Episode 351

June 13, 2024


Nah, not everybody pulling up

Nah, not everybody pulling up
BTG For President
Nah, not everybody pulling up

Jun 13 2024 | 00:21:35


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BTG For President Episode #351

Check your circles and check the ppl around the circle. Understanding the difference between day 1s and casual friends. Family isn’t exempt from not being on that list.

Nah, not everybody pulling up #B4P351

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[00:00:04] Somebody needs to do a song for LA. [00:00:13] Hello, my name is Elaine, and I'll be your tour guide through South Central Los Angeles. Look, count my nose, smoker. I'm from California. Where you from? So what? I'm from California. California, California, California. This is Los Angeles. Where are we going? [00:00:33] Are you ready? [00:00:35] South central or scandalous? So what you are ready? [00:00:42] Are you ready? [00:00:44] So what you want to do? [00:00:47] Are you ready? [00:00:49] So what you want to do? [00:00:51] Are you ready? We still having house parties out there? Absolutely. We haven't. And it's after anything. I don't care what you achieve in life, nigga, it's a house party after that. [00:01:03] Yeah, we house party. Everything, man, just got out, man, just got out. [00:01:10] House party. Prom night. Kids go off, they be in that corner. [00:01:16] Break them dominoes out. [00:01:18] Yeah, house parties. But listen, the rules have changed now, bucko. It's a lot going on now, and the old rules don't apply. [00:01:30] No, no, no. We gotta. We get. We gotta. We gotta get to a better place in life now. [00:01:37] It's all about. It's all about positive energy from here on out, right? So I gave you episodes, a plethora of episodes about how we party out west. House parties. No matter if it was a backyard buggy, abandoned apartment. [00:02:00] I said apartment. [00:02:02] An abandoned apartment building, the beach, a gym, somebody's garage, somebody's dorm room. [00:02:14] All of it. [00:02:16] House parties, dog. [00:02:19] Here's the thing, though. And at 41, we still having house parties. We still playing Luke. You know what I'm saying? We play. We've been playing a lot of khar, a rap roundtable, maze, dini, especially y'all two. [00:02:34] Cause sin was already there. But hey, we've been planning a lot of kdot, bro. [00:02:40] Like, a lot. Yeah. I just go back between euphoria and not like it's crazy. And like, that still was. [00:02:52] They did a great job on. I'm getting away from the original point, and I'm back to it, but I'm right back. [00:03:00] House parties. House parties. I'm at 41, though now. So a lot of shit has changed. [00:03:07] You know what I'm saying? This is what I can no longer tolerate. Negative energy. [00:03:14] We can't do that. I am at the age when my wife says, all right, you know, when we going through the food? Hey, what's going to be on the menu? [00:03:23] What are we going to feed these peoples? Right? We got to talk about that. [00:03:29] But this is the most important thing, that if you not in these discussions. They've been talking about you. [00:03:37] They've been talking about you behind your back. [00:03:40] They not really liking you like that. Because if you don't know about the group that. [00:03:46] We gotta handpick people now. [00:03:50] No, for real. We handpick. It's all hand selections. [00:03:55] Yeah, it's like selection, sun. It's like selection Sunday when we decide that we want to go places, whether it's vacation or out for the night, to a restaurant comedy special, whatever the case may be, and we want other people to attend, or best believe we got a roster. [00:04:17] Just know that. [00:04:19] Yeah, at this age, we do. It's all about peace. [00:04:24] I'm throwing a house party. [00:04:26] We're not 18, we're not 17, not 15, not 22. We're not even in our twenties or thirties anymore. It's over, bucko. Is been over for you. Sit down somewhere. It's over. [00:04:42] All right. [00:04:44] But niggas are still. It's niggas out there is still 69 guys, though. No, it's a lot of fans out there. [00:04:52] Yes, it is. Especially at that age. [00:04:56] Everybody's right. [00:04:59] Everybody's ready at that age. [00:05:03] It's going down. We. We talking about all vintage, like women that's born