Episode 9

October 19, 2017


Baylorism vs Questions #B4P009

Baylorism vs Questions #B4P009
BTG For President
Baylorism vs Questions #B4P009

Oct 19 2017 | 00:57:02


Show Notes

Episode 9 There’s an answer for everything. I think there is. During this episode BTG sits down with a strong glass of orange juice and answers some random yet entertaining questions from requested emails. From serious life questions to “Do I ski?”...Sit back, pour a glass and enjoy the Q&A time with your potential president. There are no stupid questions...but answers on the other hand? lol. Also...if you're too lazy to write in, but bold enough to talk, leave a voice message on my show voicemail: @ (909)536-2636. TALK THAT ISH!!!

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