Episode 342

April 11, 2024


House Party is NOT a West Coast movie

House Party is NOT a West Coast movie
BTG For President
House Party is NOT a West Coast movie

Apr 11 2024 | 00:25:01


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BTG For President Episode #342

The Director is from Chicago, most of the cast was from the east coast, and the location was filmed out west, but House Party had no west coast flavor to it at all. I’ll explain why.

House Party is NOT a West Coast movie #B4P342

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[00:00:04] Speaker A: Somebody need to do a song for LA. [00:00:13] Speaker B: Hello, my name is Elaine, and I'll be your tour guide through south central Los Angeles. [00:00:18] Speaker A: Look, count my nose. [00:00:20] Speaker B: Smoke up. I'm from California. [00:00:22] Speaker A: Where you from? So what? [00:00:24] Speaker B: I'm from California. California, California, California. [00:00:29] Speaker A: This is Los Angeles. [00:00:30] Speaker B: Where we going? [00:00:52] Speaker A: Explain to me how y'all got house party as a west coast movie. I've heard everything from. Well, we seen a Jheri curl. Y'all seen one Jheri curl in that movie by Ezell? One Jheri curl. Okay. Okay. I'll let y'all have that one. What else? Oh, the houses. The actual house of the house party. Bilal's house. Yes. Bilal do got one of those cribs that look like it's over in West LA. Somewhere over there in 60 neighborhood. It do look like one of those houses. I get it. Right? I'll give you. I'll give y'all that one. But here's the thing that messes it all up for that. There's no way. There's no type of that soundtrack didn't have no. What's good? [00:01:42] Speaker B: This is taylor rank. [00:01:43] Speaker A: Oh, look at that. [00:01:46] Speaker B: Wearing bright obel. I thought it was over. It was 1030. [00:01:51] Speaker A: That was me recording with twelve Cal. I was recording my own show now. [00:01:55] Speaker B: Oh, well, you gotta warn me of that. I wouldn't. I was like. I was like, okay. No, it started at nine. He should be done by now, so that's why I call. [00:02:03] Speaker A: Yeah, no, we was. We were done probably about five minutes ago. Well, I mean. Well, no, well, I mean, the episode was over about like 1015 minutes ago. And then we talked on the phone a little bit and then I started. I started my episode. Okay, real quick, real quick. Is house party a west coast movie? [00:02:30] Speaker B: First of all, I haven't even watched house parties since 89, so. But it, to me, doesn't give, like, west coast, but it doesn't give East coast either. It is like somewhere in between. [00:02:47] Speaker A: Midwest is in between. So, yeah, I guess we know they wouldn't in the south. [00:02:54] Speaker B: No, for sure not the south. I think I need to rewatch it to get that vibe. [00:03:00] Speaker A: You're not gonna get nothing west coast from it. [00:03:03] Speaker B: Why not? How? [00:03:08] Speaker A: What is West coast about it? [00:03:11] Speaker B: What is not West coast about it? Cause they ain't got no guns and shit. [00:03:15] Speaker A: No. One thing that's not west coast about it is they don't have the gang culture in there. They had bullies. They had three. They had three bullies. Okay. There was not a low rider there was not a 5.0. There was none of that. It was 1990. How is there not one gang member in that film? And no, nobody in LA. Nobody in LA wore slacks and. And button downs in a pans. Nobody. Nobody put on dress clothes to go to parties in the nineties. [00:03:56] Speaker B: In the nineties they did. [00:03:57] Speaker A: No, they did not. In the night in the nineties. [00:04:01] Speaker B: You partying in the nineties? Can you speak to them? [00:04:04] Speaker A: Yes, I was wearing cross colors and Carl Kanhai in the 1990s. [00:04:13] Speaker B: Ron, look, I barely remember. Yes, full force of the nineties. I wore Bart Simpson t shirts in the nineties. [00:04:20] Speaker A: Like, okay, what else? I did four for had on a four force. Had on a t shirt that had holes in it. [00:04:32] Speaker B: Well, he was the muscle guy, right? [00:04:35] Speaker A: We don't have that out. We didn't have that. We had gang members. Dickies, corduroy house slippers, chucks. [00:04:43] Speaker B: You've been on this damn fucking pedestal for the last couple days. I don't understand. Why are you so against this being a West coast movie? [00:04:52] Speaker A: How is it West coast, though? You