Episode 338

March 14, 2024


Naps & Oldness with Britt

Naps & Oldness with Britt
BTG For President
Naps & Oldness with Britt

Mar 14 2024 | 01:14:26


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BTG For President Episode #338

Me and Britt decided to act our age on this here episode. With old age comes new ways to take naps and relax lol.

Naps & Oldness with Britt... #B4P338

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: County coming from the city where no pity is shell. Shell might need to do a song for LA, straight up. [00:00:13] Speaker B: Hello, my name is Elaine, and I'll be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles. [00:00:19] Speaker A: Count my dough and smoke up. I'm from California. Where you from? So what? California. California. This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker B: Where are we going? [00:00:31] Speaker A: Westward hod up. There we go. [00:00:37] Speaker B: Look, I told you before, you call me. Your ringtone is too hot. It's hard for me to answer. [00:00:46] Speaker A: It's still hot out on them streets, ain't it? [00:00:49] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:00:50] Speaker A: Okay. So, Britt, let's not act like we just didn't just finish taking, like, naps for real, though. We're not going to lie to the audience and try to share this energy that came out of nowhere, knowing damn well we just finished slobbering on that pillowcase. [00:01:15] Speaker B: For real. We started off with good intentions, and then shit happens and, yeah, you wake up and realize, oh, I just napped. [00:01:30] Speaker A: Wait a second. Yeah, we did. Because when I took a nap before Marcy, I think Marcy went to go pick up case, and that's probably about 1520 minutes away, something like that. Came back, did her hair, started to get dressed, and then I woke up. I had me a phenomenal day nap. It was a day nap. [00:01:56] Speaker B: That's lovely. So do you often wake up in the middle of your naps, or do you just nap them? When you wake up? You wake up. [00:02:08] Speaker A: Sometimes there's times where I take a nap and I wake up and I'll be like, you ain't got nothing to do. Take your ass back to sleep. And I do that. I think the longest nap that I've ever taken as an adult as of right now, is probably like a three, four hour nap. [00:02:30] Speaker B: Yeah. I don't know. For me today, my nap was about an hour and a half, close to 2 hours. I did set an alarm because I knew I felt it. And it's also probably because I ate a lot, but I felt it. I was like, okay, I need to shut my eyes for a little bit if I want to be productive later. I'm supposed to record with Baylor later. Let me just get some sleep in so I can get some energy. [00:02:59] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:03:01] Speaker B: Set that alarm for an hour. I was like, actually, I think I woke up, like, ten minutes before. I was like, oh, cool, I got ten more minutes. Let me close my eyes. My alarm went off, and I said, oh, no. And I just turned it off. Didn't try to set another one, nothing. And then I woke up, like 45 minutes later. [00:03:17] Speaker A: There we go, so tell me this then, because we're talking about the naps. As an adult. What can you go back to, though, during your prime years? Well, that's a question in itself. What is your prime years? [00:03:36] Speaker B: My prime years, we're talking, like, energy. [00:03:40] Speaker A: And just outside. [00:03:44] Speaker B: Prime. [00:03:45] Speaker A: Outside. Because at a certain point, we knew really, right after college, I mean, not right after college, but right after high school. Yeah. That was probably when we were Friday and Saturday night was mandatory. It was very rare that we was in the house, but I'm not talking about that young. I think my prime had to be, like, around 26. Yeah, 26, 27 maybe. [00:04:20] Speaker B: Yeah. I would say, like, mid 20s for show. Because, look, I had a job where I didn't get in trouble, but I had a job where I ended up falling asleep because I had been out the night before, I think, till, like, I didn't get home till, like, 330. And I had been drinking and I slept for like an hour and a half before having to be at work at 07:00 a.m. [00:04:51] Speaker A: How many times have we done that, man? [00:04:55] Speaker B: But look, so this is when. I'm not going to say where I worked, but I worked where there was really nobody there, right. And we had a back room and I was hungover. I'm not even going to lie. I was hungover. I think it was my birthday. It was like my birthday weekend or something. And I laid down on that cool floor for a minute. [00:05:16] Speaker A: It was over. [00:05:17] Speaker B: I was like, oh, my God. And I set a timer on my phone to make sure, because the way I was tired, no, I wouldn't have woken up to nothing. So I set a timer for, like. [00:05:29] Speaker A: Ten minutes, and I knocked out by how long, though? [00:05:34] Speaker B: How long did I knock out? Yeah, it was just for, like, ten minutes. [00:05:39] Speaker A: You set the timer for ten minutes? [00:05:41] Speaker B: Yeah. But I wasn't at the age where I needed to have a full on nap to function. It's just because I had been out till 330 in the morning, living my best life. [00:05:53] Speaker A: Your battery was on 18%. [00:05:56] Speaker B: Yeah, let me just plug it in real quick. Let me get it up to 30. [00:06:00] Speaker A: Yeah, you get that? 35, 37. You're like, oh, you can scroll on Instagram. You can do all kinds, right? Let me unplug and go about my plug up. I'll plug up later when I get off. I did that before where we went out. It was in Hollywood. And I remember I was like, dog, you all got to drive me to work or whatever. Somebody drove my car while I was in somebody else's car drove me to the work site, which was at the mall at the time. I ain't going to even tell you what type of job I had, but it was a job where I had to be there early in the morning. And I was so tired when I got to work. It was a few of them, but this one, I was so tired that I told the supervisor that I didn't feel good. I lied my ass off. But the thing was, I had my cousin, and I had my brother with me, and so they were still in there. I climbed in that truck, and I went to the back, and I went to sleep, and I waited till they just got off. [00:07:11] Speaker B: But you could do that at that age, like now, trying to do something like that. Let me just like, no, I want to go home, and I want to shut it all out. [00:07:22] Speaker A: You want to know what else is underrated yet? Was kind of stupid in a way. I mean, as an adult, you can see it as stupid. But when we were younger, just simple things like jumping off the stairs. And I'm talking about the bare minimum for me is that third step from the bottom. You just jump right off. And then guess what happened? Nothing. Now, man, if I jump off that third step, I got to pray that my knee don't dislocate. You got to go with the momentum. It was a couple of years ago, Britt. I don't think I told the public this. I had a shoe battle. I forgot her name, but shout out to her, she whipped my ass in that shoe battle. I wasn't properly prepared. Shout out to fucking damn, I can't even think of my boy name. But it was for a different podcast. Peabody. Yeah. First of all, I still feel like it was a set up, right? Because he asked me to do a shoe battle versus somebody, and I'm thinking that he going to be, like, the judge or just the goddamn. He going to be the mediator or something like that. No, I set up the whole thing. Ig live the whole album. Nervous. I didn't even get the shoe that I really wanted. I just had to go grab. I think I went to go grab a quick five pair of shoes or whatever, man, she whipped my ass in that battle. But the highlight of that was before we started to record I'm coming down the stairs. And because I didn't want to make two trips, I had all five boxes in my hand stacked. This shit is like a cartoon, Brit. I come down and remember that third step I was telling you about. I missed the step. So instead of me doing it, like, the safe way, just carrying one, like, two on each side. I