Episode 22

January 18, 2018


Pet Peeves #B4P022

Pet Peeves #B4P022
BTG For President
Pet Peeves #B4P022

Jan 18 2018 | 00:31:20


Show Notes

Episode #22 There are things that just piss us all off. Things that irritate us instantly. Some of my frustrations come from a crowded cereal aisle. The folks that play online and take a cigarette break in the middle of the 2nd qtr. Those people that complain about life but never try to figure out the solutions. Or what about that person that asks 50 million questions about a movie that neither of us has seen? We got the pet peeves and the solution to taking care of them. Stand up and force respect. Be upfront with your chest out!!! #PetPeeve #Controlled

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