gotta explain to me how it is. There's nothing west coast even. Twelve cows said they don't even talk like y'all in the movie. They don't have none of the music that's. None of the music that's on that soundtrack is from the West coast. Nothing. You. You telling me that they weren't playing dj quick or anything in a house party? [00:05:17] Speaker B: Same thing. Nothing. I can't even speak to the movie. I haven't seen it in years, so I don't even know. But I'm just trying to figure out why you so against it being the west coast. [00:05:27] Speaker A: Because to posted a video of a guy who tried to make the correlation between house part, the original house party and Friday saying that. I haven't even broke it down to you yet. [00:05:47] Speaker B: I said there's no correlation between the two. [00:05:49] Speaker A: Well, let me break it down. He was saying that Pops is in both movies. Also in that movie, in house party, his wife is ice cubes and Mike Epps, building manager in Friday. So his theory is when she called him Harry, which is not his name, in house party, she called him Harry. And he was like, who's Harry? Or whatever. He said that they got a divorce. She moved to the valley, became an apartment manager. He moved to Rancho. Well, he moved to LA and then moved to Rancho. If you follow the Friday movies and day day and Craig got in an apartment and in that same apartment, in the same apartment complex as Craig's dad's ex wife. And he's saying that's the correlation between the movies. [00:06:51] Speaker B: Well, he must not have no life trying to figure all that shit out, first of all. Second. [00:06:56] Speaker A: So then. So then the quit. So then the question came up because he said that there's a correlation and he had a whole map to it that would make it a west coast movie. So then the question was posed, is house party a west coast movie or is it a east coast movie? And I said, how could it be a west coast movie and had nothing west coast about it? The only thing West coast about it is an actual house party. But we weren't the only ones that had house parties. [00:07:24] Speaker B: But then also, too, you could be in more than one movie and they not be related. Some people play like lions in one movie and they could play a game, anger in the next. Like, what does that have to do with anything? [00:07:36] Speaker A: No, no, no, no. Not the correlation was just a joke. I think he made the video as a joke, but he was trying to say there is. He was like, you can. There's a possibility that you can make a correlation of it. But the original topic came off of. Because if you did put both of the movies together, that means that makes House Party a west coast movie. And then the question was, well, do you consider hypothetical. Yeah, hypothetical. But what he was, the question that I came up with, or what t o came up with was, do you consider outside of the correlation and the movie that he added and stuff like that, just watching house Party, do you think it's a west coast movie? West coast movies consists of boys in the hood, minister society, South Central colors, training day. Those are west coast movies. Why? Because it had LA in it. Like, you actually had LA landmarks. You had LAPD in summer, even set it off. Set it off as a La movie is a la. Yeah. So it's a West coast movie that took place. That took place in LA, et cetera. So this house party, when you look at house party, nobody in the film is from the west coast. And that doesn't matter because actors is actors. Right, but the reason why. [00:09:13] Speaker B: Okay, yes, that's your daughter. [00:09:17] Speaker A: But look, but look, because the only reason why I'm bringing up that most of the actors are from the east coast, New York, Jersey, DC. The reason why I bring that up is because all the actors and actresses is from the east coast. The director is from Chicago, but they filmed it in LA. [00:09:40] Speaker B: It doesn't give LA for sure. I can't agree with that. Like, I don't get like an La vibe from it, but I feel like all LA movies don't have to have the gang culture. [00:09:51] Speaker A: It doesn't, but you can't ignore it, though. Like, even, even the movie dope, like, ASAP, Rocky is in there. He's from New York, but he's. He played a gang member from Inglewood. That's cool. That's cool. But the movie is based in Inglewood, though. That's a west coast movie. That's what I mean. [00:10:10] Speaker B: Even, like, what's that movie with