stacked them like Pringles, and I wasn't looking at the side. Like, I just wasn't, man. Yeah. So I get to the third step from the last, right? I get to the third step from the last. I step again on the second one, and I think I'm Scott clear. [00:09:55] Speaker B: Last one. [00:09:56] Speaker A: Yeah. At this place, there's wooden floors. I missed the last step. And here's why. A lot of people, when they fall like that, it is painful because they panic. [00:10:13] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:10:14] Speaker A: Right. So that's what I did. I panicked when I got to what I thought. I got to the last step, and I didn't feel nothing. Like, the tip of my shoe. And, you know, I didn't have no shoes on. You know, I had on flip flops. You know I did. When I didn't feel that step, I said, oh, no. Tuck and roll, Baylor. Tuck and roll. And I tucked and roll, and I fell on my side, and I laid there for at least five minutes. For at least five minutes. Shoes and shit flew everywhere. Boxes open, shoes crawled out, asking me, are you okay, Annie? Are you okay? No, I'm not okay. The whole left side is sore. But I don't even think I told anybody on the live, though. I don't think I told, like, I can't even walk. Remember as a kid, used to just walk on a curb? Like, he was, like, tightroping? [00:11:16] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:11:16] Speaker A: Can't do that no more. [00:11:18] Speaker B: Look, that feels like too far of a. [00:11:21] Speaker A: That drop is cold. And basketball. You think I'm still playing basketball, Britt? I ain't even shot a basketball. Like, I don't even know what that. What is basketball? My Lakers ain't even been playing well enough for me for them to teach me what basketball is. [00:11:44] Speaker B: Man, times have changed in basketball. [00:11:48] Speaker A: How fast have we grown up? I feel like we're not too far removed from the incident that you caused. [00:12:01] Speaker B: Oh, here you go. Here this mother go. [00:12:07] Speaker A: Hey, I think it's time. No, I think it's time we straighten this out. Because I remember it a little bit different than what you remember, right? [00:12:19] Speaker B: I remember clearly. I think somebody had some liquor in their system, Britt. [00:12:26] Speaker A: Everybody had lucker in their system. Everybody. [00:12:31] Speaker B: Yes, but I think I had liquor. You had liquor in your. [00:12:39] Speaker A: I had just finished performing on stage. Shout out to new edition. I just finished performing. Right. [00:12:46] Speaker B: Was that the night I did you in that booty? [00:12:50] Speaker A: I think that's a wild, right? Yeah. [00:12:53] Speaker B: Do you remember dobby, like, covered my mouth? [00:12:57] Speaker A: Yeah, that's that night. [00:12:59] Speaker B: No, you can't say that. [00:13:01] Speaker A: Yeah, that's that night. And right after I got off stage, that's when Dobby got on stage. And I have no idea. I feel like it was a Ray J song, but I know Dobby was big on Ray J tracks around that time. One wish. I felt like it was one wish, though. [00:13:22] Speaker B: I can hear him singing it, too. [00:13:24] Speaker A: Yeah, I felt like it was one wish. Anyhow, I remember Dobby on stage. I couldn't really tell you where I was at the moment. I just know I popped up once. I seen that there was an altercation in the crowd that involved two ladies and two gentlemen. And two gentlemen. That was not with us. Am I telling the truth so far? [00:13:50] Speaker B: Not really. What? [00:13:51] Speaker A: Okay, go ahead. [00:13:52] Speaker B: No, what had happened was. So you remember the place was pretty open, right? Tables everywhere or whatever. It was spacious. [00:14:05] Speaker A: Very spacious. I think that's the biggest saddle wrench they got. Right, if I'm not mistaken. [00:14:10] Speaker B: Yes, it was spacious. So it wasn't packed. There was still plenty of areas that had nobody there. [00:14:18] Speaker A: Well, they always closed off the. Remember sometimes they didn't have the mechanical bull ride open all the time. So that side of the place was shut down. [00:14:28] Speaker B: Right. But we still had plenty of room. And this is when I had worked a job where we got off at, like 1011 o'clock at night. And some of my coworkers I invited. And so this was. I want to say it was a Sunday. [00:14:46] Speaker A: For whatever reason, it was a Saturday or a Sunday. [00:14:50] Speaker B: I just remember we were younger and went out on Sundays. But anyway, it was spacious. And this guy was drunk and he came up and talked to me. You were not far away from me. You weren't right next to me, but you weren't far away because you saw it. And he was like, hey, whatever he. [00:15:17] Speaker A: Was saying, he was, spin that hot fire. [00:15:22] Speaker B: He was spinning that hot bullshit is what. He was spitting hot shit. But he was trying to talk to me. I said what I normally say. No, I got a man, I'm good. I'm okay. And he kept trying and trying. And that's when you stepped in. I did not ask for your services. I did not ask for your services, but you stepped in. You're like, this is my girl. And he's like, oh, my bad. All drunk. [00:15:50] Speaker A: Oh, my bad. I seen how it was. He wasn't taking. [00:15:55] Speaker B: He wouldn't stop. [00:15:56] Speaker A: Exactly. So that's why I threw that in there, because I'm like, well, maybe if I tell him this, then he'd be like, oh, my bad, bro. I didn't know. When I say you all, I'm just saying women in general, especially around that time, you all curving cats. Some of the best answers don't always get the best reply, which is, I got a boyfriend. You would think that that's a cut off. [00:16:23] Speaker B: Like, what's your man got to do with me? [00:16:25] Speaker A: Exactly. So my thing is, if I present myself in this way, then he might just chill out. Oh, no, that licker said that. Look, go back. [00:16:38] Speaker B: So after that, though, he was like, oh, I'm sorry, my bad. And he stepped away. And then you. I don't know if you were getting ready to do a song. I don't know. But you weren't buying. [00:16:51] Speaker A: I was getting ready to perform. I was getting my vocals ready to perform again. [00:16:55] Speaker B: Me. So then one of the girls that I had invited, she was standing by me. So then here he comes again and is trying to talk to her, but she wouldn't even flat out say, like, no, I got a man, or whatever. She was too nice. She wasn't even talking. She was like, shaking her head no and trying to turn away. [00:17:24] Speaker A: She was trying to ignore. She was trying to ignore. [00:17:26] Speaker B: I was like, no, she's good, she's good. And he kept trying and trying. And then you came in and you put your arm around both of us and was like, no, she's mine, too. And that's when he got ignorant. [00:17:37] Speaker A: Yeah, because he couldn't believe, no way, bro. I'm not going over two. He said, I'm not going for two and I'm bringing a homie. [00:17:51] Speaker B: And then something I couldn't hear because. [00:17:54] Speaker A: Dobby's vocals was taking over at this time. I'm like, yo, as an adult, I'm like, yo, where the hell is this nigga? Dobby is putting on a full on usher clinic on that stage. He's not seeing none of the me. Just, I'm going to fast forward in the movie a little bit. I think we could both agree on this. Dobby is the one who started the rumble. Oh, yeah. But Dobby wasn't paying attention to what happened before the rumble. He just seen that it was some friction. And I'm going to pause it right there for the future, but now we can go back to your friend was just trying to ignore. And then, yeah. [00:18:39] Speaker B: And so he came up, got ignorant after you had said, no, she's mine too, whatever you had said. And he had his friend and he was basically saying, like, come outside, because he started to walk away. I don't remember what he said, but he was notioning for you to like. [00:19:02] Speaker A: Come on, let's do this. And then I said, okay. And I started to walk behind him, and then I did a bow face. It tricked, right? [00:19:10] Speaker B: But then on his