in the eighties, late seventies, early eighties. Vintage vaginas is going on. [00:05:17] Yeah, that's the truth. [00:05:21] We're there. [00:05:22] You know what I'm saying? So those house parties are different. [00:05:27] Less k. Look. No, because you fast. I mean, you rewind back to your teens, to your. To your early to mid to late twenties, you got a lot of niggas coming in and messing up the party. Everybody, everybody. I was born and raised on the west coast, at least been in several house parties. I got that guy shot up. [00:05:53] Just ask one. One out of three. One out of three people from LA, from LA county will tell you I've been a part of a party that got shot up. It's mandatory. It's like we got put on. [00:06:12] I played this smart, though. See, that's the thing, though. [00:06:16] I love house parties. I've been going to house parties since middle school. [00:06:21] And a lot of niggas don't make it out of middle school or high school without gang banging. Some niggas is actually born into it. Their families are the gang. [00:06:34] I mean, down to the grannies, uncles, everybody. [00:06:40] I mean, I'm talking about everybody bang, bro. [00:06:45] So in that era, you know what I'm saying? Niggas was coming in, shooting up the parties, you know, so we had to worry about niggas against the wall that did not dance. It was the niggas that did not dance. It was the niggas with the hoodies on and a forex pro clubs. It was those niggas with the 501. [00:07:09] It was those niggas with the Chuck song or the Reebok classics. [00:07:18] It was those niggas. [00:07:21] And we had to stay away from them. [00:07:25] We had to be. That's why we so alert. [00:07:28] And that turned into P's, PTSD, because now I don't want that type of shit at my house. [00:07:37] I don't want. I don't want the people that come over and you in the corner. [00:07:43] That's not what we do at my parties. [00:07:46] And in all Honesty, my boy base, if my boy base is there, he gonna find a corner in that house, and he gonna have about six or seven people over there listening to him talk. [00:07:57] He gonna bring up something. [00:08:00] So he gonna bring up a topic, and there's gonna be popping in that corner. [00:08:04] I'm talking about. It's like a show within sight of a show, and it's all. It's all healthy dialogue entertainment at my house parties. [00:08:17] Then I call up the floor Norris, they got the game. See, we got games going on. It's like a mixture of game nights and stuff like that. We got the games going on. [00:08:27] Everything. [00:08:28] And it's like the hybrid classic games, you know? So we not just playing regular connect. Four niggas playing, like, connect for a call of duty, extra fire shit, something. [00:08:47] Game board. [00:08:50] Yeah, man. And we. And we breaking it. We breaking out that Nintendo switch. [00:08:56] Bowling, bowling, bowling. [00:09:02] We turn it into a house party. But it's like, niggas, like, it's like, you gonna be on a vacation. [00:09:10] I can't have you over there with that bad energy. [00:09:13] So just know there is a list here. You want to know the dope part about this? [00:09:22] It don't matter what race you are. [00:09:25] Oh, no. It's been plenty of people from different ethnicities, backgrounds, racists, and they party with us. As long as you understand the government laws over here, as long as you know that this is right down the street from Wakanda, you know, you adapt to the. They adapt to the culture. They ain't got no rhythm, but they adapt to the culture. You got to respect it. You got to respect it. See, that's one thing about our culture. You share it. Don't give it away. Just share it. Make sure they give it back. You know what I'm saying? Because you got to keep it pure. You got to make sure that your culture is respected. Everybody else has their cultures, and they respect their cultures. Can't nobody go in there and add to it or take from it. Cultures are strong, everybody should have one. [00:10:26] And in my house, no negative vibes. [00:10:30] I don't like that. Enjoy everybody. Meet somebody new. Talk, socialize, network. [00:10:37] You never know who you might be talking to. You could be talking to another friend. [00:10:44] That's why when we go certain places and you see us with the same faces, it don't