all the. They grew. They went to all those lati hero Ladera schools. What's that movie? [00:10:19] Speaker A: Oh, you're talking about. I know. We were just watching that at the. The other day, too. You talking about the wood? That's a west coast, right? [00:10:28] Speaker B: So there's some kind of. [00:10:31] Speaker A: All the movies that I just said, think of how many. They. Think of how much the gang culture was involved in all those movies. I just said every single movie that I just said, there was some gang violence involved. [00:10:44] Speaker B: Right. Yeah, I get it. [00:10:46] Speaker A: It's the nineties, though, sugar. It's the nineties, though. The nineties. That's the. That's the peak. That's peak gang bangin right there. [00:10:55] Speaker B: That definitely is peak. [00:10:57] Speaker A: House party. These n had on slacks and church shoes, and they was dancing. That gives me Chicago. [00:11:06] Speaker B: I can see that. [00:11:08] Speaker A: So my theory is. My theory is he put all those together. He put Chicago together, he put the rest of those. He put the rest of the east coast together and he put LA together. And that was one big gumbo pie. So I don't consider it. I just consider it a cult classic. A black cult classic. [00:11:28] Speaker B: I can. I agree with that. Like, I don't get, like, a sense of, like, place or anything from that movie, but, like, I don't think it's like. Like a west coast or east coast or like, it's just like a movie, you know? [00:11:42] Speaker A: Yeah. Yeah. So can't nobody claim it? [00:11:47] Speaker B: No, I don't think. Not from what I remember. Shoot, I haven't seen that movie forever. [00:11:53] Speaker A: Yeah, well, but house party three was in LA. That's the one with Bernie Mac was in there. Immature. So that one. Yeah. [00:12:09] Speaker B: It'S been. [00:12:13] Speaker A: Okay, I'm going. I'm going to go finish the episode. Thank you for your participation. [00:12:19] Speaker B: Was I on this episode or was we just having a regular conversation? Or was this an episode? [00:12:23] Speaker A: This was an episode. [00:12:25] Speaker B: Ronald Taylor. [00:12:26] Speaker A: Yes. You just said my government. You're a snitch. You're the opp. [00:12:31] Speaker B: What? We're still. You're still recording? [00:12:33] Speaker A: Yes. [00:12:35] Speaker B: Oh, shit. Sorry. All right, I'm out. [00:12:38] Speaker A: God. Janae Reed. Dang. My wife over here, big time snitching. But look. And that's what I wanted to talk about. I didn't want to fast forward. Now, look, my boy, smooth. We in a group chat, smoove pulling up all kind of evidence on the police car in house party. It says Metro. Metro. We don't have no police department called Metro. The logo is different. But you know what? That logo did look similar to, or was the same exact logo. That was either New York or Chicago. So that's what that. And I get it. I know y'all people say New York don't got that many trees. They ain't got trees like that. Look at the houses. And Sheree, Shereen was. She heard she stayed in the projects. I get it. And that's why I feel like, I think he combined all those cities. I think he combined the East coast, the Midwest and the West Coast. I think it was. I would like to get in contact with the director. He's from Chicago. Not Chicago, but he's from Illinois. You know what I'm saying? I'm not sure exactly what city he's from. It's not Chicago, though, but he's from Illinois. I felt like it was some of that new jack swing type of shit that they. That was involved and that was from. That had a Chicago mill. It had that touch to it, but it was niggas from New York, you know what I'm saying? On LA grounds. That's how I look at it. I don't look at this as dog. There was not one lowrider in sight. I'm not seeing the stereotypes of a West coast, you know, movie. I'm not talking about that. But you're talking about 1990, bro. Two years later, we got minister society and boys in the hood. You seen those two movies? You see how accurate those movies are? How's that? We partied under those circumstances of those two movies. And you seen, you know, the house party that, you know, where Kane cousin was at. You know what I'm saying? That's how it looked. We definitely never had any parties like how the house party was. It looks, though, you know, I'm saying it's like the Disney version, but it wasn't. We never had parties like that. Now, maybe they had parties like that in. In different regions, but