way out, I think something happened with Jay Ross by the underrated. [00:19:18] Speaker A: That's an underrated situation that happened that we don't bring up in the story a lot. Jay sauce had a lot to do with the altercation as well. Please go ahead and continue. [00:19:30] Speaker B: Yes. So I think he was talking to a lady. [00:19:34] Speaker A: And we dry snitching right now too. [00:19:36] Speaker B: My fault. [00:19:39] Speaker A: We definitely telling almost 2030 years later. My fault. [00:19:44] Speaker B: But, yeah, it was so long ago. This was 2008 ish. This was a long time ago. This wasn't, like, no, few years ago, so. No, but the guy was on his way out. But Jay Ross was right by the door. Something was said or something. Somebody flexed on somebody. I can't remember, but that's where the physical stuff actually started. There was friction there, and then. That's when Dobby jumped off. [00:20:19] Speaker A: Dobby jumped off. I got it from here. Bret, throw that off the backboard. Thank you very much. You're welcome, Vince Carter. That Dobby proceeds to jump off in the middle of a performance. Here's what I'm trying to tell y'all. We still don't know what song he was doing, but whatever song he was doing, he was turning that crowd up, and he didn't even finish the song because he jumped off stage. And if y'all have ever seen the Falcon punch, that's exactly what he introduced himself as. The Falcon punch. Cleaned him. Right now, mind you, like I said, it was two of them. You know what I'm saying? I see his friend. His friend gave me that look like, I don't really want to fight, but I got to fight because the homies is fighting. He swung at me, I dodged, I swung at him. I don't know what really happened, but I don't know what really happened after that, but I know I was missing the earring. [00:21:28] Speaker B: You and this damn earring. Looky here. [00:21:30] Speaker A: They were fake. It was the same earrings that Cam wore with the pink thing of Majig. It was the same exact one. Same exact one. And I lost that mug. And I think we even had, if I'm not mistaken, we had video footage afterwards, though, at Denny's. [00:21:51] Speaker B: This was sidekick days, too. [00:21:53] Speaker A: Oh, yeah, we're not going. Oh, my God, this is sidekick days. [00:21:58] Speaker B: So it was like. I think it was towards the end of sidekicks moving into blackberries or whatever. But I know there was something. [00:22:06] Speaker A: It was a sidekick three era. [00:22:09] Speaker B: Yeah. Yes. [00:22:11] Speaker A: It was with the blue. [00:22:13] Speaker B: With a little light ball on the end. [00:22:17] Speaker A: Yeah, it was that one. [00:22:19] Speaker B: So the way saddle wrench was set up, though, it was kind of like half inside, half outside. So one side of the building or the place, you could just see outside. And so it was easy to just move the shit outside, and especially since the door was right there. So when Dobby got off and did the falcon punch, it just moved swiftly outside. [00:22:46] Speaker A: Well, that's what made saddle ranch at least that one, because it was next to Universal Studios. [00:22:54] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:22:54] Speaker A: That's what made it dope, was that even if you didn't want to pay the COVID charge to get in, you could still party right there on the side, because it's just nothing but cement right there. You know what? [00:23:05] Speaker B: Right. [00:23:05] Speaker A: And I think the Universal Studios world logo statue. Right. Or something. [00:23:12] Speaker B: It's right. Yep. Yeah. [00:23:13] Speaker A: It's like a water fountain statue, something. [00:23:16] Speaker B: Yeah, it's a fountain. And that's where it took place, was right by the fountain. Pretty much, yeah. [00:23:24] Speaker A: Street fighter shit. [00:23:26] Speaker B: Yeah. So it moved out there and everybody went, and it was just punches and punches and. I don't even know. I remember Dobby looked like the. [00:23:37] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:23:38] Speaker B: And it was a whole lot of dobby Hulk visions that I got still. [00:23:44] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:23:47] Speaker B: And then somebody had said, like, somebody. [00:23:50] Speaker A: Had called the cops, and that's when we had to go because I was on probation. [00:23:57] Speaker B: Right. [00:23:58] Speaker A: Yeah, we got out of there. [00:24:00] Speaker B: Yes. So we ran to the parking lot, got in the car, and I think we sat in the cars for, like, ten minutes or something, trying to figure out where we're going. Like, everybody's on the phone with each other. Okay, where are we going? And then we end up at Denny's. [00:24:14] Speaker A: End up at Denny's? Somewhere in Hollywood. [00:24:18] Speaker B: Yeah. And I think in the car is when you realize your earring was missing. [00:24:22] Speaker A: Yeah. [00:24:24] Speaker B: And then we took the sob story to Denny's, but we rolled deep into Denny's. It was like 20 of us. [00:24:31] Speaker A: Yeah. I still don't understand because I remember. Look, this is the crazy part. I just remember the action part. I knew Dobby was a part of it. I knew j sauce was a part of it. But we don't talk about him that much. I was there. You was there. Your friend was there. I forgot who else was there, but I know we was there with a gang of people. I don't want to make it seem like this was just an isolated, small crew. No, this was some saddle wrench was a thing. [00:24:58] Speaker B: Yeah. Like weekly. [00:25:00] Speaker A: Yes, it was a thing. So it was like if you missed a week or something, like, not to say that we went every weekend, but we knew that it was going to be cracking on certain nights. And I think only been to the other saddle ranch off of sunset once. And it's inside and it's small. [00:25:21] Speaker B: I think we only went there once. And everything else was at universal. Because I remember being at the other one once, and that was it. [00:25:28] Speaker A: Yeah. And the sunset one, to me at the time, it was closer, but the parking. Y'all never been on sunset before. [00:25:35] Speaker B: Oh, my God. [00:25:36] Speaker A: The parking lot is the street. Especially on a Saturday night, you ain't. [00:25:42] Speaker B: Never going to find shit out there. [00:25:43] Speaker A: You're going to pay more for parking than you are to get inside around that time. We're not playing for no valet parking. And we didn't have money like that. We know how to finesse with less. I should say. [00:26:03] Speaker B: Park down here on this street, and we're going to pack in and drive to the next block, and we'll just all park. [00:26:10] Speaker A: And this is before Uber? Way before, yes. I mean, if anything, we still had taxis. [00:26:18] Speaker B: Yep, sure did. [00:26:19] Speaker A: Yeah. If you didn't have a taxi. That's why people who did have a car, it was weird. You would get clowned. But we knew the importance of you having a car, right. Because most of us had used cars. You know what I'm saying? It wasn't too many of us that had a car that came out that same year or even two, three years prior to that. You know what it was? We had buckets. Some of these shits was like, pass me down. So you see cats pulling up to club ICE or what was the other one called? Center space or. It was something. Yeah, it was cats pulling up to the club in pickup trucks. All kind of like you said, accords and Nissan Ultimas. And they baby mama Nissan Ultimas with the furry steering wheel. [00:27:22] Speaker B: Especially that. They baby mama's Nissan. [00:27:25] Speaker A: With the rhinestones. With the rhinestones. We knew who car that was. When I got in, it was all furry and warming and smell, right? This ain't your car, homie. And where your baby mama? How'd she let you use your. You get in trouble after this? I'm just letting you. [00:27:41] Speaker B: Yeah, where your baby at? [00:27:43] Speaker A: Where your baby at? Yeah, we knew where the baby seat was at. That shit was in a trunk. You put that motherfucker in the trunk when you picked up an extra person, didn't you? Yes, because