matter. The races, that was bars, you gotta admit. And that was a triple entendre. [00:11:02] Nah, but no negative stuff. We don't like that, man. Enjoy yourself. Understand that. We wanna add you to an elite group that goes, travel together. Different cities, different states, different countries. Yeah, yeah. So race don't matter. [00:11:18] Come on over there. [00:11:20] You ain't got to bring no food. We already have that. Just bring the plates, extra cups. You can even bring some refreshments. [00:11:29] You know what I'm saying? Here's another thing. [00:11:32] We not hire. We not really hiring. No, DJ's like that. Now don't get me wrong, they still in the mix. [00:11:40] They still in a mix, but you gotta have. And the crowd is. It's a tough crowd out there. [00:11:50] It's a tough crowd out there. Nigga. If I give you my laptop and I give you that aux. That aux cord or I let you, you know, that bluetooth, we need that pressure out the gate. [00:12:06] Like, what's your go to at a house party? You better know, and it's the right error, that you got to do it. [00:12:12] Because if you start off with some pretty ricky, you might get bold. [00:12:17] Not saying that it wouldn't hit, but you got a. You got a. You got a. Warm us up to that pause. [00:12:25] I definitely think that was a pause, but nah, you gotta. Out the gate. Out the gate, out the gate. We might have to go with Uncle Luke. Yeah, we might have to go with. Matter of fact, I should be pulling up these songs. But we should. I would say Uncle Luke, little John. Not yet, not yet, not yet. Nah, we can't do that. You can't do that. Cause. Cause Lil Jon is like, that's like the beginning of the fourth quarter right there, to be. To be honest. [00:13:10] That's like, that's like fourth quarter action right there. You know what I'm saying? So I think Uncle Luke. [00:13:19] I think Uncle Luke is a perfect, um. [00:13:27] I think it's a perfect warm up, you know what I'm saying? Like when you hear, let me see, what's a good one that I can get from. [00:13:38] Let me say. No, this a remix. No, no, no, not that one. Not that one. That one. Some. Some girl did that one. I probably gotta go to YouTube for this. That's crazy. [00:13:54] Yeah. Let me look for Uncle Luke. Uncle Luke. [00:13:58] Uncle Luke. You already know which one I'm gonna go to. [00:14:03] You already know which one I'm gonna go to once they play this one. That's not it. [00:14:12] Let me see. As a father who works, God damn it. I wanna be an example to show them that even. There we go. Don't stop. Pop that pussy. Let me see your doodoo pram. [00:14:25] Right? See that guy? What? [00:14:30] Hey, hey, hey. [00:14:34] It's over, bro. That's what we start off with. That's it right there. You better stop playing around. I don't even know what you came for. Can't stand against the wall that long, brother. They coming. You're dead. [00:14:49] You're dead. [00:14:51] Um, yeah, so here's the thing, though. You need two dj's for that aux. Yeah. You gotta set it off like that because one can only do so much and we need the other one to balance out. [00:15:06] You need a backup dj with that aux core because you gotta keep. That's the most important thing. Remember, this is not a live dj spinning records. [00:15:15] This is the laptop. You can mess that up because unless you have a pre made playlist of dj songs, it's tricky because look, what if the party. What if the party already started at like, what if the party didn't start till, like, 1230? [00:15:33] Between 1230. Between 1230 and 130. That's peak time right there. That's a dangerous. That's. That's musty time. [00:15:44] That's what. That's what you musty. [00:15:47] It's you. I smell you. [00:15:50] Yeah. I can see the wet spots on the dress. I do. [00:15:55] I did. [00:15:57] You did. That. [00:16:01] I missed back in the day, man, them parties was cool. Great. Cuz. Cuz the lounges is different. You want to be your dressing different, you ain't got a call. Type of dressing different. That's how y'all think it was? Dressing was. You ain't got a call. It's okay, girl. Cause you're gonna be all right. [00:16:20] I knew you could tell. [00:16:24] You could tell that. That Ivan from views from the seven podcast. You could tell. [00:16:32] You could tell. I think I had a members only jacket. [00:16:35] You know