not in. Not in LA. And nobody was dressing like that. Nobody was dressing like that. No, no. It, to me, that seems like a little. That seems like a Chicago thing. That seemed like that was some Chicago attire. Not when he was at school, you know what I'm saying? But when they went to that party, these. Nick, come on. These niggas had on suspenders and, and, and. But, like I said, but down slacks and shit like that. Come on, man. Dad, that didn't. That didn't scream. Y'all keep talking about a Jerry curling some trees, nigga. Do y'all know the soundtrack didn't have that public enemy was on there. I forgot who other full force, you know, I'm saying there was no west coast artists on. How you. How are you a west coast film and you don't have not one dj quick track on there? No, Dre, really, though, none of that. Come on, man. Yeah, y'all tripping. Y'all tripping. You know what? Most of the people who said this was a west coast film were from. Were outside of. Outside of California. Not from Cali. I'm talking about south east coast. I'm like, how would you. Y'all are disappointing. This is very disappointing. Very disappointing. And then, yes, there was a couple that's from my backyard. I said West coast as well. But twelve cow. I actually had some messages from twelve cow. Let me see if I could find those messages or whatever. See what his thoughts is. [00:16:38] Speaker C: Um. But, yeah, you know, as far as the movie was concerned, we had the same type of house parties. Like, there was no difference in what I saw in their house party and what we saw, what we went through here. So, I don't know, bro. I mean, again, I guess I never really thought about it, but, no, if you had never asked me the question, I'll put it like this. The thought of it being based in LA never crossed my mind until you asked me that today. Never. Because it never registered to me that it was a la movie. It was, like I said, it looked more like Chicago to me, but there was no. There's no matching. There's nothing that references the city at all. There's no. You don't see nobody in the Laker gear. You don't see nobody. No. [00:17:25] Speaker A: Die. [00:17:25] Speaker C: I mean, like, there's nothing. And then, like I said, even. And I know, I understand casting back then is not how it is now, but nobody even sounded like they were from LA. Nobody. You know, I mean, absolutely nobody. I know kid played from New York. Martin's from DC. You know, Tisha Campbell, she's from Jersey, I think. Tachina Arnold, she's from Brooklyn. So, I mean, like, you had a cast of, you know, people with from, you know, New York City and the East coast that didn't look or sound anything like, you know, somebody from the west. So it, in that sense, it's not believable to me. That is from out there. [00:18:06] Speaker A: Now, hey, here's the, here's the crazy thing. That twelve cow brought up the sports gear in the nineties, nigga. The Kings had, the Raiders had, the Dodgers had very popular especially. No. And, oh, Chicago White Sox. Chicago White Sox, like the black, the. The black Raiders hat, obviously. The black Raiders hat. The black Kings. And then that Chicago white, Chicago White Sox hat. That was heavy back then. But to his point, nobody, there was no indication of anything like that. None of that. Now, maybe it could be like a Friday thing to where, you know, you don't have the license or, you know, the. You can't use certain logos inside the movie. And I get that. Cuz everybody knows Craig. That. That fake ass fubu Jersey Craig war, the whole goddamn movie, you know what I mean? And those fake air maxes that he had on, you know, I'm saying, so, yeah, nothing, nothing indicated West coast. The only, the only thing that was considered West coast that was inside that movie was the actual house party itself. And not even how they were dance. I mean, there were certain dances in there that we did, but niggas didn't handle dance battles like that. I was. There was not niggas flying through other niggas legs like that. Pause. You know what I'm saying? That infamous dance, like. No, nobody has ciphers on the mic like that. Nobody. Now, didn't niggas rap? Yeah, but now nobody ever grabbed the mic and. No, we didn't do that now. Well, I'm gonna say, at least my era didn't do that. Maybe niggas before then. Sure. You know, I was younger, you know, when house party came out, what was that, about eight, eight or nine when it came out, so. And we'd have all seen that