Episode 13

November 16, 2017


11/30/1982 Of All Time #B4P013

11/30/1982 Of All Time #B4P013
BTG For President
11/30/1982 Of All Time #B4P013

Nov 16 2017 | 00:36:07


Show Notes

Episode #13 We all are attached to music. The tracks that gets us through life and different moments. We all cherish albums that we relate to on a personal level, but what is that one album that you just don’t skip through? That album that speaks to many generations and eras? The album that does all that, is hands down the best album of all time. Pour a smooth drink and hold tight while I take you on a thriller journey describing why there is only one album that’s at the top of life. Special shoutout to @LilMissEnt of the Little Miss Entertainment Show and @AwesomeNobody of the Awesome nobody podcast. Also...R.I.P. to my two young respected soldiers Chris and Johnathan Baxter. Not only did the basketball world lose two great young men...but the world overall did as well.

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