we used to have to stand in line. The women would get there, and the women can get in free before ten. The only way the fellas got in is if we knew the promoter and we signed up for the list, right? And it was always a 50 50 situation with the fellas because it's like, oh, dog, I ain't got your name on the list. What do me? What you mean? [00:28:15] Speaker B: Oh, wait. And then let's go. You ain't got no button up shirt on. You can't come in. You can't wear them shoes in here. You can't wear no jeans in here. [00:28:25] Speaker A: When I tell you pharrell and jay z messed. Pharrell, jay z and usher, those three alone messed up the whole entire club scene. Why? Because we all had to dress like fucking adults. [00:28:41] Speaker B: Look, all day long, Monday through Friday, I got to wear a suit. You want me to dress up in a suit again to get in this? [00:28:47] Speaker A: It's like them niggas expect us to dress up because, look, you knew the cats that didn't go out to clubs that often or was trying to do too much because these niggas will wear slacks. I'm not wearing those slacks. Bro, you are out of your. I don't think I've ever worn a pair of slacks to get inside of a damn lounger club. No, they was good. I think they were good with the dockers. I think it was certain jeans that was good. But we couldn't wear graphic t shirts. Target had been selling graphic t shirts forever, right? The graphic t shirts that they selling now, they have been selling back then, but minus certain artists, right? The Pepsi shirts, the kermit the frog, or whatever the case may be. If they seen that shirt, you wouldn't get in unless you had a button down. The member only coat was kind of iffy because they tried to zip that down. Like, what you got on under this? [00:29:52] Speaker B: Yeah, like he was going to school. Dress code. [00:29:56] Speaker A: Let me explain something to your promoters and even the club owners, even though I respect it now that I'm an older guy. You could change the outfit. You're not going to change the nigga. They still going to fight low key. [00:30:13] Speaker B: Those promoters, those bouncers, the door people, whatever you want to call it. Top flight security of the world, Craig. [00:30:22] Speaker A: Yeah, that's what it was. Shout out to see. I'm grateful to have a friend like Dobby and so many others, even some that I've met through Dobby that went to Northridge or stayed around Norfridge because they ended up being promoters, private security. So I was blessed to get in some of these $40, $60, $80 and $100 to get in clubs for free because dabby play flag football with him or gamble with him or whatever the case may be. But he became friends with so many people that was around that industry at the time. So that was dope. We got into a lot of play. That's why if we go back between 2003 and maybe 2008, me and Dobby has the most club lounge pictures together. [00:31:21] Speaker B: Yeah, I remember them pictures. [00:31:22] Speaker A: Yeah, we tore up the streets. We tore up the street between the valley and downtown and Hollywood. We tore them goddamn streets. So, Britt, in a non biased way, if you could rank the blame on how everything got started, where would you rank these characters? Everybody that was involved. [00:31:51] Speaker B: I am going to put number one old boy who couldn't take no for an answer. Number one, if he hadn't been bothering people, it would have been a smooth night. Right? But next in line, I'm going to put it on Dobby for real. [00:32:06] Speaker A: Now that we talked about it, I'm sending this clip to Dobby. [00:32:09] Speaker B: Sorry, Dobby, I love you, but no, it's your fault because you turned around. You was basically, like walking him to. [00:32:19] Speaker A: The door, like, all right, he was in five star mode. When you looked at him, that Batman signal beam was on him. The glove wasn't on his hand, but his hand was definitely glittery. Okay, shout out to prince. Shout out to Michael. That nigga put on a performance that resembled both of them together. Did he have a guitar up there? No, but he did air guitar that bitch. And he knew what the hell he was doing. Okay, what? Air panties on the floor. They didn't go buy him. [00:32:58] Speaker B: Oh, my God. Hold on. Pause right there, because you said panties on the floor. Do you remember that song? I think it was snoop. [00:33:07] Speaker A: Which one was. [00:33:08] Speaker B: It was panties something. Dabi used to sing that song. I got to look it up now. It's just funny that you said that because that's the song that he used to. [00:33:21] Speaker A: I will ask him about this song. [00:33:24] Speaker B: Because I remember me, him, my best friend, somebody else. We went to magic Mountain and we were standing in line and he was just singing that song out of nowhere. I was like, what is wrong with. Oh, I swear it's snoop. I swear it's snoop. I'm trying to look it up real quick. It might be fresh pair of panties on. [00:33:48] Speaker A: Fresh pair of. He used to sing that? [00:33:51] Speaker B: Yes. You're going to have to pull up the song later. And listen real quick. [00:33:58] Speaker A: That's the name of the song that. [00:34:01] Speaker B: Do you have a fresh pair of panties? And. [00:34:08] Speaker A: Hey, I think I remember that. [00:34:12] Speaker B: But it's just funny because you said panties on the floor, and then that just popped in my head. Oh, my God. But, yes, he had that Rick James glow going on, and then he just hopped up off that stage and took off. [00:34:32] Speaker A: I'm playing it right now. I remember this once. I just got to know, will you let me get some? I do remember this. He used to play this shit when we got. When we got dressed at the apartment. I do remember that. We got him and we got. He got him. We gotty. All right, look. I would say this. I'm going to say this. The number one blame, obviously, is the drunk cats. Right? They're going to get that off the board. They got the number one seed in the tournament. Number two is going to shock you. Number two. It was my fault. What? It was my fault. Because the way I said it and the way I did it was. [00:35:23] Speaker B: Yeah, you were ignorant. [00:35:24] Speaker A: Yes. It was very. You're beneath me. Please step away from us. It was very dismissive, you know what I'm saying? And I was making him look bad, making him look stupid. His boy was over there, but remember, his boy wasn't really about the smoke. Like, his boy was about peace and harmony. And I respect him for that, because he just had that look like, we just came here for a good time. I know how he gets. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So when dude said, all right, well, let's just step outside and talk about this. Like, man. I said, all right. So I was like, let's do this. And we started walking, and I did a bow face, made his dumb ass walk out there by himself. And then that's what kind of, like, set it off. I could have approached it in a different way, and I didn't. I approached it whatever age I was at the time. That's how I approached it. You know what I mean? I didn't approach it. I shouldn't have to be responsible for a person that's intoxicated, right? But I know I can control the situation better than that. And I didn't do that. I didn't do that at all. [00:36:34] Speaker B: I am very proud of you for that. [00:36:36] Speaker A: I've been setting this up for years. I've been setting this up for years because I just wanted to hear your side of the story. Because I'm like, I know you remember it. Obviously, the women that isn't involved, which is you and your friend. No, it's not your fault at all. You said what you said. She did what she had to do, which was also what she didn't do is say anything offensive, because she didn't say anything at all. [00:37:02] Speaker B: Yeah, she was quiet. [00:37:04] Speaker A: She was just quiet. And you could tell she was like, I want to have a good time. [00:37:08] Speaker B: She was uncomfortable. [00:37:08] Speaker A: She was uncomfortable. Yeah. Very uncomfortable. And so I didn't approach the situation in the right way. Now, third is