Episode 57

September 20, 2018


Culture Cousins #B4P057

Culture Cousins #B4P057
BTG For President
Culture Cousins #B4P057

Sep 20 2018 | 01:17:43


Show Notes

Episode #57 My fascination with New York is well known. The plethora of artists that I hold at a high standard and just the everyday lifestyle I’ve always appreciated about my distant cousins. Even without stepping foot on the pavement...New Yorkers created an image that was and still is so vivid. This episode Syer, an artist, producer, and podcaster from THE OFFICIAL STREET PODCAST walks me through his personal music experience. Not only from his city but having the west coast influence as well. I’m on my tour through the grimy streets of NYC. There’s so much to break down, explain, and clear up...that’s why one volume is not enough!

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