he did. [00:16:37] And probably some Ralph Lauren chaps. [00:16:41] That's how he got it. That's how he got in the club. [00:16:45] That's how he got in the club. He got turned around one time because he had a Oscar to grouch target graphic t shirt. And they was like, no, you can't get in with that. So he had to go back and put the button, button, button down on. [00:17:02] No, Ivan did that. [00:17:04] He did that. [00:17:06] He's giving me whatever trend that usher decided to go with. Ivan was like, fuck it, sign me up. [00:17:15] Yeah, yeah, that's how it was. That's how it was. I don't know how I got there, but, shit, do it really matter at the end of the day? No, but, yeah, that's basically what it is. You know what I mean? This time around when you come to a house party, nine times out of ten is gonna be some food involved. It's gonna be a lot of fucking foil, all right? And sometimes niggas get too lazy and they just go ahead and go get that chicken from Ralph's or Albertson's, Vaughn's, wherever, nigga, they gonna get a big ass pan of chicken or it's gonna be some tacos involved. [00:17:53] So people who don't normally go to house parties, when you go to a house party that's thrown by a 35, 35 year old, enough. [00:18:01] That's what the brain. Bring some chips, you can, you can't go wrong with bringing some more shasta sodas and some chips. You can't go wrong because I'm little badass kids gonna drink that tropical punch. [00:18:14] That shit is crack. [00:18:17] All right? And bring some chips and preferably like, be on like the lower, lower tier of bougie and get the, uh, the queso. [00:18:28] Oh, the queso chips. The queso, was it rifles, ruffles. I said, what the fuck is riffles? Ruffles, the cheddar, the cheddar queso, you know, the green and blue bag only get that. You can't go wrong with that. [00:18:47] Or the art of salsa verde. One, you know what I'm saying? Corn chip, that flavor. Oh, my God. Taste buds doing backflips in the water. [00:18:59] Yeah. So bring some side stuff, you know what I'm saying? You can't go wrong. Like I said, you can't go wrong with the drinks. [00:19:05] And bring some alcohol too, because that's what's going to be going down is them dominoes. [00:19:10] Certain places, they're going to be playing spades, too. Let's not forget them. But you definitely know Uno is gonna be going down. [00:19:17] The games is there. It's there to get away from them kids, bro. [00:19:22] That's where I'm trying to go with this. This is not a house party where we come in a mix and mingle and see how many numbers we can pull no, that. Bingo, bro. [00:19:31] This is more like. This is a safe haven. [00:19:38] This is a church for parents only. [00:19:43] This is our safe haven. We need this. [00:19:46] You know what I'm saying? And we can't allow people in our space that hasn't really dealt with their own shit right now. [00:19:59] You know what I mean? [00:20:01] All these places that I go to, parties that I attend and stuff like that, I be wanting people that I meet through social media or me through podcasts. Hey, man, come chill. We're just gonna be a part of it so you can have that experience. You know what I'm saying? Like, I won't. Why? When niggas come out here, I want niggas to have an experience. Pause. Pause. If needed. Be. If you. If you too immature. I got you, bro. Pause. [00:20:25] But you gotta have the experience when you come out here. You know what I'm saying? Not to say that I'm gonna be available all the time. No, I don't even like you like that. I don't. You did. [00:20:40] Hey, man, I hope y'all understand what's going on when it comes parties, okay? Like I said, if you still in your twenties, you gotta go attend today rules. Cause they playing different type of music, too. I don't know how anybody's getting backed up on to drill music. I just don't know. [00:21:01] I don't. I don't. But at the end of the day, like I said, 35 and up, especially when you get into that mid forties, you know that the music that you might be going to a place that's, like, at least 30% jazz. [00:21:17] Yeah. [00:21:19] Yeah. A lot of caribbean shit. Oh, yeah. The outside, inside, Bengay. [00:21:28] Maybe that was the wrong one to pick. That was cold. All right, man, I'm out, man. That's crazy.

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