definitely dobby. Third is definitely dobby. Because you know what could have happened? Dobby could have jumped off stage and said, hey, man, I just finished watching. Side note, that kind of relates to this in a way. I just finished watching the Bob Marley movie yesterday. Right? [00:37:32] Speaker B: I want to see that. [00:37:34] Speaker A: Yes. And without giving too much away, when you rock in a crowd, it's the message. Right? I feel like Davi could have got off stage, and instead of socking somebody's face off they body, he could have just, yo, we just here to have a good time. Although I feel like the guy's energy was like, nah, fuck that. We about to get. Yeah. You know what I'm saying? [00:38:00] Speaker B: Just judging. Just from me. Even telling him, like, no, I'm cool. [00:38:03] Speaker A: I got. [00:38:03] Speaker B: Man, he kept trying. He really was like, on some fuck what you saying shit all night. [00:38:08] Speaker A: Yeah. And I felt that energy from him. I did. [00:38:12] Speaker B: And he was only, like, five foot six. [00:38:14] Speaker A: Yeah, he was a widow guy. He was a widow guy. To this day, I feel bad for his homie because I didn't want to have to mix him up like that. And I don't even think it was too bad. It wasn't like his home. I don't think they still haven't found his face. They still haven't found. You all don't understand. I was right there, okay? Like, we were in fighter versus fighter mode, but, like, right. You know, almost like a boxing promotion where we put our knuckles up and stuff, like our dukes up. And he was right there. And then all of a sudden, I just see a straight arm come from out of nowhere. And I looked, and it was Dobby, and his face went one way. His body didn't even move. His face came off. I heard it, and I was like. [00:39:11] Speaker B: Piece in a biscuit. [00:39:13] Speaker A: I seen his homie, and his homie was like, oh, my God, I got to do something. Because, look, he did not want. Look, and I'm not saying that I whooped his homie ass or anything like that. What I'm saying is he was so stunned and on top of that. Not ready to fight that. The only thing that he could do is just throw a punch. That's why I was able to move out the way, because he threw it without any type of confidence. I don't even know if he planned on landing. He just threw it off of the. Homie just got laid out. Let me just do something. [00:39:45] Speaker B: I got to do something. [00:39:46] Speaker A: Yeah, I got to do something. But what he did was he managed to knock my earring out of my ear. [00:39:53] Speaker B: So make you cry 20 years later about that shit. [00:39:58] Speaker A: Why'd you say it like that, Bret? [00:40:00] Speaker B: Because you are. You bring it up every time. [00:40:05] Speaker A: I had to keep it going. All right? I did miss those earrings. Look, I did. [00:40:11] Speaker B: Like I said before, you were staring out the window like an R and B video. Man is heartbroken. You were just staring. [00:40:19] Speaker A: Did nobody have paper like that back then? It ain't like I can just replace things like that. [00:40:26] Speaker B: You're right. But that's all you talked about at Denny's. Had everybody look my earrings missing. People be talking about something else, but, yes, but I'm missing an earring. [00:40:39] Speaker A: Yeah, I was missing the earring because first of all, I look stupid as hell with one big ass earring in my ear, even though. Remember back in middle school, summer, high school days? [00:40:54] Speaker B: That was the thing. [00:40:55] Speaker A: Yeah. You could only wear this was so stupid. You could only one earring and it would have to be in your left ear. I never knew what the rules was before. So I was like, if I put it in my right. [00:41:09] Speaker B: Yeah, that's crazy. I wonder, listening to us talk about this. I wonder if those guys talk about that. [00:41:24] Speaker A: Well, yeah, I think so. I think they lying. I think the story that they tell it, that they lie because the real story is one of them niggas went to sleep night and did not wake up until that Tuesday. And Saddle ranch was on a Saturday and Sunday. [00:41:46] Speaker B: Because when we left, when we took off running, they were still. [00:41:51] Speaker A: They stayed. For all we know, them motherfuckers could have got arrested, right? Yeah. [00:41:59] Speaker B: Well, very true. [00:42:00] Speaker A: Well, there you have it. I have my boy liquid swords on some episodes ago, and I think we somehow talked about it or something like that. And so there you are. This is the real story. We about to finally lay it to rest. Okay. That is exactly what happened. I place some of the blame on myself. I'm in second place when it comes to the blame because I know I could have or at least I could have responded or changed the. I don't know if I could have changed the outcome but I know I could have changed the beginning part a little bit better. If I would have put a little bit more effort of maturity in there, then possibly things would have changed. Maybe if I would even thought of a, well, let's just go on stage and perform with Dobby. I don't know if it was some type of restriction or something. I forgot what it was. But I don't know if they didn't allow a lot of people on stage if it was just a solo thing or you had to let them know ahead of time or something like that. But if we would have just went on stage, I think it would have been a little bit different than coming off stage. We would have came down off stage together. Obviously. Like I said, jay sauce was there and some other names. They lucky we can't find that. I'm glad they can't find that footage. [00:43:23] Speaker B: Yeah. Oh my God. But trying to do something like that these days. [00:43:34] Speaker A: Yeah, it's over. I'm not fighting nobody. [00:43:37] Speaker B: No, especially ain't fighting nobody. But I'm barely out anyway at night, but definitely not on a Sunday. I have to get a nap in before something on a Saturday. And half the time I'm praying whoever I'm supposed to go to dinner with or whatever wants to cancel. [00:43:59] Speaker A: So let me tell you, I'm glad you said that because I called you. [00:44:05] Speaker B: Today, you called me at like 1130 my time, which is 930 your time. [00:44:10] Speaker A: Okay. Yeah. And I said, let's do a show. And at the time we didn't have an idea, but before we got off the phone, we had somewhat of a plan. Right, right. I keep getting a phone call and I said, all right, forget it. Let's just do questions or whatever. I'm not going to lie. I took that nap, took that nap and I woke up, I said, I'm supposed to be doing something, but don't think because we used to do episodes back in the day too, or we used to schedule episodes back in the day. And I'm like, look, if you cancel, no problem, it's cool. [00:44:48] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:44:50] Speaker A: In some cases I'm like, I'm glad you canceled. I'm glad you canceled. [00:44:56] Speaker B: Yeah. And for me, because of the time difference, it's 2 hours later. So that's how you know I love you, Baylor. Because it'd be like 1130 almost midnight when we start. And then, you know, just like right now, this is going close to an hour almost. And that shit takes me up to 02:00 in the morning. [00:45:20] Speaker A: Yeah, I know because we had them late nights, yeah. [00:45:24] Speaker B: But on those days where I know, I'm like, okay, I'm going to record with Baylor, blah, blah, blah. I take a nap, I say, okay, I'm going to send an alarm. It's going to go off on this. And there's been times where you've called me and I'm still asleep, and you're like, I'll hit you up like 20 minutes afterwards or whatever. Like, hey, you still want to record? [00:45:47] Speaker A: And I just woke up and I'm asleep. When I figured out, it doesn't take much to figure out that, oh, this nigga fell asleep. Because you're not doing nothing. You're not doing nothing else. So I'm like, back within two or three minutes, exactly. [00:46:05] Speaker B: It lights out. [00:46:06] Speaker A: If I don't see that bubble pop up when I tell you, I jump into