And when I do play, I do have you know one of my favorite Drake tracks. I don't even know the name. I forgot. Let me look for it. I ain't gonna even lie to you. I'm gonna look for it right now, man. And I put it on my r and B list, too. That's the crazy part. So for this song to make my r and B listen. You got it. That's love right there. Right? And I'm actually. I'm actually playing. I'm actually playing. Where is that? Come on. Oh, there you go. Come on, Drizzy. Yeah, it's top three for me. Hey. [00:43:57] Speaker C: Feeling young, but he treat me like the OG. Yeah, as well, you bitches nosy said he put some money on my head I guess we gon see I won't put no money on his. [00:44:07] Speaker A: My niggas owe me, that is. Yo, how could you not like Drake? See, that's the thing. Tahoe. I like Drake. I just don't think he could beat Kendrick in a battle. I like Drake. I just don't think he could beat KDOT in a rap battle. See, because Harrison, I actually like Drake. I just don't think he could just beat him in. Come on, man. [00:44:37] Speaker C: My niggas owe me. I gotta be single for why you can't control me on all those traits in a race. They can't hold me. And I show my face in a case, so, you know, it's me. Imitation is a flattery. It's just annoying me. [00:44:51] Speaker A: And I talk about it and, hey, man, why the hell are they doing drive bys in Toronto? That's crazy. And then I heard, yo, the nigga that Tahoe was talking to, he said, nah, nigga, this shit happened all the time. Yeah, crony, this shit happens all the time, right? No, the only reason why I'm saying that is because I think it's crazy, for one, that it happens all the time. Two, them niggas was so upset, they actually said, this is Kendrick's fault. And I said, damn, y'all, them niggas got guns past custom to shoot three times. That's wild. That's wild. But, hey, look, remember what happened earlier in the week is the. The weekend manager got shot at out here. You know, I'm saying, maybe, you know, it's a correlation between the two. I don't know. But if that nigga K. Look, well, then, look, if y'all saying, Kate, I did that, you gotta call that nigga the boogeyman in. That's wild, nigga. That's wild. And then, you know, like I said, historian London got rated. I don't like it. All right. I know y'all hear me, and it sounds. The sarcasm is elite. I learned this shit at, like, seven, right? But truth be told, I didn't want it to go this far. I mean, the fan base don't want to address itself. That's not my problem. But it's crazy how I didn't think. I didn't think KDot would be able to do this nigga. Shifted the culture a bit, you know what I'm saying? And, hey, y'all can go back and forth with the arguing about what's real or not. You know what I'm saying, cuz? I mean. Okay, this shit ain't gonna make no difference. Everybody felt it, Paul. We all felt that. We all felt like that w was going to, you know, to KDOT. But I never would think that the fans, the ones that I know, was trying to spin it to make it look like the biggest. One of the biggest artists in the world is an underdog. That's wild. I didn't know y'all knew that there was that many Kdai fans. It's. Wow, really, right. You know what I'm saying? And that was a smart ass tactic, though. I mean, but you got to understand that you. I don't think there's. I don't think there's anybody that will go against KDOT on the west coast. Maybe there's one nigga that's itching to start dissing somebody that we. I wouldn't put it past them, but that'd be weird. Yeah, man. I don't know, bro. Like, where did we go from here? I think it's done. I think it should be done. You know what I'm saying? And if apologies started to come out, I respect it. Hell, y'all let J. Cole apologize. You might as well. You might as well. Let them niggas apologize, too. And I think let bygones be bygones. You know, nigga, it. The damage is there, whether it's an apology or not, if we get a we are the world type of ending nigga, the damage is done. You know, nigga, like that. That chunk, that pusher got out of his. You know what I'm saying? This one was. That's a scar that you always gonna see. Both of those scars are gonna be there. But that nigga got that on his resume, though. He got that on his resume, so I can't. That nigga, I think it been through some cold battles. He got meek up out of here. That's impressive. That nigga at the end, meek at one time was. Was a max player. And he got that nigga up out of here. That nigga. And I think coming off that w. Coming off that type of w, that nigga, like, yo, nigga, what's up? But no, no, no. You ran into the spurs, and then you ran into Golden State. Chill, Monica. Chill out. Just those two, though. Just those two. You know what I'm saying? And, hey, man, I hope none of the allegations is true. And guess what. Guess what. Guess what. Yeah, if. If the allegations is true on Kenny's side. Oh, that's fucked up situation, bro. Niggas is gonna look at him different. We don't have to. Yeah, we gonna have to automatic. Well, let's not be hypocrites about it, right? But if they not, I mean, we. All right, cool. We ain't got nothing. Y'all y'all really concerned about, like. Like, the baby and his fiance and a nigga stay in New York, and he eating y'all pizza, that cardboard pizza that y'all love. Y'all. Y'all get the folded. I know we got the same ones out here. Big ass slices of pieces. You got to fold them all. Fuckers. It's like three pieces in one. You know what I'm saying? And it's greasy. Yeah, we know y'all battle is with Chicago, and that's that. That pie shit over there. We're not. We're not here to do that, Baylor. We're not here to do that. But, yeah, man, I mean, dog, I don't know where we go from here. I don't know if y'all think it's still gonna be emotional about it. Y'all. Y'all shouldn't be mad over a loss like this. I need. No way. Maybe it's not a loss. Maybe it's just, we think he won, and y'all think he won, and let's just leave it at that. I'm cool with that. But, you know. You know, let's just leave it at that, bro. Niggas is arguing like, why. Why is niggas the last. Well, I ain't gonna say the last song. Cause the last song, the last song y'all love. And y'all was like, well, why do y'all think he's giving up? Because, nigga, you've always done that. You've done that before. Everybody has done a thing where they say, go ahead. We already know what you're going to do. I say, I know you got ten, but no, no, no. Cause you had said, I can't even find that timeline. And nigga said, nah, nah, you not running this time to. Man, you really got it burned. You really got it. Bur that nigga said, you got it burfed out like, yeah. Oh, man. I'm not gonna lose no respect from. From y'all. No, that's not lose a respect type of thing. It's just. I'm gonna remember this moment. Cause as long as you and I keep in touch, you know what I'm saying? Just know I know you know. So that was a good battle, bro. That was a real good battle, man. Shout out to drake, man. [00:51:42] Speaker C: In the dirt that they threw on my name turn the soil and I grew up about it. Time for y'all to figure out what y'all gonna do about it. Big wheels keep rolling, rolling outside 29. Hey, g five. Hey, seaside. I've been losing friends and finding peace, okay? But honestly, that sound like a fucking fair trade of me. [00:52:03] Speaker A: Come on, drizzy. Okay. [00:52:09] Speaker C: I've been losing friends and finding peace. Honestly, that sound like a fair trade to me. [00:52:15] Speaker A: I see dead people. [00:52:20] Speaker C: Mother don't let me hope mustard honey bee, ho de boat any rap nigga, he a freak, though man down, call an amber lambs tell him breathe, bro nella nigga to the cross he walk around like tzo what's up with these jabroni ass niggas trying to c compton? The industry can hate me, fuck them all and they mama, how many options you really got? I mean, there's too many options. I'm finna pass on this body. I'm John Stockton.

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