damn movie at least 5011 times. But I'm sorry, though. I'm sorry. So, you know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to all y'all, but no, this is not a West coast movie. Look, and look, here's the thing. I would love to claim it. Cause I feel like West. I feel like we got the best movies and that's me being west coast bias, shout out to jars rap roundtable. But at the. It's a, it's a, it's a. It's a competition though, you know what I'm saying? So I would love to I would love to have all the classic movies that I could have to go into war against East coast movies, you know what I'm saying? Which I love both equally, but I don't think neither side can. Can use it. I don't think so. I think it's just gonna have to go. It's gonna have to be chalked up as a fan favorite overall. You can't. You can't attach it to any type of reason. This is gonna have to just go under the cultural foul cabinet. You see what I'm saying? So. And back to the cops, dog. They wore blue shirts. The only blue shirts that I remember seeing. I think they wore blue shirts in what you call it. I know. I think I remember seeing it in home alone two. Home alone one. I cannot remember. I can't, but I think so. I think they had a blue shirt on. If I'm not mistaken, our police officers don't wear blue shirts out here. They wear black. They wear all black. The sheriffs wear, like, green and yellow or some shit like that. Green or orange, green or yellow or some shit like that. But LAPD, that's black. That's black uniform. Black uniform. You know what I'm saying? So, yeah. Yeah, I think. I think we debunked that whole. That. That whole theory that it was West Cornell. There's no. There's no doubt that it was filmed in LA. We got the address. We can. We can give you the address to kids. To kids house. To the actual house party. Yeah, yeah. We need address. We need to let you know where the thriller house is at Craig's house, Smokey's house. We can give you the address to that. But we knew Friday was a West coast movie and she was on Normandy and Weston. We knew where it was filmed at between Normandy and Western. But now I'm with twelve cow, man. I'm with. I'm with twelve cowboy on that one. Um, but this was a good debate. Good topic. Good topic. But, uh. No, I'm not gonna claim it. I can't claim it as West coast. Can't do that. Can't do that. But y'all need to get y'all shit together. NASA today. I ain't gonna even lie. Cause I don't even know when I'm gonna drop this episode. But I feel like even as elf today, this episode dropping. I don't think Drake has responded to KDot. I could be wrong. He probably did say something crazy, but as of right now, he hasn't responded. Cole had. That shit was me I'm outta here. Oh, and I forgot. Don't try to attach the reboot. Um, house party. The worst one of all time. God damn it, Brian, you gotta leave that one alone. Cause when they got to the end of the movie on that one, God, it got bad. Got awful. I mean, when it got to the kid Cudi Illuminati shit. Come on now. You ended up playing Brian 101. Seriously, bro, it was like him playing against Dylan Brooks. We Dylan Brooks with no attributes. Come on, man. We got to stop doing this, man. It's got leaves, like. And I'm okay. And they are coming out with a good times. Cartoon animation. It's a good times. I think it is good times. I don't know. I know we got some classic tv show coming back in animation. I want to say it's a good time, but I could be off anyhow. Like, I don't. I don't want to be. To get off my line type of nigga, when I say, yo, leave these class, these cold classics along. Because it's not that I don't. It's not that I don't want to see it, it's just that you got to be able to do it right. You have to do it right. Because if you mess up that one time, that's going to give everybody the reason to boo your niggas. Boo y'all niggas, and tell y'all to stay away from this shit, cuz. My God. God, even white man King jung. That was. Oh, my God, that was bad. That was bad. But, man, y'all keep y'all heads up, dog. Y'all keep your heads up. Back at it like a bracket. Back bracket, heavyweight, tall with the pan sack still shooting dice, no back gammon, late nights on the silver satin, still a cabin, no Kevin. Can't believe I'm really still rapping. Get the cash rectangle. Yes. All action car weathers, action Jackson, watch me go platinum, let me. All the people know they like, don't ask them.

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