bed so goddamn fast. Look, sometimes I don't even be sleep. I see that bubble, you'd be like, you still up? I'll be looking at text messages like, I'm not responding to that. [00:46:24] Speaker B: And I'm not mad. I am not mad. When you get older, you realize a few things, right? For those people who are not toxic, who aren't crazy, you realize how important your piece is, how important it is to just, like you said, you see that bubble. And now, you know what? You have to go ahead and listen to yourself. Like, look, I'm tired, blah, blah. And then, of course, you need to have mature enough friends to understand that. [00:46:56] Speaker A: Look at you, a, who told you to preach Hallelujah. [00:47:02] Speaker B: But you have to, because as an adult, especially when you got kids or you've been through some stuff, your peace of mind is so important. And that could be you just got to shut down. Outside world. You got to shut down even like, hey, I love this person. They're my best friend. Haven't talked to them in a minute. But you know what? Today is just my head. I need to just be quiet and not talk. I can't take other energies right now. I need to get myself, and that's fine, but you got friends out there who don't understand that, or then it's personal about them. Why are you mad at me? No, has nothing to do with you. [00:47:43] Speaker A: Yeah, it really don't. You got to respect that our energy window is small. Yeah. So when we do have that burst of energy, you better get us right then and there, because when it go downhill, I'm ready. Like, my body has to wind down now, right? [00:48:02] Speaker B: And we work, and some of our jobs are more stressful than others jobs, or you didn't sleep well the night before, or you don't sleep well in general, like myself. I'll be up for 2 hours in the middle of night for no damn reason and then still get up at 05:00 a.m. It's all these factors and just getting older, you don't have energy like you used to. You're tired more, and it's okay. You know what? I'm guilty of it. Sometimes people will call me or text me, and I'm like, look, I'm going to respond to that later. Right now, I just don't have it in me. And it's nothing bad. They're not saying anything bad. Like, hey, how's your day? What are you doing? Look, I don't want to talk right now because I know once I respond, it's going to be some going back and forth, back and forth, and I don't want. [00:49:00] Speaker A: You don't have that energy. And look, people out there, I don't think people have fully understood who I am. Britt, if I call you on FaceTime, right, just know you do not have to answer, and half of the people don't, right? And I know maybe some of that is know, Facetime be iffy. Sometimes they don't even go through. You'll get the missed call, but you won't get the notification, like, when it's actually ringing, know, because, you know, Marcy didn't call me on FaceTime a gang of times. And I'm like, my phone did not ring at all. But I look at my FaceTime icon, what you call it? [00:49:37] Speaker B: It'll have the notification. [00:49:39] Speaker A: Yeah, that I missed a FaceTime call. That's cool. But if I call you on FaceTime, you might be a little bit important, but you don't have to answer. It's a gang of times where I do not like answering the phone. I just like sitting there in silence sometimes, or, y'all niggas be calling when I'll be listening to my music, right? Don't mess up my concert. Don't be so selfish. [00:50:08] Speaker B: Yeah, there's sometimes I don't answer. Look, I got a whole vibe going. The music has got me right. I'm in a good space. I'm not interrupting that. [00:50:18] Speaker A: That's a fact. That's a fact. [00:50:22] Speaker B: And there's nothing wrong with that. And people got to see that, especially around our age. Like, look, I can't do it no more. And I think I got maybe four people that I hear from almost on a daily. And you're one of them. And we don't even talk daily like that. We might on Twitter. Yeah, but send a quick voice message or something on TikTok or whatever. But we're not shooting the shit every single day. [00:50:59] Speaker A: We do more catching up than anything. [00:51:02] Speaker B: Yeah. And that's okay. We're adults. We got kids and shit. [00:51:08] Speaker A: That's a fact. Now, before we get up out of here, because speaking of kids, I got to go take care of mine right now. [00:51:16] Speaker B: Yeah, I got to go do the all star thing. Like I told you before, he's into that now, so just trying to make it fun. [00:51:29] Speaker A: Yeah, I get it. Like how it used to be. [00:51:33] Speaker B: It's not. [00:51:38] Speaker A: First of all, would you like to share with everybody? You still own a rookie contract, by the way. [00:51:45] Speaker B: Yes, I know. But, hey, I have been dedicated. [00:51:49] Speaker A: Yeah, no, you've been out the gate with it. Tony Parker. Yes. [00:51:52] Speaker B: Since December weekly. I have not missed Friday. [00:51:55] Speaker A: Yeah. I got 13 episodes this past episode you spoke about. [00:52:03] Speaker B: I knew it. I knew this was coming. [00:52:06] Speaker A: That's what you said. [00:52:08] Speaker B: Yes, I spoke about the half. [00:52:14] Speaker A: You talked about the top five halftime performances coming off of Usher's latest one. A couple of things that stood out. Rihanna got honorable mention, people. I mean, she did not make the top five. [00:52:29] Speaker B: No, she did not. [00:52:30] Speaker A: But she was good enough to make the top five, but just not that top. [00:52:35] Speaker B: Like, when I say honorable mention, though, it wasn't honorable mention to first place, because some people say that. Right? No top five. [00:52:44] Speaker A: No top five. No top five. We don't have to stay on the bullshit too long. We know where we're going with this. [00:52:54] Speaker B: I know. [00:52:56] Speaker A: And you know what? I am so sick of you prince fans, but I love y'all. You want to know why? [00:53:04] Speaker B: Why? [00:53:05] Speaker A: Because I do know the difference between Michael and Prince. I always known the difference. Right. But there were certain things that I hold. I shouldn't say that. There are certain things that I appreciate from one artist than the other. Right. And what really grinds my gears, look, how is that they never became that dynamic duo. You know what? That's because I think of the pox and the big, the Nas and the know. Something like know. Even Monica and Brandy. Right. But it's us, though. And that pisses me off because I can't imagine that video between them. [00:54:04] Speaker B: Hmm. [00:54:05] Speaker A: Because to me, one of the greatest videos ever made was when Janet and Mike finally, hell, yeah, dope video. And it's just not the dynamic of their relationship, but it was the fact that separately, there are two powerhouses now we already know that Janet, not to say it like that, but we know Janet is not in the overall scale. She doesn't hold the candle to her brother. I think she knows that. But she was still a beast in her own lane. [00:54:46] Speaker B: She can perform her ass off. [00:54:48] Speaker A: Yes. Just as well as him. Right. So to see those two, I didn't want to just. It made it that much special because they were brother and sister. But the fact that they were two titans that came together and made this abstract black and white video, I was like, wow. You know what I mean? And then when you hear the behind the scenes stories of why or how close Mike and Prince came to creating something, it's pitiful at this point. You know what I mean? But I will say this. I totally understand why a lot of people would have Prince Super bowl performance up there because it actually rained until this day. No lie. I think that was on purpose. I think the government said, we about to give y'all this. That's what I feel. But nonetheless, it did that. It did that. Right, Mike? The only way Mike can compete with that is just panning over the crowd. Because let's just say, and I'm just throwing the number out there, let's just say 100,000 people were at that Super Bowl. 50,000 people passed out. From a glance, that was a fact. Look, Prince performed purple rain. It actually rained. MJ popped up on stage and stood there for 79 minutes, and niggas fell out. And niggas fell out. So I'm not. Because I'm not a Prince fan, like how you all are a Prince fan. That's just what it is. But I've always been biased towards Mike because he was more relatable, because we watched him as a child, and even as a child watching him, he was just much older than. Just much older than us. Prince. When I got caught on to Prince, I was too young to understand where Prince was coming from, and the ship would just look. And then a lot of stuff that Prince did back then is coming to fruition now. A lot of people being independent and dressing how they want to dress and commanding attention by being different, but they're different is their originality. And that's what you see now. He was ahead of his by 30 years. Yeah, by 30 years. Nobody is able to duplicate what Mike did, but Chris Brown came close. Nobody was able to duplicate what Prince did because you cannot describe what prince is. We don't know what that nigga. I would tell you like this. I'm dead serious. Off of watching the Bob Marley movie, prince is the only one that I can compare to him is Bob Marley. To where you fight whatever fight there is with the music. MJ had certain songs where he fought back, but overall it was more Dr. King where I seen Prince as Malcolm X. Yeah. You see what I'm saying? [00:58:20] Speaker B: Yeah. [00:58:21] Speaker A: And it was easier to digest and easier. The tunes was better. Well, I don't want to say better because I don't want the prince fans coming after me. [00:58:28] Speaker B: Nicer. [00:58:29] Speaker A: It was nicer. It was the melodies. It just felt good, you know what I'm saying? With Prince that didn't came out the gate. Hey, these niggas trying to kill you. Any priest love, though. It was just. [00:58:43] Speaker B: He did, he did. But the thing is with he wasn't. I won't say that he was outspoken, but he definitely stood his ground. He was not afraid to speak on things, but even the stuff with his contract and Warner brothers and everything, writing slave on his face, he was controversial in a way. [00:59:01] Speaker A: Yeah. And that's where he created that cult. It was a lot of people that at that time, to go against the machine. You in that same lane as Pac, you know what saying? Like, it's a lot of rebels. He had a lot of rebel shit on his back. Mike didn't really start that rebel shit till later on, and even then, he was just trying to tell y'all, in certain ways, I still think both of our legends should still be here. [00:59:30] Speaker B: Oh, definitely. [00:59:31] Speaker A: I don't think they left by accident. Our natural causes, but I'm not going to go into nobody about to jump to my. You know what I mean? You know what I mean? But that's my dog. I got to have him number one. I got to have him number one. But I will say this, though. One a, one B for me. One A, one B. And that's without even going down the list, people still talking about those Super Bowls and look how far apart they are, right? [01:00:00] Speaker B: 93 and seven. [01:00:02] Speaker A: I think it was seven, yeah. And then all the other ones that we remember is either because we laughed at them or we didn't know why they was up there, or they tried with Beyonce. They tried. They tried it. Yeah, they tried to push it, but it was cool. It was cool. [01:00:25] Speaker B: You saw Beyonce, didn't even make honorable mention on my shit. [01:00:29] Speaker A: And I thought she would. I thought she would, but she didn't, obviously. The west coast one was just. I didn't even have to be biased towards that when I had people from the east coast and the Midwest saying that man, they represented y'all well. [01:00:44] Speaker B: This shit was dope. And like I explained it in the show. I mean, you got the street map as the floor. [01:00:51] Speaker A: The floor. Yeah. [01:00:54] Speaker B: Like, the musical acts that you have, everything was just dope and so put together and just the stage, it was crazy. I rewatched all these before I did the show, and Zai was watching them with me and he was so into it. [01:01:13] Speaker A: And I started to think about it. I was like, do the east coast people really fuck with this one? Because half of the Super bowl performance was performed by East coast people. [01:01:22] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:01:25] Speaker A: 50. You know what I'm saying? Mary J. Mary J. Yeah. So it was like, okay, but I don't think you have a choice but to rock with that Super bowl performance. Yeah, that was the first one where we was like, all right, now y'all tapping into the culture of the actual city, you know what I mean? Because again, coming off of that usher performance, the first half of that performance was I didn't like it. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. [01:01:51] Speaker B: But it wasn't, like, pumped up like you would think a halftime performance should be. [01:01:56] Speaker A: Yeah, no, it wasn't until he popped on those rollerblades where I was like, all right, now it's starting to pick up. [01:02:03] Speaker B: And that's why I was saying in my show, like, it's all about opinion and whatever. But if you were an usher fan, especially the first three CDs, because that's what he really did most of, was the first. [01:02:14] Speaker A: I think those were the prop bets. What opening song would he have and what song was he going to end with? [01:02:20] Speaker B: Yes. And I definitely didn't think caught up would be the opening. [01:02:25] Speaker A: I didn't think so. But it still made sense. It's one of his best upbeat songs for the world, I should say, because I don't know where you stand with this, Brit, but that OMG song, I hate that song. [01:02:45] Speaker B: Okay. [01:02:46] Speaker A: I didn't want to say it. [01:02:47] Speaker B: I hate that song. And then the shitty part is every time I hear that song, it's stuck in my head for, like, you know. [01:02:54] Speaker A: The song for three days and I dance to it, but I really don't care for it. But no, Usher doesn't even get an honorable mention. You know what's bad, though? This came out two days after. I mean, obviously it was two days because it was Super Bowl Sunday, but Friday, his album had dropped. [01:03:21] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:03:21] Speaker A: And he wasn't getting, before I listened to it, he wasn't getting the greatest reviews. And I thought that was bad. What I'm trying to say momentum going into the halftime performance because there were a lot of popular names in the social media space that was kind of shitting on the album because of the masses and the way they think it affected how they view the halftime show. But his real fans know we're not going to hear not one song off that album. He's not about to risk his one time shot on the Super bowl. He's not about to do that with some new song that we might not even rock with. [01:04:14] Speaker B: Right? Yeah. And I mean, I listen to it and there's a few. It's one I got to listen to a couple more times, but there's a few songs on there that I do enjoy. [01:04:26] Speaker A: But, yeah, I think it's not what we. When people say, well, you can't expect to have the same usher from 1015 years ago. Yes, you can. There's a sound that you have. You don't have to repeat the song, but there's a sound that you have. You got to go back to those same. You got to keep going back to wherever you was getting your water from. It elevates, man. And I'm not a complainer. I'm not going online and shitting on his album or nothing like that. It's just not for me, you know what I'm saying? And no, people is not out here trying to make sure he make the next confessions. That's not it. We're trying to say if he can make something just as good as confession. [01:05:10] Speaker B: Right? [01:05:11] Speaker A: You know what I mean? It's not about him doing it better or doing it over again. It's just, yo, find that sound that, you know, a usher song. It was one time, britt, where we would hear a dope song and would say, man, usher would sound great on this rather than the artist that it was. No matter who it was, we were like, man, I wish Usher would have sung this because we know that pocket that he be mean. We got what we got. I think the greats is going to stay there. [01:05:43] Speaker B: Can I be an. [01:05:45] Speaker A: For a moment? Okay. [01:05:46] Speaker B: I'll be an asshole on your show and not mine. I was going to be funny with my honorable mentions and I was like, nah, because that's fucked up. But you know, Stevie did a performance, right? [01:06:00] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:06:01] Speaker B: And I think it was in 99, right? And I was about to put him as my honorable mention because the nigga is blind and driving on the field. [01:06:12] Speaker A: Yeah, you know what, man? We'll never. [01:06:15] Speaker B: I was about to say this blind man is driving on the field. That's worth honorable mention because I was watching it, right? I was going through the list and picking. I was like, I don't really remember this one. And it was in 99. So I mean, I was old enough. So I go back. [01:06:29] Speaker A: When I think of 99, I think of Prince. That's funny. You know why, right? [01:06:35] Speaker B: And I go back and I'm watching it and I realize, okay, he's like, in this old fashioned convertible car or whatever, and there's a woman in the front seat and there's him. And I'm like, well, maybe because it's an old fashioned type of car. The wheel is on the other side. [01:06:48] Speaker A: Might be driving on the other side. [01:06:50] Speaker B: Yeah, he got up out of that thing and the wheel is on his side. I said, hold the phone. [01:06:56] Speaker A: Look, only thing that I could think of was that car was being controlled from upstairs. [01:07:02] Speaker B: Being controlled. I was just being funny, but I was looking at that shit like, no, they are not trying to make it seem. [01:07:10] Speaker A: Tell the truth. In your truth. Of truth. Do you think he's blind? [01:07:15] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:07:15] Speaker A: You think he is? [01:07:16] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:07:17] Speaker A: Okay. I don't want him to be. I don't want him to be. [01:07:23] Speaker B: Of course. Hasn't he been blind since like, teenage years? [01:07:31] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:07:35] Speaker B: That's a weird time frame to be coming out. Like, oh, yeah, I'm blind. [01:07:39] Speaker A: Well, to me, the reason why I think that he probably is blind, because I think at this point I'm like, bro, you must not know what they doing to your hair up top. [01:07:54] Speaker B: I was about to say that them. [01:07:56] Speaker A: Braids is when I tell you he's been holding on to them things because they used to be saucy. Back in the day. He had like, the little beads and everything. He was saucy. Yeah. But now it's like he really holding on. He really holding on. So I believe. But here's the thing, though. I can't do it no more, Bret, I can't go back and forth with you about this MJ and Prince stuff. And I think it's because we're not doing that. We're not doing that. We're not doing that. I'm going to say this because of this episode. The basis of this episode is shit that we just can't do anymore. And now that I look back at it like, dog, we lost some soldiers. I'm talking about the cream of the crop. If we never had them, how would music sound? You know what I'm saying? So I can't do it. Of course. I'm going to have my jokes here and there. But to me, two of the most pettiest artists, I think prince showed it more. You can see it on his face more. You can hear it in his speech. I think Mike did a lot of his pettiness behind closed doors, which is also content, because when you hear these stories from these artists, who was around them, or they have these unseen footage, and it's like, oh, this nigga was clowning. [01:09:27] Speaker B: Okay. Speaking of Mike being petty, one of my favorite videos of him is I forgot who he's sitting next to. It's a woman. And she yells at somebody, and he goes, your voice is very annoying or very irritating. She's like, I know. [01:09:47] Speaker A: What do you even say back to Mike after that? I know. You're not talking. [01:09:51] Speaker B: Yeah, but she hollered at something, and your voice is very irritating. I know. And then, of course, we've all seen the video of we are the world. [01:10:03] Speaker A: Yes. That look, to me, that's where Kobe got the death stare from. [01:10:08] Speaker B: Yeah, that's that Virgo shit. [01:10:10] Speaker A: Yeah. Because it's like you could see he was burning inside. Like, I know damn well they not about to follow up after me. Nah. But when Prince started playing that music, in the middle of that goddamn question, he looked back and said, one, two. I said, I know. He fucking. She finished talking Prince, right? That shit had me dying and then had that smirk. It was a smirk. If he would have had a stone cold face, I'm like, oh, no, this nigga's a serial killer. But because he had a smirk, I said, my nigga, he knew what he did, and he knew. He executed that pettiness in the highest way. Shout out to man, yes. I still got MJ over him, but, oh, my God. See, I know I need to change. I need to change. I need to change. I need to change. I was still working on myself. God's still here. God is still here. But I miss both of them, though. I do. [01:11:20] Speaker B: Yeah. We would have definitely still had some crazy music coming out. [01:11:24] Speaker A: And not to say it like that. We need a presence and a voice like Prince right now. Right goddamn now. Yeah, I know. He will be, man. Prince. If y'all know Prince, like, that nigga will be dogging TikTok right now. He will be dogging TikTok right now. All right, Britt, let them know where your show is at so they can go check out your top five. [01:11:50] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:11:51] Speaker A: And where they can find you and stalk you. On the social. [01:11:56] Speaker B: On the socials. Well, I'm still only giving out Twitter. That's Britty. Britty. 18. And then my show, you can find it on all platforms where you listen to your podcast. And that is, I can talk about this all day with Britt Renee. [01:12:14] Speaker A: Booyah. Booyah. So you got anything to say about that r B playlist that I put together? [01:12:28] Speaker B: Which one? Because you've been putting together continuous lists. [01:12:33] Speaker A: I keep adding to the same one. Now, here's the thing, before we get up out of here, I did a show, okay, with Ms. Queen poison, aka Sugar, and she sent me a playlist, and I told her I linked you all together on Twitter. [01:12:50] Speaker B: I saw that. Yes. [01:12:52] Speaker A: She sent me a playlist. I stole a song or two off of there. Right? I have an idea of doing a joint playlist with you all, too. Okay. I made the playlist already. I didn't put the songs on there. I just made the album. I'm setting it up. So I want to do something where we all put maybe anywhere between three to five songs each. But I want it to be a certain vibe, though. So I'm going to put my first songs on there, and then I'm going to send it to you all, and I'm going to see if you all can match those vibes. Okay. And then we're gonna put it out there to the world, because we got to save the world. Yep. [01:13:42] Speaker B: I'm down with it. [01:13:44] Speaker A: All right, Britt, thank you for coming. I think ever since I've seen the Bob Marley movie, I just been on some super love shit. You know what I'm saying? [01:13:52] Speaker B: Love. [01:13:53] Speaker A: But Jay bug, if you've listening to this. Hey, what's. [01:13:59] Speaker B: Jay Bug alone? [01:14:00] Speaker A: Come on, cuz. Shout out to Jay Bug, man. [01:14:08] Speaker B: Yeah. [01:14:10] Speaker A: Well, let's go take care of these kids, bro. We got to get back to it. [01:14:15] Speaker B: Yeah, back to parents and naps and shit. [01:14:17] Speaker A: Yeah. All right, let me go take my nap now. All right, bye.

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